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[AfterPay, eBay Plus] PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Hellhound OC 8GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $662.15 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear eBay


Amazing price atm, performance slides in between RTX 3060 & RTX 3060 Ti.
Hellhound version has great thermals as reviewed by Hardware unboxed here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Ro4Ca_M4M)

Great buy since both the 3060 and 3060 Ti seem to be stuck at $1100 at the moment

Pair with discount eBay gift cards for extra savings or to get under your Afterpay limit.

Good luck!!

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  • Code not working

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      working for me using afterpay

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        You need to use Afterpay and eBay plus. My Afterpay limit isn't high enough by $50 😭

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          I had the same issue, pair with eBay gift cards to get under the limit!

        • same… my limit is only 600….

        • Glad I saw this. Mine just gave "an error occurred" then used $100 in gift cards worked fine with afterpay.

        • Why the hell would you have to use afterpay?

          What paypal/cash/savings not good enough for them?

          I'll pass thanks, not signing up for any flavour of the month money lender.

      • Discount expired now?

    • gotta select afterpay as payment or use PLUS10T for 10% off instead

      • Arr my bad, thanks for theguys. I hve a 200 limit on purchasing :(

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    There's a RX 6600XT Red Devil for $679.15 + Delivery as well assuming you use Afterpay

    • +3

      purchased this one, $679.15 + $19.

      3% $500 giftcard from shopback ($15)
      $5 off $30 giftcard from cashrewards yesterday ($5)
      $15 promo $100+ spend after pay ($15)
      1% cashback from shopback if it tracks ($6.98)

      Total of $657 for this one, not too bad…

      • Did you use the promo code?

        • +1

          yup, hence I used the $679.15+$19 instead of $799

      • +1

        excluding eBay Australia "$5 off $30 giftcard from cashrewards"

        • *choice giftcard is eligible

        • u misunderstood the promo, even ebay gift card was eligible too. the one excluded was the ebay itself, not buying the gift card through their truerewards store. they already run the promo quite a few times. having said that buying choice gift card, was slightly better option than ebay gift card (1% vs 1.5%)

      • what's the "$15 promo $100+ spend after pay"? have I missed a deal or was it something targeted?

        • +1

          open Afterpay app from phone, it should be under Pulse Rewards offers. Possibly targeted

          • @hoaemhuff: you also need to have, at least, 100 points to see any rewards, making new account won't get it (though new user can use the referral which is better). nicely done btw on the effort

    • Thanks for this! Finally made the jump onto new hardware

    • Ordered one, thank you!

    • Price jacked to AU $869.00

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    I have this and good card except for the aesthetics. The boxing is cheap and the card looks like it was manufactured in someone's garage. I got it for 560 something, on release date. But this is a good deal under current circumstances

    • +1

      It got great temps and fan speeds on the hardware unboxed review, even besting some three fan models. Unless you're mixing it up with the Fighter?

      • Do you know what the fighter is like? Much worse than hell or devil?

        • +2

          The fighter is fine too, but it’s only $10 cheaper so not worth the difference

      • Not mutually exclusive. You can have a card with great temps and fan speeds that also looks and feels cheaply made (doesn’t mean it is of course).

    • Even the Sapphire version box felt cheap as well, compared to an older lower spec RX5500XT Asus, had a premium box and packaging.

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    pccg shipping is a total rip off..

    • +2

      $19 express is pretty spot on.

      • +2

        well, if you have heard of sendle…. or with a high level post account. you will know how much they make out of this.

        but I was honestly shocked… ordered 10am and shipped 12pm…. within 2 hours.. that was blazing fast….. not what I wanted and not necessary if this means a premium postage charge.. but god this is fast in Australia….

        • Yes I know Sendle. They do not have an express service either. So you'll pay cheaper prices but you'll also get it later. I've not had positive experiences with Sendle with interstate packages either.

    • Sorry I would have to take my words back. $19 same city shipping is expensive but our local postie is a good guy and next day delivery does feel good!

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    Sorry my bad, yea I mixed it up with fighter, the temps are good on that too btw. Only the appearance is a bit revolting for the money you pay

  • How do you up your afterpay limit? Mines set at $600.

    • -2

      can't really bother with these.. asking too much information. will just go for 10%

    • You pay it off each time, on time and it seems to go up on the completion of the payments. I'm at $1200 and wife is at $1400.

  • Has someone upgraded it from 5700xt? Any major upgrades they saw?

    • +7

      No, but looking at all the benchmarks it's essentially a sidegrade. Good chance to cash in on your 5700 XT though.

    • +6

      Sold my 5700xt for $1250 in 30 minutes on Ebay (bought it $650 18 months ago) and bought a 3070ti for $1300 one week ago. If you need cash go for it.

      • +1

        Yeah I sold my 5700xt for $1250 + delivery last week. Decided to just jump on the 6700xt for $1170 (which isn't a great deal) but still, made $80 and got a supposedly 30% better card. Bit annoyed that I could have saved an additional $170 today, but oh well.

        • +1

          Thanks guys. I have not used mine for mining ever, so looks like I can sell it and use my old 970 :) as I dont game that much now.

    • +1

      Dont recommend if you focusing on gaming.

  • Seeing that the 6700 is on sale right now at around 995, should I cop it or wait to buy a 3070 for around 200 more (from past deals). Are the performance difference that much to justify the price?
    Yours in
    Knowing nothing about computers and just want to run Minecraft in 4K

  • purchased 80ti with the code.. cheerz

    • Which model? How much was it?

      • According to the search on the eBay page there are no 3080s that are eligible for the code - unless their search isn't working right and all items with the sellers are eligible

      • +1

        a bit late reply, the code was working on all PCCG cards and other stores for ebay plus sale.
        Got the inno3D at $2250, I know it's not the top brand or price wide either, but it's still few bucks cheaper in the current market.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. The delivery fee of $19 is ridiculous, even for click and collect at a pickup point for the same price! Bought it anyway but had to beg the Mrs for her AfterPay account…

  • Love to buy but no Afterpay/ebay Plus :(

  • -1

    Note PCIE 4.0 x8 on the 6600, running it on a PCIE 3.0 slot would see noticeable drop in performance.

    • is PCIE4.0 the same with (PCIEX4)?

      • No, one is generation, PCI-E 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc, the other is llanes, up to a maximum of 16x. This card supports 8x lanes, on generation 4.0. Generations double the bandwidth per lane, so 4.0 @ 8x is equivalent to 3.0 @ 16x. Hope that helps.

        • can this card be used at pcie 3.0 x4 ?

          • @hoaemhuff: Some PCIE slot are physically 4x, need a 16x sized slot for this card.

            • @couger: it is 16x sized slot, however only have 4 lanes… so it's PCI-E3.0 with 4 lanes…Will this work?

          • +1

            @hoaemhuff: Yes, but that may well hamper performance a bit more severely. The generations are backwards compatible, so if it's a gen 4.0 card, it works with all older gens at a max link speed of x8. What slot/mobo is this going into?

            You can read up on it here - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-radeon-rx-6600-xt-pci...

            And specifically this page lnked below shows the breakdown, 3.0 x4 is the bandwidth equivalent of the tested 2.0 x8, so the card will have an average of 93% of it's max performance @ 1080P, with some titles showing little-to-no loss, and some showing it far more drastically as the 93% is an average of all tested games.


            • @foxpants: using Gigabyte Z590 UD AC… Though my CPU fan is huge that it blocks the primary PCIe 4.0 slot…

              Don't want to re-open the mobo, change fan, thermal paste, etc again…

              I can probably live with 93% of equivalent… Currently using GT1030 and actually has no issue at most games I played, so I think should be fine as long as it can run.

              Thanks heaps.

              • +1

                @hoaemhuff: My pleasure, it'll work just fine and you will lose a little but it seems not too bad, still a massive uplift over a GT1030. Plus one day you may get the energy to change up the CPU fan.

                • @foxpants: Do you by any chance know why the computer always turn itself back on whenever I tried to shut down/sleep?

                  I googled around and apply various fix to no avail.. :/

                  This only happen once I installed the RX 6600 XT graphic card… I uninstalled all my previous graphic drivers too :/

                  • @hoaemhuff: So you do a normal full shutdown, and it does shut down, then just powers on again?

                    • @foxpants: yes, I use normal shutdown via Windows. It turn off, then after 1 second, it powers on again… I tried all the fix in the google
                      1. Disable fast startup
                      2. Power trouble shooter
                      3. Turn off all the wake button
                      4. Reset the CMOS in motherboard
                      5. I forgot what else I did…
                      6. delete old drivers

                      I changed back to my 1030 and it can shutdown normally….

                      At this rate, I would assume I got a bad egg of this graphic card :(

  • So weird. Works for me but when my friend tries the coupons for afrterpay is invalid.

  • -2

    yeah thats the base 6600 XT which is only worth 540 delievered. I wouldn't pay more than that.

    When I bought my MSI MECH OC 6600 XT it was 589 delievered.

  • Spewing paid $829 for the MSI Gaming X version.

  • I am surprised that PCCG has so many stocks of 6600 xt…

    • I'd say it's because of the price, even at MSRP where the cards should cost around ~600 AUD, that's a lot historically for this calibre of card. let alone the insane market at the moment where you're lucky yo pay only 20-30% more.

  • my afterpay declined me….

    although my limit is more than enough

    • afterpay was trying to lift my restrictions, and yes, sold out. lucky me

    • never had that issue before, do you have a 2000 limit?

      • 1200, afterpay asked me send a copy of driver license through which I did and then they lifted my restrictions. But all items sold out.

        • never had that isssue before you must be a first time customer.

  • Lol well I don't have eBay plus or afterpay… That rules me out…

  • I got shipping notification already.

  • +1

    Sale has expired. Just tried to checkout zzz

  • +1

    PCCG sold more than 50 6600xt and 6700xt within hours……

  • +1

    Great for the few people that grabbed the deal before they jacked it up. Typical Ebay Plus promo. Jack it up by $70 - $80 before giving you $100 discount. That way you only save $20 - $30 but this time we saved the full $100.

  • +1

    Just got my tracking number from PCCG. Should be arriving tomorrow.