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[Preorder] Arctic P14 PWM PST 140mm Fan 5 Pack $45 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Pre order for Arctic P14 PWM PST 140mm Pressure-Optimised Fan 5 Pack.
ETA 15/10/2021 for delivery to warehouse.

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  • no rgb what a waste of time

    • No RGB = No mad P

    • +3

      rgb jokes are so overused

      • -2

        who's joking?

        • +13

          That makes it even worse.

  • +2

    I don't know how long they've offered them, but great to see a local source for these and other Arctic fans.

    • +1

      non pwm and they cost more??

      • That's why I was confused as its cheaper and PWM

  • Geez, I paid this much for each of my noctua fans.

  • +1

    would buy if shipping wasnt so much

    • $9 x 5 >>>> $12 x 5.
      really screwed over

  • I wish it was easy to buy there whole range and the prices were stable. It seems that they sell about 15 different types of fans and the prices are vary by up to 100-200%

    Want 2 x 120 Slim PST in any color and 2 x 120 White PST for bottom and top of a NR200…

    • Yeah man me too. Wanted 120mm Slim version for the few months now and not a single stock anywhere. For nr200 too with custom loop.

      • NR200 Max giving me my first little bit of buyer's remorse. Untill I see the price tag though, cause I got mine with bundled PSU dirt cheap

        • I reckon the price will be eye watering