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Ryobi 1800W 2000PSI Pressure Washer $99 (at Select Stores) C&C @ Bunnings


It's back at an amazing price of $99. Some stores showing as $139 but you could try selecting a different store and see where you can find it at $99. Interestingly, I tried with my nearest store Cannington WA and it showed as $139, so I changed it to my next nearest store Maddington WA and on the checkout screen, I reverted my C&C address as Cannington WA again and the total amount stayed at $99. There might be something wrong with my browser cookies, not sure, but give a try.

Update : As per comment from Stan1912 below : "If it is not $99 at your preferred store, change the store to one that does it at that price, and then during the checkout process change it back to your preferred store. The $99 price should not change back to $139. Worked for me :)"

With a powerful motor delivering 2000 PSI of pressure the Ryobi 1800W Pressure washer will make high pressure cleaning around your home a breeze. Equipped with a 5m long hose and adjustable lance this cleaner will get into all those hard to reach places.

Powerful 1800W motor delivering 2000PSI, makes light work out of tough dirt
5m long pressure hose with adjustable lance
Built-in hose reel for easy storage
Ergonomic handle and wheels for great manoeuvrability
Built-in soap tank for detergent applications

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +33

    Reviews are not very encouraging.

    • +6

      Was tempted; those reviews scared me right off. So glad you mentioned it. The only positive reviews seem to be from people who have barely used it - so many cases of breaking/failing early and getting no love from Ryobi or Bunnings.

      • +4

        Yes I hate people that used it once and put up a glowing review that the product is amazing. You have to find the users that used it alot and actually know if it has faults

        • +4

          Used it a lot here and no issues at all, I love it!

    • +3

      Oh boy yeah, I was all set to get one until I read those. Think I'll pass.

    • +7

      mines been awesome actually, not sure what the hell these people do to their tools

      • +7

        Yeah I paid full price like 3-4 years ago for mine. Use it at least once a month, never had any real problems with mine. But most people without problems don't really leave reviews so 🤷‍♂️

    • +7

      There are 81 x 5 Star reviews… all the rest are most likely the competition or simple user error.

      I have had no issues with mine, I also got it for $99 in the last deal.

      • +2

        I agree, I have been using this pressure washer from last couple of years with no issues. More so over it comes with a replacement warranty covering many years, doesnt it so ther is additional assurance there.

    • +2

      Are we looking at the same thing? 4.1/5 with over 140 reviews is good, no?

    • +3

      Owned mine for over 12 months and use it weekly to wash the car, less often to clean our deck/concrete driveway etc. Very happy with it and haven't had a problem

    • +1

      I've got one, so far so good.
      I did have to return the nozzle because the wide-spray angle was off. But it was easy, just walk into Bunnings and they gave me a new one. No need to return the whole thing.
      The warranty is very long, so for the price and the function, I gave it a gamble.

    • +1

      Isn't bunnings normally very good with faulty items? The 2 times I had to bring something back it was chill as, asked a few questions and they got me a new one.

    • Yeah I'm a Ryobi guy but these simply don't live up to the claimed specs. I had an 1800psi gerni and bought the 2000psi Ryobi thinking it would be a step up, but in reality the gerni still cleans way better than the Ryobi.
      Fine for cleaning the car but really ordinary on concrete

    • +1

      True… I was looking at it on productreview but then I saw other brands like Karcher and Bosch also have terrible reviews. Guess most people only review when they got issue with their unit. So I decided to go ahead with this one and fingers crossed.

    • Use it heaps and no issues here

  • Is this one could use for car washing?

    • +4

      yeah that's what my use case is.

    • Yes, it wont strip the pain, especially on the wide setting

      • +11

        wont strip the pain,

        Know one that will? Lockdown and all…

        • "Paint" sorry

        • +4

          i'll strip.

  • Can we order and pickup after lockdown?

  • +1

    Thanks Ops got one.

  • good price

  • +2

    Reviews are terrible!!

    • +1

      I have this exact model and it is great. I got it for $99 from last deal. It does a great job. Cleaned up my outdoor concrete area and it is very nice!

      • Did you use soap, or just straight water?

  • Interesting, the ozito one got better reviews than this

    • +5

      10 reviews against 100+ though

      • +1

        I have this ozito and it works really well.

      • yes you are right 🤦 didn't really checked the review count

  • +5

    the terrible reviews for this one turned me off and I bought this one (https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/power-cleaning/pr...) for $135.20 from Repco when they had 20% off. Not much more than this Ryobi one and has a snow cannon attachment which works a treat!

    • Legend, in the market for a pressure washer and might wait for another Repco sale for this one, unless there are other alternatives that are recommended?

    • +1

      need to post that as a deal next time :)

    • +6

      I might be biased but I'd end up going with the Ryobi. I know there might be issues with it down the line but its got a 4 year warranty.. Take a photo of the receipt and bring it back and return it if there's an issue with it. You'll either get a new one or store credit.

      The Mechpro one you've linked has a 1 year warranty and with how often I hear stories of pressure washers dying I'd be worried with dropping over $200 for something with a one year warranty.

  • +1

    The unit works well. My 2 main complaints are that the reel is useless, and the hose isn't very durable. After a few hours use, it scraped against some brickwork, and started to tear.
    Other than that, the high pressure wand is a lot cheaper than $70 from Karcher.

    • +3

      After a few hours use, it scraped against some brickwork, and started to tear(imgur.com).

      Imgur link no good.

    • ditto, the reel is useless and kinks/damages the HP hose, but otherwise had mine a for a few years, still works fine

  • +2

    Bought this a couple of months ago, I had bought a Gerni 3600 took it home and was unimpressed with the pressure. Straight back to Bunnings and exchanged for the Ryobi and a rotary lance (because it doesn't come with one) and the Ryobi has noticeably more kick. More pressure and a bit cheaper than the Gerni too

  • I have this one, cheaper and less powerful


    I feel like getting this Ryobi one but wife is putting a brake on it (I love impulse bargains)

  • We have one… Had to get the first one we had replaced because it just stopped working.

    Now we have the broken o-ring issue that a lot of the reviews mention.
    I've ordered an assorted o-ring pack to see if any will work.

    Would not recommend.

  • Good deal. I picked this up for $108 last year. Used it twice. It's decent for the price, but not great for concrete.

  • Anyone able to tell me this Ryobi one or the ozito one for $99 please

    • +1

      Both use 7l/min so would be pretty similar pressure wise. I've got the ozito and it's got an adjustable head which allows you to change water from a wide spray to focused.

      The ozito is way better than a karcher k2 I've got too.

      • Ok thanks for the reply

        Either one seems good for $99

  • +1

    I have been using this for the last few weeks. It's been solid. Would recommend it at its regular price so this is price is great.

  • +2

    Hi have this one for the car and light home duties. Cant fault it at all $48

    I also have a giant $2000 petrol one for my other needs

    • I have that homelite too. I was hoping it would be OK for cleaning pebble creet and bricks, not a deep clean, but good enough…. but no, its crap. Good value for if you just wanna wash a car or blow objects off the ground/walls/fences etc though.

      • +2

        Yeah i use it just for snow foam and hosing down the tile verandah.

    • +1

      I also have a giant $2000 petrol one for my other needs


      • Oh theres a whole world of pressure washer toys going to $15k - my $2k one has a Honda commercial engine. Need it as I have a massive section of sandstone pavers to clean at my house and need the higher pressure. It would take hours with electric

        • Nice. I was thinking (blindly) i probably want around 3000psi rated one to tackle brick walls and pebble creet, what do you reckon? I note they seem to go for around $500+ retail.

    • This is the next one I'm getting after my Gerni inevitably dies. Only use the pressure washer for the car, mostly, so on with some M22 fittings and away we go.

    • I have this one too, bought it for my concrete balcony tiles. Used it once and didn’t feel like it was a pressure washer, that’s how weak it felt. Didn’t get around to returning it coz of going in and out of lockdown (Melbourne). For $49 can’t complain but wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the one in the OP.

    • -1

      Can I borrow your $2000 petrol, I'll chip in for petty

  • +1

    Kärcher forever!

  • I got this after my Karcher died. Karcher is far better.

    • Which Kärcher model would you recommend for car cleaning?

  • cheap plastic, it fell over once and the handle broke apart

  • I bought this one after Boshe one has broken spray parts. I regret to buy this after first use. Useless cable holder, Hose attachment parts are not good and spray gun is difficult to use. I would buy Boshe brand again.

    • +1

      I have had no problems with mine. I guess I don't muck around with it, I just placed the unit on the ground, hooked up water and power and used it to clean the outdoor concrete slab. All the black soot came off quickly and easily. On completion I put it in the garage for the next use.

      • +4

        That's Logical ;)

      • I replace the joint part with other brand and it fixed water flowing and disconnecting problem. But still I miss the Boshe brand one.

  • Which one is the recommended one to rejuvenate my fence?

    I know it looks awesome under that gray!

    • +1

      I've used the Ryobi here to get grey and mould off timber battens. Worked really well.

      • So this model works? Awesome

    • +1

      This one https://www.bunnings.com.au/gerni-5000-1885psi-1800w-high-pr...

      I don't own one, but my uncle has and he told me it is the best machine he ever had to cleanup the 45 meter long fence without feeling tired, by the way he is more than 75yrs, also he bought it when it was on special, if I recall my memory well, he paid around $199

      • It's a lower PSI though? Or is it the attachment we are counting on?

        • +1

          Lower psi by about 115psi (5.75%) but higher flow rate +15L/Min (~21%) -

          I'm not water pressure doctor, but to me that says all in all about a 15% gain:

          ~21% more water flows out as ~6% less pressure would break down to covering 21% more area (i'm assuming the increased waterflow would come from a larger output, not sure what else it could be) and there for doing a job 21% quicker, I guess unless that 6% PSI is the difference between going over an area once and having to go over a second time.

          • +1

            @lulzenberg: I get you!

            Yeah, psi means squat if the flow is small (in terms of cleaning a large area).

            It's between spending 1 hours (bigger volume) and 2odd (smaller volume).

          • @lulzenberg: Thanks mate, @sh4hp sorry for the late response, as mentioned by "lulzenberg" my uncle said the same thing about highest flow rate he was looked for. I am not expert either but believed my uncle's suggestion as his profession was hydro engineer.hope this helps.

      • That's 2x-3x the. Price? Probably better to compare with


        • it's closer to 1.5-2x the price if you factor in the attachments. Gerni's are also meant to be solid products though. They are the 'Hoover' of the high pressure cleaner cleaners in the cleaning world, so much so that people in the cleaning industry often say that something needs to be "Gerni'd" as opposed to 'hit/cleaned with a high pressure cleaner'. Something I only realised at rental exit inspection, where they said the security windows needed to be "Gerni'd", with my response being "would a high pressure cleaner work?", which was met with a laugh, and then an awkward look as they realised it was a legitimate question.

          The Ozito is only 7L/minute also, so maybe not a great comparison, and hopefully a typo either here with it meant to be 70L/min or on the gerni/ryobi missing a decimal place.. for the environment's sake, and water restrictions, i'm hoping the latter D:


          Looking at the description of the gerni on the website, it is 8.7L/minute not 87L/min haha.

          • @lulzenberg:

            Gerni's are also meant to be solid products though.

            What about Karcher?

            • @DoctorCalculon: I'm no expert on these things im afraid, just know that a lot of cleaners refer to pressure cleaners as 'gernis' no matter what brand they are. going by what has been said in here though and on some of the reviews, people have replaced their karchers with the ryobi and it's been better (easier to clean things) - but they are replacing 5-10 year old karchers, which tells me they were fairly solid products, just maybe not as high powered. how that translates into what they are selling now though is another question (could be just as great, could have gone down hill, could be better /shrug).

  • +2

    Interesting. For anyone in lovely Toowoomba, they are 139 at the Toowoomba North store, but 99 just 10 minutes down the road at the Toowoomba West store..

    • Looks like it's $99.00 at both stores now, maybe it just took a while for them to roll over to all stores?

  • +1

    it's got a pretty decent warranty so if it shits itself I don't see what the problem is?

    • Is it 4+2 years? Took me a bit of googling and still not 100% sure

      • 4 years only

        Does it have a aluminium pump like the ozito?

  • +1

    I bought one in SA from prospect bunnings for $99, cheers

  • I've had this and had to get it replaced twice. First time, the handle stopped working with attachments. The second time, the connection point of the hose from the machine to the handle exploded.

    It was mostly used for washing cars weekly.

    Bunnings replaced it on the spot both times, went with a Gerni and it is much better to deal with when switching attachments.

  • South Australia, online:
    "This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store."

  • Powerful enough to do a driveway?

  • +4

    If it is not $99 at your preferred store, change the store to one that does it at that price, and then during the checkout process change it back to your preferred store. The $99 price should not change back to $139. Worked for me :)

    • Yep that's what I did as well :)

    • +1

      A friend of mine is Manager at Bunnings Store A, and one day he tole me I was one of his Top 10 Powerpass customers. I was a bit perplexed because Store B is my closest one, and I had bought a bit from there. Then I realised I must have been selecting the wrong store, when scanning stock etc.
      No wonder he was $100,000 short at stocktake.

      • That's a lot of pressure cleaners.

      • That's a lot of Bunnings! what trade are you mate?

  • This might be a stupid question, but do any of the big brands do a cordless pressure washer (that's not petrol)?

    • +3

      Not a stupid question at all. They probably do exist but cost a fortune.
      I think the power draw is too high, and so the battery pack would be drained very quickly before you can finish the job.

    • Worx makes a few but they are not as powerful.