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XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT 308 Qick 8GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $789 + Delivery @ PLE


For anyone looking for a 6600XT. It's a good deal in the current conditions (which aren't great).

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    From $580-$699, now cheapest is $790….and it looks like it's $899 elsewhere.


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      It sucks, but OP is right this is the best deal currently for this type of card. Conditions have not been good since launch.

    • Something with limited supply and high demand is expensive? Crazy

      • the supply is not limited though, at least not anymore.

        • Awesome

    • No surprises here.

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      Haha yeah, where are all those hodl ppz now, as usual quiet ….no one can predict where the price is heading but with crypto around and needed gpu power gpu cards wont be below RRP for a long time , when you see one at RRP buy it

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        HODL army reporting sir!

        I'm not planning a new build until mid next year, holding and hoping I can get a 6800XT equivalent at around this price then. Fingers crossed.

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          • @Ostrk: Yeah, one can only dream in these crazy time.

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          Can't fault a man for dreaming….
          I've been enjoying my 6800 xt for a year now almost, crazy fast fps, smooth gaming ….ooooooo yeeea , didn't wait for that black friday sale your gang was saying to wait for

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    Crazy that this card is now $780, iirc was around $680 on launch but i got the merc version for $720 instead, hopefully prices will stabilise soon (merc is now $850, sheesh)

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      just three years ago, products range like current 3060 or 6600xt were considered "entry level" cheap cards for gamers.the whole systems with mid-range cpu+those cards were often cost less than 1k.

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        I miss those days so much

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        I got my 5600xt this Feb for $479 from Mwave.

  • Maybe I should sell my 6600xt fighter now that I got it for $650 lol

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      Paid 999 for my 3070, selling it for 1.6k and gonna get the 3080ti for 900 after all. I'd be selling and upgrading while you can get the upper hand

      EDIT: All these people neg lmao grow up it's called a free market. I understand how it impacts actual gamers but if you have the opportunity to get the upper hand why wouldn't you

      • Damn that is a good ROI for you.

      • Disregard the neg votes, indeed it is a free market. It's called supply and demand kids.

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        How did you get the 3080ti for 900?

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          "after all" so got the 3070 for 999, gonna hand it off for 1600 (assuming no one else contacts me which is probably unlikely) and the 3080ti was 2499. So 1600 less the 2499 900

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            @ignited141: Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you still paid 999 for the RTX 3070 in the first place, so shouldn't that be 2499 - (1600 - 999) = 1898 for the 3080 Ti in total?

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        Who would pay 1.6k for a 2nd hand 3070

        omg this is crazy

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          you'd be surprised bro, got a whole heap of people asking if i'd take 1500 for it (advertised for 1.8) and the 3 highest bidders are 1.6

      • 1900 for a 3080 ? I know you want a ti version but it's only very marginnaly better then original 3080 , you are better getting 6800xt - they were 1700,800 not long ago, maybe there are some still around

      • Love it man! Nice one.

    • aha, i also got fighter at launch night for $605 delivered…
      sad time to get that performance for $600+, now inflated to 700 plus now…..

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        i got a Sapphire pulse for $639 Delivered :)

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    sold my 4 years old graphic card gtx1060 3gb for $350 yesterday.

    • What!! On eBay? Wonder how much I can get for my 980 strix (non ti)

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        FYI, I recently sold my old Sapphire RX580 8GB Nitro+ for $530.

        • Yeah I got $550 for a Strix and I've seen some even sell for $650!

      • Probably not anywhere near as much since Maxwell cards are useless for mining.

        • Wow you both did very well!!

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      damn, i sold my 1060 3g for only 280 last month.
      But i bought 6600xt for 540.

      • Nice work, I have realised (too late) that this would have been the way to go for me

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          The only chance u can get a new card is around realse date.
          Try 6700 next time, it should be around corner.

          • @salin: Can't see any info about an imminent release, but I've got my fingers crossed

          • @salin: 6600, in Oct.

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    Got the AMD 5700G and I'm going to keep playing Cyberpunk in a 1024 x 768 windowed hi-res screen out of stingy spite until 2023

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      Inb4 all 3 GPUs available for 4000 series launch sell out in 2 secs and future stock is scalped at 200+%

      • miners will jump to 4000, the market will flood with 3000 series cards

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          Why wouldn't they just keep the 3000 series, and buy more rigs for the 4000?

          • -1

            @TimR31: because they will get more return by selling the cards and buying new 4000 series cards

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      Yep I might end up sticking with my 970 until the 9700 :/

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    not bad considering else where is around 900 and 3060 is selling for 1k

    But what a fxxked up market

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    wait are prices rising again?

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    Can't believe the mistake I made for selling my 3060 to get the MSI 6600 xt - all that so I can play Warzone and it still lags as hell.

    • I sold my rx 6700xt at $200 loss and got an rtx 3060 ti at $1100. I feel your pain

      • Oof, what inspired that?

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          Iā€™m playing cyberpunk and wanted dlss.. felt dumb selling my 6700 xt at $950.. paid $1150 for it.. paid for downgrading.. heart is still bleeding looking at the current gpu prices

      • I thought they were fairly similar? Looking at getting a 3060 ti as well. Should I?

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      Man, my 5700xt in warzone was a piece of sh*t. Constant microstutters made the game unplayable.

      Took a long time to find the fix, but if you change the video memory scale found here:

      ..\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players

      From 0.85 (default) to 0.55.

      Make the file read only. Game is so much smoother now.

      Give it a try.

    • Maybe playing at VGA 640x480 resolution? Because that is all poverty PC gamers can afford now with the current GPU poo sandwich market prices.

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    Apes missed the boat. Again.

  • Price too high, no deal!

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      I see someone post 1080 for sell at facebook market a while ago, and it was sold for $1K no more than 2 days since it posted.

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        must be 1080 ti

      • Yep. Few and far in between. Two weeks ago on Gumtree, there was one advertised for $500 and sold in a heartbeat

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      An RX 6600 XT should be in the region of 30-35% faster than a GTX 1080 on average.

      • Thanks. I should look at other benchmarking sites too!
        Actually according to your link, it looks more like 25%

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          100 / 75 = 1.333… = 33% faster.

  • Waiting for next year now.

  • I'll wait till 2023 now before I upgrade.

    Ain't no way I'm paying 2x RRP.

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      $589 was the lowest, MSRP US$329, so not 2xRRP yet, but closer.

  • I don't know if anyone will could be bothered but I'm after some help please.
    I want to buy a new pc (preferably gaming pc) and my budget is around 3k….
    I've been looking around but can't decide what to get.
    I'm not too experienced when it comes to prebuilt gaming pcs or their parts.
    Could anyone recommend one for me please?
    I'm in Sydney.

    • +1

      The Dell XPS8940 2 days ago was a good one in current market, pity it sold out already. Check Budget PC for their prebuilt, they had some good deals before. If you are not sure which one to choose, check the positive vote here, it will give you some idea.

    • +1

      Once you land a GPU everything will snowball. Get a pre-build or get something local to you that you get help in person if something goes wrong. I got a MOBO DOA and had to test for a day to see what went wrong… still waiting for my refund to come through.

    • +1

      There is a good 3080 deal under 3k for a kraken pre built, search up on ozbargain If t's still available, best price you will find for a while.
      Stay clear from Dell

    • +1

      Get parts yourself - PM I can help with what to buy.

      Take them to local pc ship- $200 they'll put them together for you.

      Save potentially $$$

      Happy days!

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      Definitely get a pre-built on a good deal. The main reason is that the graphics cards in pre-built are usually more reasonably priced (due to being bundled) vs buying the GPU separately.

      Just make sure that the parts in the pre-built are quality as well before buying.

      Techfast / Titantech / Bptech are some of the more popular prebuilt PC sellers here on Ozb.

      Good luck!

    • +2

      TechFast also have some good prebuilt deals that get shared on OzBargain.

      The market for graphics cards isn't great right now, but 3k will get you plenty of horsepower.

      Do you need a monitor and peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headphones/mic) or just the box?

      Probably looking at a 3080 build if just the box (e.g. something like this from BPC), or a 3070 build around the 2k mark something like this from TechFast but I would wait until a better deal comes along], with some spending money for peripherals too.

      Rough pricing for peripherals:
      Monitor - Dell 2721DGF 27" - $400 - something high refresh rate to make the most of a beast build
      Keyboard - Keychron K2 - $110
      Mouse - G703 - $140
      Headset - G Pro X - $230

    • Thank you very much for all your help.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653159 Something to be aware of regards TechFast

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    shocking prices.

  • +6

    The 'hodl' crowd suddenly silent.

    • -4

      Because we are still hodling.
      No need to keep repeating ourselves with these poo GPU prices.

  • too much, currently buy 6900XT is relatively better value

    • +3

      6900xt hovers around $2100, almost 3 times more.

      • +1

        but you get top performance, in many games are faster than 3090 without Ray Tracing which it not big affect on image quality especially when you playing not staring.

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          People who are buying the 6600xt are not interested in a card that cost 3x more regardless of performance, thats a big chunk of money to spend on just a gpu. These are "budget" (IKR) cards for those who dont want to spend 4 figures for a gpu.

          • @Bargain4Days: however budget cards are no more budgets, they became too expensive, on the contrary, 6900XT still at same price range as 2080 Ti 2 years ago. This flagship GPU is not more expensive than it suppose to be. For my opinion, it is way too much more value than those budget no more cards.

            • @getit: Agree with you mate - but unfortunately it's not needed by most

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    'I should have bought it at $679'. Yeah you should have. šŸ˜‚

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    Console seems so much attractive recently due to crazy GPU prices.

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      Aye. Series S is actually great value with gamepass