Dew of The Gods Skin Care Range 15% off Storewide + Delivery ($0 with $69 Order) @ Miss K SKIN


A fun, mindful skincare range, blessed by a Buddhist monk. For the first time ever Dew Of The Gods is now available within Australia at Miss K SKIN.

Vegan, anti-aging products made with pure ingredients sourced from the finest mineral deposits on earth.

Dippin’ Dots Vitamin C Serum
FijiFuji Collagen Vitamin Mask
Frozé Body Scrub
Frozé Body Wash
Frozé Lip Scrub
Hyablend Glow Oil Serum
Rain Water Collagen Toner

Who is the Buddhist monk who blesses our products?
Our monk's name is Bhante Saranapala, known around the world (and on Instagram!) as The Urban Buddhist Monk (@urban_buddhist_monk). Bhante is a fully ordained monk and has been practicing and teaching the ways of the Buddha since he was seven years old. Through his foundations, Kindful Canada and Kindful USA, Bhante travels the world to places like Bangladesh to spread positivity, help underprivileged children, and to teach the world about the power of Buddhism, blessings, and positive thought.

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