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Apple iPad Mini 6 2021 WiFi 64GB $669 | WiFi 256GB & WiFi+Cell 64GB $879 | WiFi+Cell 256GB $1,089 Delivered @ Apple Edu Store


Team, was browsing the edu store and noticed that the iPad mini is $80 off for the base model/$100 off 256GB etc etc.
Price on regular Apple Store/RRP in retailers is $749.

Pricing is for students, teachers etc

Perfect device for me and I'm sure many others - easy to use one handed because of size and weight but still very legible for comics/ books/video.

Don't forget to combine with Woolies for ~15% back in Woolies gift cards (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650860) and possibly Shopback/Cashrewards for 1.5% cashback (not sure if it'll work with giftcard payments, but why not right)

Edit: usually new products aren't discounted (much) at launch in the edu store, so this is a bit rare to my knowledge

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    Cashrewards/Shopback is usually not available for new products

  • Too bad iPhones aren't sold through the education store. Does anyone have a list of the companies on the employee purchase program?

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      Telstra is one of them

      • Would you know if those links are shareable or if Apple require verification?

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              @ChillBro: 13 Pro 128 $1699.01, 256 $1869, 512 $2219, 1TB $2569

              13 Pro Max 128 $1849, 256 $2019, 512 $2369, 1TB $2719

              13 Mini 128 $1199, 256 $1369.01, 512 $1719

              13 128 $1349, 256 $1519, 512 $1869

              12 Mini 64 $979, 128 $1057.10, 256 $1224.30

              12 64 $1174.80, 128 $1252.90, 256 $1420.10

              11 64 $831, 128 $910.80

              SE 64 $665.50, 128 $743.60

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                @supasaiyan: Cheers, mate.

                Seems like the standard price for iPhone 13 series though? Some are actually one cent more expensive for some reason.

                • @ChillBro: across most of their products in the EPP, it's not very good prices. Occasionally they'll have accessories for cheap (they had the Magic kb for $100ish a few months ago) but for the mac's, you'll get a better price at JB during one of those 15% off

                  • @supasaiyan: 15% off! Wow, that would be very rare — none in recent memory. Agree that 10% off from JB (maybe a couple times a year?) is not far off EPP pricing.

                  • @supasaiyan: When does JB have 15% off Mac?.. You're full of it, and just boasting..unless that's only a discount for staff. It's only 10% for Mac @ JB.

              • @supasaiyan: this is standard pricing isn't it?

              • @supasaiyan: thats my jam, the 13 pro max 1TB $2719

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      Also markup on top of currency conversion is ridiculous for iphones.

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        Good thanks to the Australian Consumer Law, and the extended rights tbat an Aussie iPhone Purchaser has

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          Agree, but why iphones only? ACL also applies to ipads also, right. Ipads cost approximately 1.5 times USD price, but iphones 1.7 times.

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            @asmith84: iPhones are the biggest money maker for Apple. They've also kept the price for the same tier iPhones (iPhone X vs iPhone 13 Pro non-Max) at $999 before taxes in the US, since 2017. Gotta recoup that somewhere

          • @asmith84: I don't think that u can calculate properly. You also need to add about 10% State Sales Tax that is in most populated and tourist visited states in the US. Secondly, they don't have the TRS scheme there. That's what u fellow Aussies don't know, and don't do enough research into. You just see the USD cost. Btw, the US $ is around $1.38/1.40 AUD. It also would cost a minimum of $100 to send over, then another GST cost in Customs to add on top. So you're better off buying the device in Australia, as it is covered under the ACL (Aussie Consumer Law).

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        Its not as bad as it looks as advertised prices in Australia includes GST, whereas in the US state taxes are added on top.

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          On an average iPhone, taking the US price, even after assuming tax on top from the heaviest sales tax states, and currency conversion with generous conversion rates, Australians are still paying around Aud 100 more.

          And someone said it’s due to Australian Consumer Law, which gives you extended warranty. That’s simply not true - this price disparity is not the same across even just Apple’s own range of products.

          Plus, having personally lived in the US and Canada, I can say that US’s consumer protection for retail products is not inferior to Australia’s at all. Especially talking about consumer electronics, their return/exchange policies at major retailers (eg. Best Buy - pretty much their equivalent of JB Hifi but bigger) are MUCH more generous than here.

          Companies make us pay more here because they can.

          Edit: Actually, this was only true the last time I did the calculations for iPhone 12. iPhone 13 (at least base) prices DO match up if you take into account heaviest combined sales tax rates (around 9.7% I think) and 1.37 exchange rate. I hadn't realized how crazy the exchange rate is now. Do your own calculations for the other phones.

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            @Dr Fruit: Need to also consider our Wages across the supplier chain and retail.

            Also Apples pricing is also takes into account forex fluctuations for the next 12 months.

            The models are slightly different aren’t they depending on the market ? Which would effect the economies of scale.

            I think it’s also worth noticing that on a device that is between $1300-$2,000 a $100 difference only equates 5%-7% which when put like that to me isn’t the worst.

            • @PaPaGeorGeo: Good point - I think the average person here does make more money than in the states. Minimum wage was 10 dollars back home. I consider that a win :)

              And yes, at least on the iPhone 12 range, the Australian model actually had less components than the US model (mmWave antenna is not present in the any iPhone 12 not sold in the states).

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            @Dr Fruit: Price is mostly dictated by how much a company can sell the product based on market forces, rather than the costs of producing it.

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            @Dr Fruit: So what if US Aussies are paying $100 more?… It's a bloody American product, not necessarily made there. (Ahh, everything is Asian made now!) Also too, the US has 13 x the population as what we have. So u'd think that over there, such products would cost 3 or even 4 x less the amount. So just be bloody happy that you're not paying 75% or more of what u were paying 30+ yrs ago. And even places like Hong Kong isn't the cheap haven of what it was then.

      • Surely this is an easily disprovable myth. US prices don't include sales tax. Australian prices do.

        iPhone 13: USD 799 vs AUD 1199

        USD 799 = AUD 1,091.68 on raw conversion… add 10% GST and the Australian phone is actually a couple dollars cheaper.

        iPad Mini: USD 499 vs AUD 749

        USD 499 = AUD 681.79 on raw conversation… add 10% GST and it equals exactly 750.

        As a USA citizen that moved here 20+ years ago, that was once the case, but for the past 5-8 years, Australian prices for Apple stuff are extremely good.

        • People tend to miss the “plus tax” component in the USA. One of the things that used to drive me nuts when visiting there. You pay taxes, get over it. Although there are some dodges with ordering interstate, I believe.

          The other thing was, initially, you could only buy an Apple phone if you had a plan with certain phone companies. People didn’t factor that in either.

        • Iphone 13 is 1349, right? I think its iphone 13mini which is 1199, it’s 699 USD.
          I know there is sales tax. My question is regarding inconsistencies in pricing.

          Inclusive of tax, about 1.5x the USD price is about right.

          Ipad mini, 499 there 749 here, about 1.5x
          Similarly 1.5x for ipad pro, macbook air, apple watch, etc

          Surprisingly, beats studio buds 150 usd is 200 here, — cheaper here.

          Airpods is approximately 1.6x.

          Iphone 13 mini 699usd 1199 here
          Iphone 13, 799 usd, 1349 here
          Iphone 13 pro, 999 usd, 1699 here
          Iphone se, 399 usd, 679 here
          Approximately 1.7x of USD price.

          Clearly, apple is charging differently for iphone in comparison to other products.

          • @asmith84: Generally these things are “what the market will bear”. Different products might have more price “tolerance” than others. Personally I think the iPads are much better value than the phones. I, barely, use my phone but my iPad has become a PC substitute for day to day stuff.

  • the volume buttons placement is atrocious but otherwise looks like a great lil tablet

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      It's a shame the mini costs more than the normal 10.2, that's that's way of volume vs price unfortunately…

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        It's more that the mini is a better tablet specswise, the 10.2 has a 2 year old processor (A13 vs A15), thicker bezels, worse speakers among other things. The iPad Mini today will be comparable to the regular 10.2 iPad in 2 years time.

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          Even the last gen iPad mini was priced higher than the latest base model iPad despite worse specs. iPad minis have always had higher pricing.

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            @nomadspartan: The last mini also had a newer chip than the current (at the time) iPad

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              @ellos: And better screen from memory? True Tone I think.

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        Think of it more as an iPad Air mini (vis-à-vis iPhone 12/13 lineup with a US$100 difference between mini and standard) and the pricing makes complete sense, of course here you’re even getting a better chip, A15 vs A14

        • It is now like a ipad Air mini. No one wants the large bezels with physical home button.

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    Not bad, but these aren't gonna fit my camera lens protectors.

    • Tough titties‼️… Just wait 'til such eBay sellers get them in. It shouldn't be too long, whinger.

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    "Don't forget to combine with Woolies for ~15% back in Woolies gift cards"
    How does this work?

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      Buy the apple gift cards this week, you get x30 points which equates to approximately 15% off

      • They're not 15% off. It's either bonus Everyday Rewards money to use at Woolworths, or Big W, BWS only. When such giftcards are discounted off (eg; 10% & 15% off), then u can say that you're saving money. Use some common sense.

        • Well my common sense tells me I get back 15% to spend for food shopping. The money off apple gift cards don’t existed anymore. My common sense tells me I would rather get something back than not getting anything.

          • @fozzie: Well, of course u get money back. It's not just common sense. But only in the form of Woolworths Everyday Rewards on its card. It's still not 15% off the tablet device. That doesn't inform u that you're getting 15% off the device. It's only future $'s or extra points towards flights.. depending on what option u took when applying for the Rewards card. What if u don't shop at Woolworths for your groceries⁉️🥴 Now that's bloody damn common sense.

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      Woolies has bonus points on Apple Gift Card

      • From the terms: "You can load multiple Apple gift cards to an Apple Account Balance, but the maximum balance is $4999"

        Does that mean you could buy say $3000 worth of gift cards at Woolies, load your Apple account with them and then use that to buy an upcoming MacBook Pro, and get $450 back in the process.

        • Not cashback but of Everyday Rewards points. So $450 of groceries or 45000 Qantas points. The Qantas points would give you a Syd to Per return if the borders ever reopen and about 9000 change, or half the points one way to Japan in business.

          • @chrish: Yeah that's what I meant, still $450 back (though limited use). I was considering purchasing them with PayPal's rewards card that gives you $250 worth of rewards points back as well if you spend $3000. So that's a total of $700 back. (But now see the Woolies deal ends next week and wouldn't receive the PayPal card that quick).

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          Don’t load them to account you’ll only be able to use your money for digital purchases

          Take them to the store or order over the phone

          • @lordsnow98: So by "digital purchases" do you mean apps, music and movies etc, not physical goods from the website? i.e computers?

            As far as I know you're limited to using 8 cards per purchase for hardware, so wouldn't really get the maximum benefit if buying over phone or store.

            However I have found this post that seems to suggest you can use a mix of your Apple account and gift cards:


            Also when I look at my Apple account on the website (not in app) I see this line:

            "Redeem Apple Gift Cards into your account or add money directly anytime. Then use your balance to buy all things Apple — products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and more."

            ** Just edited above as I've re-read the Woolies deal and the $500 variable cards are included, so could get 6 of those (and be under the 8 card limit).

            • @pixxelpusher: That's from the US site, if u browse down to near the bottom of the page. Not to do with here in Australia or other nations. The US has different policies and rules. Just like I've noticed with anything over the years.

              • @INDYVADER: I did search around further and the same is for Australia. Here's the Australian page that says all the ways you can pay, and you can pay with a mix of account balance, gift cards and credit card:


                Have also now learned that there are different types of gift cards (which is a bit confusing) and they can only be used with their respectful stores:


                But the "Apple Gift Card" which was only introduced last year seems to be the best one to get as you can use it for everything (maybe they're phasing out the other types of gift cards?).

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Bought one already 7am right after I wakeup lol !
    256 cellular for $1089.

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      I've got the Ipad Pro 11 inch so I'm, really, having trouble justifying getting the mini. I would love it, though, because the 11" is just a tad large for my bag.

      • I have 2 ipad pro 11 Cellular second gen . 1 in 512, another one 128. 128gb I always carry but was looking for mini version same look for carry all time. Now selling my 128gb one and bought mini which can be hold in the Palm of Your Hand.

      • Same, have ipad pro 11 and its going strong, just feels 'big' for daily use and mobility… but ive wanted this ipad mini for a couple years now so.. struggling to justify, esp at the higher price point..

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          I’m, exactly, the same. If this had been available, before I bought the Pro, then I would’ve bought it. I’ll be watching the discounts, over the year, for it.

          • @try2bhelpful: I doubt that you'd see discounts on the mini, until the New Year.

            • @INDYVADER: I don’t need it in a hurry.

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                @try2bhelpful: Why do u think that I'm trying 2 b helpful then?.. Don't have to be defensive. I didn't say that u needed it in a hurry. You were going to check out discounts over the year on the device. I'm just saying, that u 'most probably' won't see any discounts this year on ipads. As JB don't do discounts on ipads, unless they're getting rid of old models.

                • @INDYVADER: Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound defensive. I was just indicating, because I already have an 11” Pro, I won’t be in a hurry to buy the mini. The problem with written communication rather than verbal. You can’t get the “tone” of what is said. I, actually, did find your post would be helpful :).

      • I feel like you've already figured it out as to whether the iPad mini would work for you.

        For me I use the Apple keyboard with any 11" Pro and can't imagine not having it. Third party keyboards will probably come out but I suspect they'll be a bit more cramped than the 11".

        Bought the Mini for someone else though and gosh it is a nice thing to hold… made my wife and I both really think whether we need the keyboards or not on our Air 4/Pro 11" respectively.

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    I wish they had a good Android equivalent of the iPad Mini on the market :(

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      Honestly, probably the only company that makes ok tablets are Samsung (even so, only the expensive ones); all the other ones from Lenovo or the AliExpress ones are trash.

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      Agreed. Last decent one I can think of is the Samsung Tab S2 8.0. Everything since then is kinda average.

      • Even the Note 8.0 was a good smaller tablet. As I used to have that one.

  • Is the normal iPad discounted as well?

    • Yes, starting at 469 (from 499)

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    Bought it. Thanks.

    I chose to pick up at Apple store. Anyone knows if they will check student ID?

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      Last January I bought a MacBook Air and didn’t ask me.

      • Thanks

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      50/50 for me. Bought iPad Mini, didn't check. Bought MacBook Air, did check.

      • And did you have Student ID or not?

        • I did!

    • I guess you could be buying it for your child?

    • I have unidays id. They never asked for it. I have selected delivery 24sep.

      Did they change the money? Mine they didn’t charge yet, called apple, said they will charge just before delivery.