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Fire TV Stick 4K $59, Echo Show 8 $139 Delivered (Unique Coupon Code Required) @ Amazon AU


Look out for vouchers in your Amazon delivery boxes, which contain 2 individual coupons for:
* 40% off RRP Fire TV Stick 4K (actual discount: $40) > price: $59
* $60 off RRP on Echo Show 8 > price: $139

I think that's the equal lowest price so far on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

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  • I’ve noticed they’ve quietly released a new fire stick 4k also.. wish this code worked with it

    • I bought 4k stick for 59$ during Prime day sale. I hope you are not confusing this with 4K max which is due November 2021

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        No, the 4k max is available to buy and will be released 8 October

        • Yeah and has wifi 6e support

        • But wait a further 6 weeks for the Black Friday specials and buy the new more powerful model for $79 or less.

    • Tried, not work

      Don't think MAX will drop to $59 soon

      • Thanks for confirming. Already bought two of these on Prime day, so might just hangout for the new one to hopefully stack with an offer at some stage!

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  • Any deals on the fire tablets?

  • Can this echo show be used to bring up recipes in the kitchen so I don't have to use my phone?

  • Where do you see these codes?

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      They come in Amazon delivery boxes!

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        Thanks mate, I was looking around in my account!

  • Mod Note: Please post code giveaway and request in the Megathread

  • Does the fire stick upscale content to 4k?

    • If you own a 4k TV it'll do that already.

      You wont just get a 1080p block of pixels, and the rest black.

  • What can you do with a firestick if your tv already plays movie from your HD? Can you block YouTube ads?

    • Main thing is watch prime movies. Youtube ads are shown by default

      • oh you can't even sideload apps ? dang. My tv has em by default so I guess I dont really need it unless…

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          Unless rthese are different to previous fire sticks?
          You can, and if you use brave or firefox with adblock.
          It's just like your phone, only the youtube app has ads; which is why many dont use it, otherwise ublock origin will block them all :)
          Or BRAVE, which will let you minimise the browser with youtube playing :D

      • does this work the same as a Chromecast?

        • No, more like Miracast.
          But it's actually its own device.

          • @MasterScythe: Ok I didn't understand that at all 😂 like a remote controlled Android box?

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      If you have Netflix, prime, youtube and Disney plus subscription account like me, the firetv will display all the shows available from all of them in the home page. You can search in the home screen for all contents including YouTube. It can also play prime music.

      • So if I only have prime is this a good device to go for or Google TV?

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        It's an android tv stick

        It makes your tv "smart". If you didn't have a smart tv already.
        It also has casting capabilities built in. (chromecast, miracast)

        you can also use the device standalone to watch youtube, or your your favorite big streaming services.
        that's just a very basic overview.

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    How does the Firestick 4k compare to Google TV?

    I can get the Google TV for $70 with the Latitudepay/Harvey deal or the Firestick for $60 with the code.

    • In same boat. I have 3 Google home minis and thinking it's best to go Google TV for that odd time I request "hey Google, play Seinfeld".

      Then again, my current laptop htpc does the job.

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      Just incase you haven't got your answer. I have both the Firestick 4k and the Google TV CC, the Firestick, IMO is a better unit. I run Kodi with side loaded Foxtel go and the GTV constantly needs the cache cleared and sometimes really struggles to load apps. I don't have any issues with the FireStick. Google Assistant is better than Alexa tho for searching.

      • Hey mate can you tell us what you mean by side loaded Foxtel go in Kodi? Would like to know how to work it on Firestick 4k. The only streaming service I have is prime so I'm thinking of running Firestick 4k but would like to know how well it runs Kodi and what I can really do with it

  • 4k max coming next month

  • isnt the code double sided… 1 for 4k tv stick n another for echo?

  • Fire stick 4k worth the upgrade over Mi Box S? The remote sometimes doesn't always work to turn the box on.. I sometimes have to power cycle the mi box.

    • idk what's in Mi Box
      fire stick remote is very responsive, in fact, it's more responsive than my sonic tv stock remote, lol~
      the UI isnt as good as google tv, is what i heard, defo not as good as samsung stock UI
      once in a while i have to power cycle, cause of the youtube app get stuck on loading… not sure it's my ISP or any1 else have that same issue

      overall, im pretty happy with it.. remote might be a little small for some people, im prefer em minimalistic anyway

  • Can you sideload hulu onto these Australian 4k sticks?

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    • What do you mean by side load? Can you run VPN client on it then go to US streaming sites for content?

  • This might be a stupid question, my current remote and wifi is not working in LG TV. If i plug this in can this work as WiFi dongle to watch YouTube?

    Fire TV STICK

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  • Fire stick:

    Echo Show8

    • Thanks, used one of the Echo Show 8 codes, legend

  • Thanks. Bought one. I received a code today - it came in a delivery with something else I bought!

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    Is there a category for "Post with the most unpublished comments" in Ozbargain's Hall of Fame? This post would win easily.

  • Nice unit, but still can't figure out how to connect my external USB drive to it to watch movies, bought some OCG cable from eBay but didn't work :(

  • Thanks OP. Bought one

  • Anyone else having trouble using their promo codes?

  • Fire Stick


    Echo Show


  • anyone still have a code for echo show? tried those on the pages and all are invalid

  • Fire stick:

    Echo show 8
    (other code PM'd to the user above me).


  • Rather narrow use case but one of these can be paired with a couple of echo's and you have stereo sound.

    Haven't tried it myself but have seen lots of guys with projectors use one of these paired with a couple of Echo Studios in stereo pairing mode. This gets your sound from the other side of the room without needing to cable it.

    Reported to be lag free unlike the the Google nest audio.

    • You can also Bluetooth to headphones. Works really well and minimal lag.

  • Anyone getting the Ethernet adapter for it as well??

  • Is this promo still on?

  • My $59 firestick just shipped from Amazon and I noticed something weird on the invoice.

    Item Subtotal: $90.00
    Shipping & Handling: $0.00
    Fire TV 4K Saving: -$40.00
    Total before GST: $50.00
    GST: $9.00
    Total including GST: $59.00

    Charged $9 GST on $50 sale. We are all getting cheated out of $4.