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Xbox Series S Console - $449 (Was $499) @ Target


Not a bad price for an entry level into next gen

Have one myself, the 512GB SSD (is actually 364GB usable)

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Target Australia

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    I think the new "good" price for this is sub $400.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it hits sub $300 soon.

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      Probably when the series X is actually in stock

      • How long is a piece of string?

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          Twice as long as from the end to the middle?

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            @Gazz: And half as long as twice its length.

        • Get a measuring tape out

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          L = 2x

      • Ahhh and I will continue to wait for the X
        One day :)

    • certainly. this needs to go away and come back with better 1440p processing without compromises and more internal ssd space around same price mark $450

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    No disc drive no buy

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      Seriously, what is the point of a disc these days? As soon as you load a game, there's a 50gb download needed to fix the bugs in it. Unless you want it for blu-ray movies etc?

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        Seriously, what is the point of a disc these days?

        For playing Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games without having to buy them again digitally (or those not even available digitally).

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          Also gives you options for buying games, rather than be tied to buying them from the store. Sometimes there can be quiet a difference in price.

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            @LukeFree: Also UHD disc play back, bought a lot from ozbargain

          • @LukeFree: ye sometimes the online store can be quite noisy.

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            @LukeFree: And you can borrow physical games from/to friends and family

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          Yeah fair point! Wasn't thinking about backward compatibility, I'll admit.

        • -1

          OK so good for the people that didn't trade them in back in the day, despite most people saying the main reason to buy physical is so they can trade games in…

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        Not paying $129.95 for games…

      • +9
        • As listed below, upscaled Xbox OG, Xbox 360, Xbox One games.
        • Often you can buy used games for <=$10 on ebay/eb games. Same games are like $40+ in the stores
        • Ability to resell bought games we no longer want to play
        • Buy a game from EB or Amazon, decide after 1 week that you don't like it, you can return it.
        • I agree, although FWIW, you can return games you buy on the xbox store as well. Similar to Steam.

          • @imurgod: You get 2 weeks to ask for a refund and even then u only get a few chances b4 they reject the refund

            • @Garagesale: I'd be interested to know what their rationale for rejecting refunds is - and I bet the ACCC would be too.

              • @johnno07: The rationale would be because they didn't meet the conditions for a refund I guess.

                I've even had games refunded 3 weeks in with no issues.

            • @Garagesale: EB gives you 1 week, don't they?

              Anyway, you're not being truthful because I've returned a few games and there was no fuss. It was easy.

              There's obviously a reason your refund was rejected. I don't know anyone who had their refund rejected.

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        Selling games after finishing them? Not paying exorbitant prices for digital games? I'm sure you already knew that though. Had MS have followed Sony's strategy of the same hardware except digital only, MAYBE this console might have been worthy of owning. I would honestly rather be stuck with a digital PS5 than this. 1440p is insulting for a next gen console.

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        Digital versions are for Zoomers who don't know what a disc is

        They don't recognise anything else that doesn't come in a downloadable app form

      • try downloading and installing watchdogs on xbone from the store…

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        Seriously, what is the point of a disc these days

        You must be new around here. It’s for buying and selling and exchanging. In-fact sony did a demo about how game sharing games works 8 years ago. Go check it out


      • There are many benefits to physical games. Discs give you access to the second hand market which can be substantially cheaper than buying games new. They give you access to more market places to buy new games so you aren't restricted to only buying from the Xbox or Playstation Store. They allow you to play old games from previous generations which you may still have. They allow you to share games with other people and to sell games. They also give you access to versions of games prior to them being patched which may be important for historical and game preservation purposes. Physical games may also have the option for very interesting items in physical collectors editions which digital collectors editions may not have.

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      I think the ideal use case for this is a relatively affordable Game Pass machine for casual gamers.

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        Pretty much just this. Any savings you get on the console will quickly be eroded by the discrepancy between digital and physical games.

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        Yeah I'm planning on grabbing this as a second to my Series X for another room so my wife can play game pass games.

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        Yeah was gonna say the same thing. I bought a xbox one s a year ago and solely use it for game pass.

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        It's a beefy emulation box too!

        • My first gen Xbox one is perfect for emulation.

          Honestly can't see a reason to update atm

          • +2

            @Bretttick: I think they're referring to putting it in dev mode and installing things like Dolphin and PCSX2
            The Series S can do upscaled Playstation2 and Gamecube/Wii at full speed

            • @idonotknowwhy: That sounds right, I didn't need dev mode to install retroarch. I've got retail from discord white list

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        This is still a capable machine for the price, even for hardcore gamers. You're not going to build similar spec machine for the same price even with second hand parts. The series S is the cheapest way to play modem games, and Microsoft store's discount is often as competitive as steam, and have better old game support than Sony.

        The problem primarily, storage (which disc solves) and local market competition.

        • +3

          Disc drive doesn’t solve storage problems as the discs usually make u do the whole game.

          Who plays modem games anymore? Back to the 89s lol

      • Will Xcloud replace Xxs in the future ?

      • Yep, I basically only use my gaming PC for Dota these days anyway, bit of a waste.

      • +6

        Yep, I love Game Pass, all I use now.

      • +1

        Completely fine for someone who is happy to just use it for game pass but even then, I would still rather save an extra $250 for the X (assuming it was available to purchase). The price of this console is not justifiable.

        • How is it not justifiable for the use case I stated?

          • @poppingtags: The price is too close to the Series X as several people have already stated. It's really only worth half of what the X is worth at best IMO.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser393851: I agree that if people aren't in a hurry, they should wait as pricing has tipped very close to $300 before and will only continue to fall.
              That said, even at the listed price here, the $300 saving over the Series X could get you almost 2.5 years of Game Pass and a Series S. That's plenty for a casual gamer, especially if they don't have a backlog of physical games or have no interest in buying games outside the Game Pass library.

    • Really? Can't say I've used a disc of any sort in a good 5 + years. Last thing I want laying around the home.

    • I strongly prefer disc versions, but I believe digital only versions has it’s place too given the current state of pc gaming. Consoles only other hand doesnt look very appealing with digital stores not having killer deals like you would find from physical disc retailers and absolutely no way to exchange or selling the game for credit of some sort after finish playing.

  • I'd rather get this than a ps5 ssd extension lol

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    I wait for the price to drop even further, would go nicely with my ps5.

    • +2

      Exactly, ps5 disc + Xbox SS enjoy games both side. Around 350 is the next low price.

      • +1

        Damn, I think you're onto something here.

        The only thing better would be to replace the Xbox with Gaming PC. Keep the PS5. And for mobile, use an iPhone for those exclusive titles. That should cover all your gaming needs.

        • yes, if budget is not a thing, a powerful gameing pc would be ideal. otherwise, i won't mind a ps5+series x

      • Or do your research on satanic$oft and evil gates and hopefully wakes you up and boycott them instead

    • Or do your research on satanic$oft and evil gates and hopefully wakes you up and boycott them instead

      • I agree I'm currently boycotting from buying series s until the price drop below $300 how can they charge me this much it's criminal I say.

  • Deal not available in the ACT. They wont deliver to home and Target isn't open for click and collect during lockdown.

    • Target isn't open for click and collect during lockdown.

      They usually keep it for you until you can pick it up. Unless the website isn't allowing you to use C&C

      • Yeah not waiting a month

        • patience is a virtue

  • +4

    449 is everyday price I think. You can get 449.1 from Microsoft store anytime using 10% Xbox gift card from shopback gift card (10% cashback) plus they have trade-in program running now.

  • -1

    Well given deathloops not a Xbox at all until September 2022, maybe the discount justifys the reduction.

    • Cause that's the only game in existence 😌

      • Microsoft bought Bethesda and PlayStation has one of their games as 1yr exclusive.

        A brand new Microsoft game is console exclusive on PlayStation for its first year.

        • +1

          Yeah I know… but to say that justifies a reduction in price for the XSS is a bit meh.

    • Im playing it on PC…..its not a PS exclusive if im using A microsoft run PC to play it?

  • +6

    Says a lot about how no one wants this. All the next gen consoles have been sold out for a year and this has been in stock since launch.

    • Yea. Im wondering if they could have used the chip manufacturing capacity on the bigger ones.

      • +3

        These are kickass consoles that serves a niche of gamers

        • +1

          Totally, they make sense for lots of people, i just meant these have surplus supply, while Series X is massively oversubscribed, indicating they may have not predicted the balance of demand and over allocated production to the series S chips. Granted with the smaller die size they can make more per wafer etc.

    • -2

      I honestly think this console is targeted at parents buying it for their kids who don't know any better. Not sure what grown ass man who enjoys gaming and maybe even a bit of a tech enthusiast would part with $499 for this.

  • +3

    Discless is a bad value proposition for someone who intends to buys a lot of games and is price conscious (digital often much higher than physical and can't resell), however if your primary intention is to own one of these just to act as a Gamepass machine, then it's decent.

    • +3

      Anyone who bought the PS5 discless is kicking themselves now, $125 digital vs $80 Amazon, at least Xbox has Game Pass.

    • Don’t forget if u buy digitally get about 5% back in Xbox rewards plus u can play the game across a few consoles so only need to buy it once. Plus u can but Xbox credit ant 9-10% off

    • -3

      The games aren't even that good on game pass IMO. If there were more AAA rated games, this would be the perfect game pass driver.

      • Ultimately everyone can look at the library and make up their own mind on whether it's worthwhile. I think it very much is, even if you're paying full price and not taking advantage of the XBL Gold conversion trick.

        A console Gamepass subscription is $132 per year, which is only slightly higher the price of one (1) full priced next gen game (125 AUD). For that price you get every new 1st party Xbox game on day one, plus the full back catalogue of 1st party titles (including now everything Bethesda published) and several hundred 3rd party games both old and new (sometimes day one).

        I wouldn't say everybody on earth is going to get value out of it, but I do think the majority of people who play more than a couple of games per year would. Even just limiting to large games, we just had Psychonauts 2 (really awesome game), and coming soon is Back4Blood, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite before the end of the year. Overall, it's a aried lineup of big and small titles.

        • Can't argue with that.
          I do agree that casual gamers who just want to fire something up and aren't concerned about the next big hit will be more than happy.
          Each to their own.

  • +7

    I bought one of these on ebay for $420 and have really enjoyed it so far.

    For context - I play on a Bravia 4K TV and even though most games aren't rendering in 4K the HDR and general fidelity is still fantastic and I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.

    Whilst I mostly love it for game pass - I was also worried about the lack of used games and being forced to overpay for the xbox store but have since found out you can purchase digital download keys online - often at big discounts, and simply redeem the download code on the xbox so you're not totally at the mercy of Microsoft and there is a lot of fantastic sub $10 older game codes available online.

    Overall this thing is fantastic value for anyone that wants to dip their toe and play some games in lockdown but knows they won't ever go full gamer and need a 2TB HDD + shelf to store hundreds of discs.

    • Do you have some links regarding the digital keys you were referring to? We are still contemplating buying the X and your comment made me realise we need not wait for the X and could get by with the S. If it helps, we were mainly looking for co-op games.

      • Make sure the keys work on oz region consoles….

        • +1

          Not necessarily. You can redeem codes from other regions just a use a VPN on the browser to the country and redeem the code online and then download it on the console

      • +1

        Get an S and game pass you are 90% covered. Try google or eBay for codes.

      • +1

        CDKeys.com has worked for me as did some ebay digital codes I bought as well.

        As for the guy belows comment - all the keys I've purchased have been labelled as xbox one / pc and have been labelled American - I signed in to the MS store on a VPN browser and had no issues redeeming the code and downloading it on my Australian console - as far as I can tell MS is not particularly strict about it.

    • I've never understood that. Like buying cheap tyres for an expensive car. You're not using the TV to its maximum capability. If I had a shit TV and was a casual gamer, this would make complete sense at a cheaper price. But anyway, who am I to tell you how to spend your money?

      • I work in photo/video / creative stuff so I really appreciate the colour reproduction, dynamic range and have it hooked up to some bookshelf speakers which are more than satisfying enough sound wise.

        The Series X meanwhile is still only "kind of' available for purchase due to the shortages and would've cost me twice as much - and the Series S looks stunning already so as a mostly casual gamer who just got it for lockdown I'm happy.

  • Unless you are buying in addition to a Series X, the price for this is not worth it. And if Gamepass did not exist this restricted digital console would have been DOA. It certainly failed to deliver the performance MS promised.

    Some games perform better on the One X, it's a joke, might as well buy one of those secondhand as your gamepass machine. You'll get much more value out of it.

    • +4


    • Source on how xbox one x performs better then series s? Are you talking about running xbox one games running under backwards compatibility on series s?

      • +2

        Linus Tech Tips with Doom.
        The console drops resolution in favour of frame rates and it looked like trash.

      • Of course the One X does not perform better specs wise. But in some One games, yes it does.. Yes I'm talking about some One games running BC. I'm just saying a One X is what about $250 secondhand from what I've seen, much better value Gamepass machine because it also has disc. I'm not trying to bag the Series S, I'm trying to say the price does not fit the value of the product imo. If you want a cheap Gamepass machine on a budget, One X is much better value. That is absolute fact. As from the Post above, Doom is one example.

  • Tempted to get this as my OG Xbox One does not support Flight Simulator.

    • -1

      Highly recommend

    • Soon OG xbox one will be able to support it as long as you don't mind streaming with xcloud.

  • +2

    Love my Series S. I got it for $360 or so during eBay Afterpay sale from Big W though and is well worth that price. I only use Game Pass nowadays anyway. Waited ages to get a Series X and couldn't so got this instead and have no regrets at all.

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