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Lenovo Tab M10 HD 2nd Gen, 10.1 Inch, 4GB RAM 64GB eMMC $219 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like a good deal if you are searching for a 64gb, 10" HD Android tablet. Comes with Android 10. until midnite today or sold out.

Processor : MediaTek P22T, Octa-core, 1.8GHz speed
Memory and Storage : 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage with an expandable Memory of upto 1TB
Camera : Front 5.0 MP / Rear 8.0 MP with Google kids mode and a Faceunlock feature
Battery : 5000 mAh with browsing time up to 10 hours
Warranty: This is an AU version with AU warranty and support

Brick and Mortar stores are selling the 32gb version for $30-$50 more. e.g. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/lenovo-tab-m10-hd-10-1-inch-...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Was thinking this one, end up getting the Chromebook duet, very similar spec with faster processor and extra $80 you got the keyboard

    • Out of stock at that price.

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      I have the Chromebook Duet, wouldn't trade it for anything in this price range.

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      agree… now brainer if you have a chance at this price… love mine

    • Can the chromebook side load Android apps that arnt in the google play store? or hook up a thermal receipt printer?

      • I think it can, as with all other android devices I've used.

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    Ha, read the 1 star reviews for this product on Amazon… For some reason, I believe them.

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      Almost guaranteed he got the lower RAM version…
      I also cannot take people opinions seriously when they make statements such as "I bought a laptop as well, this was the last nail in coffin, I will never trust this brand"

      Lenovo is a massive company, their phone/tablet division is different to their laptop division, heck their laptop division is also different between ThinkPad and Ideapads.

      It's like saying I bought a cheapo made in china item, never again will I trust the labour of that country.

    • Specs may have improved, but overall Android tablets have seemed to be all downhill since the Nexus 7 (2013). :(

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    this or the new ipad at $499

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      If you're going to compare with an iPad then get the iPad ;)

    • You could go middle ground for about $300ish on a 2020 galaxy tab A7, less ram than this but slightly faster processor. Neither are as good as the ipad, it's a much better experience in terms of performance, dad's A7 isn't as snappy as the old ipad air 2 from 5 years ago. The only issue you may run in to is storage on the base model, the upgrade for more storage will set you back another $100 or so.

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        my old lenovo was better than the galaxy tab a7 it got replaced with.the lenovo was a 10 inch with the 625 snapdragon I think, the screen looked like premium screens today. a7 is pretty trash for the price.

        • No doubt, my mipad has the 625 which is more powerful than both the A7's exynos and the M10's Mtk. It's just that you don't see that many snapdragons in tablets these days outside of the galaxy S series.

        • Galaxy A-series would have to be heavily on sale to match their price in value, Samsung is too focused on their S brand to compete with themselves.

          A-series devices have slow processors compared to other mid-ranges. Lenovo is much better value and performance in this catagory.

      • It's mainly just for kids playing games and watching kids videos on youtube kids/netflix/disney/etc

        • I'd still would go for the iPad. The iPad 2 which I got one for free very recently is snappy and battery is very good compared to the last Lenovo and Samsung I got for my daughter a few years back. Ended up selling both Android tablets after maybe a month of use.

          • @aphexx: I’m sorry … the iPad 2? From 2011??

            • @virtualsid: Yeps you got it right, the iPad 2.

              • @aphexx: I only have one ipad, the ipad 2, and I wouldn’t call it snappy at all :). It was when we got it, but now it even seems to be slow turning pages in books!
                What’s your secret!

                • @virtualsid: Not sure really why the one I got still seem decent. I just got it recently for free so I don't really know how the previous owner used the device. Yeah it doesn't get anymore updates. One time I charged the unit to 100% and left the device untouched while still ON for 2 days and on the 3rd day it was still at full charge.

            • @virtualsid: I am using a air 2 from 2014 and working well.

              • @rps: IPad Air 2 seems like a nice unit, and still supports the latest OS at least, unlike my ancient ipad 2 … I did get good use out of it though. Mostly just sits on the charger nowadays though…

    • if you prefer the Ipad OS then def iPad
      otherwise, consider the old version doesn't have a fully laminated display in 2020, but this Lenovo is not good either with just a 1280 x 800 display.

    • iPad for sure, it's the only tablet worth getting in 2021 with tablet apps.
      ALso I think you can get this at EDU discount if you know how

    • I'm an android guy and would always prefer android over iOS for phones. But for tablets I'd go for the iPad as most, if not all of the Android based tablets I've come across aren't as snappy as an iPad.

      • Same here. I use Samsung S21 Ultra as primary, and previous OnePlus6 as work/backup phone.
        But somehow I prefer the iPad over Android experience.

      • I'm the same. When I my mother an ipad air I'm pretty sure she though it was a knockoff and my sister has been trying to correct her when she talks about her ipad (you mean your tablet mum…). Its a mix of it being responsive and having apps that are made for tablet instead of the stretched phone experience I found on android.

        Personally I need to remember to pick up a soldering iron and see if that fixes my nexus 7 2013 charging issue (failing that I guess wireless charging) but my usecase 90% of the time is reading manga. If I was familiar with the apps available on ipad for that I might switch. I am holding out a little hope that google will get app creators back on board with a snappy chrome os device to support the more professional desktop lite apps and full apk support.

        Samsung tries to provide a healthier ecosystem but android tablets have some work to do for sure.

        • funnily enough i fixed my 2013 nexus 7 on the weekend (after i had the low battery flashes of death) by simply opening it up, disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it. This fixed it and it then charged to 100%. I factory reset the tablet because i hadn't used it for years (due to charging) and it's been ok since. Yes, old slow etc but fine for Reddit and Primevideo.

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    Yeah I wouldn't recommend this… it is cheaper than Samsung but it's quite slow and it kills apps aggressively. Battery life isn't that good for a tablet as well.

    It is really budget friendly but one of those you get what you pay for.

    • I was happy when I saw the samsung small form factor tablet with a good resolution until I heard they had disabled the option to install apps on sd card.

      Do you have any suggestions for a webtoons/manga/light web browsing device? I considered getting an ipad air or mini to replace my nexus 7.

    • +6


      I wouldn't give my young kids an iPad.

      • I had a very hard thought on this and I would disagree. The iPad are perfect for the kids in terms of performance, app available, software updates, family control and contents.

        Only downside is, it's more pricey than Android obviously but for education purposes I find it relatively easy for the kids to use the iPad. We use to have Samsung tablets for their educational needs and it was just too hard to maintain.

        I guess if you have an iPhone like myself which I can control their access levels and prevent them from downloading apps and going to naughty sites etc. I think iPad wins hand down for overall use with kids.

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      What if you're already in the ecosystem? There's plenty of other more high end Android tablets that do everything an iPad does.

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          The S7 FE was looking promising but I feel for the price it should have included a faster processor. The S6 lite has been priced well, dropping a fair bit shortly after it launched, so maybe we'll see a repeat of that.

      • +1

        My other issue is the 2-3 OS update support for Samsung.

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    10.1" HD (1280 x 800) IPS, 400 nits

    Could do better for that kind of money I'd think. Wouldn't have Widevine L1 either but less of an issue with a HD screen.


  • I have FHD one but these tablets are L3 so if you buying for streaming then HD or FHD, it doesn’t matter coz video quality will be so shit that it will remind you of old 3GP format videos.

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    I have one of these - they are fine. Definitely better than one star.

    3rd gen recently released (or is due) though, and it looks like a marked improvement, so that may be why these are on discount.

  • After a year I'm still quite happy with the Alldocube iPlay 20 but I pretty much only use it as a PDF reader and a bit of web browsing for news.

  • +1

    the FHD model is on special also at Amazon

    • The description and specs list 3 different resolutions for the screen. Which one do you get when you buy?

  • HD screen. Why do they still sell this crap?

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      IKR We are streaming 4K media onto 1200x800 devices still? in 2021?

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    I bought one for the kids after they 'killed' an Alldocube Iplay 20. The Lenovo is not amazing, but the build quality and user experience is significantly better than the Alldocube.
    For ~$200, it's a great deal and runs everything that a kid is likely to need (and if they break it, it doesn't 'hurt' the hip pocket too much).

    • Agreed. This tablet is great. Get a good cover for the kids, extra micro ad card and it's perfect for most things for the kids.

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    Will the S6 Lite be enough for gmailing, general night time browsing and netflixing every now and then please? TIA

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      Yes, I got one of those, it's pretty good. The one thing that annoys me is that there's no where to store the stylus. I just left it in the box.

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      Yes 100% perfect. I have one.

  • What advantages does this tablet have over, say, an iPad, which I could also afford?

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      Nothing really, except maybe you already own some apps via Google Play if you aren't using App store.

      If you can afford an iPad, get an iPad, just for screen resolution alone, Android has very few that can compete, such as Galaxy S5e which would be the cheapest option, or S6/S7.

      Few weeks ago I find an old iPad Mini 2 for $99 - it's slow, only got 1GB of RAM but has retina screen, and I just use it as an eReader and for YouTube. It's running old iOS so not all apps work.

      New iPad mini is so expensive with storage and LTE.

      My best device is still my Samsung Galaxy TabPro S US Model 8GB/256GB - 12" OLED screen, keyboard, now running Windows 11, cost me about $500 a few years ago, now battery is only about 3 hours. Can't beat a real PC and I'm using it now.

      There is used one on eBay with 4GB/128 + LTE for only $299: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334142880899?hash=item4dcc77bc83...

      I have S10+ (6.4" / 175g / OLED / 522ppi) - iPad Mini 2 (7.9" / 331g / IPS / 326ppi) - TabPro S (12" / 1.09kg [w/ KB] / OLED / 216ppi)

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      Cheaper and includes an SD card slot. Otherwise if you are happy to pay more for the iPad, the two are in completely different leagues in terms or performance, screen and sound quality.

    • Thanks for the responses.

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      Well you'll notice how the heated gas pedal warms your feet…

  • I got a shared tablet for the kids - a tab A 10.1. It was very slow and unresponsive.. everytime they asked me to help them back out of menus or ads it was a poor experience, took way longer than it should have and just annoyed me more than anything.
    My then 2 year old decided to press things on the screen using a pair of offset needle nose pliers with maximum power. despite the somewhat large investment compared to something like this, it was more a good thing than bad.

  • Can we Install root & Magisk on this?
    Need one tablet for 7 Eleven hacks.

  • Which lower end tablet do you folks think has the best options for using a stylus/pencil for drawing and sketching?

    • Lower end? I would say stick to pencil and paper.
      I have had a couple of low end tablets…and agree with marc kay's comment above.

  • Is it this at officeworks?
    If so will they pricebeat?

    • They don't pickup phone so virtually not possible to do PB.

  • Hmm, I think in 2021 the CPU is a bit lacking for higher end games.

    I have a Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus Tablet which was released in 2017 and still has a better CPU than this 2021 model.

    Definitely worth it if your moving up from something such as Nexus 7 2013, which i still use.

    I think due to chip export restrictions to China and general semiconductor shortages, devices from China will simply have weaker CPUs, but should have more ram and storage space compared to prior years.