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Ozito PXC Brushless Hammer Drill Kit $75 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Probably the lowest price ever. Normally $169. Awesome deal!

2 speed gear box
Powerful brushless motor
Drill, drive and hammer drill
2 x 1.5Ah batteries and Fast Charger included
13mm metal ratcheting chuck

Update: Listing has been removed from Bunnings website but users report to be able to obtain the deal by phone

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  • There’s 5 on the shelf in Warragul VIC labelled as run out stock

  • Order canceled. Not price matching Adli, discontinuing item. Same as the unobtainable $249/$229 combo kit on fathers day.

  • Still have a ozito drill that is about 9yrs old and just won’t fricken die. Was planning to get into another eco system later but this is cheap. Picked up this morning.

  • bought 3. sweet

    • Thanks mate.

    • Why only 3 mate next time clear the shelves

      • there isnt a drill shortage and I'm not buying them to scalp. being a chippy it's fair game 😘

      • There's a limit of three I think

  • Was at Bunnings Belconnen in ACT today for something else and they had plenty of stock available if someone is looking for some

  • Plenty of stock in wagga wagga

    • +1

      For a very good reason…

  • Order placed at 2:20am with the Thornleigh store, and just received an order cancellation text.

  • Available again?

    I ordered one for delivery, sucks got to pay extra $10.

    I think it is a mistake that is available again, but lets see what happens

  • +7

    I scored one of these and picked it up this morning.

    I don't know about anyone else, but mine actually came with a 2.5Ah and 2.0Ah battery, rather than 2x 1.5Ah as per OPs description.


    • Was it click and collect ? Looks like pick up staff were very generous with you replacing a bundle with individual items !!

      • Yep. I guess I'm very lucky. I didn't realise until tonight what had happened.

    • Which store?

    • Bro I'd make sure it's not some dodgy battery that someone replaced with a different one… people do this I'm not going to call out anyone but just saying …….

      • +2

        It's not the batteries. It's literally the sealed retail boxes, as per the photo. The invoice even shows a 2.5Ah + charger and 2.0Ah battery.

        I hit the jackpot I guess for once.

    • nice

      def not what everyone else got

    • Wow you are very lucky. My 2 batteries are only 1.5ah and come in generic white packaging, your look like a retail individual packaging.

  • -2

    1.5 ah batteries.


    • +2

      As I mentioned above ^, I'm not sure about anyone else, but mine came with a 2.5Ah and 2.0Ah battery.

    • I've got a couple of the small 3 led work light skins, will probably use them for that while fishing.

  • dumb question I don't know a drill from a spade, but i've got a 20yo wired hammer drill. I've got the ikea $35 screwdriver/pretend drill. I don't do much diy. Do I need this?

    • +14

      That's fur you to decide. 🙂

    • +1

      No you probably don't. Despite the convenience and the warm manly feeling you get when you hold a cordless tool, your 20 yo wired hammer drill will likely have more grunt. Use the IKEA one for assembling flat pack furniture, the bigger hammer drill for brick work.
      If you are doing a lot of wood work you may want to consider buying something cordless and in between (power) the 2 tools you have. Otherwise don't bother.

      • Thanks for that. I did try drilling brick work recently. Had a masonary drill bit I think from aldi. Used the hammer mode. I'm not sure how hard I should press in, but it took like 15min and I got less than 1cm in. Either I'm doing something wrong or I'm not drilling brick again!

        • +1

          Probably from using a cheap drill bit.

          Cheap masonry drill bits are false economy.

        • Get one good masonry bit and it will last forever - really sharp and absolutely chews up bricks. It will make you question why you didn't bother in the first place!

          • @pdtmathieson: How do I tell what is good? I bought 1 Sutton branded 8mm drill bit from Bunnings because I needed it. Then I saw a whole pack from Aldi so I got it. Are the edges supposed to feel Sharp?

            • @furyou: Nah just got to trust that the Bunnings ones are good - Sutton will do the job. Should be pretty sharp, but not 'cut yourself immediately' sharp. If you use the Sutton one and you don't feel like you're getting a good enough result, it might be time to pack the corded drill in. They are resiliant buggers but they do eventually die.

              I was lucky enough to grab this in the same ecosystem at $99 matching an Aldi special: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-rotary-h...

              I very rarely need to get at bricks, but was good when I did.

  • nearest stocked store = 53kms 😥

  • no where got stock Now..So best of luck for these still chasing.

  • Ordered at 10:30 this morning. Just received an order confirmation. Nothing else

  • Decided to just order from a store that had stock and pay $10 delivery

  • Got the last one at my nearest store, hopefully it isn't a fluke

  • They cancelled my order from North Penrith store without any notifications.
    It was for delivery as well.

    • I tried again to order through home delivery and chose gladesville store with item in stock and now they put Thornleigh warehouse which has no stock.

      How does the delivery service work?

      So I guess I'm getting a cancelled order tomorrow again as they don't have stock in Thornleigh.

      • +1

        It's Bunnings, it doesn't. I find with Bunnings if its not on the shelf, don't even bother they just give you the bumsteer.

      • Yeah I had the same experience - they appear to select the delivery store based on your delivery address, not based on the store you actually select.
        I tried a few times for delivery after selecting different stores with stock, and my cancellations always came from the same nearby store.

  • I ordered around noon yesterday for click and collect and got a call at 6pm saying out of stock statewide in SA. They gave me the option for a full refund or wait 1-2 weeks for when they're back in stock.

  • Gladesville Sydney has stock, but not on the shelves, I had to ask for it and the guy said they are popular as he opened up a new carton of them.

    • +1

      I ordered from there last night but got a cancellation text this morning…

  • I placed my order yesterday about 9am (Maroochydore QLD), and got the order confirmation. I still haven't received any notification that my order has been cancelled or otherwise.

    • Same, 8.30 yesterday from my local, nothing yet.

  • try to buy from a store with low stock.

    Mine didn't have enough 1.5a batteries so they gave me a 2.5a with charger and a 2.0a battery instead! No extra cost!

  • They asked me for the substitution of the Ozito 18v brushless Drill and impact driver kit. Is it good? (Have no idea abt these stuff 🤣)

  • Placed order at 4am yesterday, got pick up email today. Bayswater VIC store.

    • Lucky you, I'm feeling this is a joke for people who doesn't have PP and in lockdown.
      Placed my order 10am yesterday at Eltham (already no stock everywhere else), got refund at 11pm and received cancellation text 8am this morning…..

      • Same here, refund came this morning from ringwood Bunning!

  • I have been offered the below one as a substitute


    Is it better one?

    • No, because it cannot drill into concrete or cement.

      • Well the drill will have a hammer function for use in concrete etc and the impact driver is probably useless to you unless you are driving in long screws on a regular basis.

        • Incorrect. The drill Ozbrag linked to above is not a hammer drill. Just calm down and read slowly before replying.

          • +1

            @dreamscene: And that drill will have a basic switchable hammer drill function. Not as good as a dedicated hammer drill but more than capable for DIY stuff.

      • Thanks. Will request a refund then..

    • The whole kit for 75 I'd take that which store offered?

      • Virginia QLD.

  • I ordered 30 mins after the deal was posted but nothing so far .. have called a few times and they said your order hasn't been picked up and we can't prioritise it. I knew this would be happening so I ordered at two different stores so I can get at least one. Still waiting… :\

    • i called my store, she said was 200 orders before mine. she checked and said they have pulled aside the drill ( stupidly waiting until tonight to get my door bell down as they coudnt locate that) Happy days will pick up tomorrow

  • Placed an order with delivery but haven't received any update yet.
    Noticed alot of comments being either cancelled, backordered or substituted.
    I have emailed customer service requesting the item be placed on backorder instead of cancelled if not fulfilled.
    Had anyone had any luck getting it backordered instead of straight cancelled?

  • +1

    Placed my oder at 7 am yesterday, received a ready to pick up email 4pm yesterday and picked it up this morning, Crossroads NSW store.

  • Placed an order around 4am yesterday, still Status:Order Taken. Expecting cancellation

  • i ordered one but i just compared the specs against my BRUSHED fatmax 18v and they're very much the same. you would usually expect a BRUSHLESS to have better performance?

  • +1

    So I recieved my "Your Online Order is Ready to Collect" email, and a refund notification from PayPal an hour after that…. wtf

  • Sold out statewide in WA.
    Ordered last night, got notified of a refund this morning, then txt from store that it was cancelled.

    • Went to Baldivis last night, that showed low stock on website. It was oos. She looked it up and halls head had 8. I ordered online. Got an email this morning from halls head saying sorry OOS.

  • just got a notice saying not available a day after placing order.
    Pretty poor stock keeping method they are using

  • Anywhere we can complain? This is effing hopeless!!

    • +1

      Get on the front foot call them and tell them you desperately needed the drill and were relying on it to finish a job off etc etc, can you offer an equivalent replacement? and angle for a Ryobi brushless option. This happened to me previously with an Ozito impact driver I went to pick it up after a click and collect and didn't have it in stock, they said sorry sir I'll speak to the manager but I'm sure we can give you an equivalent brand and got myself an upgraded Ryobi brushless impact driver.

  • none left in SA, order went through at the Reynella store but then got a call saying OOS.
    Seaford, Murray Bridge and Mount Barker also OOS even though the website says otherwise

    • I placed an order at 10:30am this morning and Bunnings Mile End has shipped it out today and is marked for delivery tomorrow. Guess we'll see if i get the right thing

      • Interesting, I put my order through same store yesterday for C&C and got a phone call earlier this morning 8.30am said they had no stock, I could wait for it or they offered me this set
        Gladly took it as I didn't need the hammer function and this set came with 4ah battery for $75 I think its a steal.
        But good luck getting urs !

        • bloody hell, called Mile End, they said they had one there and put it on hold for me, went to pick it up after work and it was gone! i was baffled.
          anyway, they offered me the PXC 18V Brushless Drill & Impact Driver Kit for $75 and i took it. wish it came with the extra battery, but i'll probably buy it down the track

    • back in stock now at Bunnings Reynella, plenty at the tool section. I have just been there to pick up one.

      • thanks for that, grabbed one from there

  • 4 left in the Palmerston, Darwin lol

  • Snapped one up in SA after calling a few stores. Weird cos other stores said there were none left…

  • Just called my store. Was told they received a backlog of orders over the weekend and it will take 24 to 48 hours to update my order

  • +1

    I've been offered this as a substitute "Ozito PXC 18V Hammer Drill Kit - Bunnings Australia" here

    As far as i can tell this is brushed not brushless but had a bigger better. Not sure if this is better than OP's deal. Not sure if i should go for it or get a refund.

  • +1

    Ordered for delivery from Wonthaggi Vic yesterday and it was just delivered now. Standard kit version 2x 1.5Ah batteries

  • I ordered this and they'd run out of stock so they upgraded me to this model https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-hammer-drill-kit_p... with a 4.0Ah battery instead of the the two 1.5 ones. I'm not sure if that is an upgrade or a sidegrade considering it is not brushless. Should I return and get my money back?

    • +1

      read the previous comments, there are a few mentioning brushless vs brush

    • +1

      Still a good deal, down from $129. For most home users, the 'brushed' version is good enough. The 4.0 vs 2x1.5 is up to you really, it will be heavier, but has more capacity than the other two combined..

  • Thought about this question a lot but heck will put it out there …
    Got given an AEG brushless hammer drill many years ago as a housewarming gift. Occasional DIY projects only so not much use and hasn't skipped a beat. If it dies it'll be luck or user error I'd say.

    Obviously expecting it to equal a tradie brand would be silly but how noticeably different would it be? Just a matter of longevity and reliability or would I notice it each use having being "spoilt" so far?

    It hasn't died yet, just thinking ahead if it's close enough to get one as the backup.

  • i got a your click & collect order is now ready. was suprised to be honest and saw the item list to be collected.

    Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Hammer Drill - Skin Only
    Ozito PXC 18V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
    Ozito PXC 18V 2.5Ah Battery And Charger Pack

    they go above and beyond with this order. they even sent me a message yesterday saying that they are overwhelmed with orders and can only fulfill my order tomorrow afternoon.

  • Can't wait to get a deal on the lawn mower now!

  • Bought one a couple of weeks to replace a drill I lost. It was still in the box so I took it back and bought it back at 1/2 price. thanks!

  • Refund will be issued. Took them more than a day to tell me there's no stock.

  • I'm in NSW and placed click and collect order however no confirmation or cancellation yet. I'm a bit worry, so went online and placed delivery order. The order went from Order Taken to Delivering within 2h, so not sure how it goes but look promising.
    Just let everyone know.

    • Lucky you. I placed my order yesterday at 9am but the status is till in order taken. Tried to call the shop but no one answered the call. Not a good experience of ordering online for me.

  • I previously bought the Ozito Grass Trimmer Kit from this deal
    It came with 2.5ah Battery

    Does anybody know if the 1.5ah batteries from this drill kit and the 2.5ah batteries from the trimmer kit can be interchanged?
    (i.e. both can be used in either the trimmer and/or the drill)?

    • +1

      Yeah the whole PXC range is interchangable. Just don't mix them in any of the 2x18V devices.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        Sorry I am confused with the 2x18V devices compatibility - all these Ozito PXC batteries are also 18V (albeit not as high as the 4ah ones)

        So what you are saying I cannot use two 1.5ah batteries (or mix and match one 1.5ah with a 1x2.5ah) to lets say power this lawn mower?

        I understand it will not last longer compared to the 4ah ones…