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Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM 512e/4kn SATA 6GB/s 256MB $556 Delivered @ Technology Titans via Amazon AU


I think this is cheapest it ever been. Works out to approx. $33.25/TB at Newegg and $34.75/TB at amazon.
Also available at Newegg for $532.40 delivered if you are not in hurry and can wait for few days.

Digital storage capacity 16 TB
Hard disk interface Serial ATA
Brand Seagate
Hard disk size 16 TB
Form factor 3.5-inch
About this item
Industry's first 16TB drive
Standard Model FastFormat (512e/4Kn)
Helium sealed-drive design delivers lower total cost of ownership through lower power and weight
Digital environmental sensors to monitor internal drive conditions for optimal operation and performance
Proven enterprise-class reliability backed by a 2.5M-hr MTBF rating

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Decent price, I needed some storage back when everyone was Chia crazy in May, I ended up with WD 12TB Red Plus drives, love them they are super quiet helium, they were about $39 / TB with eBay coupon.

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    How do these compare to those 16 TB Toshiba drives listed a few days ago?

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      personally id get the exos over the toshiba. thats just me though

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        How come? The Toshiba is cheaper, has a 512mb cache (Seagate has 256mb). All other things seem equal; 16tb, 7200rpm, CMR, helium-filled, 512e or 4kn sector size. Some detail I'm missing? I'm about to buy the Toshiba.

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          Seagate had local RMA but as far as I'm aware Toshiba will need to be sent back to the UK.

        • Toshiba makes great products. They tend to disintegrate more in general from my experience. Better to buy a HDD from a company that specializes in making HDDs.

          • @HumbleCat: I think Toshiba used to be the leader in HDDs, but as of the last 5+ Years they have slipped behind in quality. WD have always been middle-pack in quality (not the best, not the worst). The worst of the big name brands was Seagate, but they've really kicked it up since becoming incorporated into Samsung.

            In terms of longevity and defects, go for Seagate, then WD, then Toshiba… that's what I remember reading from an article.

        • Toshiba don't offer a warranty service - don't buy their drives unless you're certain you'll be able to organise via your retailer in a few years time !

  • Can I put this one in a 3.5 enclosure case and use as external usb?

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        what kind of monster sick perverse monster would reverse shuck an exos :O


  • In Jan 2020 these cost me $639.93ea. Like all storage, if you can wait it'll only get cheaper…

  • Awesome, I’ve needed additional storage for my business for a while and finally ordered two 10TB WD Elements from OW only yesterday that I was planning to shuck.

    These work out a few bucks cheaper per terabyte and I don’t need to shuck. Also will give me a lot more storage in my DAS! Ordered two, hopefully for delivery this week.

    • These work out a few bucks cheaper per terabyte and I don’t need to shuck

      And have warranty

      • Exactly, that was also a consideration.

  • This or WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive, USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0140HBK-NESN https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07YD3G568/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...?

    • Cheaper per TB but need to shuck and voids the warranty?
      Looks like the WD is a WD140EMFZ - 5400rpm, 256mb cache drive.

      • ok you convinced me. got this one :)

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    would this be too noisy to put on my Synology 920+ together with 3 8tb ironwolf?

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      your 8TB are - 3.2 bels

      while these HDDs - 16TB - are

      2.8 (typical) bels

      3.0 (max) bels

      these measurements are in bels - which is 1/10th of decibels. so it looks like its marginally quieter. hope that helps.

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        The decibel (dB) is one-tenth of a bel.

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          How loud is a tinkerbel?

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            @B3: Just a tad below Victreebel.

    • Really no reason to put 7200rpm in a NAS. Loud and hot.

  • Is this the 4k version? The schuckable 16TB expansion drives are not.

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      "Standard Model FastFormat (512e/4Kn)"
      Stated on the linked page just 1 mouse click away.

      • I have exactly 6 of the same drives in my Synology DS1618+ (schucked from the 16TB expansion units but inside are ST16000NM001G-2KK103) and the NAS showed "4K native drive: No". Hence my question.

        • Intending to do exact same. What's 4kn and does it matter?

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          Apparently in Synology within the same storage pool, the drives cannot have mixed 512e and 4kn drives. All have to be formatted with 4kn or 512e. Hmm that will be difficult for me to do 4kn now without another device to store things in the interim.

          • @2careless: How do I tell if my existing WD Red 8TB drives in a Synology DS918+ are 512e or 4kn?

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              @sav11: Open Storage Manager, click "HDD/SSD" menu, and select any of the hard disks and expand the status information and you'll find "4K native drive:" value as the last parameter.

              • @2careless: Thanks. It says "No" for that parameter. Does that mean these Seagate disks, and any that are 4K native, won't work in this NAS with the existing drives?

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                  @sav11: I read that to utilise 4k native format you have to use Seagate's partition tool first but that's for using the drive in the PC. However, I have not read anything on Synology forums about formatting with 4k. Either way, my existing storage pool is 512e formatted and without reformatting it, it can't change to 4k.

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      Hardly any drives these days are 512 native, these (like many others) are 512e/4kn. Out of factory they're set to 512e tho, there's a tool in Seagate's SeaChest utilities to change to 4k but requires reformatting the disk.

      • Curious to know if there's any benefit in formatting to 4kn for Synology?

  • Anyone dealt with Technology Titans (via Amazon)before? What are they like?

  • whats really interesting about this is the stat - backed by a 2.5M-hr MTBF rating

    based on this - if you run this drive 24 x7 x 365 then you should get 64 years worth of service out of them as the MTBF is 2.5M hours.

    WOW !!! i wonder how real this is? maybe if it was rack mounted and clean power and in a temperature controlled room. but these figures are scientific extrapolated out over millions of units and their average die rate

    • As enterprise drives thats the environment they'd be intended for so the testing would be in a similar environment I would say…

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      If you had 1000 drives in a lab-controlled environment running 24/7 and 1 failed within 2500 hours = 2.5M hrs MTBF

      • +3

        ^ This.

        To put it another way, if you have 1000 of these drives in your data centre, you'll need to swap out a dead one every 104 days on average.

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    How much would 16TB of cloud storage for 5 years backup cost, including the upload and later download of all of it?

    • Google One (Drive) 10TB costs $49.99USD per month. So I'd say around $80USD a monthx60=$4800USD. Just for the hosting.

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        Backblaze us $7USD a month for unlimited backup

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          That’s what I’m using. Have just shy of 90TB backed up. Was close to 100TB until I got rid of some old/unneeded files this week.

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            @Mitch889: Can I use Backblaze to backup a Synology NAS?

            Their site says PC and Mac, price is per computer.

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              @sav11: I doubt the unlimited PC/Mac backup will work for a NAS.

              I just ensure each of my drives are connected with a new file on them at least once a month to keep my backup current. Most of the time I have them connected to my server system for access so it isn’t a problem.

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          I’m going to check this out. Sounds worth it if there’s no additional hidden cost to download.

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            @00: Looks like it depends what you're backing up.

            If it's just a PC and attached external drives then it's $7USD/month unlimited with no extra cost for downloads.

            If it's a NAS you need their 'B2' plan which is $0.005/GB/month plus $0.01/GB/month for downloads.

            • @sav11: Thats the first time Ive heard of them. Whats the catch tho? They share the data with 3rd parties? Just sounds too good to be true.

              Ill give them a shot tho.

              For a PC, is something like 10 TB in total considered reasonable? Or does that fall into NAS?

              • @HumbleCat: I haven't used them, but the website says the $7/month personal plan is per computer, including connected external drives, and unlimited data. 10TB or more should be fine.

                The expensive B2 plan is only if you use a physical NAS device like Synology, Qnap etc. If you're using a PC you don't need it.

                I don't know if there's a catch. Looks like they have pretty good reviews, better than Crashplan. I think they throttle your upload so not sure how long it would take to upload your 10TB (or to download it if you lose the local data).

                I have a NAS so I'm trying to find a way to trick their system into thinking it's a drive connected to a PC so I can use the personal plan. Can't afford the B2 plan.

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                  I have a NAS so I'm trying to find a way to trick their system into thinking it's a drive connected to a PC so I can use the personal plan. Can't afford the B2 plan.

                  Export your NAS to a USB drive and back up that drive from a PC

                  • @spaceflight: Thanks, yeah that would work. Big PITA though, would have to copy data to fill the USB drive, upload it to Backblaze via PC, and repeat until all data from the NAS is backed up. With my current amount of data I could buy a USB drive big enough to hold it all. But the time will come when the data on the NAS won't fit on any single drive.

                    I'm hoping to find a way to make Backblaze think the PC's network drive to the NAS is a local drive, then I could back it all up direct. Might be a pipe dream.

                • @sav11: I just found a issue with BackBlaze. Was just browsing Reddit. Apparently they only keep your data for 30 days if you delete the file from your PC. Its a mirroring service.

                  They say you can pay for a years worth of mirroring separately but I don't know the price for that. They dont want people to store data long term on their servers.

                  • @HumbleCat: It's $7 a month - of course they aren't going to keep copies of ALL your cumulative data including deletions 👍

                  • +1

                    @HumbleCat: That's correct, you just need to have the data seen on your PC one a month.

                    You can do it with one USB HDD.

                    If you have 10TB of NAS and a 4TB USB HDD then you would copy 4TB of NAS data to your USB HDD every week and connect it to your PC.

                    That way all of your files are seen by backblaze every month.

                    • @spaceflight: Is there an online backup service where I can upload and forget?

                      Like a super cheap Onedrive/Dropbox?

                      Im looking for around 20 TB

                      • @HumbleCat: Apart from using UBS drives and backblaze I don't know any cheaper options

                      • @HumbleCat: Backblaze !

                      • @HumbleCat: Some people that have free education unlimited Google teams drive share it for free.

                        Of course there's no guarantees, and it needs to be data that is not personal or private as it is under full control of the teams drive admin. You'd probably want copies in two teams drives in case one disappears or is deleted by the admin.

                        Check Raymond's Free Software group on Telegram if interested.

                        • +1

                          @sav11: Google are beginning to introduce storage caps for these Education accounts - they won't be free much longer, so start looking for an alternative if you're using this method. Expect significant changes by July 2022.

                          • @Nom: Thanks for the heads-up. I'm not using that method but was planning to, so you saved me some time and effort there.

                • +1

                  @sav11: Can you mount your NAS block as an iSCSI target and go from there? The issue will be to have both the PC and the NAS online burning electricity.

                  • @2careless: I don't know about iSCSI, thanks for the tip I'll look into it. Difficult to do?

                  • +1

                    @2careless: I don't think iSCSI allocations can be read by the NAS, it would be dedicated storage for the PC

                    • +1

                      @spaceflight: The Nas serves its storage as a huge iSCSI block to the PC. To the PC that's just raw space. Sure the NAS can't serve the same spac e out.

              • @HumbleCat: The only catch is that the backup needs to happen from a PCs internal drive or USB connected drive.

  • Lowest was $477.
    That would have been a great price!

    • Incredible, when and where was this?

      • amazon au in march

  • Just ordered, will report back once arrived, current ETA is 16th of september

    • Just arrived, has warranty to 2026, however the delivery guy just throw it on the ground, hope's not DOA

  • How noisy are these higher-capacity drives for a home PC?

    • +1

      I find all the WD and Seagate internal enterprise drives a bit hit and miss with how noisy they can be. Most of the time they are fine, maybe 1 in 5 will be extremely loud. I've got a few 14tb, 18tb etc. Noticed the newer models from this year and halfway through last year (manufacturered date) tend to be louder.

    • +1

      I picked up a LaCie 2big a couple of years ago that included dual 8TB IronWolf drives and they are super noisy.

      Hoping these will be quieter since I’d like to be able to have this drive connected direct to my edit suite for faster backups from SSDs, if not I’ll have to live with Gigabit backups and connect it to my server in another room.

    • +1

      These are very noisy drives, intended for data centers, not home NAS in a living room. Its fine if you got the box in another room tho. Mine clatter all day long

    • Just installed my two drives into my 2big LaCie enclosure, and certainly see much quieter than the IronWolf drives they replaced.

      Getting excellent speeds too, a sustained 280-300MB/s from an SSD to the drive.

  • Anyone know if this would be suitable for a UDM-Pro for Unifi Protect?

  • Seems like the prices are going down?

    I own two of these and they have been great so far.

    Bought another recently from Newegg it was DOA. They could not give me another one because they can only do refunds for international orders. So after posting it back on my own dime, they refunded me straight away.

    So i just ordered another two of these - Arriving 15 Sep - 28 Sep

    • I had 1 of 3 18TB Ironwolf Pro be DoA. Pickup from store. Just unlucky sometimes.

      • Definitely unlucky or got a bad batch.

  • what's the MSRP on these normally?

  • How much is Amazon AU delivery?

    • Free for this.

  • Just noticed that these are sold by Technology Titans, fulfilled by Amazon.
    Amazon are listed as a Seagate distributor, Technology Titans aren't.
    Does that impact warranty at all?

    Could have sworn was sold by Amazon when I looked earlier in the day?

    • Just received mine and no issue with registering the drive for warranty on Seagate.

      • I think the early ones were sold by Amazon with Prime next day delivery.
        Then fell back to Tech Titans with the slower delivery?

  • When it comes to Harddisks, the saying do not put all your eggs in one basket is very real.
    So if the price works out any close, 4x4TB or even 8x2TB would be preferable - also the benefit of parallel copy speeds.

    But people with limitations on the number of ports may have to stick to these.

    • When it comes to Harddisks, the saying do not put all your eggs in one basket is very real.

      Yep, all drives fail. Make backups. Don't leave your data on one drive only.

      So if the price works out any close, 4x4TB or even 8x2TB would be preferable.

      Absolutely not. 4 drives have 4 times the chance of failure as a single drive. You don't want this ! Instead you want to reduce the chance of failure.

      … but you still need backups.

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    Does this use SMR or CMR?

    • This drive uses CMR as noted by other posters above.

  • My two drives arrived this morning, nice and quick!

  • not on special any more…..bugger

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