Tickasa Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $58.44 Delivered (RRP $189.99) @ Mobvoi


Pretty decent deal, I own one and this is second to Sony WH-1000XM3.

Review here


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  • Nice! I just made a post last night asking for ANC recommendations on the cheap.

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    • Isn't this Amazon us? It gives me a high shipping cost.

    • that is usd ?

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      You linked Amazon US

      Order Summary
      Items: USD 39.99
      Shipping & handling: USD 13.86
      Total before GST: USD 53.85
      Estimated GST to be collected: USD 5.39
      Order total: USD 59.24
      Payment Total: AUD 83.46

  • The company details for that Amazon TicKasa hybrid active noise cancelling etc etc https://www.amazon.com.au/Upgraded-Cancelling-Headphones-Blu... here point to the same Mobvoi pty ltd company details. also 58.44.
    Preferable to order through Amazon for more safety

    Though haven't checked that mobvoi code MOPUBI10

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    $51.55 AUD plus cashback

    • paid the same with cashback.

  • Any idea how these are for call/microphone quality?

    • The one I own has good microphone quality, the time I bought was around $120 for same unit (on the special already).

      They apparently also apply noise cancellation to your phone calls, like the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, "filtering background noise and adding vocal clarity" for crisp calls.

  • has pass through mode/ambient ?

    • From reviews doesn't seem like it has it

  • …. micro sd charging cable.

    stop reading

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      Yup… I'm like the EU, it's USB C or gtfo

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        That probably play a part with the discount..

    • Micro USB?

      • The ones shaped like a trapezium. old plugs.

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    I ordered one of these directly via Mobvoi on preorder last year, one speaker had crackling noise and had to return straight away.

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      I've read in all the amazon reviews, it makes crackling noises when you are moving about.

      Be careful of the purchase if you are not always a stationary user.

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        Mine crackled when I sat on the couch too

  • Does MOPUBI10 stack with referral?

    • The code is the one I found online and verified by a recent purchase, from my experience shopping on that site, they do not stack with other discount codes, not sure about referral though.

      • MOPUBI10 works. I suspect referral won't stack with cashback so i'll leave it for now.

  • For me when on laptop it automatically selected split payments (which costs more) so just be sure to deselect that. on mobile it didn't, strangely.

  • Thanks for this deal! Almost seems too good to be true. Took a chance on it anyway.
    Will be interesting to see how they turn out.

  • Bought watch GTH recently.. and not really satisfied.
    Not sure if this headphone is good or not

  • How is the bass on these?

  • +3

    I'm sorry, what brand is this? Never heard of it before

  • Taotronocs soundsurge 90 probably a safer buy at $75, not much info about this product online

    • I bought Tao Tronics Sound Surge 55s (top of their range) and wasn't impressed. Build quality is good, but couldn't get them to connect to my TV Bluetooth dongle, the max volume is way too low and they make an annoying high pitch noise when there is no sound (between tracks) when connected via Bluetooth. Noise cancelling and phone use is pretty good. But for music or movies, they have no get up and go . To their credit, TT gave me a refund, but I paid $60 in freight forwarding to get them here.

      • havent tried that one but maybe you got a faulty unit? the soundsurge 90 is pretty good, i honestly dont feel like i am missing out on much when using that via bluetooth over my much more expensive stuff like dt770, dt990 or m40x to name a few

        imo it's the best bang for your buck wireless headphones there is

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    they are actually rebadged Cowin E9, which is pretty decent

    • They look like AKG N700. Are they clones of them by some chinese OEM?

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    Just received mine this morning. So far they seem exceptionally good (particularly with the price tag in mind).
    They feel quite premium and comfortable.
    ANC is on the slightly weaker side, but definitely still works. (Comparing it to my Sony WF1000XM3 which seemed to block a little bit more, not a lot different.)
    Still manages to block out the rumbling purr of my cat sitting on my lap and dims the air con background noise.
    Sound quality definitely seems to be great. Haven't really gone over 65-75% volume, as anything over that is too loud for me. But at that level I'm not really noticing any distortion or clipping to sounds. (Using Amazon Prime Unlimited, so probably not the highest quality).

    My one criticism is the ear cup folding. They seem to fold flat the wrong direction. So sitting around your neck, the speakers are pointed out instead of the usual way headphones point into your collarbone.

    If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try to answer it.

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      Bose QC35 also fold outside which is pretty irritating.

      • Oh interesting! Good to know

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      Glad to notice you are happy with the product on the price tag.

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        I mean at ~$50 it’s hard to be unhappy haha
        But yeah, they seem decent so far.
        And they come with a decent amount of accessories as well.