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IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro Gn 6 16" AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 350 Nits QHD Screen $1173.60 @ Lenovo Education Store


Please configure as below.

Shipping says 7 weeks. But after ordering, expected shipping date says end of Spetember and delivery by mid October.

Update on shipping : shipping date is now 17th Sep which is today and expected delivery date is 5th October.

IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro Gn 6 16"
Configurable Components
AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H (8C / 16T, 3.2 / 4.4GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Windows 10 Home 64

Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics

16GB Soldered DDR4-3200

512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe

16.0" WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 350nits Anti-glare, 60Hz, 100% sRGB

720p + IR + ToF

Storm Grey

Backlit, English

11ax, 2x2

Integrated 75Wh

Power Cord

1 Year Depot

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  • Do we have to call them an order if we don't have an edu login? :(

            • +3

              @nurbsenvi: Thanks for the link.
              The MacBook Pro 13” there is $US400 more expensive than the Zephyrus.
              The 'Pros start at $1899 in Australia.

              It's probably fair to say the M1 beats a Ryzen on the Speedometer web page test.
              But then again, my 7 year old i7 laptop isn't bothered by web pages.

              The Mac lost in Cinebench and photo editing, and will probably lose on most multi-core benchmarks.

              As I say, I've got nothing against Macs.

              • -1

                @RecklessMonkeys: What are you on about?
                Did you watch it?

                Zephyrus is nearly $3000 in Aus

                And MacBook Air performs same as Pro at $1300 price point.

                Also Macbook Does everything silent and cool where Zephyrus was spinning it’s fan like crazy.

                Only time Zephyrus beat MB pro was in cinebench and Premier.

                • @nurbsenvi: Of course I watched it.
                  It literally says in black and white $US 400 more expensive at the start.

                  Only time Zephyrus beat MB pro was in cinebench and Premier.

                  Which is what counts. If you want to look at web pages, just about anything will do.

                  Lets not forget that this thread is about a $1200 16" Ryzen.
                  If you want a $1500 13" Air that won't keep up , be my guest.

  • +1

    As usual, I look at these configurable deals and find myself ever-tempted into adding the next upgrade, then the next: lured in by a deal that would have been just under $1 000, and upgraded until just under $1 500!
    The processor upgrade is $100, the cheaper graphics card option is almost $200 dearer. Plus the $95 RAM upgrade, that's nearly an extra $400 that I probably don't need.
    Perhaps it would be better to take the Ryzen 5 configuration with the GTX 1650?

    These H series processors have pretty high TDPs don't they? Wouldn't that mean they have a heavy toll on battery life, and coupled with the large screen… it's going to need that big battery.
    Just looked it up, the H-series has default TDP of 45W, compared to the equivalent U series' 15W!
    If I only do recreational photo editing, a browsing and office work, occasional light gaming, (on mostly old games), would I need a graphics card?
    Are these thin laptops any good for gaming? Wouldn't they have a heating issue with such a powerful processor too?

    What's the lifespan of these integrated batteries?
    Will the laptop still work in plugged-in mode after the battery has totally died?
    Can the battery be replaced? Cheaply?

    • +1

      A lower spec laptop might suit your needs better, yes. This is a good deal though.

      Will the laptop still work in plugged-in mode after the battery has totally died?

      Good question. Anyone know?

      • +2

        With a 75Wh battery, this unit will still last around 8 hours of normal use. The lifespan of batteries is longer than you want them. Lenovo software having this battery protection mode which will only allow charging to 60%. Besides Lenovo are easy to find parts and easy to DIY compare to APPLE.

      • +1

        @RecklessMonkeys: Thanks, after almost two days humming and arring I finally bought the OP's config - I decided the graphics card wasn't worth the extra $200, for my needs.
        I almost spent the extra $200 on the Yoga Slim 7i 13" (which has about the same specs i7-11th Gen 16GB/526 QHD display) as I know I would love the touchscreen and extra-portability. Wasn't keen on the lack of USB-type A and HDMI ports though - I'm sure I could get adapters, but I've spent enough time procrastinating already.

        • +1

          Good one. I've gone for the 1650, which is less than I want but more than I need ;)

          Has a very important SD card reader too.

  • Hello Everyone! I ordered this on 13th and it says that expected shipping date is 17th which is today. And it is expected to arrive by 5th October.

  • What is the difference of the below selection in customisations of WiFi?

    11ac, 2x2


    11ax, 2x2

  • Thanks mate ordered one cheers!

  • can anyone who ordered recently share the delivery timeframe please?
    spoke to customer care, they said 1 week of dec! cant wait that long.

    • +1

      Ordered on 13th. Laptop already shipped from Hong Kong on 17th. Expected arrival date is 4th but I am expecting it by Wednesday as I heard from fellow people that it will be way quicker once it is shipped.

      • did you do any custom specs? customer care said it depends on your build. mine is same specs as the OP.

        • My configuration is same as OP.

    • Orderer mine 30 August.
      Initial expected delivery : FEBUARY 4th 2022


      But the date comes right back after a week or so.
      Should be here next week.

      • Update : Just arrived

        • Hey can I ask your configurations? I ordered on 29th and still haven’t got it. Online status says delivered but I believe it’s to Lenovo. Just today I got DHL tracking number which isn’t showing anything either. I am based in Sydney.

          • @ashftc: 5800H 120 hz 1650

            The order status still says shipping, and the shipment tracking only goes as far as Melbourne.

            You'll probably get it soon.

  • Thank you OP, purchased one for my dad. Hope he receives it before Christmas!

    • It will.

    • EDIT: ordered 19/9/21, expected Ship date is 30/9/21 with delivery date 18/10/21. Hopefully it will be sooner according to the rest of the comments!

      • It says 16 pieces, 48kg lol

  • Thanks OP, my friend grabbed one of these. You are the real MVP.

  • With the Ryzen 5 5600H and 8GB RAM option, it comes down to $998.10 with the coupon code. Got one for my dad as he just wants it for movies/YouTube and browsing. I think that's still a really good price. Probably the only QHD 15in+ screen for sub $1000 right now.

  • Mine arrived just now and setting it up.

    • On which date did you purchase it?

      • Bought it on the 8th, shipped on the 12th and expected delivery is the 30th.

        • Thanks. I ordered it on 13th and it shipped on 15th. But it is on the way from Hong Kong. I haven't received DHL tracking code yet.

          • @pandyakavit: I never got one. Just the Expeditors one but it never had much info once it arrived in Syd. Last thing was 'Proof of Delivery Rcvd' two days ago.

            • @wonderboy: How long did it take to get the estimated shipping date added to the order info? I ordered on 18 Sept but still only saying ordered, no estimated shipping date yet.

  • It seems the GPU upgrade has increased in price - I seem to be getting a much larger price when adding the 3050 GPU.

  • When does the EDUCOMM code expire?

  • OOS?

    • Out Of Stock

  • Just received an email today 23/09 that the unit has been shipped with expected delivery date 8 October.
    I ordered on 15/09

  • Not loving this laptop tbh and might return it. The default colour calibration is way too yellow, messed around with the AMD settings and got it to the best I can although not perfect. Not sure if it's a faulty screen or the integrated GPU can't handle the high resolution which I doubt.

    The more annoying thing is the wifi. Despite being connected with full bars half the time nothing loads. Always have to disconnect and reconnect to get it to work. It's definitely the laptop since my phone doesn't have the issue. Just used some youtube fixes now and will play around more with it but if it continues over the weekend I'm returning it. Real shame since everything else is great.

    • Night light can make it yellow?

      • That was the first thing I checked and it was off.

        Switching to 5ghz wifi has helped but seems like the lots of lenovo owners have problems with the Realtek rtl8852ae wifi card. Best solution seems to be buy the Intel AX200NGW for like $40-50. Might do that if the problem persists.

        • Turn it on and back off again. Mine did something weird.

        • I'm just setting up mine. Wouldn't connect to my 5G network though. Hmm. [EDIT - might have been an IP adress conflict though] [EDIT2 - nope].
          Still going through setup.

          I thought the whole point of this model was the accurate colour display? .Did you stick with the default display or upgrade to the 120Hz?

    • @wonderboy:* Did you fix the issues? If so how?
      Or did you return it?

      • Have the 60hz model. Display is much better now, no more yellow tint. Updated the AMD drivers and turned it off and on instead of restarting it.

        Used this guide to switch to 5ghz. Connection strength is rarely full but haven't had any disconnection or speed issues since.


        • Good to know. Thanks for sharing, @wonderboy

  • Ordered : 20th September
    Delivered : today 12th October 15:30pm via DHL.
    So far Laptop Looks Great.
    Really Happy with it

  • Ordered mine the day after this deal was posted, for some reason my delivery wasn't due til ~20th October, but it arrived yesterday, quite unexpectedly.
    I thought I had made some upgrades, but maybe I've just gone for the OP's configuration (perhaps they were the upgrades I made - Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM?).

    Four stickers next to the track pad - none of them quite aligned with each other - grr! One is particularly useless and just lists random features looking like a washing instructions tag in a t-shirt.

    Has anyone tried removing the stickers? Any tips? Did it leave a mark? (I had a couple of tiny lumps of what looked like booger glue between a couple of keys - I can still see the smear after tentatively wiping with a damp jaycloth.) I don't know why they had to put them on as it didn't go on display in a shop. The Windows sticker is discretely on the underside.

    Apart from the four stickers, I have to say it looks and feels nicer than my ten-year old plastic brick of a laptop, but nowhere near as nice as the 13" Flex Chromebook I have.
    I find the lid a bit tricky to open too.

    Can't comment on the display quality yet though, as I'm still going through the annoying Windows set up; first time I've set up a windows device since Windows 7… it's more even annoying than new Android devices! (I just want to turn it on, install my choice of "apps" and use them - none of this accounts / syncing devices / setting up weather and calendars guff - I use the phone that fits in my pocket and goes everywhere with me for the last things - not a 16" laptop).

    Couldn't connect to the 5G network during the initial setup, even when right next to the router.
    [EDIT: rebooted my old laptop just now and had got a ip address conflict notification, so hopefully that is all the issue was - nope, my old laptop is not on the 5G network].

    Hopefully these unboxing moans are the extent of my issues - haha.

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