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Circles.Life (Optus 4G Network) SIM Plan $9.99 for 3 Months with 8GB Per Month @ Groupon


$9.99 for a three-month SIM plan with 8GB per month from Circles.Life (total value up to $54)
Unlimited standard national calls and texts
Powered by the full Optus 4G Plus network

Fine Print
• Limit of 1 promo code per person
• 7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal
• For new customers only. Eligible for both number transfers and new numbers
• Not to be used in conjunction with other promo codes
• First month’s bill will be prorated according to Circles.Life’s 8GB for $18 base plan. Subsequent 3 full months will be offset by the offer purchased on Groupon. E.g. If customer activates the 8GB plan on 15 September, they will be charged pro-rata cost of the plan for the 15 days of usage ($9). Hence, the September bill in this case will reflect as $9. Three subsequent months after this will reflect a $0 bill
• Plan will revert to $18/mth for 8GB per month after the first 3 months
• *Unlimited refers to national standard calls and texts within Australia
• All for use in AU; resets monthly. Excess data: $0.01/MB
• An automated ID and credit check will be performed during the activation process as required by regulation; if found to be ineligible, you will not be able to activate your SIM card. In such cases, you may contact the Circles.Life customer service team for a refund

How to Redeem
• Redeem by: 18 Oct 2021
• Redeem online: https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/circles2/pre-checkout?...
• Activate SIM by: 31 Oct 2021
• Activate SIM at https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/sim_activation/sim?res...
• After you purchase on Groupon:
(1) You will receive your Circles.Life promo code on your Groupon voucher within the voucher code field
(2) Key in the code into the Circles.Life page (https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/circles2/pre-checkout?...) together with your relevant information
(3) Your SIM card will be delivered to your delivery address entered at the Circles.Life checkout
• Estimated delivery for metro customers is 2-5 business days
• Nationwide maximum delivery time is 10 days
(4) You will need to activate your SIM card by 31 Oct 2021 for the promotion to be applied

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  • Bought!

    • +1

      You'll miss out 30% off plus high cashback.

    • You'll regret it.

      They'll ruin your credit rating with false charges!

      • Hi, mate! Please be advised that Credit Check is part of our process when applying for a line. Credit checks are done to verify a customer's ability to make monthly bill payments when applying for services. We'd love to give you more infromation about this so please click this link for more information: https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/article...

        You may also reach out to us via Facebook/IG DM or Live Chat to help you with your bill concern. We'll be more than happy to assist you. Cheers!

  • +3

    Make sure to use coupon “ALL10” to get it for $8.99 and stack with cashback :)

  • What if i activate on 1st oct will i pay full $18?

    • You have until 18 Oct to redeem the code which initiates them sending out a SIM and until 31 Oct to activate the SIM.

      No idea what happens if you activate on 1 Nov or later.

      • It’s possible to activate by 1st Oct which i wonder how much to pay first to offset the subsequent three months worth 9 dollars. Will i pay $18 first and get $9 as credit?

        • Yes I think if you activated on Oct 1 you'd pay $18 for October then $0 for each of the subsequent three months (since we pay the $9.99 for them up front).

          Personally I'll be aiming to activate in the last week of October to minimise the pro-rated first month cost.

          • @mayo: Thats not right then since i am going to pay $27.99 for three months?

            • +1

              @spedohero: Activate at the end of September or October and you'll only pay for the fraction of the month remaining for your first month at $18 * (days_remaining / days_in_month). But yeah you're right it's not strictly speaking $9.99 only which is why I included the T&C in the deal.

  • +22

    Circles.life has very poor network and lots of hidden fee… will drive you around circle for the rest of the life

    • +1

      Thanks for the info.
      Saved me the headaches.

    • +1

      I can see that. In your backyard with a short rope tied to one leg, the other to a peg in the ground. Going around in circles trying get a good signal to look at posts on fakebook and insticrap

  • +12

    Not worth this telco at all.! Be careful they also do credit checks.!

    • +4

      In addition, it is actually a postpaid service.

    • Hey there mate! Yes, we do perform credit checks which is a standard process for all postpaid services. Should you have other questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us via our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

  • +8

    They are still spamming me the failed payment emails although I cancelled my account 9 months ago.

  • +18

    Screw these guys, they screwed over a lot of other ozbargainers on their first month free deal. Beware, they are postpaid, and will probably keep charging you after you put in a request to cancel.

    • And they do a Credit Check for every service, so can really ruin your credit rating.

  • No deal I got offer $14 for 18GB for 12months, with them.

  • +4

    Dishonest company. Kept refusing port to Telstra. Played the blame game, took months to fix issue. Ended up being circles fault the whole time. Wouldn't join this company even for a $1 plan

    • +2

      Postpaid service.
      Account number required for porting out, ie customer ID with CL.

      I ported number out twice without issue.

      • Pospaid. So will they do a credit check? Thanks.

        • +1

          Yes, like utility company "soft" check. BTW, it is mentioned in the deal.

          • @Neoika: Thanks. Right, I now see it is mentioned.

        • +1

          Yes. They do a Credit Check and it appears on your record.

  • +1

    So this deal is really only good if you activate the sim in the last few days of September or October otherwise you have to pay a higher pro-rata?

    • I believe so. Thats my understanding

    • +1

      Yes. Also I just noticed this while checking out hawkeye93's post:

      First 3 months from AGL free, also on Optus (just beware $8 port out fee):

    • Yes.

  • I know this is offtopic but does anyone know if there is any cap on the 15% off Groupon shopback?

    Can I purchase this and get the full 15% cashback?


  • not sure if this is exactly the same situation considering this isn't amaysim but some useful answers can be found here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644566

    • +1

      Not comparable, amaysim is a prepaid service.

  • +2

    They do credit check, not worth it

  • +1

    Code FIND30 takes 30% off, plus 15% SB.

  • +2

    Beware. Absolutely abysmal service from these idiots. I had to get my bank to charge back after I ported out and they kept billing me. Still not sure they won't try to bill me again next month.

    • Change your credit card/number.

    • I remember CL charges the last month usage with it in full. So you should have timed better, e.g. port out 3 days before end of the last month, not in the very beginning of a month.

  • +1


    Credit-Check required!

    All Postpaid services, including Circles, require one by law.

    So if you fail your Credit-Check, you will waste $9.99 for no reason as you cannot get a refund!


    • +1

      Postpaid service Belong does not require credit check.

      • +1

        True. I must be wrong, Credit Checks for postpaid is NOT Law, it's just a choice the Telco's make:


        Unfortunately, Circles.Life DEFINATELY does Credit Checks - experienced it myself.

        So don't waste your money.

  • Don't waste time and money for such low benefits. Their billing is so confusing to understand. There are other operators out there so seek them out. I never tried this company but heard so much bad about them that I have very low confidence in them.

  • I ported to curled last week, so nownthere better deal, I asked circles if I can get the better deal that’s up which some of you posted especially the $8, I gues the only option is to port to something else then port back to Circles?

  • Honesty not worth effort or time for only 3 months

  • +1

    Probably better to go for the new Amaysim Groupon deal now:

  • -1

    This company is well-known for their jacked-up mobile data cost (rounding to 1MB) and they will NOT help you with anything. You will NOT be able to get a resolution to any of you issues as there is NO call-centre. All messages, emails are dealt with a huge delay.
    Experienced first hand, hence a friendly warning to all would be customers.

    Negging the deal, sorry.

  • So, where does the Groupon Code appear ? do they send you an email with the code ??

    A friend contacted me saying he can't find his Groupon Code.and can't seem to contact them

  • Ended?, I get a no plan available using the activate link & on Groupon No Longer Available.

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