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[Pre Order] Niche Zero Grinder £499 (~A$1000) + Delivery + Custom Duty + GST @ Niche Coffee


Available for preorder is the niche zero AUS (Silver OOS, Black in Stock) model. Local places will sell for over $1600. Preorder direct and you can get it for around $1000 (+ custom duty + GST, depending). There is limited stock. So get in quick .

This is a great single dose grinder with excellent reviews.

A quick blurb
The Niche Zero’s patented design gives you increased levels of control over the quantity, quality and freshness of your grind - making it easier for you to accurately manage the variables and confidently brew like a barista.

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      • You're right, I shouldn't have used the term 'idiotic' although I will highlight I did say 'in my opinion'.

        I'm clearly a lot less of a 'coffee enthusiast' than the type of person who is buying this grinder.

        My main point is how much of a difference is there for your everyday coffee drinker between a K-mart grind and a $1600 grind? Probably not huge unless you are a true caffeine-phile.

        Surely the bigger impacts on taste are coffee quality / freshness > machine > grind.

        I guess it's like any hobby, there's always something better / more expensive to spend your money on, I'm a triathlete so I know very well!

        • +2

          I'd say coffee > grind > machine

          The type of coffee youre making also matters. You won't notice much if you're getting a single shot flat white with 2 sugars, but you will notice it alot more if you're making a double shot short black

          • @PCHammond: Well I'm currently using an aeropress, would love to hear thoughts on that from the caffeine-philes!

            • +1

              @gaz3342: The aeropress is an amazing coffee tool and is very VERY forgiving for any old grind from some shitty grinders. One of them was my daily driver for many, many years using a Smart Grinder Pro.

              Espresso however, where the resistance for the water and the building of pressure is determined exclusively by the coffee puck, it is often actually impossible to pull a drinkable shot with a cheap, unreliable grinder.

              This is the reason most people, including me, suggest buying an expensive grinder first if you want to go into the world of espresso. Or, moreso, if you just want a nice cup of coffee to start your day and don't want another "hobby" then there are cheaper ways to get that done depending on the coffee you prefer (pour over, moka pot, aeropress, and so on - all under 50 bucks).

              The high end phone analogy is a good one: if you just want to make phone calls and check email and the phone is just a pathway to that, than any cheapo phone will do and a top-tier phone will not provide any measurable improvement on that experience. But if you are INTO phones as something you enjoy, then the severe price premium of some $2000 phone might be worth it.

              tl;dr: aeropress doesn't need a grinder this fancy, but aeropress is not espresso.

              • @henno: This.

                Also the Aeropress is great for travel, especially to the USA where stale tap water counts as coffee there

              • @henno: Appreciate the in depth reply.

                I'm perfectly happy with the quality of coffee I get from my aeropress so I reckon I'll save myself a few thousand $!

                Then again, I do come from the extremely low bar of being raised in England where 'coffee' is freeze dried nescafe out of a jar…

                • @gaz3342: There is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach to coffee. In fact, recommended for those who just want "decent" coffee in the morning. My aeropress and hand grinder are still my go-to travelling coffee devices and produce a great cup.

                  Espresso really is a hobby, and like any hobby there are barriers of entry and a grinder capable of "espresso-usable" grinds is critical, otherwise the coffee that comes out will taste worse than your Kmart grinder and aeropress. Good espresso is far nicer than aeropress, but step outside of some parameters and the quality falls off REALLY quickly.

                  The only thing I would say is maybe measure your criticism of other people's hobbies. As a triathlete you should know more than most that perception of value is a subjective thing. (Case in point, I am into watches, cycling, golf, and coffee. Yikes.)

                  • +1

                    @henno: Ha ha jeez those are some expensive hobbies.

                    So cycling, so do you run a Dura-Ace group set? I refuse to go above 105 as I don't believe the gains (or should I say 'reductions' in weight) are worth the extra $$$.

                    • @gaz3342: Nope. I am a tall, heavy (for cycling) rider so will likely never have a bike with Dura-Ace on it. The minor weight savings just aren't worth it for me.

        • You have just proven you know nothing about coffee. To answer your question, there will be a massive difference between kmart grinder and this. Not even in the same realm. Even compared to SGP, there will be a massive difference in the cup enough for even any average person to notice. That's like saying your 4 dollar Cleanskin will taste as good as a $500 bottle of wine.

          Between the grinders like Eureka Mignon Specialita and this, the difference may be much smaller.

          Also the quality of grinder is far more important than the espresso machine so you are wrong there also. Coffee bean/freshness > grinder > espresso machine

    • It's idiotic to make comments about things you clearly don't understand, in my opinion.

  • just at the 1k AUD mark , wonder if it will attract GST?

  • There's also extra £49 shipping and for those unlucky folks, possibility of being hit with import fees

  • +8

    Mine is landing next week. A few reasons I jumped on it
    -single dose
    -most importantly easily change grind size for different methods (plunge, pour over, espresso, cold drip)
    Saved money on the machine and got a Breville 920 on sale and extended the warranty to 5 yrs. About to slayer mod it

    With the demand around these grinders, you won't lose any money if you change your mind and resell it

    • Have you considered Fellow Ode + SSP burrs?

      • No I hadn't. Had a quick look then it looks alright, still feel comfortable with the niche for now with all the reviews it has received.

        You have the Fellow ?

      • +1

        isnt Fellow ode designed for filter coffee ? you can swap default burrs in Fellow ode to SSP but James Hoffman recons its a bad idea as it will wear out the motor faster. Initially Fellow recommended against using SSP burrs but later they started giving that as an option.

    • I have a BDB but I am scared to do slayer mod on that. I am afraid of voiding the warranty. Would like to have slayer mod though.

      • It's all reversible though isn't it ? Just have to remove the hot water spigot plug, then put all the lines back in the original position. Maybe if the hairpins or seals get damaged ?

        Not the end of the world if breville reject it, parts are pretty cheap anyways and there's so many videos of self maintenance

        • true..But just kinda hesitant to modify a new machine. Will surely do it in the future.

  • +3

    Thanks for the post. Grabbed five!

  • -3

    Serious coffee enthusiast uses only the Comandante.

    • +6

      You're comparing apples to oranges

      • +1

        More like comparing a push bike to a car

  • +3

    No!! Wanted a white version!

  • +1

    Good price

  • how is the compared to mazzer mini and Eureka Mignon?

    • +1

      Made in Italy vs made in China.

      • you saying Niche Zero Grinder is made in china?

        • +5


  • Where is this grinder made?

    • -3

      Nevermind, I found out it's made in china.
      I'll pass and I'll keep my Italian made Macap.

      • You realise that country of origin has very little, if anything, to do with production quality in this day and age? Assuming a product made in China is inferior to one made in another country is just straight up bias. Manufacturing processes and product quality are managed and overseen by the company paying the bills. If their QC is garbage, you will end up with a garbage product regardless where it's manufactured.

      • +3

        Burrs are made in Italy.

        • -3

          I missed that but still, no thanks :)

  • +6

    Confession: I got up at 3:30am to get one of these, and woke up hours later and they were still all available, and even now are still available in black (the colour I wanted).

    Cool cool cool

    • +2

      Could have gone either way (attempting to validate you here).

    • that is dedication!

    • How did you know to get up at 3:30am? Is there somewhere they announce when next the batch will be available for order?

      • +2

        I put my email on their notification list on their website ages ago. Got an email yesterday saying more stock was going live at that time and didn't want to miss out after "taking my time to think about it" last time.

  • They've always sold it at this price. Local stores have their own mark up.

  • +35

    Sigh… I'll attempt at explaining things because people think that something expensive doesn't make it a bargain when they have a cheapie and can't notice the difference.

    Grinders have alot of variation, and it's all about the consistency. A cheapie grinder makes beans into powder as well, but the little bits of powder vary in size quite alot. Better grinders make more consistent sized powder, which matters alot when it comes to making good coffee. That is why you pay more.

    Now when it comes to burrs, flat burrs are usually used in commercial/high end grinders since they are more consistent. The Niche and some other high end grinders use conical burrs, which some prefer for different roast levels. The main advantage of conical burrs over flat burrs is that conical burrs tend to have less retention since the coffee drops down, as opposed to going out the sides with a conical burr.

    Single dosing is putting only the amount of coffee beans that you want to grind in the machine at 1 go. This makes sure your coffee beans stay fresh, since they aren't sitting in the hopper being exposed to air. You would measure out the amount of beans you want to put in beforehand, so you know exactly how much coffee you're getting. You're not grinding off time, which can be inconsistent.

    Retention is how much ground coffee that gets stuck inside the machine. Inside the machine, there are nooks and crannies and bits and bobs that stop all the ground coffee from coming out. This retained ground coffee often gets pushed out as new coffee is ground. So the first bit of ground coffee that comes out of the grinder is actually from your previous grind. Ground coffee gets stale very quickly, so you're going to have some stale coffee. This also links back to consistency…for a good consistent shot, you want as much of the coffee as possible to be of the same freshness as possible too.

    The Niche is expensive and sought after because it is a single dose grinder with famously low retention. Single dose grinders are hard to come by, since they are (meant to) be designed for low retention. The Niche so happens to be one of the cheapest single dose grinders and it's designed well. The Niche price used to vary quite a bit, but like OP said, it goes for 1600+ from retailers nowadays…if you can find stock:

    Seriously, it's incredibly hard to find stock of this. And Niche will not honour the warranty of grey imports.

    On the other hand, some people have had issues with their Niches, and the way that Niche treats their retailers apparently is terrible (no communication at all). There are also now some other alternatives on the market like the Eureka Mignon single dose.

    I personally have a Eureka Specialita and single dose with it. I won't get the same low grind retention as the Niche, but I prefer flat burrs, and the Specialita was much much cheaper. I'd love a Niche though, but I can't justify it.

    If you're an Ozbargainer coffee snob and drink alot of coffee, I would recommend getting a Eureka and a roaster instead. Roasters save a huge amount of money because green beans are so cheap and store for ages. And it's fun playing with different beans and blends.

    • Since you clearly know your stuff I hope you don't mind me asking but how do these enthusiast tier grinders stack up to a Rocky (non-dosing)? My broad understanding is that it's always been the best affordable choice.

      • I wouldn't say that I know my stuff. I well and truly stuffed up my coffee just then! I'm just the guy with a little bit of knowledge, but enough time to post on OzBargain

        I did a heap of research into entry level enthusiast grinders, and I would recommend the Eureka line


        The only issue is there's no timer with this grinder. If you are single dosing it might not matter much though.

        • +2

          If you are buying a Eureka, I would recomend buying it from https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/ and using their discount code,

          Its how 99% of people buy a eureka and its significantly cheaper.

          • @Jofzar: Where would one find this discount code?

            EDIT: Nevermind it looks like they're OOS anyway.

            • +1

              @IPYF: Use 3337. This will give you 10% off on any grinder from their website.
              I recently bought Mignon Manual from them and it only took a week. They re-stock, so keep checking if you are keen.

            • +1

              @IPYF: https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/en/content/7-request-a-di...

              I ask here, check if they give you a better discount then 10% if not use 3337.

              They seem to be in stock now for specialitas.

          • @Jofzar: I wish I knew about this site before buying my Silenzio :(

      • I had a Rocky and upgraded to a Niche. I've found the grind much more consistent with the Niche, whilst with the Rocky, I'd get a bit of variation on extraction, all other things being consistent.

      • From my research, the difference is Rocky is a (quite large?) stepped adjustment and sometimes you will need the in between setting to the espresso extraction right.
        The Eureka lines have micro adjustment, making it easier to get the grind size that you need.

        On the other hand, it is easier to change from coarse to fine grind with Rocky, not so much with Eureka.

        I myself just bought a Eureka Mignon Specialita using the code posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648066 - upgrading from Iberital grinder which is very noisy.

    • +1

      Which roaster do you have and suggest?

      • +2

        I have a Behmor 1600 that I bought years ago. I like it, but it's far from the pinnacle for home roasting. It's made me some excellent coffee at much much lower pricing than pre roasted.

        There seems to be more on the market now. I'd look at the coffeesnobs forum to see what there is now.

        Green beans are about $10-$15 per kg. 1kg of green beans makes about 800g of roasted beans, so you end up paying about 12-18 per kg of roasted beans, which is probably even cheaper than Aldi. I roast 200g at a time to make sure I have fresh beans all the time.

        This is the updated version of my roaster

        • thanks @pchammond
          I'm going to have a hard time convincing my wife why I need to get a dedicated coffee roaster ($$), when the popper seems to do ok.
          Been roasting using popper for years, so yes I am aware of the limitations.

          • @st33p: I used a popper before.

            I could never get consistent results and I hated the cleanup and small batch sizes. And I kept melting poppers lol

            I did an excel spreadsheet to convince my wife. At the time there were 3 in the house who drank coffee, and based it on 1 cup per day. The math was roughly
            3 cups of coffee per day = 54g per day
            At $40/kg = $2.16
            At $15/kg = $0.81
            Daily savings= $1.35
            Yearly savings= $492

            Thus, we will save the money spent within 2yrs at a conservative estimate.

            I also said that melted poppers are a waste of money and landfill. And that a dedicated roaster would result in more consistent, higher quality roasts that I would only need to do around once a week, so there are time savings as well.

            I'm glad that I took the step.

            • @PCHammond: the math doesn't really work for me as I have also been paying $15/kg and so far no need to replace the popper (I'm suprised this one lasted this long).
              yes the small batch size is kinda annoying, but mutiple batch doesn't make that much different I guess.

              • @st33p: You are getting $50kg beans for the price of $15kg

                That’s where the savings come in. Get your green beans from bean bay they are top quality.

          • +1

            @st33p: It's not even solely about the savings.
            I recently got into roasting (I use a Kaffelogic Nano 7e roaster, which I picked up second hand) and I don't regret it one bit.

            • Green beans are way cheaper
            • I never have issues with stale coffee
            • There is a huge range of single origin coffees you can try out there and you can roast it to different levels to see what suits you
            • Green beans keep in storage for a long time
            • You are likely to learn much more by going through the whole end-to-end process of coffee making
            • You can share nice coffee beans you discover with friends and family
        • How are you dealing with the chaff? Does the catcher trap most of it? I made my own roaster using a heller air fryer, added fan and temp controller and do 450g roasts. The amount of chaff left in the machine is insane and that doesn't include the stuff I blow off outside during cooldown.

          • @bargainshooter: The Behmore collects the chaff pretty well in a catcher, and then I vacuum it out after every roast. Then I toss the roasted beans around inside the wire drum a little to remove some chaff that is still on the beans

    • I also have the Specialita. If you use a bellows you should have close to no retention like the Niche. I usually get 0 to 0.1g retention (down to the 0.1g accuracy of my scales). I've seen people saying they get 0.2g with a Niche even.

    • how much can you expect to pay for green beans roughly? got any links handy?

      edit: apologies, i see you quoted $10-$15 in another post

      • +1

        GreenBeanCoffee and they have 20% off at the moment

        • +1 for bean bay - Andy who runs it is a legend.

          I pay $13-18kg depending what I get.

          Usually buy 17kg at a time to minimize freight costs

      • +3

        I exclusively buy from Beanbay. Seems much cheaper than everywhere else, and they contribute alot to the community.

        I like to buy about 10kg at a time and keep the green beans under the stairs. Green beans last for ages.

        I usually buy:
        1 bag of African (Ethiopian usually)
        1 bag of South American (the Peru Ceja de Selva AA is excellent)
        1 bag of Indonesian (usually the Sulawesi Blue Triple Sort)
        1 bag of Central American (whatever there is at the time)
        and occasionally a India Monsoon Malabar Gold (makes amazing crema, but by itself is ehhhhh, so I add a little bit to blends)
        and 1 bag of something random to play with.

        Right now I'm playing around with single origins. Roasted up a batch of Ethiopian Gambella Sundried the other day and now I need to dial in my grinder again.

        Try the cocoa from Beanbay too. Makes a bloody great hot choc

  • +2

    Eureka Single Dose is $100 cheaper (around 560 euro) and same/better support network. also uses many spares already available here in aus.

    • Have you ordered from these guys before? This price is much better than local pre-orders (approx $1.3k)

      • I ordered a Specialita in Feb or march this year, delivered around 5 days later.
        Can't vouch for warranty as I havent needed it, but theres a great support network of parts and whatnot locally.
        The web team is also really responsive with requests/order changes too.

        • That's cheap for the Single Dose…how much was shipping on your Specialita?

          • +1

            @caprimulgus: 40 euro for shipping and no GST (at the time).
            (hence the extra 40 on the 520 euro price of the single dose.

            I honestly dont understand the hype with the Niche, Eureka's single dose has bigger burrs, better support network, hasnt pissed all their distributors off and looks better (IMO)

            • @chumbucket: Thanks chumbucket, one last question, did you need to use a travel adaptor to to convert the plug to Aus 3 pin?

              • @wfhnowater: Might want to confirm with the store on order, but mine came with a special anti-tamper adapter.
                Essentially a box that fit around the euro plug with 'one-way' screws that cant be undone once tightened and converts the Euro plug to Australian.

                its a little bulky, but does not come loose and works really well. can always cut the cord and do your own plug conversion, but as an out-of-box solution i was really happy.

            • @chumbucket: Damn, I bought a Niche, thinking the single dose would be too expensive (which it is everywhere else!)…for this price I would have got the single dose! Oh well…

              In terms of the Niche hype, I guess it's: 1) first to market with reasonably priced (relatively) single dosing-focussed grinder (can obviously single dose with other grinders, but specifically designed for it), 2) ease of workflow / adjustment when switching between beans / preparation styles (I think Niche is superior in this regard - a lot of people who have both, or have done head to head comparisons, prefer the grinds from the Specialita or other grinder, but do admit that the workflow on the Niche is superior). But yeah, aside from that, a lot of hype.

              I actually wanted a Specialita, but my wife didnt like the aesthetics…so I had to "settle" for a Niche instead. Personally, I actually hate the aesthetics of the Niche and much prefer the design of the Eureka Mignon grinders (particularly the Single Dose), so if it had been my choice, I would have gotten the Specialita or the new Single Dose (had I known I could have gotten one this cheap!). :)

              • +1

                @caprimulgus: thats fair enough. I didnt want to lock myself into single dosing and like the flexibility of both with the Specialita (which already had low retention).
                I do like the wood accents on the single dose Eureka, and wish they would consider bringing some of that across to their other range. Can see why Niche was able to carve out their mark with it.

      • +1

        I ordered recently (like a month ago) from italy to sydney in 3 days from order date.

        Actually insane.

    • Its a new product. Not many reviews around. Also difficult to switch between grind sizes.

  • Thanks, grabbed the black one.

    Will give it a try.

  • Just what the doctor ordered. I gotta do me (need) some serious grinding….

  • +12

    For the people outraged by this - this is a coffee enthusiast grinder. So kind of a IYKYK type deal. The quality of the grinds that this will produce will be FAR superior to that that you're used to in terms of consistency of the grind size and freshness as well (as the grinder won't retain old grinds from previous uses).

    It is expensive, but these are being resold for ~1.6-1.8k, so I think this is a bargain.

    • +10

      It's amazing how quickly Ozb flips to full 'scoff mode' when it's something pricey and a little unusual that the core group don't care to understand. If this was a high end TV or a phone that everyone agreed is dope, this would be viewed as a great shout.

    • +2


      Admittedly anyone paying anything close to $2k is ripping themselves off given that is very close to Lagom P64 territory.

    • +1

      I agree, why are people getting so butthurt about a…. niche deal 😆

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