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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB + Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds Bundle $699 + Delivery (Online Only) @ BigW


Not too bad if you are keen on a Note 10 with Earbuds, combine with discounted gift cards for another 5% discount.

Key Features:

Intelligent Battery - Powerful 3,500mAh (typical) battery so you can do more throughout the day - and night.
Intelligent S Pen - With its sleek unibody design, the all-new intelligent S Pen now responds to your gestures with Air Actions. It can also transform handwriting into text.
Pro-grade Camera - A full kit of lenses - zoom, wide, ultra-wide- at your fingertips, so you can shoot like a pro without being a pro.
New Super-Fast Processor - With the power of a computer in your pocket, Galaxy Note10 performs at the speed of now.
Cinematic Infinity Display - More screen, less interruptions with the 6.3" Cinematic Infinity-O Display.
Super-Fast Charging - Power up fast with 25W Super-Fast Charging, so you can spend less time charging, and more time living.
Pro-grade Video - Zoom in whilst recording a video to amplify the sound of your subject.
Dex Live - Opens a new desktop world from your smartphone when you connect it to a monitor or computer.

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  • +2

    Good find, selling for 600-700 on secondhand market. Albeit a little old and there are options with better values now especially with trade in offer on s21 series.

    • +7

      This the Note 10 and not Note 10 plus.
      Usually the plus versions go for your listed price second hand

      • +1

        Great … The + between phone and buds makes it look like Note 10 +.

    • About $450 secondhand actually

  • +26

    Paid $639 for Galaxy S21 Plus 5G model via Samsung website with trade in offer
    -$500 Trade in offer
    -$300 Trade in discount offer
    -$100 Voucher via chat
    -$50 New email marketing sign up
    -$60 iPhone 8 64GB

    total - $1010 discount, paid $639 for Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 256GB model.

    • +3

      So how does the S10 note with ear buds rate with in comparison to s21? I thought galaxy notes are more powerful and expensive. I am in the market for a new phone, apprevcate any advise on this please

      • +4

        Note line used to be the flagship but everything it did is either axed (headphone jack, sd card) or can be done by the S line (S pen). It's uncertain if there is still going to be a note after the note 20.

        Mind you this is just the base note 10, not the plus model. It has a smaller screen and no SD card support (basically the only reason to go for an older Samsung note). It's 2 years old now and 3 generations behind.

        Better cameras
        Much improved exynos chipset close to the sd888 (old exynos used to be trash compared to their snapdragon counterparts).
        3 years of updates (1 year left on notes)

        Everything is better on an s21, you'd be crazy to take the note over it.

        • "Better cameras"

          Except that 10 has better aperture f/1.5 which is important if you shoot at night.

          • +1

            @bargainparker: Yeah nah. Your apertures gonna get you nowhere with a smaller sensor. Would you honestly say an APS-C sensor would do better in low light conditions than a full frame given it has a minor advantage in aperture?

            It beats it in one spec on the wide camera only. It's not even a fixed aperture at 1.5-2.4 VS 1.8 on the s21

    • +9

      You got only $60 for iPhone 8 64GB, I'm sure you would get better than this by selling it!

      • +1

        You don't have to send it back; just cop the non-return fee ($60) or send in some other shitty phone so you only get charged the trade-up discount (which for @SWill may have been $60?) - they'll send the phone back

      • -9

        Trade in deal = Give your phone away for free for a bloated new Samsung.
        Edit: Next year trade in your S21 for the new Note 21 for $130^^

    • -6

      Get up to $375^^ until 30.09.21

      Get $375 for a $2K+ phone new and pay another $639 for a phone 5% faster

      • how? Note20 at $375?

      • -1

        To all the negs out there

        Does the device function normally eg. touchscreen, buttons & microphone operates as intended?


        $95^^ ROFL!!!!

    • $500 trade-in and $60 for phone are based on the same iphone ?

      • some galaxy & iphone & some other phones, some old-minor phones are excluded from trade in offer.
        You can ask your family member to go through trade-up app install & get value & get trade-up code, and you can use that code and don't return that code.
        THEN you will be charged for phone value amount later on to your credit card & get all the bonuses.
        So in my case, if I don't return iPhone 8 64GB, then I will be charged $60 and keep all the offers. (as discounted)

        • If you dont return your device, on top of the trade-in price of $60, you will also be charged an administration fee which is another $60.

          Trade Up T&C Clauses

          5.6 If You:
          (a) fail to return Your Existing Device to Us within seven days after the date on which You
          receive Your New Samsung Device, You may be charged a Device Non-Return Fee and a
          Device Non-Return Administration Fee in accordance with clause 6.2(a) below

          6.2 You will also need to enter valid credit card details into the Samsung Trade-Up App, which only
          accepts credit card details (debit card details are not acceptable). You authorize Us to charge
          Your credit card:
          (a) a Device Non-Return Fee and a Device Non-Return Administration Fee if You do not
          return Your Existing Device to Us within seven days after the date on which You receive
          Your New Samsung Device.

          • +2

            @ramanan: Nope…you can avoid that by sending some other junk phone.

    • So looking at this you did it via chat? To get the extra voucher?

      • +1

        yes, online chat. some guys are asking whether we have galaxy phone or not, just say I have galaxy note 9, 10 want to upgrade etc.

    • is this deal still on now ?

        • did it take long to get the news letter code?

          • @SS625: next day

            • @SWill: actually thats a s21 + not ultra…. i think oppo find x2 pro is better deal similar price. dxomark says a better camera on the oppo

          • @SS625: gmail takes long time but yahoo mail got code in less than 30 min for me

            • @V003: Yahoo is still around ? Even the ghosts of that era have died.

      • looks like OOS now

    • I tried to ask for the $100 voucher via chat, but they told me I need to upgrade from Samsung phone and they will ask for verification with photos and IMEI. May I ask how did you get it as you are trading in Iphone 8? I have an Iphone XR =(

      • try again with different chat person.
        Some dick XX asks for IMEI and photos, etc I think they are ozbargained.
        Just keep trying, I didn't have to provide anything, but I saw some comments that some chat-person are requesting for IMEI number, etc
        Please make sure to use different name or email address when you start chat (just in case they don't see any history - not sure)

        • @SWill Did you try using tradein codes on Note 20 Ultra ?

          • @ChipsChicky: Getting a voucher - they ask for whether you are galaxy phone users or not.
            TradeIn - trade in phones can be galaxy or iphone or whatever some flagship phones.

            I do not have galaxy note 20 ultra.
            Just used iphone 8 64gb that I have.

    • how do I get the voucher? what do I tell the rep? thank you

  • if you get Apple Gift cards from Woolies then can use those points for this too lol

  • +2

    I understand S21 deal is good but Note comes with S-pen ;), subject to preference I guess

    • You can get an S Pen Case for the S21 Ultra if you weren't aware. Though it will cost more.

      • having a built in slot makes it feel really different than having a case wth spen slot though :)

        • Just curious, are you just assuming that or have you actually used it?

          For context, I use a Note 10+, I dont think it'd be any different.

  • Is this the 5G model?

    • No 5G in this model

  • +1

    From memory this is a single sim only (1 nano sim, No eSim), but hey you can insert ur jack in with pleasure.

    • +4

      No Jack's in the Note10, think s10's were the last

      • Just googled. Ur right. No headphone jack…. Thanks Tim

  • +1

    already have a house full of smartphones otherwise would get one lol

  • 12GB or 8 GB Ram? How much we can sell the Galaxy Bud?

    • +1

      8GB RAM. You can sell the buds for probably $50-75 for quick sale or up to $100 if anyone is generous enough to pay you that amount, best value if you keep and use them though

  • +1

    this is a good deal

    • +1

      indeed, especially if you need a new phone that comes with wireless earbuds :)

  • +1

    This is my phone. Bought about 6 months after launch. Still don't feel like I need to upgrade

    • How is the battery life sot for your use?
      Need at least 5 ~6 hours sot minimum these days for my personal use.
      Does it get updated to the latest version of Oneui? future A12 upgrade on offer?
      Do you experience standby battery drain? I understand 4 to 8% drain on a 6 to 8 hour overnight standby but pushing 10 to 20% battery drain some users experienced is a no go for me.

      • battery life is solid on this model

      • I had a Note 10 and the battery sucked from day one. Only maybe got 2-3hr of sot. Get 6-7hr sot with my new phone (iPhone 11 Pro).
        Think phone may have been defective though, even though Samsung said there was nothing wrong with the battery. At least it still has another major software update coming.

    • +1

      i want to buy your phone please.

  • Paid $650 from JB back in May i think.

    My wife bitches about it. Likes her old android OS.

    • You probably bought Note10+, which is a much better deal than non-plus Note10.

  • I have the Note 10 plus and this is its poor cousin.I think a lot of people here have confused it with its big brother.Also the ear buds look like the original Galaxy buds and not the buds plus.

  • Not available for me. After entering postcode Not available to Melbourne Metro! … Booooooo! BigW

    • same here in Penrith NSW. nada, zip

    • perhaps you are just a bit too late for it :(

  • can't get it to postcode 2750. Must only be in certain states or areas.

  • Seems like OOS as of 4:14pm.

  • Really annoying they removed the SD Card slot in newer models.

    A52s is where it's at. Unsure if it's coming here tho

    • I know right? They're slowly and slowly turning into Apple. I actually wanted their Note line because it suited me more than any other phone.

      Seems like they're phasing out their Note line as I've seen that they haven't renewed their trade mark? They might be replacing them with their Fold series but OML cost more and no micro sd.

      • Hopefully a Note 22 comes out next year well time will tell,.. anyway rocking a 5G Note 10 Plus 512gb here,.. awesome phone and it felt like a big upgrade from my Note 9 512gb version

        Security updates I read somewhere have been extended to 4 years for the S10/Note 10 series upwards so updates now till ~ September 2023👍😁

  • Interesting read about security, UI and OS update to Android 12 for the Samsung range of phones and tablets,..


    And here Samsung 2019 mobiles and upwards now get 4 years security updates


  • +1

    For those who missed out, I would say don't stress. I have both Note 9 from years ago and Note 10+ from the last JB Deal. Still carry Note 9 as my preferred over the 10+. Both are exynos and not much difference. Haven't gotten used to the punch hole. Pictures are a little washed out (some say Note 9 was too saturated and 10+ more natural - I prefer saturated then).

    Battery life is for some reason still better on the 9. 10+ fingerprint sensor is crap and doesn't work with sweaty hands (e.g. during training). Love the drop down action on 9, fingerprint sensor. And 9 has face+Iris unlock whereas 10+ has face unlock which is less secure and less reliable.

    Lastly, Note 9 feels dense and built like a tank. 10+ is featherweight and feels fragile.

    Why did I buy 10+, its perfect size for one handed tablet for studies with s pen and the ultra wide which I love to use with the little one outdoors.

    Note 10 is even less specc'd with FHD screen, no SD card, No ToF sensor and smaller battery.

    • +1

      Massive shame the Note 9 didn't get extended update cycle like S10/Note 10 have got.

      • +1

        Yep. However, not much wrong with the latest version. The Android Updates have become iterative and New One UI hasn't got much over the older version unless you use Wireless DEX. I don't use that tbh.

        Note 9 has to be a classic. I have 512gb with 8gb ram in Dark Blue with Yellow/Gold spen. It is a beauty.

  • Yeah avoid the Note 10. Had one from Nov 2019 to May this year.
    Battery really sucked from day one. Get 2-3x longer battery life on my iPhone 11 Pro. Also had strange issue of instantly draining from ~5% to 0% causing a shutdown when put on charge. Sent it to Samsung twice but apparently no hardware issue, which I doubt. Screen was not very sharp, and One UI was too unrefined. S-Pen felt quite flimsy and cheap.
    Made me buy an iPhone for the first time…

    • I think they made S Pen nib too thin and crammed too much tech. When using it feels flimsy (got 10+). Note 7 & 9 had the better balance. Prior to that the nib (Note 4) was a bit stubby.

      • Mate of mine had a Note 3 a long time ago and I liked having the S-Pen nice and thick.
        Didn't feel so thin that it could snap like on the 10.
        And damn the 7 was such a nice phone :(

        • I agree about Note 7. Didn’t have the original but still have a working Note FE that came after the debacle. Note 9 is the just an evolution (with big screen) of that.