Clearance Quilt Cover & Set $49 (All Sizes) & Free Delivery with Code @ MyHouse


Quite a good selection of quilt covers, most sold as a set with pillow case(s), for $49. Options available in all sizes from Single through to Super King - easy to search by size, free delivery over $89, otherwise $10 update: thanks to @Avo below, use code 'SOCIAL' for free delivery for one set (orders over $35).

RRPs $99.99-$299.99

A few personally-selected examples:

Coco black king set (was $299.99, save 81%):

Peta king set (was $269.99, save 82%):

Bahama moss king set (was $229.99, save 75%):

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    Good price. No info on thread count though?

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      No change of mind returns too.

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      Thread count is misleading anyway.

      • dont know why you were downvoted, you're absolutely right.

        • Because some people think that 1200TC is real must be better.
          It's proof that marketing works.

    • I need a quilt for Melbourne summer

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    Some of those designs make me feel ill

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      Ned Stark with the linen hot takes

    • Hahahaha 😂

    • Great price but daggy design

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    Concerning no info on thread count

  • Thanks OP. Bought a set.

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    Are there any quilt covers that actually holds the quilt? The one's I got, quilt runs loose within the cover and does not hold firm at the edges.

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      Look up "quilt clips", it's changed my life. You might think putting clips at the corners will be obtrusive but if you have a quilt that's wider than a double size then you will never feel them while sleeping.

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        Never heard of these before but sounds amazing. Cheers for the info

      • Never heard of these but I'm willing to try anything at this stage, thanks!

      • They're fantastic right?
        I bought some for like $5 on ebay and they've never come undone

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      One of my culture shocks after coming to Australia was that quilt and quilt cover don’t come prefixed with strap. Who would have thought that people actually enjoy having their quilt not moving inside the cover??? I ended up sewing my own straps with some spare strings, they are easy enough.

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      The other thing to do is sew short pieces of tape to the corners of your quilt and the inside corners of the cover. Then just tie them when you put the quilt on.

      Target quilts and covers all used to come with these the already attached, but they never caught on. They're soft and completely non-intrusive.

  • Thanks OP, bought the Peta set.

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    For those looking at buying just one set use coupon code “SOCIAL” for free shipping over $35.

    • 😘😘😘

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      Too late for me but thank you Avo for posting!

    • Great find, added to post.

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    These "sets" don't include pillow cases, well the few that I checked didn't anyway. Found that a little odd!

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      The first and third items linked both specifically state that they include one pillow case for the Single size and two for all other sizes. Generally if the item is labelled a "quilt cover set" it will include pillow cases, whereas if it's just stated to be a "quilt cover" it won't - with these you have to buy your pillow case(s) separately if you want a matching set (or you can use ones that match your sheets instead, or you can use a completely different pair for contrast). If the item is listed as a "set" I would assume it includes pillow case(s) whether it's specifically stated or not, but if that's a deal breaker for you then maybe check with the store tomorrow first before ordering (or take the chance and then send it back if you feel it's not as described).

  • Picked up a cotton King quilt cover for $1 on clearance at Target on Weekend!

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      wat colour?

    • Yeah found so many $10 quilt covers @ target, stocked up for life, I think!

      There's such a turnaround of styles so quickly.

      • True. The $1 one was not listed online. Was previous season stock only found in store.

        • Likewise, instore.

      • How's the quality and softness?

        I didn't understand/appreciate the difference between cotton sheets until I recently upgraded from Vue to Canningvale.

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          TBH I don't notice the feel of the the quilt cover as I rarely use it without a sheet. I see it more as an accessory and a quilt protector plus two extra layers either side of the quilt. So if the pattern is great, I'm happy.

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          Hard to tell until used & washed over time.

          Previous Target cotton quilt covers have been comfy, lasted for years, kept their appearance - at very cheap price.

          Some Canningvale was on clearance today at Target.

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    MyHouse is owned by Global Retail Brands Australia, which also runs other homewares sites including Indeed, is running the exact same sale.

    As far as I can tell, the standard practice of Global Retail Brands is to stock phantom brands and set astronomical RRPs, thereby allowing it to offer eye-catching discounts. This is not to say that these products are bad, or poor value at the price, but the RRPs of close to $300 are pretty implausible.

    • Agreed, it's likely no-one is paying $300 for these, however $49 for what looks to be a good quality and attractive (obviously these are both subjective descriptors) quilt cover/set (especially in a king or super king size) delivered seemed pretty good value to me.

    • House is on cashreward but free delivery code doesn't work :(

      • Couldn’t get code to work for delivery.
        No idea why, tried a few times…
        So no go for me.

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    can anyone vouch for the quality?

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      Yeah, waiting for someone that's bought from them before to comment on quality

    • The large sizes are similar pricing to Kmart quilt covers.
      It would be unlikely that they are worse than that.

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      Received mine this morning and pleasantly surprised. Can't vouch for how long they will last but the feel of the fabric is above average with a smooth semi-satin feel. Definitely not worth anywhere near their claimed $269 RRP though. Stitch work is well done - all hidden internally with good quality overlocking.

      For $49 this was a bargain as the equivalent priced item from Kmart/Target/Big W would in the $100 range.

      Thank you OP and OzBargin.

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    Thanks OP got onto it! My partner will be wrapped

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      I think you're meant to put a quilt in them…

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    Can you return in store once stores are open?

  • Thanks op, exactly was thing about new quilt cover this morning. Cheers

  • Gimme these for $49 and I'll buy one.

    Why don't these things come with 3xpillow cases for king beds? I always have to either buy 2 of the sets or live with different pillow case for my third pillow.

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      Hosting swingers parties?

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        Nah, not into that. Threesomes only. :)

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      Looks better to have one or two different pillowcases that matches (but not exactly the same colour) anyway. It brings out the layers and adds contrast.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 3!

  • Thanks OP.

    More evidence that my tastes are not like most others. The only cover I liked is still in stock in all sizes. Bought 2 in super king. You can easily make 2 single covers from 1 super king. Gives me 4 new covers for under $100.

  • when will the promotion expire??

  • has anyones order shipped?? cant get through on tracking

    • My order was delivered this morning - 1st October

    • Have you got your order delivered ? I still hear nothing.

      • just got mine

        • Thanks a lot. I m still waiting.

        • How is the quality?

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            @Yola: The material is cool to touch and seems breathable.
            Definitely agree with the general census here. Not worth 200+, but feels good for 50

  • Nope. Still waiting. Oh dear

    • oh dear..

    • Got your order delivered ?

      • I'm still waiting too. I think Auspost lost mine though

        • Actually, it was just delivered! I'm amazed. One month to the day and it turns up. I resigned myself to not getting this order.

          • @Fluid Head: Thanks for your reply, I m still waiting, maybe next week I hope.

  • Free delivery code no longer valid.
    It is now $5 Express Shipping On Orders $89+