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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi 34" Curved Gaming Ultrawide Monitor $503.20 ($490.62 eBay Plus) Shipped @ Gearbite eBay


Not the lowest, but some may have been waiting for the next sale

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    Just a word of caution - this does not play nice with AVR and NVIDIA Shield in terms of displaying the native resolution @ 3440x1440. I spent a lot of time messing with config and money buying adapters to get it to work but in the end nothing works and I just gave up. Should have gone with a 4k monitor instead

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      The only thing I can suggest is using a good quality Display Port cable.

      I had similar issues with a BenQ monitor and the only thing that fixed it was moving to DisplayPort and using a good quality one.
      Some cheapo display port cable I had from a few years ago didn't work, the one supplied by a 4K Dell monitor worked.

      • So the DP cable that comes with this doesn't do the job?

        • Sorry if I didn't make it clear.
          I don't own this monitor, I was just reflecting personal experience with another monitor. That one didn't come with a cable.

    • cheers for the heads up, not all heroes wear capes

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    Hey, Us the display port instead of HDMI…

  • Waiting of the next sale ..

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      With how often this occurs and the number of upvotes, everyone and their mum seem to have this.

      • Have to disagree my mum has a Dell 24"

        • with the number of sales Dell has that sounds about right

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    Nice … But I currently dont have enough desk for 2x this.. happy i went with the samsung deal from few mths ago on 27inch screens

    For those with 2x these things - how big a desk do you need for 2x and how far back are you from screens?

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      2 - 2.4m long

      • Not too bad, might have the realestate with a bit of juggling….

        how deep - how far from screen are you sitting

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      Recommend 180cm+ but 150cm is (barely) enough for me to fit this bad boy plus two 23" screens in landscape orientation, which means you can fit two of these too. Distance from seat to monitor is perfect, but I do wish for a little more room. See pic here:


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        Thanks for photo… IMWO, sittin too close :( specially the ones at the side.
        In an ideal world the middle one I'd like about 6-12in back further and the others matching distance but would need a monster desk or that… maybe its the angle of the photo.

        • I think two of these will look a little weird side by side due to the curve, unless you set one up in portrait. Maybe get a 49" curved ultrawide or set one of this above the other? I'm down to just one monitor at the moment with my PC on the desk. Decided to try the minimalist approach. I've seen plenty of cheap and big desks on gumtree if you're after any.

  • Makes me feel better that my spend of $699 on cj79 is not a bad deal

  • Why is delivery more than a month from Melbourne to Sydney? Is that normal?

    • Would be much early than that if you place order now, we have limit stock ready around 25th September.

      • Just got one, can't wait!

      • Just got one as well, hope to receive it around then!

      • Bought 1 3 days ago, still showing delivery estimate 25th October

        • would be much earlier, please keep checking your order status, we will update once have tracking code.

          • @Gearbite: Thanks, but I got the tracking code already

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        I ordered yesterday and I just received an email for delivery between the 20th and 26th of Oct. can you please explain how ordering today gets quicker shipment than yesterday’s?

      • Thanks, I ordered on Friday off Dealbot's post. Will that also be early?

        • Sure, we will ship out in order.

          • @Gearbite: Same. I ordered on the 17th (3 days ago). It says posted with the tracking no but expected delivery date is 25th oct.

            • @PPrem: If you have tracking means your item was picked and packed, it will arrive in normal time frame of Auspost.

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    I think this is duplicate, already bought one :D

  • Gearbite are great to deal with +1

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    is this one the australian one or grey import? how can we tell?

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      I reckon if they can provide an invoice it should be an au version?

  • This or Dell S3422DW

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      Dell 100%. Xiaomi has pretty terrible blur and smearing.

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      Dell for more peace of mind. Has More ports, extra warranty, smaller stand footprint.
      But hey @Gearbite is really good in customer service.

    • Or S3422DWG?

    • Dell S3422DW doesnt support PIP on the OSD menu. Something to consider if its important to you. I returned the monitor because my plan was to connect my mac and a small PIP for my raspberry pi.

  • what was the lowest price ever?

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      They were also $450 at Kmart at one stage.

    • $429, I regret not getting it then
      same with the $439 price, could've also gotten additional 4% off with the usual eBay gift cards

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        I bit at 495 last year, my reasoning was, I can wait another year for an extra 70 bucks off, or get a whole year of enjoyment before that time.

        The choice is yours, but if you see a price you like, even if its not the lowest ever, it worth it.

        • very true, these days I tend to go by that too. Only thing was, I didn't realllly need the monitor haha, but I just wanted it for the future and it was at a good price to bite. At this point I'll just keep waiting for another deal (would like an IPS 32"+ for a good price ideally!) since it would go to waste if I bought it now.

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    I've had mine for over a year now, got mine on the eBay sales last year in September for $499. I don't have the keenest eye, but all-in-all, it's been a great purchase for me.

    Productivity wise, while I was finishing my certificate last year it was great to have multiple windows open all seamless on the one screen.

    Gaming wise it's also been excellent for the additional screen real-estate if you've got the horse power to push it.

    I highly highly recommend installing windows Power Toys and enabling Fancy Zones though, lets you really customise where the snapped windows are and makes the product much more user friendly.

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      I really wish windows would natively support three columns. Tried of the 2 or 4 up options.

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        For a quick free version that allows you to create custom window layouts, check out Powertoys.

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          Yeah I know about powertoys, but doesn't help in the corporate environment when everything is locked down and I can't convince them to allow me to run it.

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        Power toys is made by ms, and they've made this feature native in win11

      • Windows 11 does 3 columns

        • Yep, windows 10 Enterprise doesn't and that is what work runs.

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    Using the rectangle app on mac for the 34", For anyone looking for a good split screen apps

    • and displayfusion if you're on windows

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    Back to 629.

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      Did you type in the discount code…………..

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        LOL, whoops.

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    How bad is the smearing/ghosting? I've seen so many conflicting reviews on both ends of the spectrum,

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      Myself and 2 friends purchased them at the same time. We all sold them soon after because we all thought it was horrible. One of the monitors died soon after and was replaced, so it was the same over 4 monitors we tested.

      It also doesn't look/feel like a 144hz monitor. I really don't know what causes it but felt slow.

  • Better off buying from here if you want it sooner, as gearbite has theirs on back order.

    • It's the same company.

  • Absolute impeccable timing. I was literally about to bite the bullet and spend $630 on this as I'm setting up for a new role but good thing I checked Ozbargain this morning. Shame my credit card hasn't arrived yet but oh well.

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    FYI, I messaged Xiaomi about their warranty before buying one as not all companies have a zero dead pixel policy.
    "thanks for reaching out. Yes, you will be able to claim warranty if you find any dead pixels. The warranty on our Mi 34" Curved Gaming Monitor is 24 months. I hope this helps! Thank you"

  • Bought a refurbed one a while back without reading the small print. Has one stuck pixel but don't notice it unless the background is black. Otherwise I love this monitor when playing Tetris.

  • Xiaomi Mi Curved 34 Review, The Cheapest 144Hz 1440p Ultrawide! https://youtu.be/1hMAw8xCd0Y

  • Perhaps consider the Dell S3422DW $499 or S3422DWG $549 via this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652479.

  • Bought one yesterday morning upgrading from a 27", excited for our first ultrawide!

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    please don't buy this monitor.. so many complaints regarding output connection e.g. I had DP port connected, tried to put in a hdmi at the same time, now it doesn't want to detect any signals from any connection. many more of similar/same issues here https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/j64eis...

  • Anyone got theirs yet?