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ASUS D515 15.6" Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $1007.20 ($982.02 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Asus Ryzen 7 5700U 16GB 512GB = $1259 = $1007.20 after 20% or $982.02 after 22%
16GB model is only $10 more than the 8GB model

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    In b4 200 nits.

  • How does this compare with the Lenovo S5 Pro's Ryzen 5800H?

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      You're looking at a performance jump of about %20. I would class it as fairly significant*.
      *Edit: I would agree with Baldy, it just depends on what you're doing. You won't notice a difference between this and the 5800H if all you're doing is using the office suite.

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      Honestly, I think it's hardly noticeable depending on what you're doing. I'd still be tempted by the Lenovo though for the better screen and the keyboard looks a bit more usable.

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        Thanks. I do prefer the Lenovo, feel it looks and probably feels better to use though it is slightly heavier. Asus looks plain and the outside build quality may not be the same.

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      5800 class in laptop is kind of useless for most of people unless there is specific use for it.

      Such as:

      You just have to render 3D project on the run…

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        I just wrote a HUGE reply back to you and my Wi-Fi died on me and showed a DNS error as I clicked post UGHHH. I'll do a quick summary of what I just said.

        I honestly disagree with your statement. As an owner of a 4800HS, I find that this chipset allows me to own a laptop with a CPU that is more powerful than most PC CPUs while still fitting into a small form-factor weighing only 1.6KG (G14 Zephyrus).

        At the same time, this chipset is so efficiently that when I'm on battery, this gaming laptop manages to get Ultrabook battery life, boasting 11 hours of SOT with slightly reduced CPU performance due to it not being plugged in.

        Essentially, after bringing my Ultrabook back home, I'm able to plug it in and just like that, this chipset allows the device to perform as if it was a full on PC.

        TL;DR: The chipset is so efficient it allows a laptop to act as both an Ultrabook with long battery life while being able to perform when plugged into power (At home).

        • So what do you do with 4800h ?

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        LMAO I was thinking the same thing FYI I did not neg either

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                @FabMan: I hereby repent for my sins - 15/10 deal, buy 10 if you can.

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    Does it come with black out blinds?

  • hello,any experts,
    can recommend the top laptop for me ?

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      If you are with ebay Plus then get it for $982.02. It is an ASUS which is a very good brand, it has a dedicated power port and not a USB C connection which have their own problems, this has a large 15.6" screen and a full keyboard. Good size HDD and great RAM. You will love it.

      • Thanks your advice 🙏

  • What's this Lenovo one you guy are on about, looking for decent 15incher atm with a good screen if anyone has suggestions? The Dell sale is a bit of a let down and the inspirion screens are a bit poop

  • Just an FYI that the quality of Asus laptops are not as they used to be. You get what you pay for.

    • I had one last year, too many weird problems you haven't heard since the 90s. Lucky to return it.