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Australian Made AMD P2 Respirator Masks (Box of 50) $103.54 Delivered (Was $149) @ Australian P2 Mask


G’day OzBargain, I wanted to thank the community for all your support with our last promo deal in August. We were blown away by the positive reception (and a few doubters in the comments).

With case numbers at an all time high in NSW at 1599 today, we feel it’s as important as ever to get as much of a product that we know keeps you and your loved ones safer out there.

Please use code OZSEP at checkout for 16.5% off your total order with free shipping Australia wide.

AMD P2 Respirators are the first Australian made P2 Respirator with a 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE. With our NANO-TECH nanofibre filters, you’re protected up to 24 hours. You would’ve seen the Australian Olympian and Paralympian teams wearing AMD P2 Respirators, Valtteri Bottas (before the move to Alfa Romeo was announced), the 7NEWS camera guys around town and a lot more GPs and health professionals wearing them since we last spoke.

We’ve also updated our website since your last visit, so there’s a bit more info here if you’re still on the fence: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/learn-more/ Unfortunately, PayPal hasn’t been integrated but we are still looking into it. Stripe is our payment gateway and we do not see your CC details.

Thanks again,

Your mask wearing internet friend.

EDIT We've just been informed that our friends at AussePharmaDirect have been honouring our code from last time around and that Werko have it for cheaper. We wanted to offer the best deal to you guys here so we're changing the discount code so that we're the best bargain. It'll still expire at the end of the month but we're doing our best to pay the love you guys have shown us, forward. These are all the authorised resellers that AMD deal with: https://amdmed.com.au/olympics/

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      Hey mate, thanks for letting us know! We genuinely wanted to share a great deal with the community here so we've gone ahead and dropped the price for the promo period to $103.54. I wanted to tag you in the post but haven't quite figured out how to do it…

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        Good on ya mate. All good re tagging. I’m obsessively refreshing ozbargain every 10 min or so anyway in an attempt to fill the void in my soul.

      • I wanted to tag you in the post but haven't quite figured out how to do it…


      • Hi, I order a couple of boxes. I work in health and safety and have a background in large scale demolition and civil works so I have an understanding of quality and fit of PPE and masks in general.

        I have to say, these masks are great quality, I can see why the Aussie Olympic team wore these.

        I would feel very comfortable having to wear these on a long flight or in a room for extended periods. My wife also tried it out and thinks they are great.

        I am 6 foot and my wife is 5'6 and they do fit very snug and well on both of us.

        The order was placed on Saturday and they got here to day. good notifications from the delivery company, Thank you.

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    They sound great and I'd buy some if you had smaller boxes. 50 is way too many for me for use in the workshop.

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      We're definitely looking at offering smaller order quantities moving forward but we're not 100% happy with the boxes that will contain them. Not sure how the other guys are doing it but AMD only provide them in boxes of 50 at the moment.

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        The current 50-mask boxes are actually way too big and full of empty space, could you ask AMD to look at making more compact packaging? They could easily reduce the box size by 1/3 or more. Would save on storage and postage costs.

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    Hi OP,

    You've stated the masks are made/manufactured in Australia, just wondering where your raw materials are sourced from.

    Are they sourced in Australia or overseas?

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      Dunno why you’re being downvoted for this. A lot of these concerns are just assembling Chinese materials together. There’s next to no plastics manufacturing in Australia (all bar one or zero import pellets which they process), so they’d almost certainly be sourcing the plastics from OS. It’s possible do the electro spinning in-house, or they just import the ‘nano-filter’ material from China.

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      Hey mate,

      That's a fair question and I'm not 100% sure of all the breakdowns but I do know for certain that there isn't any nanofibre filter that meets AMD's requirements that can be sourced locally. There are other products that use nanofibre but will only get to 3-4 hour protection whereas these will get up to 24 hours.

      I've seen the manufacturing plant here with my own eyes (there are Baulkham Hills in Sydney) if that helps?

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        Out of curiosity and genuine (and a littlesilly) question, the 24hours claim is measured continuously wearing or a rough total time being still effective? So if I open a new one up and wear it, it will “expire” in 24 hours (wear or not) or it will last a total of 24 hours of actual use.

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          If they are made anything like 3M ones it's A LOT longer than 24hrs.


          Throwing out a decent mask after a grocery shopping trip or two is just wasteful.

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            @dufflover: the link are filtering performance for air pollution…pretty sure people here are concerned about virus.
            what people did previously last year was getting those 3M masks and put them under UV light after a shopping trip and have around 10 masks under rotation. Although it won't kill 100% of the virus/bacteria that are possibility inside the fibres it will decontaminate the surface in case you touch it with your hands. This is for M3 medical grade masks.

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          Not a silly question at all! 24 hours is for continual wear, we don't advise anyone to reuse masks because as you apply the mask and take it off the unknown is your hands and the environment that you're in. In the scenario that you're asking about, as long as the mask itself hasn't been exposed to anything and is in a sterile environment you should feel just as safe but I wouldn't recommend taking it out of the packet until you're ready to use.

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    Am I the only one looking at "AMD"?

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      Nope, that's always a highlight whenever these posts are on OzBargain

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        I only ever buy Nvidia facemasks !

        • Team GREEN!!

    • Good point, can we mine with these?

      • If we could I'd probably be mining and staking myself!

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    These are good quality and have a bit more space to breathe

  • Thanks OP, bought a pack to try it out.

    • No worries at all! We love any kind of feedback, we have a great working relationship with AMD so if there's any thing that can be improved, we'll let them know.

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    Is Australian P2 Mask a child company of Advanced Medical Devices?

    EDIT: Didn't realise you were a reseller, my bad. Post made it sound like you were manufacturing them.

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      Nope! We're just one of their authorised resellers. Sorry for any confusion from the original post.

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    There are cheaper Aussie made p2 masks.

    Quality not as great but better than surgical depending on fit

    Search ozbargain. Under face masks.

    It's about one dollar per mask.

    Btw wouldn't use these masks for walking outdoors. Waste of ppe.

    It's sad our nurses are rationing p2 masks.

    Obviously this ain't medical grade quality though

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      Yes, maybe you can find cheaper else where, but happy for the OP to take my money just because all the good customers service effort they put here.

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      I'm sure there are alternatives but I wholeheartedly believe that we have the superior product. At the end of the day it's about risk mitigation, sure a few percentage points of protection don't seem like a big difference but I'd like to be as safe as I can with what's going on out there.

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    Can you sell in smaller quantities? I'd love to try them but not going to drop 120 bucks when I don't know if it will fix my glasses fog. Not going to take the word of others either. The only ones that don't cause fog for me are n95 with in built nose bridge foam and one way valve

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      … You do realise that the one-way valve defeats the point of wearing masks right?
      These are effectively regarded as not-a-mask by airlines and various other countries.

      You wear what you want to wear, but it's a bit rough to compare an actual face mask to the ones with valves.

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        Valved masks are certainly effective at protecting you the wearer, but they do not protect others if you happen to be sick. So they are a bit of a selfish choice.

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          and protecting others is the entire point of wearing a mask in terms of pandemic control.

          • @brentsbits: Yeah, AND, plenty of valved masks have filters built in. Let's stop circle jerking and pretending we are authorities on topics which we don't fully understand.

        • Since you are so wise, how would you know that the valved mask wearer doesn't have a filtration system in the valve. I know mine does. Do you speak for all mask users?

      • I agree with you however if I were to wear any other type of mask I would be incorrectly wearing it to remove glasses fog which is just as bad.

        • You need to learn how to put the mask on properly.

          I wear masks for work, and have worn these AMD masks before. I wear glasses and put them on properly and there is no fogging.

      • In terms of protecting others, are valve masks really worse than surgical masks when there are much more unfiltered air coming out of surgical masks from the ill-fitting gaps? It's clearly much harder to breath in a valve masks than a surgical mask. I'm genuinely curious if there are researches into this

    • I agree with this. People want a sampler of 1 mask to see if it will fit their face and is comfortable for them to wear.

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    love the individually packaged idea, but is there any chance the individual wrappers could be compostable plastics or waxed paper something of sorts?

    if it doesn't comply with some standards then just introduce a second line of products promoting less plastics and a disclaimer?

    would love to order some but we are quite strict about reducing plastic consumption in the household.

    thank you 🙏

    • Agree. I wanted to encourage people to use reusable masks and wash them. I know each to their own yadda yadda but think of the land fill.

      I don’t say the same about nappies because that’s some work but with masks it’s clean and easy.

      • Quality aside, reusable masks need to be disinfected properly after each wear. I totally agree that there are multiple factors to consider in anyone's purchasing decision but with AMD P2 Respirators I walk outside and am confident that I'm wearing the best protection.

        • In terms of disinfection, would leave it aside for 3 days then reuse serve the same purpose?

          • @lily99: Wonder how it would go if one were to use a UV lamp to disinfect? It'd probably start breaking down the material inside though.

            • @Revrnd: Yeah I readabout that too, and agree with you. But it's a great idea if we can have a uv lamp to disinfect the house and ourselves when coming back home. But uv light can harm our eyes, so make sure to cover your eyes with clothes.

          • @lily99: I think these are strictly single use as part of their P2 approval, but you can look up online how to reuse N95 masks and they seem to only lose a bit of efficiency..

            The offical line would definitely be absolutely never re-use in all circumstances and dispose as soon as removed, to comply with P2 certification

        • I walk outside and am confident that I'm wearing the best protection.

          Come on - at testing centers they dont make the marshals wear p2 masks. You should feel safe with just a surgical mask outside and social disatanced.

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      Redcycle at colesworth?#

      • although possible - its very inconvenient to carry these small bits of plastic with you all day to put it in recycling at home in the evening to take it to woolis by the end of the week to not actually have it recycled.
        I reckon its feasible if you used the masks at home or at work with a bin for plastic wrappers, but it really doesn't work well for my use case.

        best and more practical to avoid consuming single use plastics altogether.

        • I'd say redcycle recycles a higher percentage than kerbside recycling.

          • @crackman: probably, but interestingly they don't mention the percentage on their website.

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      I've definitely raised that with AMD and while they'd love to be more environmentally friendly, their primary focus is on protecting the end user and ensuring the highest levels of quality.

      I do understand your frustrations though. I personally try to avoid single use plastics as much as possible (also coke tastes better from a glass bottle am I right?)

  • Has anyone worn these with glasses? Are these better in avoiding fogging?

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      I use these in a hospital setting. If they are worn correctly on the face your glasses should not fog up. However, if you were to wear outdoors you may experience some fogging initially.

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      I wear glasses anytime I'm awake and I don't have an issue with fogging with these masks. My glasses are similar to the Ray Ban large frame ones so they sit above the upper lip of the mask. Most people that I've spoken to that wear glasses say similar things but I'm sure there will be outliers.

    • I wear glasses and these perform the same as regular surgical masks for me when it comes to fogging — i.e. they don't fog up unless I'm breathing hard from exertion/exercise. The moulded nose piece is a good fit for me, so not much air gets blown up into my glasses when I exhale.

      As always, individual fit will vary.

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      It might depend on your nose size, because the wire used in these is really weak. I definitely had fogging issues with these.

      I replaced the wire with a stronger one that I cut out of a 3M mask and that fixed it, so yeah, conclusion is that manufacturers should really prioritise a stronger metal wire piece for the nose.

  • Bought from them last week when it was $114 for a box of 50 (maybe less than $100 next week?). Quick to ship out but it is a tiny bit loose for my small face, though I have a hard time finding one that fits anyway.

    • +3

      We didn't plan on discounting so heavily but we wanted to give the best deal to the OzBargain community after all the love we got from our promo in August. We were only informed after the deal went live that there were 2 other companies that were selling for cheaper so we figured it'd only be right to give the best deal we could.

  • When is the expiry date on these?

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      The masks or the deal? The masks generally have a 3 year expiry from manufacture date. The deal will expire at the end of the month. Hope that helps!

      • Was referring to the masks. Just wanted to make sure they would store well if buying in bulk

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          Yep, they'll keep if you're looking at buying in bulk!

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          I bought 2 boxes a few weeks ago, and the expiry date for both is 24/08/2024. The masks are individually wrapped in plastic, so that's probably why they can be stored for a long time. I just recycle the plastic at my local Woolies' collection point, so it's not a major negative for me.

          Official stated shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacture if it's stored under normal conditions:

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    it's probably worthwhile to buy and keep some around before we need it… Remembering start of 2020's wildfire where it was impossible to find p2 or n95 masks..

    • It's a investment. And asset.

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      While there are many more options now then there were back then, there are a lot of masks that have been blacklisted by the TGA. I'll try and dig up the list but it's on their website. I'm not saying everything else is crap compared to AMD masks but I wouldn't be promoting something that I don't wholeheartedly believe in.

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      Sadly, wife and I found that out in CBR when we tried to source some face masks in Jan '20. Asking around Bunnings back then and we got told that there were Chinese buying out all the P2 face masks around (and in bulk).

      Before the downvotes, my wife is of similar origin and could fill in the blanks from one interaction that an asian couple had when talking to (and immediately after) the Bunnings staff member in the tool shop (having translated what she overheard). Wife had also heard about Taiwan sounding the alarm about the virus then too.
      So sadly, even in early Jan '20 before we knew what was going on, we were being left with no PPE and no domestic production.

      Good to see we're slowly making up that deficit and that they're individually wrapped (seen too many videos of facemasks coming from China and they're being handled with bare hands and packed in bags of 20, 50, 100 etc).

      Now if only it were as easy to find masks for kids / teens.

  • Please may I ask how these differ/better than the Respaguard ones? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/respaguard.com.au

    • I don't know too much about their product and have never worn it, so I'm not going to bash a competitor's product.

      Having a look at their product page, their technology is different to AMD P2 Respirators. They use an active carbon filter as opposed to nanofibre filters. Assuming it was a like to like comparison, we have 99.66% Particle Filtration Efficiency and a 99.92% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency which is higher than their PFE and their BFE is unknown.

      The nanofibre filter is fundamentally different to melt blown filters and due to their physical nature, stops unwanted particles from penetrating the lattice structure by how dense the structure is. Particles are physically too large to penetrate the filter.

      Our masks are also super comfortable, breathable, lightweight and trusted by many in the health industry. Hope that helps!

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        welcome back OP. to entertain my inner (and probably outer) nerd, most P2 masks repel viruses via electrostatic mechanism - with the nanofibre filters does it work the same way, i don't think any filter is able to physically filter viruses due to the size? the reason melt blowns are less effective after a few hours/with re-use is due to moisture build up and loss of the static repellant effect so wondering whether these will be effective for medical use for 24hrs as it would be for particle/bacteria. i guess realistically we won't need viral filtration as most of it is droplet/aerosol which will be much larger than viruses themselves

        • +1

          Hey! Nice to hear from you again. I know that these don't require the electrostatic mechanism that melt blown filter masks use. I'm gonna have to get some further clarity around this from the manufacturer. Stay tuned and if my previous statement was incorrect I'll happily edit it. Also, nerds are cool.

        • +3

          Another user posted a link which will break this down better than I can:

          "Melt-blown filters work on the principle of electrostatic charge for the removal of particulate matter, as in the result of ethanol spraying or dipping the electrostatic charge on the surface of melt-blown filter was lost, so efficiency of melt-blown filter was significantly decreased. On the other hand, filtration mechanism of nanofiber filter is independent of static charge and fully dependent on pore diameter, pore distribution, and morphology of nanofibers."


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      Can't comment on these, but can on respaguard!

      The mask itself is a high-quality material - However, the entire thing is let down by the ear straps.
      These are very thin and quite short. When wearing it on your ears, they feel like fishing wire slicing through ham (this is how normal people cut ham right?)

      The ear loops are also too small to use any of the 'round the head' adaptors I have meaning you are left with red/raw ears after about 10 minutes.

      • +1

        I actually thought the earloops were thicker than other ones i have but they are a touch short and pull your ears outwards. Mine are like a shoelace thickness from a running shoe and based on the photo above, they look thicker than these AMD ones.

  • I need a mask thats not going to pull my ears and comfortable to breath. I feel nauseous when i have one on

    • its just a cloth mask but the uniqlo XL mask which is only available online works well for me. I have a big ish face and this XL version is really comfy for me.

      • +1

        I was a fan of the Uniqlo Airism masks but the cloth masks (aside from the protection levels) need to be washed religiously, otherwise it's not much different than pulling up a t-shirt to cover your face. Since learning about the AMD P2 Respirators, my Uniqlo and my beloved Lakers team masks are now relegated to fashion accessories once the pandemic is over and I can maybe get a haircut/start worrying about my appearance.

        • my uniqlo mask now protects me during lawnmowing sessions. works heaps well (i didn't use a mask prior to that. it looked weird.. but idgaf as i don't get nasty hayfever symptoms afterwards)

          thanks op, buying a pack now and hopefully contributing a little to the local economy!

          • +1

            @inamberclad: You're very welcome! Is that a Halo reference in your username I see? Let's hope Infinite is a banger.

    • Obviously this can be viewed with an element of bias but these are very comfortable to wear and breathe in. We've not shown a lot of love to our Facebook page but there are a few reviews on there as well as on our home page. Hope you get to try them for yourself!

      • You should throw in some ear savers

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    $100 is not bad for 50 processors in these masks.

    • Haha, every time there's a comment like yours. I mean if they were the same AMD I'd be hoarding as many of the processors as possible.

  • Bought these last time. Good masks but fit is too tight if you have above average head size..

    • +1

      AMD are looking at producing slightly larger masks but we don't currently have a timeline unfortunately :(

      • I think the issue is the length of the ear loops isn't big enough for fat Aussie heads.
        The masks themselves seem to be fine, but an extra cm or two of elastic would make a big different.

      • Just want to add that the fit is good for me, and hopefully the ear loops don't change for all the masks.

        The weak wire is a huge problem though (maybe I have a big/high nose?) - completely ruins the seal for me so I've been replacing it myself with a stronger wire (which I cut out of a 3M mask).

  • Will these masks protect against bushfire smoke? How do they compare against the N95 masks at Bunnings?