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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 iCHILL X4 LHR $1699.15 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear eBay


Banger price, get in quick, afterpay required

The card is somewhat flimsy, but it works fine

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  • +2

    who has a afterpay limit of 1700?

    • +7

      if you use afterpay all the time, limit for me is $3000

    • Mine is $3,000.

      Yet Latitude Pay is only $200.

    • $3000 here as well, AfterPay is easy to get up even if you just make a purchase with it then pay it off fully the same day they will soon upgrade your limit.

    • You have to use it more often for the credit limit to increase.

    • Use ebay gift vouchers?

      • Long gone before sold out..

        • +1

          Check again

  • +13


    Chants to self: 1440p? It's good enough for me. 4K? Can go away. rocks back and forth

  • Review I've seen shows this card running at 96° while other cards are at 80°.

    Also the loudest card compared to others, but not by much.

    So not the best card, but I'm sure it'll sell quick.

    • +2

      I have the same card but FHR, mine running under 90c all the time, normally 80-86, the 4th fan help to reduce the temp of VRAM.

      • Thanks for the info.
        Been hard to find much on this card.

  • +2

    The definition of banger price isn't what it used to be

    • +5

      and while mining takes off again it never will be .. you can hold on until the 40xx series comes out for teh bargainz

  • +2

    ordered. now i need to check if it can fit in my itx case.

  • Bugger, shouldve used afterpay more…
    Cant buy these cause of my limits

    • Use gift cards to make the difference.

  • Sorry, your order amount is too high.
    You can spend up to:
    $600.00 AUD

    Oh well…

  • +1

    I though ebay plus had free shipping?

    • +1

      Not with PCCG…..19 shipping is the deal killer

  • The card is somewhat flimsy, but it works fine

    Damn that doesn't give me confidence in spending nearly $1700 for a part.

    • Who tf is saying it's flimsy. I've had it in hand and it's a chunk of metal that feels like it's built like a tank. Built way better than my gigabyte eagle and in my opinion comparable to the strix cards

      • No idea, op literally wrote it in his description.

      • Op is.

  • Is 3080 significantly better than a 6700xt in terms of performance?

    • if i have a choice, i wouldn't buy this card personally, but hey it's the gpu apocalypse

      • Why so? I've read a few reviews that were fairly positive about it

        • they don't use good fans, so it's loud and not as effective as other fans, also mostly plastic

      • many people buy the 3080 card for mining, 6700xt is between 3060ti and 3070 performance.

    • If you playing any games that involve ray tracing, yes. Especially paired with DLSS

  • Picked one up, thanks!

  • OOS

  • +6

    For those of you having afterpay limits, you probably didn't already know about the gift card reduction method, so you can just add gift card codes at checkout to reduce the total required for afterpay to pay off

  • OOS

  • +2

    back in stock!

  • not enough afterpay limit

  • Are these good for mining bitcoin?

  • Gone again

  • This or the 6900xt for $300 more?

    • this, if it gets back in stock

      • Thanks.

  • +5

    Flimsy??? LOOOOL!!!!!

    I was lucky enough to get 2 of these when the 3080s just dropped for $1399 each. Built like absolute TANKS.

    Very quiet in my P600S, never heard the fans spin but Im also a headphone user, so…

    Also, thermals on both cards great. Never above 70c except when benchmarking.

    Was super unsure about INNO3D before dropping 2.8k, was the only option I had available. Would buy again over most other AIBs now.

    • When were these at 1399?

      • +1

        In the beginning the 3080 could be had for around $1200-$1300 on a very good day.

        So $1399 sounds achievable just maybe over 6 months ago maybe even more.


        Yeah definitely sounds like they bought it very early when the prices were still figuring themselves out.

        It was the cheapesr time to buy a 3080.

        • Yes, I got my hands in the 3080s about 2 weeks after release.

          Got very lucky but spent 3 hours a day calling every single shop in NSW, every day.

          • @Evanlet: Ah, got it. back when it was released!

          • @Evanlet: Nice work dude or dudette I'm glad somebody took advantage of those lower prices while it was still on.

            No idea if we will return to that level of pricing for some time.. Maybe when the 4000 series are halfway into their release time frame (middle between beginning and end) is my guess but my gut feeling is even a long time after that.

  • Was about to buy one but then realised I can't use credit card, so pass.

    • and they're sold out.

  • +1

    Please sir, can we have some more?

    • Yes plz sir/mam

  • +1

    Selling items with exclusive discounts for people who use scummy "I have no money but here use this" services, should be (profanity) illegal.
    Like having discounts on liquor, for people who are alcoholics. It's irresponsible.

    • afterpay is actually oriented toward those that have more money than they can spend and doing investment

      • +1

        This GPU is a high yield investment all right. Hopefully it'll work itself down to the 1399 price it introduced at while I'm sleeping.

      • +1

        That's the worst take on the service I've ever heard.

  • it looks like PCCG delisted all their GPU's?

    or did people go nuts and snapped them all up

    • looks like it

  • -1

    Going to be such an event when the GPU bubble bursts.

    • I wish it bursts, but we're being told that chips are already pre-earmarked all the way down to September 2022… and that not everybody is gonna get their earmarked order.

    • it will, my estimation is next month, when the US can not get the debt ceiling up in time.

  • Or if and when mining crashes, the market will be FLOODED with GPU's which will plummet prices

  • Anyone else got their order cancelled?

  • My order has been stuck at somewhere in Sydney southwest for over one week!

    StarTrack, 9% salary increase over 3years is already much better than the major of others can get. Don’t be overly greedy, and go back to do your job!!

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