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$25 off Orders of $150 or More @ IKEA (Online or App Only)


Customers will receive a $25 discount off their order when they spend a minimum of $150 in a single qualifying online purchase only during the Promotion Period and enter the code IKEAFEST at checkout.

Online only.

Full Terms and conditions

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    Damn. Placed a order earlier today

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    If anything was in stock, I'd go for this - lockdown woes.

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    I’d recommend JÄRVFJÄLLET for those looking for a ergonomic chair upgrade for wfh

    • +28

      Link for the lazy.

    • Is Markus or JÄRVFJÄLLET better? I'd like to try them before I purchased but can't due to lockdown. How padded are the seats?

      • Jarv is basically the upgraded Markus

        Padding is sufficient IMO. It’s not a lounge chair…

        • Singed in just to reply to this, I somewhat disagree.

          Markus has better padding and recline further so it's more comfortable for short lounging. However that, weirdly, comes with a downside markus' padding actually gets a bit more uncomfortable after sitting 2-3 hours. But Jarv lack of that last few degrees of recline drives me mad because it's not enough but just.. Both are pretty good tho.

      • +2

        Tried both many times. IMO Markus has more back support, JÄRVFJÄLLET has more comfortable seat cushions. Also, head rest for Markus is behind my head, while JÄRVFJÄLLET is behind my neck. I’m 5’9.

      • Have had the markus for 4 years, desperately trying to replace it. The inside of the chair has collapsed. The padding is super uncomfortable, the mesh is sagging, and the back support is not that great. The lumbar support and many other features of the chair are unadjustable. So ultimately, you cannot adjust yourself easily over long sessions over the day. And, if the chair does not fit you, your back will pay. The general consensus is to buy a more expensive chair, and I definitely am planning too inlieu of the markus.

        • Next step up would be something like an Ergohuman Plus Elite mesh with the metal frame rather than a Jarvfjallet. Both of the IKEA chairs are considered to be the more entry-level one size fits all but still ergonomic products.

          • @Yve: Buy a Herman Miller Embody when there is a sale. Trust me you won't regret. Comes with 12 years warranty. I have been using mine for the past 3 years. Best investment I made.

            • @BargainHunterMYz: I'd love to get an embody but they're in a very different price bracket for comparison to ikea or ergohuman

              • +1

                @[Deactivated]: Understand.. I bought 2 chairs in 3 months - The Ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET ($349) and Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 ($629), before i settled on my current chair. But different people have different need for their work and back.

              • @[Deactivated]: Honestly it will be cheaper per year, and far better. Just bite the bullet.

            • +1

              @BargainHunterMYz: I'll have my valet pick it up in my lamborghini.

              • @MagnamoniousRex: I recently bought the Buro Metro at Officeworks for $300ish and it's ok - certainly don't expect the cushioning to be dead in 4 years

    • Excuse me!

    • -1

      I bought 1, had backache sitting on it. Ended up returning it and bought a Herman miller embody. Have been using it for the past 3 years.

      • +6

        $2000 chair better than $250 chair.
        I don’t know what I expected.

      • Some people say the Embody isn't ideal on everyone, cause it relies heavily on you being able to mantain good posture for the exoskeleton.

    • +1 for Jarv, sitting in it right now, it's awesome!

    • have the glose black version. Pretty happy with it as far as basic ergonomics go. Few things to consider for others looking to get one
      - you cant adjust the armrest apart from taking it out altogether, and when you recline the armrest will move up and forward which sometimes causing it get stuck under the desk (my experience only)
      - adjustable lumbar support, head support (it barely supports my head at the highest setting, but i am 6.3) and the usual thing like recline (can be locked only in 2 position, 1/2 recline and no recline), adjustable seat position (forward/backward)
      - i found fabric seat is tad 'softer' to sit on while i was trying the chair, but went ahead with the leather one (dont ask me why). it's a bit more rigid and less comfier to be honest

    • delivery not available in my area. Can any one tell me if I click and collect will it fit in the boot of a sedan or backseat?

      • Normal sedan no.

        We had a rav4 at the time and it fit in boot no problem

        • any chance it will fit in the back seat area? :D

          • @wibgyor: Normal sedan I would say no… could be flat out getting it through the door. I’d just cop the delivery.

  • +1

    Rip battle station dreams Karby top not in stock.

    • +2

      Get a Bunnings Panel instead

      • I've considered it definitely for the price however I personally find the colour to grey and lacking depth on the karby walnut. I know I can easily change it with a good stain but I've been cussed on my last project as it was tacky was well.

  • Just did a massive order yesterday…

  • +2

    Hi OP
    When does the Promotion Period expire ?

    • -5

      Read the attached T&Cs

    • +4

      The Promotion Period is 12:00am AEST 16 September 2021 to 11:59pm AEST 17 September 2021 inclusive.

      • It would suck to make a booking and hit it 11:59:01 and miss out…

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    Ok read the T&Cs as below
    The Promotion Period is 12:00am AEST 16 September 2021 to 11:59pm AEST 17 September 2021 inclusive

  • How do you apply the promo code ?

    • +1

      There is a discount code field in the shopping cart

  • Doe Ikea only deliver certain items? I'm trying to order a desk and get an error when inputting a postcode for delivery options.

    • I have an online order placed on the 4th of Sep and the status is still showing “waiting to be picked” as in to be picked by warehouse staff

      • Interesting. An order for a desk or larger item? I'm just wondering if the product is causing the issue (I've checked multiple post codes) or if Ikea's system is broken.

        • Try to use a PC or laptop? I had the same issue when placing order on my phone - says only available in Darwin or something. Nah mine is only small ticket items.

      • You should email them asking for a ETA. Sometimes it can get missed due to lots of orders.

        • Just got an SMS update - Richmond VIC store:

          IKEA SMS Hej, We’re experiencing a very high demand for parcel deliveries and your IKEA order will be delayed. We apologise for this delay. We’re working as fast as we can to get orders picked, packed, and sent as quickly as possible, however your order may arrive 3-10 days later than expected.
          You can track and manage your order using the Track My Order Tool - https://order.ikea.com/au/en/purchases/lookup/.
          Thank you for your patience and understanding at this challenging time.

    • +1

      No delivery drivers probably with permits.

    • ordered some two days ago and delivered tday morning.

  • +10

    I just ordered $150 worth of the LAADA rechargeable batteries in true ozbargain style

    • I think you would have been better off abusing the new ikea family $10 deal. More effort though.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to order a few items. Sweet deal.☝️

  • Offsets the $49 shipping a little bit.

    • Delivery fee must vary a lot, mine was only $15 shipping.
      My closest Ikea is 8km but when I selected click and collect it only gave me the option to pick up from a store 40kms away

      • +1

        I live in a state with no IKEA 😅

      • Wow. I Just paid $59 and it's a 12 min drive to the nearest IKEA. They wanted $49 for click and collect so delivery was a better choice.

  • +3

    man when is ikea aus going to stock the ikea/asus rog stuff….

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    I'm trying to place a click and collect order, all of which are available at the Springvale store in VIC. The first time when I selected click and collect, it let me select Springvale. I exited the the checkout page and now when I select click and collect, only Richmond is showing as the option. Is someone else getting this issue? All the items are still in stock at Springvale.

    • +2

      I got this last time I made an order with ikea. Called up and discovered that there’s a certain number of slots available for each store, released three days at a time or something so if that store you like is all booked out, then it won’t show up as a click and collect option anymore even if all the items are in stock. I was told to try again the next day or the day after. More slots will eventually open up.

      • That's helpful. Thanks :)

    • Same here my order is in stock in Springvale but only showing to collect from Richmond.
      I've been keeping an eye on this day bed which was a pretty popular deal last year - Credit to @MeeMaw published here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568183 . With IKEA family and the $25 discount it's back to $399. Click and Collect being $5 it's $404 - with the 2 single mattresses ( $233 after $25 discount ) could be done in two orders to get to $642 total ( $10 click and collect ) as opposed to $662 ( $657 + 5 Click and Collect). https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/hemnes-day-bed-w-3-drawers-2-ma…

      • +2

        At least you can click n collect.. the Canberra store is closed due to our lockdown (click n collect only commenced for businesses 3 weeks ago and many businesses have not re-opened). Clearly not worth spending $49 on delivery to get $25 discount!

    • OMG THIS! Wasted two hours tonight trying to get the holy Springvale pickup option! Ridiculous

      • Did you manage to get the Springvale pickup option in the end?

  • I wanted to get a desk for a PC setup about 140x70. Any help would be appreciated

  • Doesn't seem to say Click & Collect is banned. can you use gift cards online? I got one just b4 lockdead

    • Yeah I just paid in giftcards with the $25 code, no issues.

      • Hi, did you manage to use gift cards with $25 code by click & collect? Cheers

        • Yeah, C&C, no issues at checkout (IKEA do charge a $5 C&C fee though).

          • @even-chips: I kinda get it with ikea, running 5 miles to collect the bits, but otherwise the staff are just doing their work during their normal work hours, the C&C fee kinda pisses me off.

            Hmm so 20 off then, not worth the drive out and forcing myself to get 150 of stuff..

  • +1

    Anyone recommend the Ikea beds that include storage? Long lasting?

    • +1

      Looking for same in King

      • Interested to know these things too. I bought a bed base from a bed store recently, and the quality is terrible.

  • I'm looking to buy a new bed from Ikea ($800) but they never seem to have sales…Is this the best I can hope for? Anyone know of a time worth waiting for…Black Friday sales perahps?

      • Do they have king matress bases? I can only seem to find Q and Double.

        • When you select a bed you can change to a different size. They don't all show on that page (you may be able to filter the size at the top too?).

  • Can ikea please do free delivery special please

  • Damn Ikea and their frustruatingly limited 1-3 day pickup window…

  • +1

    Goddammit I swear these deals always manifest after I’ve made a purchase

  • This ends tomorrow 11:59pm, right?
    Hoping more Springvale slots open up for collection.

    Stupid system, sorry

    • I’m having the opposite experience with Richmond not available and only Springvale showing 🤦‍♀️

  • +1

    Trying to buy a bed, it gives me a $25 discount, and says $69 delivery or pickup from Adelaide for $5.

    I live in NSW

  • Apparently the earliest delivery date is 20 October :/

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