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[Latitude Pay] Google Chromecast with Google TV + $1 Item for $70 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman

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  • No 6 months netflix?

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      only Google Store offer that deal for $139.99

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        And it’s not worth it, if you have this

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          Does that still work? Seems to be better locked down now

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            @parta: Yeah, I have been paying about ~AU$7.50 for Ultra HD plan from Argentina

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    I took delivery as I could not find anything for 1$.

    • I lol'ed, nice one

  • Latitude dont seem to want to verify my ID without going through some drawn out manual process.

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    I can't even get through registering.. it says I am not eligible … It's funny

  • Is this an Android based system? I ask because I want to install this app called Hotstar (Indian OTT content) and I cannot install it on my TV. So if I can install my Surfshark app on Chromecast, connect to an Indian server and then connect to playstore, I may be able to install Hotstar. Any idea if this is possible?

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      I have Hotstar installed on mine.

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        Can you use hotstar with a VPN on this?

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          Using it with DNS

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            @Pricebeat: I don't quite understand. Is DNS the same as VPN? Or is that a different setup?

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              @upended: Different set up. DNS is set and forget. Can set up different countries for different group of apps.

              • @Pricebeat: Hi Mate,

                Can you please explain. I want to setup few apps with Australia location and some with India. Can you guide how this can be done with DNS ? Currently I am using VPN app on google TV but it changes location for all apps.

          • @Pricebeat: Can you plz give me more information on how to sideload or install hotstar on chromecast with google TV?

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      If the app isn’t available in Google app store, you have to sideload app. There are many tutorials on YouTube.


    • Can you install surfshark on Chromecast? And if so can you then use Netflix etc via VPN?

    • You can install apps on this Chromecast?

  • How does this compare vs shield?

    • Have both. Prefer shield as UI is a bit faster, but the difference isn't huge for my use case.

  • UI Miles better than Fire TV. Performance much Slower than FIRE TV 4K but once you start watching something that's not a problem

    • How does it compare to AppleTV?

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        I upgraded from an Apple TV (not the latest 4K one, about a 3 year old one) and I mostly prefer it. Cheaper, remote a lot better, supports everything Apple TV does for TV watching (including Apple TV+).

        I miss infuse which was an amazing app to connect to a NAS drive - there are plenty of similar apps that work similar to infuse, just more as pretty. Have more thoughts but have to go

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          Performance is pretty good, UI does lag a tiny bit, but I was finding that with the Apple TV too. Some of the apps are better than on the Apple TV I reckon, like Netflix and Kayo.

  • For those keen, the Foxtel app was finally updated a few weeks ago to support Android 10, and is now available in the Play Store on the Chromecast:


    • Is the use of that an extra fee? Or does it count in the usual '5 devices on your account' thing you get with a normal sub?

      • You can log in to that app using either your Foxtel Now account, or your satellite / cable account if you have multiroom / multiscreen, and yeah, it will take up a device slot.

        If you don't have multiroom / multiscreen, use Matts Kodi add on:


        • Cheers mate. Looks like I need to keep on with the addon, just wanted to check. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • I recently bought a ROKU stick and it’s the worse decision I’ve ever made, In Australia, it doesn’t look like prime,Stan or Disney is supported and the search function for apps and shows is non existent… should of got this instead. Might have to return it and go for this anyway…

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    I have Google Chromecast with Google TV and I love it. My partner who is a hopeless technophobe can even
    have some form of control over choosing the right show or app. I highly recommend this device.
    I like how you can talk to the remote control and say "play Big Bang Theory, season 8 episode 6 on Netflix" and it does it.
    It's great for my 8YO child who can select his favorite episodes of Bluey or PJ Masks just by talking to it.
    Also it has 759 reviews on H.N alone @ 4.6 stars!!

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      Same experience. Definitely worth it. Best usuable device to stream apps to tv.

    • can a set of Chromecast and Google Nest mini do the same thing?
      I have a Nest mini not being used, usually using my phone to control the Chromecast. Thinking of upgrading to Google TV.

  • How do you use Latitude pay withouth having to pay monthly fees? Do you just need to repay immediately? Otherwise this is not a bargain..

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      Its still a bargain if you repay immediately.. if thats too much for you, you have a bigger problem

      • if you can read English you'll find that this is exactly what I am asking in my question, and no, it's not too much for me to repay immeditely.

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          There are no fees.

          The repayment is divided into 10 equal payments, with the first payable immediately and the rest of the 9 over the next 9 weeks.

          The only time you will have to pay any fee is if you miss a payment which is $10. It is automatically debited and they send you an email prior as a reminder to ensure you have the required payment in your bank.

          You can opt to repay the entire amount at anytime.

          • @cute as ducks: OK this is not what was explained to me at HN , I tried to use Latitude pay to get a 0 interest finance but the guy explained to me you have to pay a monthly fee whenever you have an outstanding balance, so there was a cost associated with it, and for that reasono I just paid in full. Do you confirm this is BS?

            • @liongalahad: I think you may be mixing up two different lending products.

              HN have their 24 month (sometimes more like in the tv ads) financing option where it is interest free but they charge you a monthly fee.

              Latitude Pay is different, it is a BNPL service similar to AfterPay and ZipPay and with a smaller limit, usually $1000 from memory and repayments are over a shorter period. The only fees you pay are if you miss a payment and $10.

              Hope this helps

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                @cute as ducks: Ah yeah, I just had a look and it was Latitude Go, not Latitude Pay. Understood.

                • @liongalahad: Yes I was going to say it's a Latitude MasterCard Go or something. I haven't done financing directly through HN before but those really lengthy interest free options aren't attractive as you end up paying more in long term with those monthly charges. And they are for larger purchases usually.

                  Latitude Pay there are no risks if you pay on time and I only use it when these deals come up ($xx off $xxx spends). This was only the second time I used it.

                  There is an initial credit check too that you would expect but only once off.

                  Good luck

  • Latitude Pay

    I'm just a bit skeptical at all of these "pay through us" sites and then security breaches.

    Is it worth letting another payment site have your details?

    I honestly am asking.


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      Really depends what value you place on having another credit check on your file as they perform a check as part of the sign up.

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    none of $1 items are available for collection.. HN wants $16.5 for inner Sydney delivery :(

  • I already got a smart tv with Netflix, stan, kayo etc apps. What is the real advantage of this?

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    • Plug this in and turn off the internet to your smart tv after the manufacturer stops bothering to issue security and OS updates. My Sony Android TV became abandonware in January 2020. I should be following my own advice at some point.

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    Are there any benefits to this over the Vodafone TV box?

    • Keen to know this too.
      Have Voda box and being able to plug in a USB stick to cache all the thumbnails etc that Plex generates is handy. Also think we've seen the last update for Voda box

      • I upgraded from Vodafone TV to this:
        Pros: better UI, support for prime and other apps, remote with mic for google assistant, future updates (hopefully), better support for Bluetooth headphone (with voda I have to re-pair every time)
        Cons: no free to air tuner, no Ethernet and USB out of box (they require Hub+ PD charger non included)

        • To be more specific about Google TV user interface, it allows to choose the content of multiple streaming services straight from the page.
          Example: I have prime, Netflix, Stan. I can search all content of them, without accessing them individually.

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    Can you do click and collect on these $1 items, confused by the online only.
    If not, sunbeam liquid descaler is $5 and isn't online only. Cheapest thing I could find in store.

    • Hehe I ended up getting the descaler as well. Time to clean the coffee machine I guess 🤗

  • If I was to buy multiple items totalling over $100 and I get the $30 off then I decide to return on of those items,will I get the full refund for that one item?

    I did something similar with JB Hi-Fis ZipPay $30 off $150 spend and ended up getting the full refund for the item I returned and I got to keep the bonus $30 off. I'm tempted to just buy something random with my preorder game and return the random item for a refund.