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No Lock-in SIM Only Mobile Plan - 60GB $16/Month for First 12 Months (Then 20GB $28/Month) @ Circles.Life


I have been looking for a new deal for myself I guess I was partly checked out and later I was emailed this code from Circles.Life.
It's similar to others out there but different enough to post it.


  • 12 Months of Bonus 40GB and $12 off per Month (Applies to $28 / 20GB Plan)
From circles.life


  • 6 Months of $10 off per Month (Applies to $38 / 100GB Plan)


  • 6 Months of Bonus 20GB and $10 off per Month (Applies to $28 / 20GB Plan)


  • 6 Months of $4 off per Month (Applies to $18 / 8GB Plan)
From OzBargain

I've had a look around OZBargin and have found these additional current codes and wanted to list them all in one place if it helps anyone;


  • 12 Months of Bonus 40GB and $10 off per Month (Applies to All Plans)


  • 6 Months of Bonus 20GB and $20 off per Month (Applies to $28 / 20GB Plan)


  • 6 Months of $20 off per Month (Applies to $38 / 100GB Plan)


  • 1 Month free (Applies to All Plans)


  • 12 Months $8 off per Month (Applies to All Plans)


  • 12 Months of Bonus 30GB and $6 off per Month (Applies to All Plans)


  • 12 Months of $4 off per Month (Applies to $18 / 8GB Plan)
Optus 4G Plus Network

Please note the following features are NOT available on the 8GB for $18/mth SIM Only Plan

  • Roaming services (data, voice or SMS)
  • IDD Calls and IDD MMS services
  • IDD SMS will be chargeable as per the rates here (IDD rates)
  • Referral perks
  • Data add-ons (20GB for $10 Add-on)
  • IDD SMS will be chargeable as per the rates here (IDD rates)

To get access to the above features, you’ll need to upgrade to the 20GB or 100GB plan.
How does billing work?
You will receive your bill within the first week of each month.

Your first bill is higher than usual, which is completely normal. This is because it includes charges for two billing cycles:

A part month (prorated) charge which starts from the time you activate your SIM card (if you got a new number) or from the time your number was successfully transferred to Circles.Life till the end of that month.
Any additional charges for that month (e.g. roaming charges)
The monthly charge for your plan for the following month.
Bill Shock Protection
When you run out data on your plan, you'll get 3GB added at no extra charge.

Referral Links

Referral: random (109)

$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • How do you add it to a current plan that youre on?

    • Generally these codes are for new accounts. However, in the app you can try adding promo codes.
      I tried and says invalid/expired code, but I am still on a bonus plan: I have $10 off and bonus 30GB on the $28/20GB .

    • Hey there, SuBw00FeR! The promocodes provided can only be use during sign up process. If you're already an existing customer, you can change your plan and you'll get the current promo benefit of the plan that you'll be choosing to be with. You can check our website or contact us through our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

      • Last time I asked, I was told no to changing to my plan to a new promo.

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    Oh man the formatting on this one was hard to read.

    It's $16 a month for a 60GB sim-only plan. The discount lasts 12 months. After 12 months the monthly fee goes back up to $28/month.

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      Its cheap, and I have had no issues with circles, porting in and out has always been quick.

      • Yeah im seriously thinking about it cause it's so cheap.

        Have to move from Telstra/Boost to Optus though. Im checking Whirlpool forums to see general consensus.

        • Just get new number

          • @Mikeyy888: many people don't want to lose their main number

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              @xxz: You can have many sim cards

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      Or $18 for 100GB.

      • $18 for 100GB is only for 6 months though, then goes up to regular price.

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          Nah 12 months. Code “60GBOBS”.

          • @hawkeye93: Ahh you're right. I take that back, I just didn't see the code.

            • @emoticon: Hi Guys

              Can't figure out how to get $18 for 100GB for 12 months no matter what I select
              Can you please say which plan and which code

              I can get $28 for 100GB


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                @davlap: I don’t think you can get 100GB for $18 for 12 months. Think the other person misspoke when they mentioned that and I mistakenly assumed they were correct.

                SEPTSTEALS100 Gives 100GB for $18 but only for 6 months

                60GBOBS Gives you 140GB for $28 but for 12 months.

                • @emoticon: Thanks

                  Looks like SEPTSTEALS100 expired - Promocode not applicable!

    • Ah bugger, these new $16/60Gb or the $18/100Gb deals are very tempting, or even $8/48GB to save some $$$, currently with Iinet $15/40Gb, happy with them/service/website. It was the 6 months pricing deal if I recall, have about 4 months or so left.

      This deal might make me jump ship early to Circles for the 3rd time, so 2 prior port outs with no issues.

      @ emoticon, The deal your talking about is the IWANTFOR40AND12 plan yeah?, just wanted to check, too many deal codes.

      Thanks OP for taking the time to list this deal.

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        IWANTFOR40AND12 - $16/60GB
        60GBOBS - $8/48GB

        Your choice.

        • Hi mate, with IWANTFOR40AND12 deal, is it 12-month contract? If I cancel within 12 month, is there any cancellation fee or minimum 12 month charge?

          12 Months of Bonus 40GB and $12 off per Month (Applies to $28 / 20GB Plan)

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            @wjiao: Discount available for 12 months, after that revert back to normal price.

            No lock-in. So you can port out whenever you want but you have to let them know you’re leaving as this is postpaid.

            • @hawkeye93: With my last 2 port outs I didn't call/let them know before porting, no issues, I must of got lucky?

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                @OrbDaggerZ: Not sure as i just quote their T&C. Some faced problems with not notifying in advance.

      • Going by my luck with Circles so far, they likely have another deal slightly cheaper in a few weeks time after signing up for this, happen to me the 1st time.

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        I had originally signed up to the $16/60GB plan using the code IWANTFOR40AND12 but then I cancelled that order when I found out I could get a cheaper plan and signed up to the $8/48GB plan using the code 60GBOBS.

        I received the SIM card on the same day I placed my second order, I activated the sim and ported over my number this morning. No issues with porting in.

        In the app it shows the full 48GB being available and shows that the bill waiver promo code has been applied. My first bill (pro rata 1st month + 2nd month) is only $11.60 - It’s so cheap.

        Data speeds and reception are good in my area, NW Sydney, over 100mbps but Telstra was over 200mbps for me, not really a big deal.

        Only thing I’m missing is voicemail which Circles doesn’t have.

        How was porting out? I read that many of the complaints were because the porting out process was difficult with the customer number having letters in it that other providers couldn’t recognise? And customers having to get their customer number through live chat and inform circles before porting out?

        I’ve never had to contact a telco before porting out before (post-paid and pre-paid), usually you just port out and the plan is cancelled automatically.

        • +1

          Getting the sim that fast is amazing.

          I have been with them 2 times before, I do need to get into the habit of regularly checking speeds more often.
          Can't say how much difference I've had between Optus (Moose, Belong) & Vodafone (Kogan, Felix & Iinet) in the last year or so.
          The best I think I had was with Felix, as at that time I was checking a bit more often around then.

          First port out from Circles to Kogan and I did not contact them about porting out first, so no issues.

          Second time porting I was waiting for a Amaysim sim/deal that I was going to port to, this took longer than expected (from Amaysim), and it was near the next billing cycle, so I ended up locking my debit card (linked to Circles) to stop the payment for a few days til I got it.
          Then ported from Circles ok, didn't get any extra charges for being a few days late in paying from what I could tell.

          Yes I did have the odd issue the 2nd time with the customer number having letters in it like others have had when I signed up with Iinet or AGL, can't recall which. Too many porting outs for a better data deal.
          This did cause a delay of 1 day with the new provider in setting up my new account.
          Should not need to contact them before porting out or any other provider.

          The best 2 things about Circles are their data add-ons (20GB for $10 Add-on) & 3GB bill shock.
          No one else offers this.
          Downside, no voicemail like you said, but I just use Circles for data/junk calls only and use Moose as my main plan (6Gb/$6.90) for phone use, for now.

          • @OrbDaggerZ: How did get the Moose plan for $6.90?

            • @hawkeye93: Sorry, meant $9.80.
              Been happy with Moose, their site and app, as well as Iinet.

              Might port it out soon, it was a ok price at the time for 12 months pricing (needed something cheap then) and just used 1 or 2 other sim/plans from other providers like Kogan for the bulk data.

          • +1

            @OrbDaggerZ: Thank you for sharing your porting out experience, relieving to know it’s not a big issue porting out.

            I’ll check out Moose and Felix for next time, for now Circles should be okay seeing how cheap it is, can always port out since no lock in contract.

  • Okay did a bit of research, seems like a good deal. Mostly favourable feedback on Whirlpool.

    I might sign up tonight.

    Good deal OP.

    Edit: I signed up and am porting my Boost mobile number, price was too good - and next day delivery was offered as well, expecting my sim card tomorrow wth.

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      Use the other code “60GBOBS” as you get 100GB for $18 (12 months).

      • +2

        Haha yeah its too late for me, already signed up. But its okay, I don''t even use the 20GB's in my current plan, so 60GB is enough for me. Happy with the $16 plan.

        Edit: I also used Cashrewards so i get back $12.60

        • +5

          Sorry to say this but you could also use that code to get 48GB for $8 (12 months).

          • @hawkeye93: Ahhh man, i have buyers remorse now. That's an amazing deal that should have been highlighted in the main post, there's too much written. I didnt even think about it.

            So with the cheapest 8GB plan for $18 a month - use 60GBOBS to get $10 off per month and an extra 40GB.

            $8 for 48GB, i am fuming lol, that should be it's own post.

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                @hawkeye93: It's a good deal, i just didnt see it when you posted. My fault for not checking Ozbargain that often.

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                @hawkeye93: Hey thanks again for mentioning your deal, i live chatted with their customer support this morning and they said it was okay for me to cancel the order and re-order to get the $8 for 48GB deal so i did that.

                I dont know if they did another credit check, but think it was worth the hit.

          • @hawkeye93: I thought about that also but it has restrictions regarding IDD (International Direct Dial) and roaming (as in going overseas, not that is an issue for most these days).

            SEPTSTEALS40 also gives you a $8/m plan with 40GB data but is for 6 months.

            • +1

              @b8two: Yeah, many features are not available on the lowest plan. If you need those, choose the other two.

      • Hi mate, where can i get this? I tried to use the code but I got $28 for 140 gb.


        • Choose the lowest plan. The one you selected is the highest.

          • @hawkeye93: Only three plans available: $28 for 100gb, $18 for 40gb, $14 for 8gb. Did I miss something?

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              @alibabapria: Yeah, the $14 8GB. Replace the code with "60GBOBS", it will update to $8 48GB for 12 months.

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    60GBOBS seems good. 12 months @ $8/48GB pm for instance. Mind you, I've used circles.life twice before and went back to full fat Telstra both times.

    • Yeah Optus Network is a big clogged, especially for resellers.

  • I'm on Circles, love the data, hate the hideous reception. Doesn't matter where I am near the city my calls are always regularly dropping out within seconds & everyone complains that it sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Never happened with my other providers

    Its been like this for the past year for me but I rarely make calls

    • Ah you just reminded me why I switched back to Kogan after I used Circles last time

    • Get another sim card/plan from them just for data.

  • Thanks OP. Just order one. Hope it works nicely

  • Hi There
    Please advise
    If RCS Google chat is supported or not?
    Is home/etc wifi calling supported?
    Is it month to month or min 12months?
    Thx in advance

    • +1

      I don’t think RCS is supported, no Wifi Calling, it’s month to month with no contract.

      A credit check is done when signing up, also there’s no voicemail.

  • Having trouble deciding what plan to go with, the 48Gb/$8/60GBOBS or the 60Gb/$16/IWANTFOR40AND12 deal.

    I'm with Moose $9.80/6Gb atm (main phone for calls), thinking of going with circles $8/48Gb instead, but as Circles has no voicemail & I want to keep this number for calls, I'm not sure what to with it, could port it to Aldi for awhile.

    Also with Iinet $15/40Gb/6 months pricing till 25 Feb, happy with them so far, good pricing too, so would stay with them.
    My billing period just renewed a few days ago, so will stay till I've used all the data.

    And I also joined up with AGL 3 months free promo.
    Both for the data/junk calls in 2nd phone, tethered via usb.

    I could go with both Iinet and the Circles 48Gb deal, so $23/m for 88Gb (+ AGL's 50Gb/= 138Gb), don't really want to spend more than this.
    Or just go with the 60Gb/$16/IWANTFOR40AND12 (new #), which is a real good deal, and drop/port Iinet?

    The gambit is will Circles have a similar deal to the 60Gb for $16 in 6 months time.
    What would you do?