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Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon $59.99 (Was $99.99) + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ Supercheap Auto


Probably the lowest price you can get this for a while using the coupon code: MYGARAGE for an additional $10 off bringing it down to $59.99

Product Info:
Bowden's Own snow foaming is a fantastic pre-wash system that greatly reduces swirl marks and scratching by being a touch-less washing system. Just spray the vehicle & the dirt and grime runs straight off. It's become popular with professional detailers & car enthusiasts before hand washing their cars.
Bowden's Own Snow Blow Foam Cannon is easy to use, simply fill the bottle with water and the indicated amount of Snow Job foam wash, attach it to the Snow Blow Cannon, then to your pressure washer with the adapter and you're ready to go. This kit also comes with Karcher K Series adapter. Different adaptors for a wide range of pressure washers are available for special order

Adaptors Included: Karcher K series and Gerni/ Kew/ Alto/ Stihl/ Nilfisk Pro
Stubby water bottle, so it won't tip over when filling or storing
Handles up to a powerful 3200 PSI of water pressure
New advanced design, especially created for mega foaming action
Bottle label is marked for easy filling with the correct ratio of Snow Job foam solution
Adjustable spray nozzle, from a wide fan to a strong jet
Top air adjustment knob, to alter the amount of foam you wish to use
Part of an effective pre-wash system, gently dissolves & releases a lot of the grit & grime that's bonded to the paints surface
Solid screw and lock in adapter mechanism, so it won't blow off or leak

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  • +18

    And from the title I thought this made snow for the kids to play in 😂

    • You could spray it all over the kids and it'll feel like snow to them

      • +35

        Nadia Bartel could also use it to clear her sinuses

        • +11

          Just waiting for that K-Mart crockery to go on sale

  • +5

    Have finally pulled the trigger. Cheers OP.

    • +2

      I see what you did there

  • +2

    Want to buy this thing, but the package came without Ryobi 2/Bosch AQT adapter.

    • Should only cost several bucks for the appropriate adapter.

    • +1

      $10 for the Ryobi adapter from Repco:


      Nevermind, it's $7 at SCA:


  • If I'm the kind of person that might clean their car every six weeks it's not really for me right? These are more for regular maintenance cleans?

    • Also good just for an initial no touch wash so when you follow up with a bucket wash you've already removed a lot of dirt and therefore reducing the risk of swirls etc. Depends on how much you care about the small details really.

    • +1

      In between my 4 weeks wash - I just use this and wash it off with a pressure washer and dry with the big green sucker and some boss gloss - all of 15minutes

      • +1

        You are doing it wrong. You need an air blower

        • +2

          I have the big boi blower as well - but sometimes just too lazy

    • +11

      I have one of these, and I'm like you. To be honest I regret buying it.

      This foam cannon does not clean the car if you use it on its own - this is just a pre-wash. But I find pre-washing the car with a pressure washer to be just as effective, and gentle with the paint. Then do a regular hand wash with a microfibre rag and bucket of soapy water (bowden's orange car soap). Then rinse with pressure washer again.

      The foam cannon soap for this is expensive too - I use about 100ml per wash, so ends up being about $4 per wash. Which is no good since it only helps a bit, it's not the actual wash

      • i wonder if this depends on what you are foaming it with? just thinking, i have never used one before

        • It's evident you haven't used one - there is a bowden's foam liquid which is designed to be used with this. That's what I use. You can go with something else but I see no point in making a big expense in the cannon if you're going to cheap out on the soap

          • +3

            @superveggies: You can use something like Meguiar's Gold Class which foams really well and can be used to wash the car like normal. No need for special foam liquid.

            • +4

              @sickburn: Yep - but what's the point?
              The foam cannon is meant to pre-wash to remove the coarse dirt which will scratch the paint if you rub it. You foam then pressure wash, without touching it.
              Only that pressure-washing only gives the same result.
              If you use this and rub, the dirt is still trapped in there so you end up making micro-scratches that damage the paint over time.
              If you don't care about that, you might as well go with bucket and rag wash straight up - use less soap, get same result

              • +9

                @superveggies: I'm with you veggies. In my experience snow cannons are just a trendy YouTube car cleaning fad. It looks awesome being applied in 4K HDR slow motion and your uneducated neighbour probably thinks you must be a legend when they see your Camry all bubbly at once but at the end of the day they do sweet FA compared to a careful pressure washer pre rinse.

              • +4

                @superveggies: This what I do:

                Use two buckets method for washing. One bucket has Gold Class, one has just water for rinsing mitt.
                Put Gold Class in foam bottle.
                Spray cleaner on rims if needed.
                With car dry, foam from bottom to top. The dry car increases dwell time of the foam and allows it time to loosen the dirt.
                Pressure wash from top to bottom getting rid of all the foam.
                Use two bucket method to wash car with lambswool mitt.
                Pressure wash again.
                Dry with big green sucker.

      • I agree. Foam cannons in general are pretty useless. It's a lot of fannying about for an end result that pretty much equals just rinsing the car without the foam.

    • +2

      I wash two cars with the Meguiars cannon every so often. This cannon really helps, although I now use a more powerful electric Gerni washer which makes the difference. Unlike what the person says above, I rinse then apply the suds which drags all of the dirt down, and going over the car quickly by hand, using two buckets, removes it all before the final rinse. You're going to leave imperceptible surface scratches no matter what way you wash, and using a deep wash mitt like this helps trap the particles. It's a quick few steps of a cleaning process for light dirt, otherwise you could do another wash using the foaming soap or something like Nanolicious, or normal car wash soap, in the cannon.

      The cheap Repco foaming soap works really well, often better than the expensive alternatives.

      • +2

        Yep, I use this Repco stuff, it came with my Repco snow cannon and does a reaaly good job, especially for the price compared to the big brand stuff.
        Important to get the settings correct on the cannon for a proper outcome.

  • +11

    If you can wait, get the MJJC cannon from Aliexpress instead.

    • it's a matter of time really.

      buying in your local city, and you get the item pretty much straight away.

      buying from online, with AusPost workers isolating, means it's a 1-2 month wait.

  • Looks like just about every thing from Bowdens is on sale: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/car-care/detailing-accesso...

    • +2

      Your link only goes to a small selection of the entire range I think.

      Here's the link to everything: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/brands/bowdens-own

    • +1

      Bowdens system is really great. The only problem - everytime there is a sale you start dumping money into it lol.

      • Yep, just spent $200 on stuff.. now to find a deal on pressure washer that'll work with it.. mines dead :(

        • There's the Ryobi pressure washer from Bunnings which should work with the attachment.
          Alternatively there's the Mechpro deal from Repco which would work with their own in-house snow cannon attachment

          • @bydl: I got the Mechpro deal click and collect few weeks back to replace a 5 year old Gerni that constantly pulsed as I assume the pressure pump had a slight leak. The Mechpro is actually very good and more feature than the Gerni has which costs 4x @ ~$400 Not sure if you can get adapters to use the bowdens cannon but it does come with one which I assume isn't as good but may do the job. Only used it so far to clean concrete before repainting and clean moss of walls and gutters and it did it easy.

  • +1

    Another thing I didn't need. Purchased Thanks

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    I'm still waiting for the Crotch Cannon to come back in stock. Some day…

    • This guy is enjoying himself a bit too much…and he picked the wrong day for laying down a load - he's definitely getting blow back.

      Look at the date of the video. It might never be back in stock!

      • Jeepers - wouldn't want any of that equipment to blow out sideways.

  • Anyone buying one and doesn't need the Gerni adapter by any chance?

    • yea im in perth too

  • Available on their ebay store as well, including the coupon I paid $65 delivered (note, needs EBAY plus).

  • +1

    Now we can all blow snow at an affordable price.

  • anybody know how this compares to the Karcher equivalent? https://www.bunnings.com.au/karcher-fj-10-c-connect-n-clean-...

    • Same shit different shop

      • Yeah gotta find my karcher attachment with bottle - thanks.

  • Still waiting to use the Meguiars snow cannon from recent deal..

  • +1

    What adaptor do I need for this to work with Ozito? Thank you

  • I have one of the Gerni foam sprayers. Is this that much better than that?


    • I have a Gerni pressure washer and the Meguiars foam cannon, it allows for adjustment of flow rate, a finer jet of foam, and holds a lot more in the bottle. It can be a little hard to attach as I have to use an adapter, and you really have to shove it in there to twist and lock, but it works real well with a go-over by hand on the car.

      • thanks

      • Hi Techie4066, can I please check where you got your Gerni adapter from and do you know if it can only be used on the Meguiars cannon? Cheers, Darren.

        • +1

          Hey Darren, I appreciate your first comment! Luckily the Gerni adapter (under a different name on the box), among a couple others, come included in the box for the Meguiar's cannon. You just need to use that and one of the screw fittings that converts the hole to a larger diameter.

          Just be aware that it takes quite a bit of force to attach/remove the cannon to the end of the Gerni's spray gun, while keeping the adapters tightly screwed and locking them into the gun by twisting. I needed plumber's tape to stop leaks at the adapter's joints, but it all works perfectly once that's out of the way.

          • @Techie4066: Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for coming back to me. Was thinking of getting cheap eBay one but if there's a bit involved with a brand name one I might be best to avoid a no name one. Thanks again.

  • Anyone recommend a snow cannon that doesn’t require a pressure washer? Something that can be connected to a hose from a tap?

    Thank you

    • +1

      Pretty sure you need the high pressure environment to create the foam

    • I wonder how well garden sprayers work.


      Same principle as The Frother: https://www.bowdensown.com.au/the-frother

    • You’re looking for a snow gun then, which works with just a hose.

      Another alternative is a hand-pump version where you mix your solution up in a sealed container, pump it by hand and then spray your car. I don’t have experience with either but they seem to work ok on YouTube!

      Honestly, if I could go back in time these are what I would look into first, as it’s a hassle setting up the pressure washer.

      • Yeah, so much hassle to setup, I end up washing the other family car and the driveway, becoming a major effort.

        • Yup, that’s a full day’s effort right there!

    • Not too sure but noticed this newer product from Bowdens as well (never used it but might be of interest?)

      Current promo "Buy a Bowden's the Frother & Get a Mega Snow Job 1L FREE VALUED AT $31"

    • Something like this? Not sure what model though

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrA8Hb13Y4o (Warning videos contains a dude in a G-string)

      • Bought something similar from Amazon


        There are cheaper "clones" available but this one has been good for me. Used dial setting 3 with Meguiars carwash and it was decent foam for pre-wash. Pop the foamer attachment off the gun and it's a pretty decent trigger gun too with nice pressure stream.

  • Lavor/Ryobi#1 adapter is also for Hitachi and Ozito.

  • I've got this thing last sale. Completely useless, doesn't clean at all.

  • Best foam cannon in the game. 10/10.

  • Does it fit with Aldi pressure washer??

  • I use this. Not bad.

  • +1

    Holding off until Ozito come out with a Cordless PXC pressure washer.

    Until then I can't be arsed trying to set up a powered pressure washer. Easier to drive to the local DIY wash place with couple of gold coins (pre-rinse foam included), then drive back home and hand wash with bucket and hose.

  • Lol down from $100 what's it made out of and I thought I paid to much $30 with adaptor.

    Currently using chemical guys water melon foam just spray it on let it sit for around 5 minutes then use my k4 karcher to wash it of sometimes have to give wheels a second go but all in all works great for a month's clean.

  • Got this during the last sale recently.
    Went to use it a few weeks later and it was missing the rubbery straw thing inside the container so no foam without it.

    Emailed SCA to see if they could assist about 3 weeks ago and no reply :/
    I'll have to go back into the shop if I can find the receipt!

  • +2

    Get one from ebay for $15 which does the exact same level of foaming

    • +1

      There's lots on the market for cheaper but most reviews reckon this is a step up from the cheaper ones.

      I've yet to use mine though!

  • +1

    Apparently it's not the bottle but the orifice that makes the difference.


    But it's not easy to change, I have just tried.

    Would like to get this but don't wash car often enough to justify.

    • Yeah I heard you can modify the exit hole (smaller) for denser foam

  • +1

    If you have a karcher pressure washer I bought this from eBay a couple of days ago for $12 and it does the trick.

  • +1

    Keen to get 1 every time but havent had 1 pressure washer….

    Just only garden hose 10metre from a tap…

    Seems only graden sprayers…….. Viable option.

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on the value of this pack
    (supercheap has the same pack but its $8 more)

    Or am I better just buying a big green sucker and another wash pad/mitt

    • +5

      All items in pack are excellent. You just need a few buckets and you're good to go.

      • Agree with Kline! Bucket and those filter things

  • Pay another 30 to get a pressure washer lol mech Pro in repco

  • Honest question: what’s the environmental impact of this stuff - is it just fancy dish soap, or will runoff kill lawn, before destroying the waterways?

    • Found this on the Bowdens blog:

      "On the topic of foaming, I need to make mention that we still don’t use any NTA; a cancer/eye damage linked foaming agent that is still popular in many imported snow foams. Likewise we don’t use wetting agents (as used in firefighting foams) to make the foam dwell and last longer, as the environmental impacts and toxicity for marine life is not worth having, as we love Australia and the things that live in our water ways - even the bad arse things like jelly fish, stone fish, sharks everything else than can maim or kill you. And, the best news is, we still don’t have any added salt, a favourite of big multinational companies as it’s the cheapest and easiest way to increase a wash formula’s foaming ability."

  • Purchased! Now I just need a pressure washer lol

    Any compatible suggestions are welcomed thanks!

  • No need foam cannon bull shit. To effectively wash your car with minimal scratches, I recommend using my method.

    You need: pressure washer, 1-2 mitten per paint panel, your favourite wash liquid, 2 bucket

    1. Pressure wash the car
    2. Fill one of your bucket with water + your wash liquid to correct ratio
    3. Wash each panel with 1 mitten (2 for large panel)
    4. Put dirty mitten into the empty bucket as you go
    5. Pressure Wash
    6. Dry your car with whatever you like.
    7. Put all used mitten in washing machine and done

    No Bull Shit Foam, No Bull Shit 2 Bucket rinse and wash with same mitten, Save you tons of time

    • +2

      No matter how clean each mit is, if there's dirt on the panel, you increase the risk of swirls. A pre wash with foam will get more dirt off than a simple rinse with a pressure washer alone.

      Your method will save you 10mins at most, but then you'll have 10 mits to wash.

  • -1

    Seriously, this is overpriced. You're paying for a sticker that says Bowden's.
    Just grab one from Aliexpress. I got one (identical) for $20~ delivered. Brass fittings, been using it for years.

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