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Xanes 84 LED 1.8m Height Adjustable Tripod Light US$19.99 (~A$27.21) Delivered @ Banggood


A repeat of this popular deal. This is an adjustable light that's useful for camping and outdoor use. It can be adjusted up to 1.8m, powered via USB so it'll work with power banks and 85 LEDs with 18W max power, 1680 lumens and 6500-7000K white colour temperature.

There are pictures showing it's brightness in the review section of the BG product page.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting and ships from CN warehouse. May stack with cashback.

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  • +8

    Just don’t buy I have wasted 30$.! Not worth it at all.!

    • +1

      So you’re saying the reviews on bangy may not be legit?

      • I didn't actually get it myself last time. If I could take a guess it's probably not as bright as expected. Hopefully the Bull can shed some light.

        • +1

          I did actually see some reviews that said it wasn’t bright

          • @Mokej: The Xanes 240 LED would be sufficient I'm sure.

      • +5

        I got it last time, it wasn't as bright as the photo make it seems. If you're looking to use it for camping then probably be fine but using it as a working light as night isn't good.

    • +1

      I bought it and found it great. Used it for outdoor rock climbing at night lol…

      • I bought it and found it great. Used it for outdoor rock climbing at night lol…

        Do you just gaffer tape it to your head?

        • +1

          Ha, in addition to the head torch I use.

          Its pretty good for remote stuff where it can run off the powerbank for 2+ hours.

    • Odd, I bought the Wanderer one from BCF a while back for something like $30, and it's bloody brilliant, really good floodlight for camping. Looks pretty much identical to this apart from being a 12V cigarette style plug. Makes me wonder if the 5V USB on this one is its downfall?


      • The one you bought from BCF is 2400 Lumens compared to the Banggood Xanes which is only1680 Lumens

        • Yes, exactly, and thats why I'm wondering if that is related to it being limited by the 5V USB rather than 12V like mine.

  • Good for video lighting?

    • +1

      For a zoom call should be more than enough to light up the face, you might need to use a softbox to soften the light a bit.

      • +2

        what if I want to look hardcore

        • +13

          Then you need to live hardcore.

        • +1

          then use a hardbox

    • +1

      The light quality might be pretty poor and having a small panel like that would create harsh shadows that aren't usually flattering unless you are looking for a specific mood.
      There are some big-fairly-cheap ring lights that provide good coverage, don't take up much space, don't use much power or create too much heat (though I personally don't like the ring-shaped reflections). There's also these https://www.amazon.com.au/Abeststudio-Continuous-Lighting-So... soft boxes that a lot of Twitch streamers/youtubers use (usually 2). They are a bit annoying due to size and heat and the need to replace the globes like every few hundred hours. (The link is just the first one I found, not be the cheapest or best quality).

  • +6

    its kinda shit. i dont even remember why i bought it……… feels very cheap, the mount isnt good at all. the tripod is just generic tripod you would find every where.

    maybe 10$, def not 30$

    • Looking at your username, maybe you bought it for some pron?

      • +9

        No he bought it for nrop

  • O well bought. Want it for some Zoom classes, I have other lights but hoping this will beef things up. Ended up being AUD$25.69.

    • +8

      I take it you bought first then came back to read the comments lol

      • +12

        Yep 😒

        • +4

          There there, have a +1

      • Isn't it what you are supposed to do?
        If a deal has 10+ votes you go and buy it and then think if, and how, you use it? :-D

  • +1

    For anyone interested, a bunch of low power leds gives a slightly more “soft” light with less shadows (as the light area is much larger). But to give you context you can buy individual led spot light/chip with the same 18w, but substantially more light output (far more modern design of chip). In fact I am currently using a 10w led as a bike light that puts out a lot more light than one of these lights.

    You very much get what you pay for…

  • +1

    While we're on this topic, what's a good light to have for video calling?

    • +3

      Search for Neewer products from Amazon, lots of different options

    • +1

      This is an example of a reasonable light. It has been as low as ~$15 though. You can get larger panels if you want an even softer light, but this works pretty well for video calling if set up right.

  • +1

    I use an 800 Lumens LED white/warm white/colour bulb with a soft box for videos and calls.

    For daylight use - it's good for adding a bit of extra depth to the subject, but wouldn't use it as a primary source of light.
    For a dark/low lit room - you'd need 3 sources of 800 Lumens to make it look okay.

    This being 1680 Lumens, I think it would light up the subject really well from 1 source, but I'd probably use this light in the background/behind me - there's no way you'd want this light facing you especially without a soft box. Your eyes would hate you.

  • If you're planning on using a light for Zoom and you happen to have a white wall directly in front of you, it'd be better to aim the light at the wall so you effectively get a much larger and diffused light source. You'll lose some brightness of course, so you'd want a brighter light to start with.

    Ideally the color temperature should match your room lights. You don't really want a white light if your room lights are yellow, or vice versa.

    CRI is important too, I would imagine a cheap light like this would have low CRI (~80). Your skin tone might look a bit off.

    • I am using a cheap Viltrox RB08 Bi-color Mini Video LED Light Portable with a soft box about 100cm distance from my face,
      with color correction filters in OBS virtual camera. I must say my video quality is top notch for video calls :)

      One can achieve a lot with some color corrections if their lighting are not perfect

  • +1

    Bought one of these during their last sale and regretted it the moment I opened the box. Like many of the reviewers have highlighted, the poor packaging means that you'll likely receive one with a broken hinge.

    After a bit of argy-bargy, BG refunded the bulk of the order and I super-glued it back together. In the end, it cost me all of $5 which is probably what I think is fair for what is essentially a "factory seconds". Could have pushed for a full refund but was done wasting my time dealing with their email support.

    That said, I think it's a bit over-priced for what it is (even with the included budget tripod). Probably wouldn't pay more than $15 if I came across it at a discount store.

    • There's a reason why there are few negative reviews from BG on any of their products. Once you raise a refund request, they disable the ability to submit a review. Sneaky..

  • Bought from the last deal and it's not worth $27 (may be $10).
    Cheap build quality.
    LEDs on the top rows are gradually dimmer than ones on the bottom rows. (probably due to the voltage drop)
    Quality of the produced light not great from the low CRI LEDs.

  • It says "Power supply: 5V/(1-2A)". If there is no black magic inside, one simply cannot get 18W light output from maximum 10W power input

  • Beware of Banggood their customer service is very bad , had a horrible experience.

  • Anyone get theirs delivered? Mine's still stuck oseas according to the tracking lol

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