Kogan 68L Motion Sensor Bin (Black) $89.99 + Delivery ($79.99 Delivered with Kogan First) @ Kogan


My first deal , so please be gentle.

Was looking for a large Pedal bin and stumbled across this one on Kogan. Seems like a decent deal for someone who is looking for a motion sensor bin with a large capacity.
Smaller Pedal bins selling for the same price.

Good reviews also on Kogan.
Some features
Hygienic, hands-free motion sensor lid – range up to 25cm
Impressive 68L capacity
Ultra quiet lid traps trash odours
Easily emptied with removable lid and liner holder
Fingerprint-resistant and durable powder coated, black steel body
Operation panel to manually open and close lid

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    Price is for First Members only. Standard price $89.99. How they reckon it's normally $199 is a joke.

  • That's about 18 gallons…. That is huge !!!

  • Don’t put your family’s health at risk!

    Damn, not sure how my kids have possibly survived their whole lives so far with my dangerous swing top or foot pedal bins!

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    For people who have a Costco membership, they have a similar chromed bin in 58 and 80L sizes, which periodically go on special for around $50 and $80 respectively.

    Much easier returns if there's an issue.

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    Impressive 68L capacity

    I purchased 3L of milk the other day and I have to say I was very impressed with the capacity. Don't get me started on my 3000L rainwater tank. As tempting as this deal is I fear I might catch myself repeatedly gazing in total awe of the capacity of this bin for hours like Dale Kerrigan staring at the power lines.

  • We have this, and I hate it.
    The rim around the top is rolled inward, making it catch anything projecting outward when you lift the bag to remove.
    A kebab stick or plastic tray in the rubbish will snag and rip the bag open.

    The lid works, but closes in the middle of scraping a plate.
    A couple of people in the house think it feels like living in the future, the rest despise it.
    Note only the X-Large bin liners fit, and not every brand makes them that size.

  • +1

    Bought it for $50 . More than a year now, still going strong

  • My first deal , so please be gentle.

    Against the rules REEEEEEEEE