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Kindle Paperwhite 6" 8GB (4th Gen) $119 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi / Officeworks


Amazon have announced the next Kindle and JB are clearing out the current model.

Previous deals have been cheaper for the Kindle, but this includes Express postage so overall lower unless you were doing Click & Collect.

32gb model also available for $149: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/kindle-paperwhite-6-water...

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  • How many kb does a book take? Is 32gb overkill?

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      Depends on how many pictures it has. If it's purely text then it'll likely be under 1MB, with a few pictures maybe 20MB at the most.

      Everyone's use case varies, but I've found that the number of books on the device becomes difficult to manage way before you run out of space. Anything more than 100 or so books and it's a pain to find anything.

      • Thank you!

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          Base model (8 GB) should store at least 1000s of books

          • @lukethefish: So in other words you'd never neeed more than 8gb? I mean like one user said presumably it's a pain to find books and a simple removal and loading of current books ' to be read' would that suffice?

            • @SaberX: I guess maybe comic cooks take up a lot more space? I'm not sure.
              On the model that is coming out upgrading 32 gb is still a waste obviously but needed for the "signature" features like wireless charging and light sensor.
              On this model I think you needed to opt for 32 gb if you wanted 4 G connectivity. I don't think they locked any other features behind it.

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      I have 202 books on mine and it takes up pretty close to 200MB.

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      My Paperwhite is a little older (the logo is also black and less distracting!) and 91 books has used 0.44GB of storage with 2.62GB left. 8GB would definitely be plenty I'd say :D

      Edit: It's a Paperwhite 3 (7th gen of Kindles) and is 4GB.

      • Funnily enough the white logo was almost a deal breaker for me when upgrading. Luckily I do most reading at night.

        • I have no idea why they made it white again :( makes me not want to buy a new one ever again

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      @ RDY4ME
      "How many kb does a book take? Is 32gb overkill?"

      In a word yes. I would think that the majority of users would be more than satisfied with 8GB. This combined with (always on) Wi-Fi to keep titles in sync across multiple devices/platforms would drain your battery fairly quickly if you had a fully laden Kindle.

      I have the Oasis model with 32GB. I only keep a half dozen titles on it at any one time. At best, I am only reading 3 to 4 titles at once and completing about two titles per week. I like to keep the next title in a series ready to read. For day-to-day use 32GB is overkill, even for me, however post-covd-19 I am would like to resume travel and I like to take a broad choice of titles with me to choose from, but better than filling my suitcase with heavy books to read on vacation.

      Unless you have a majority of titles with graphics/illustrations, which consume far more space than text-only titles, I would stick with 8GB. In any case the graphics/illustrations are at best so-so in grey monochrome.


      • Brilliant - thank you!

  • I believe it's an old version.

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      10th Gen is (currently) the latest model, until next month.

      • 11th gen already listed on amazon, expensive though $200+

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      It's the Kindle 10th Generation aka the Paperwhite 4 (Amazon is crazy confusing about their naming). Amazon announced a new one yesterday that replaces this, but that won't be available for another month or so and will be $239 at release.

      • Where are you seeing the price? I can't find it on amazon

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      It's current version, new version on pre-order for $239 will be released on Oct 27!

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        $50 and 2 weeks more for the signature version as well.

  • good pickup
    thought this was about $129 4 weeks ago.https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647218

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    Looking forward to the new one (11th, 2021 model) when it is cheaper!

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      Looking forward to the new one (15th, 2025 model) when it is cheaper!

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      The problem with no real competition in this space is Amazon continues to release refreshed eBook readers with insignificant changes and charge crazy prices for them. It remains the same plastic body with hardly an real innovation in the last so many years. So yes, finally a USB-C but how long did that take. I am sticking to my "old" Kindle Paperwhite.

      • I've got a Boox, which is an Android tablet with eink screen. There is competition, and I highly recommend it.

        • If you are referring to Onyx Boox Nova Air, which cost >$500, that doesnt sound like much competition; I might as well get the Kindle Oasis.

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    Better combined with this deal, extra 10%


    • Thanks, just bought the gift card to combine with this deal. Much appreciated!

    • Can someone please explain the process cos I'm a noob and see many ozbargainers do this way to save money. I would like to buy a kindle..

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        In general you buy gift cards at a discount then use the gift cards to pay for your item. Ie. 10% off you pay $90 but get a $100 gift card you can then spend towards a kindle so you saved an extra $10.

        With this example I believe you have to go to a physical woolies to buy the her/him gift card (couldn't find the card on woolies online). Then you redeem the gift card for a Jb hi fi gift card on the cards website then you can spend it on the kindle.

        Also see:
        Useful if you are a member of any of the platforms that offer gift card discounts

        • Thank you tuanman, I appreciate your detailed review. I’m off to buy a kindle white :)

        • although this a good way to save money, you run the risk of getting an out of stock order and the credit returned back on gift card. $100 is ok, but anything greater is too risking to save $10.

  • Still on the 2012 model here but battery isn't the best.
    Does this one have a headphone jack and text to speech?
    I heard Amazon were removing these features a few years ago.

    • +2

      I have a 2015 one, I should have just replaced the battery for $25 on ebay. The 10th gen backlight is annoyingly very blueish compared to the neutral color of previous models.

      • I replaced the screen on a keyboard kindle. Pretty easy with a prying tool and would have been easy to replace the battery too. The screen wasn't great quality though - standby screen and graphics didn't display properly.

      • I'll do the same. Backlight won't be worse for me, since mine has no backlight :)

    • Current 10th Gen Oasis model only has Blue-tooth for headphones. No jack and I shouldn't expect Amazon to go 'retro' on this feature.

      • I'll probably just swap the battery in my old kindle then. Saves money anyway thanks.

  • Worth noting three new models all have usb-c but you're only charging every few weeks anyway. Signature model has wireless charging for some reason.

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      Yeah there's no question the new model is a nice upgrade (Bigger screen and USB-C), but it'll be $120 more than this at launch, so depends whether you need those or not.

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    This now previous version is still really good.
    USB-C is nice, but you only charge it once a month, and a larger screen on a reading device is moot.

    • USB-C is nice, but you only charge it once a month

      I've seen this mentioned a couple of times now, but I'm confused by it… Is everyone saying that because they think USB-C charges faster, or just because USB-C is a nicer connector?

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        Power usage is low on a kindle - it generally is about a month between charges - regardless of USB connection style

      • Because their OCD means they don't want to carry a micro USB adaptor and/or cable around :)

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        It's called… Mass Hysteria.

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        I think just in general USB C is a much nicer connectior but certainly not necessary. If I'm buying a new device I expect it to have USB C because it is superior and if someone made a device in 2021 with micro USB I'd be disappointed because why would you.

        The USB C on the new one has nothing to do with longer battery life between charges, the new one has a bigger battery in it. But you can get higher charging speeds with USB C than micro. They haven't mentioned any power ratings so I doubt it'll have an impressive fast charge.

        • Had some pretty crazy fast charging speeds with Micro USB in the past - Oppo had their VOOC charging which was compatible with OnePlus Dash charging. I bought one of the Oppo chargers and used the Dash charging USB-C cable from my OnePlus on it. It was then that I realised the OnePlus 5 had a USB-C connector, but didn't do anything differently to a micro USB cable (other than looking real swanky.) Like, it was still USB 2 at that stage.

          I guess I've been puzzled by everyone's insistance that USB-C charges faster all the time, when really, it's just a cool (and reversible!) connector that potentially can do lots of cool things, but mostly doesn't.

          USB PD is cool, but is there a reason you couldn't do it with a micro USB connector? I mean, there are heaps of proprietary micro cables that you need if you want some special charging standard to work.

          Anyway… Kindles are pretty great.

          • @Droz: Yeah I probably should've clarified that it can have faster charge times but in this case I don't think it does. It all comes down to the power rating of the device. A phone that's rated at 18W will only ever pull 18W regardless of how super specced the charger is. Basic google shows 100W max potential for USB C and 15W for micro USB. But I couldn't find anything reliable for micro USB.

            USB-C just has a higher max power rating potential, also it can do faster ransfer speeds, for eg thunderbolt.

            So you're right, it doesn't charge faster all the time and kindles are great!

      • Usb c is more robust, can be inserted either way up and most devices are moving to usb c so only 1 cable to carry/find

        It has many other electrical advantages, but they might not be applicable to a kindle

  • +2

    11th Gen also has a 6.8-inch screen compared to 6 inches on this 10th Gen. In addition, the signature edition has auto-adjust light and wireless charging.

    I will be keen to know if they have improved the speed of these darn slow devices. Considering my Poke3 reader speed, Kindle, Kobo feels like turtles.

    • I read that it is meant to perform 20% faster on page turns

      • That's a much smaller performance improvement than I was hoping for. But the limiting issue might be the screens rather than the chips.

      • Ya kiddin!!

    • auto-adjust light

      wasn't it being able to change colour temp?

      I didn't think the slow speed was a problem until you mentioned it. It can be so painful losing your spot by accidentally touching the screen, touching the wrong way again and then trying to find your place again.

      • yeah but hes referring to the features of the signature edition in particular

      • +1

        Yes, generally you adjust to such slow speeds. But if you highlight frequently then you notice slowness. Kobo is worse in that regard. Kindle is just acceptable. I am not sure if a 20% improvement in page turns will help with the highlighting too.

  • Same price at Officeworks but I am not sure about delivery cost (in case this helps someone).

    • Free delivery to metro areas, for both JB and OW.

  • +1

    Very tempting but don't have time to read books :)

    • +11

      You gotta find time, reading is more than just entertainment.

  • +1

    Previous deals have been cheaper for the Kindle

    I don't believe so. $119 is the cheapest it's ever been.

    • There was one a few weeks back for $116 + Delivery, so slightly cheaper if you were picking up from a store, but not a lot in it.

  • Not a heavy reader (maybe 30 mins a day) and already have an iPad mini. Is it worth getting? The frugalness in me is saying no but I have read/watched that the screen is much nicer on the eyes.

    • +4

      I was in the same boat until I got a Kobo about a year ago. What I found was that the whole reading experience was so much better on a proper ereader vs an iPad that I started reading a lot more than 30 mins a day. At this price you'll definitely not regret spending the money in it.

  • Posted deal for the Kindle Leather case @ $29.

    • Can someone add this to the deal description. I can’t seem to edit it.

    • is this significant better than the $10 ebay case?

  • I've had a Kindle 4th generation since early 2010s via ozb…. Just wondering is upgrading to a Paperwhite backlit light a game changer? I didn't use my kindle 4 much and still works so trying to justify an upgrade.

    I found the Kindle 4 page turns fine. Maybe I read slow. Is the Paperwhite that much noticeably slower than the old kindle 4s as everyone seems to go on about the speed of page turns and whether the new Paperwhite fixed it? I presume battery life is largely same and infrequent charging (so not really an upgrade point).

    Edit: would Paperwhite readers rate the increased screen size as a good point to wait for the new version? Or is it a case of too big for portability/ the whole notion of a ebook reader ? Kindle 4th gen always seemed ok for me. Biggest bugbear may have been book format displaying on the small screen. But prob better toggling don't size and formatting there than actually bumping up a screen size right?
    So is the main upgrade points from a Kindle 4 style generation just a backlight and waterproofing?

    Someone mentioned the backlight is blueish annoying in the Paperwhite 4 (10th gen) being sold here…but does having a backlight cause eye strain or does it retain like the Kindles the eink and therefore lack of electronic screen eye strain factors ? So similar to reading from paper…? Just curious given I've never read from a Paperwhite /backlit…

    • +1

      I had an old Gen 3 Kindle before I got the Paperwhite 4 and by far the biggest improvement is the screen. Even putting aside the backlight, the PW4 has a 300dpi e-ink vs the 167dpi on the older units (And entry level Kindle still). This is so much more paper like than the older screens and definitely easier on the eyes. The backlight is a nice addition as well if you read in the dark. I've never found the colour temperature a problem, but its personal preference. If you don't like it you can simply turn it off and use a lamp, same as with the older ones.

      Page turn speed is basically identical. I think people are mainly disappointed that it hasn't improved over the years, but I think this is largely a refresh rate issue with the e-ink screens.

      Battery wise the PW will be miles better also. I think the capacity is nearly double on the PW4 vs Kindle 4

  • Thanks OP got one using with Woolies Him gift card combo… first time using it felt little sluggish but overall ok, now having one wondering how better the new release will be hm

  • Thanks, OP, just ordered one from JB with the TCN gift card, $304 TEEN cards, costs 274 at WWS. $108 with $1 JB gift card balance left.

  • Wonder if Kobo at $169 a better option with borrowing capabilities.


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