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Free Shipping (up to $100 Value) with Minimum $50 Order and Coupon @ Sunwide Bubble Tea Store


Made my first order for some bubble tea supplies and got this email today.

Shipping for me in Sydney was $15 but I used a 10% code so I would have been $10 better off ordering today.

The 20% code back in May was quite popular - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622083

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Applies to shipping rates under $100
  2. Minimum purchase for $50
  3. One use per customer
  4. Ends 22nd Sep 11:59pm

For Sunwide regulars, any recommendations?

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Sunwide Bubble Tea
Sunwide Bubble Tea


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    Are there any bargains though?

    • saving $15 on shipping to Sydney

      3kg of bobas is $20. Much cheaper than what I paid at the local store for a 250g packet

      • 3kg of bobas is $20

        How many bubble teas is that good for ?

        • depends how many you put in your cup.

          From my reading, sunwide is a lot cheaper than other bubble tea places like boba barista

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            depends how many you put in your cup.


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          A single bathtub for me.

  • Hmm their tea leaves are not cheap compared to other bubble tea shops (e.g Utea). Looks like their powder is also more expensive.

    • Might try them neany recommendations?

      • I haven't tried sunwide so can't compare, but Utea's flavoured powder and syrup tastes pretty good to me. Only issue is, because I transfer the tea leaves to a glass jar so I see that there's some unwanted residual at the bottom like sand or soil so am looking for alternative tea leave suppliers.

  • There seems to be a minimum amount for the code to be applicable.

    • Updated, $50 minimum order

  • I tried adding some syrups and it said the code is not valid for these items.

    What items IS the code valid for?

    • Just added the t&c

      $50 minimum order

  • Seems to be minimum $50 spend to get free shipping

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Applies to shipping rates under $100
    2. Minimum purchase for $50
    3. One use per customer
    4. Ends 22nd Sep 11:59pm

    • Updated OP with t&c

  • Sunwide Bubble Tea Store
    Boba Barista

    Thank you.
    Any other bubble tea places?

    I was struggling to find any decent supplier a while ago. This post is great. :)

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      Bubble Tea Club.

    • I've only tried sunwide and utea but do not recommend utea, there is a def difference in quality compares to sunwide (it's worse)

      • Is that the boba, powder or tea?

        • Sorry, should have specified, their powder (flavoured powder and creamer)

          i don’t notice a difference with their pearls but tbh I don’t really look out for it

      • Do you make milk tea with their syrup? I mainly drink flavoured milk tea and Utea has a better powder selection. Syrup is not as good for milk tea and could curdle with the creamer.

        • I don’t use their syrup, just their powder. Utea’s stuff kind of tastes like the stuff you’d drink from those cheaper places that don’t really specialise in bubble tea.

    • Boba barista is so expensive.

      Better buying Avalanche bubble tea in a box at Woolies.

    • Maybe you can try bubbletea.com.au
      I bought from them recently and Mrs. love it. I purchased the milk tea powder, taro milk tea powder and the cheese milk powder for the foam which is great.

  • Might want to include minimum spend in title. Really kills the deal

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      This is a bulk place so $50 not too hard and probably an average sized order

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    Not all their products are great, I bought 2 bags of tapioca pearls and they turned to brown mush when boiling them

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    Any reviews on the egg pudding powder? And the taro powder? Is the creamer pretty essential for good bubbletea or is normal milk ok?

    • Milk =/=creamer.. you need to get creamer for these style of drinks

  • Horrible company. Sending me unsolicited marketing text messages despite not even purchasing anything from their store. I just added something to the cart and put in my details but then reconsidered. Next minute I am getting a spam of emails and SMS. I opted out of the SMS but it still continues.

    I have received 8 emails and all I've done is add something to the cart and put my email/phone in.

    • I did the same thing but have received nothing, not sure why you and not me

      • Are you using gmail?

        • No, Bigpond

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    Any company that sends those annoying "you have left something in your cart" email is a company I will never buy from.

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    I do like this one, though: