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[NSW, ACT] Free Standard Delivery & Priority Delivery (Couriers Please) on All Orders @ EB Games


Just Received an email from EB Games:

FREE SHIPPING OFFER: Free shipping valid for Standard Delivery & Priority Delivery (Couriers Please) orders to NSW and the ACT for a limited time only. Delivery options may vary by product and location. Standard delivery is not available on all products. Check the delivery options available at checkout. Excludes Express Delivery & Priority Shipping (Startrack).

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    How come no free shipping to vic we are in lockdown too

    • +1

      I was just about to mention that too..disappointed

      • +36

        I didn't realise EB was in the sprint club while the rest of us are over here playing eggie spoonie…

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      I’m guessing it’s because Vic knows how to do a lockdown and won’t use the excuse of click’n’collect to venture out, where NSW seems to not have the same restraint. Hopefully, free delivery will encourage more people to stay home.

      • So what about ACT? ACT know how to do a lock down which is evident as I'm currently here.

      • +19

        Really? .. VIC cases going up with their proper lockdown

        • +5

          Proper lockdown is one thing, people who continue to ignore the rules are the ones driving up the cases..

          • +2

            @JCRALLYART: My ass it's a proper lockdown. If it had been you would likely be covid free right now.

          • @JCRALLYART: If people didnt ignore the advice, you wouldnt need a 'proper' lockdown. Family homes are the super spreading environments in both states.

            • @joelhinch: Who could've predicted pricing people out of home ownership would comeback to bite them when a virus pandemic gets outta control.

              • +2

                @IronOrchard: I don’t think visiting other families when you’re not supposed to has anything to do with the housing market.

          • @JCRALLYART: Oh,you've been listening to the government spin… Shift the blame to individuals to cover up their failures. Namely not being able to build proper quarantine facilities in 18 months and not securing enough supplies of vaccines. Yes, it is frustrating that people break the rules and increase the spread but it is massive deflection of responsibility from a government that failed miserably in sorting the 2 main things it needed to focus on for Australia to make it through the pandemic.

        • -2

          Yeah the idiots are demonstrating by the thousands for their "rights". If it was Trump here instead of Dan, these people would probably have some bullets shot into their heads.

          We are all locked in the suburbs whilst the thousands of morons in the city undo all our sacrifice.

          • -9

            @fuzor: yes lets not stand up for basic human rights.
            house arrest, mask wearing, vaccine push and all with no evidence to substantiate that anything works based on nothing but fear mongering in the media.

            • +2

              @Vlaka: You must be one of those. Talking shit about Dan on one end whilst prolonging this damn lockdown on the other.

    • +29

      This deal is brought to you by the Morrison government.

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      • +1

        I don't hold one of the new consoles, mate.

    • +4

      No free shipping to VIC is a huge oversight.

    • -2

      Probably because EB Games workers are allowed in store since they are deemed "essential workers" by the Braddles and Gladyz comedy show NSW government

  • +1

    "Standard Delivery & Priority Delivery (Couriers Please)"

    Same product but only one out of four sizes is delivered this way. I get they ship from different locations and may use different carriers but it's a bit random whether it will have free delivery.

    • Updated Title. Just realised that EB Games also uses Priority delivery (StarTrack), which doesn't have free delivery.

  • Damn, PlayStation hoodie sold out :(
    Only 2XL available for delivery

  • +61

    I'd rather pay than to get free postage with Couriers Please
    they are the absolutely horrible

    • +6

      The amount of game cases they have delivered to me that have been cracked and have obvious foot imprints on them is dumb.

    • Wow really? The few deliveries I have had with them came out fine? Unless it was because I was ordering through Amazon or something…

    • +1

      These days, I only trust Amazon, no one else for speedy and on time delivery

      • +3

        But at present Amazon is taking at least a week minimum to deliver things in VIC

        • 90% of the items I bought usually delivered within 48 hours unless 3rd party seller or items they specify a longer period. The most important thing is if the delivery is taken longer than usual estimate delivery date, I use chat to tell them I am not happy with the delay, they usually provide me with small credits as compensation/goodwill.

      • Whenever I order through Amazon I sometimes get deliveries from Couriers Please. Though maybe I'm an outlier with no negative experiences from this company…yet

    • So true.

    • Can definitely second this.

    • +1

      I ordered a couple of hoodies from EB, even though I dont live in a complicated address they still managed to deliver the parcel to the wrong house, if it wasnt for the honesty of the person who received the correctly addressed parcel I would have lost my goods.

      They should change their name to Couriers FFS Please!!!

    • +2

      In my area, the driver just drops items straight to the pop/collect location. I went to collect an item from the day prior, the driver was unloading a full van straight into the newsagent.

      Turns out one of my new deliveries was in there. One that he 'attempted' earlier while I was at home. This is in the middle of lockdown restrictions, yet apparently 99.9% of people are 'not home'.

      The newsagent was 3/4 full of parcels. Parcels stacked on top of magazines, shelves, piled up in any location. It looked like nightfall at Woolies.

      Other examples.. Saw them frisbee parcels from the curb to the front door of a neighbour. Reported it, including the van rego and date/time. One week later? At it again, although got the rosebush. I guess it's a softer landing? shrugs

    • Exactly what I came to my mind when I saw CouriersPlease

  • +22

    Oh man, Couriers Please. Consider it gone. I'd rather pay money to have AusPost take my parcel than deal with them again.

  • +18

    Anyone here from EB Games..? Please pass along the "Couriers Please" feedback from the comments here to relevant people. Thanks

  • +21

    Couriers Please? More like, Couriers Please Actually Deliver my parcel for once.

  • +3

    Theyre nowhere near as bad as Fastway, but they're pretty hopeless.

    I had an EBGames CouriersPlease delivery sit for over a week without any progress and then suddenly AusPost took over the job and it was delivered within a few days.

    Partner has been waiting for about a month for a CouriersPlease delivery.

  • +7

    CourierPlease? No deal.

  • +2

    Gaahhh this is so dumb. Just wasted $9.95 on shipping.

    Bought one of these with shipping but adding another gives free shipping.

    • +6

      Don't worry, if it's with Aus post at least you'll receive it. 9.95 well spent

      • True, however likely in 3 or 4 weeks given current delays

    • You spent $9.00 on the item and $9.95 on shipping? I always look for other items i might want to make the shipping cost a bit more worth it.

      • The shipping is really weird. Other items have free shipping but this one cost money for whatever reason. Made a couple other orders and used 6% off GCs so it works out in the end.

  • +1

    I had something delivered to me within 3 days - no issues. Free shipping. On the other note, for those ordering clothing, I find their sizes to run a bit bigger than standard.

  • +1

    Last time with courier please…. I clearly remember they just sent my parcel back to warehouse after just trying one attempt

    • +7

      Be grateful. That's one attempt more than usual.

      • U r right. I wasn’t sure that attempt was real or not. Just a message in the system.

      • Told them I have a video doorbell that shows no attempt was made. Got a response from a 'no reply' email saying the feedback would be passed on 🙄

  • +2

    I wonder…is there a courier/ delivery service that everyone is happy with all the time?
    From a large range of couriers, the worst is the non-attempt at delivery and get left the 'sorry we missed you'. No damages to items (never thrown, and always left neatly) and often on time (except for the moment with AusPost). I've heard horror stories, but perhaps I am relatively lucky?

    • +6

      Maybe I'm just lucky but I've always had good experiences with Auspost/Startrack.

      Anytime I've dealt with Fastway or Couriers please I've been left wondering how they're still in business. Must be a common trick to update them as "attempted delivery" to finish their runs early.

      • Startrack seems to be the way to go.
        My least liked is tnt.

      • Fastway/CouriersPlease are still in business because the people who have to put up with their complete incompetence are the buyers, not the seller (who is just continuing to use the cheapest option).

    • +2

      DHL - probably because they have their own logistics network and don't rely on sub-contracting except for the most remote areas for their drivers so drivers have more incentive to actually do a good job with their deliveries. Also their customer service is top notch (not off-shored like all the other companies out there AFAIK) - you get what you pay for (it's pricier than others but have had zero problems with them).

      Source: I work with couriers/parcel deliveries as part of my everyday job so I get to talk with the drivers of pretty much all the courier companies out there every day.

    • Startrack is always on-time and delivers to the correct location every time. AusPost is hit and miss as i've got contractors who deliver some parcels in my area if not delivered by the startrack guy (same driver just different times of day). Postie always leaves small parcels which I love. No problem with my local Amarex or Couriers Please but TNT is the worst.

    • I don't think it's possible to be happy 100% of the time.. But the problem is, a bad delivery is an anomaly with the other companies. With Couriers Please, a good experience is the rarity.

      Let's say I have 3 bad delivery experiences from Amazon out of +100. One was Amazon failure on a release day guarantee. 1 was a new Amazon gig driver. 1 was outsourced to Couriers Please.

      My other predominantly bad experiences were from what I thought was 'Sendle', but they generally subcontract to Couriers Please and Fastway.

      I can only assume that any good drivers with CP, are fired for not being dodgy, or jump ship because of conditions.

      • Bad experiences are definitely not an anomaly with Fastway for me. They've had about a 10-20% rate of delivering without problems. Regularly lying about trying to deliver and at least 2 lost parcels.

        The worst part is when they pretend to "deliver, left card", they don't leave a card or make any contact, so unless you manually check the tracking history, you have no idea.

  • home delivery: unavailable


    all hoodies

  • bought 10 games from EB since the free delivery … received all of them, guess i was a lucky one

  • +2

    Couriers please worst ever. Don't use them. Startrack heaps better

  • +1

    What kinda dodgy free delivery promo is this? I've added at least 10 items in cart and only like 3 are eligible for free shipping. There's no clear way to find out which items have free shipping unless you make it to check out.

  • Standard delivery is not available on all products

    That's an understatement…

    Tried to buy 4 items, 2 of them "fulfilled from different locations" so both had separate $9.95 delivery via StarTrack. One item was free delivery via this deal, the last, despite saying available for delivery, was not actually available.

    Waste of time if you have to get deep into the cart to find out if something is actually on this deal, only to be disappointed.

  • No price matching from EB while lockdown is on makes this questionable value at best.

  • I am so frustrated with CouriersPlease like many others to the point I tend to stray away from businesses who used this courier. I was home for the entire day, no delivery or contact attempts, not even a card, and received a “business closed” reason for missed delivery to a residential address. Happened more than twice now. CouriersPleaseDON’T

  • Couriers Please usually just leave it at the local depot with is about 1.5 hour return trip from where I live and is open about and hour a day during business hours (when I am working and can;t get there)
    Australia post is far from perfect.. but they leave at the post office which is 5 minutes drive from home..

    I wish there was an alternative to Auspost that offered decent delivery in regional or rural areas but most of the other courier companies just cherry pick and only offer reasonable service in Metro areas and give people in Regional and rural Australia crap or no service.

    For example there are a lot of people in regional and rural rural areas that do not have a street address at all ..

  • Couriers Please is slow but support is more supportive and faster follow up whereas AUS Post is all over the place

  • Now if only multiple ebgames gift cards could be used online

    • Yeah that caught me out! Had to buy another GC -_- So annoying they don't have the ability to when you can instore.

  • Has anyone actually had their parcel picked up yet? Ordered about 4:30 Thursday, said it was ready for courier pick up Friday and due for delivery today, yet tracking number doesn't give any info whatsoever. I do the shopping on Thursday morning, at this rate it'd have been easier to just wait and pick it up…

    • Ordered on the 9th September (just before the deal was posted). Collected by CouriersPlease on the 10th September and has sat in their depot ever since…

      Estimated to arrive : Monday 20 September

      • Mine got collected 4:30 this afternoon and also says it's now estimated to arrive Monday 20 September… I was hoping to distract myself somewhat from uni work, but no dice

        • Order just arrived today, so about a week delivery.

  • I think the free shipping is gone now. Was trying to buy something else but got charged shipping (Sydney)

    • Yep, no more free delivery.

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