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Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3060 Ti $999 + Delivery (OOS) @ Techfast / [Pre-order] Palit Dual RTX 3060 Ti $935 + Delivery @ Mighty Ape


Welcome to the new normal, there was a 3060ti on sale at 3pm today for $899 which gets sold out in a few minutes, so 2020 is repeating itself

The RTX 3060ti from Techfast is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, https://techfast.com.au/products/Gigabyte-Eagle-RTX-3060-Ti-...

The one from Mighty Ape eta is 13th Oct, https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060...

Or you could try to play the sniping game I guess

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  • Cheapest in the market right now!

  • Has anyone had much experience with Palit GPUs before? Tempted…

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      Palit is a subsidiary of gainward

      Many cards have the same pcb, just different cooler designs

      • I see, I've heard good things about gainward so that's good. Might grab it and give it a go.

        • oh as pointed out below, gainward is a subsidiary of palit, not the other way around

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      Palit Microsystems runs two major brands, Palit, and Gainward, which target different global markets, and other brands like Daytona, Galaxy (GALAX), Vivkoo, Yuan, KFA2 and XpertVision. It also contract-manufactures graphics cards for other companies. In 2013 Palit Microsystems surpassed ASUSTek, becoming the biggest graphics card vendor by volume.

      From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palit_Microsystems

    • As others said. Asian GPU manufacturing company. They are absolutely massive and I'm really happy for some competition.

    • I have the RTX 3070 from Palit and its amazing. Have had it for 6 months now. Cooling is the best. Use for both gaming and light ETH mining.

    • My 3060ti has been going 24x7 no issues seems to run cool. No temps reported for ram though.

  • this or wait for the super cards?

    3060 super has 5,632 cuda and 12gb ram

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      Probably best to try and snag one of the few cards near MSRP at launch, seems to be the cheapest time to buy.

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      Good luck trying to get that on release

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    Pretty disappointed in Techfast website. Just attempted to put order thru for the Gigabyte 3060Ti.

    Payment "gateway timeout" after putting in my credit card details. Credit cards been charged the $1k but the order hasnt been tracked on Techfast site.

    Now I need to follow up with them on Monday, dont really want to attempt a second try to have another charge to dispute.

    • This also doesnt fill me with confidence, site throwing errors back at me:

      Warning: unlink(/Sites/storage_techfast_au/cache/cache.catalog.language.1632476873): No such file or directory in /Sites/techfast.com.au/system/library/cache/file.php on line 68

    • Unlucky. I just ordered. Worked fine for me. Would've been more assuring if they accepted other payments forms though, like Paypal.

  • Does anyone else think the Palit card looks better??

  • good to see the 3060ti at least back under a grand after what has been happening the last couple of months

  • The palit looks pretty sweet. Something I'll try out given prices are still $1.1-1.2 for a 3060ti

  • Thanks I got a Gigabyte one.I know it is not their best card but from what I saw you can de-shroud it quite easy. I can probably still sell my 2080 for more so it is a free upgrade.

  • Everyone's heard about RTX 30xx super series and hodling longer. 😁

  • Looking for something to go with MacBook Pro and boot camp… any suggestion please ?

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      6600 xt currently the best price to performance card.

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    This is the cheapest you can get in the market I highly doubt whether the price will go down below this :( when i got mine i paid $830 and now omg🤯🤯

    • Pretty sure 3060TI have dropped at 8xx a few times last couple months..

      • i got the 3060ti for $859 early august, and i was even hesistant then because people were saying that would be the new "normal" and that prices would continue to drop further

        needless to say pretty happy with my decision…

  • Only 6 left at techfast

  • Oops, wrong post.

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    Hold your horses guy, Crypto is crashing after China announcement, prices on GPU will drop even more.

  • Why are things still above msrp with lhr and all that

  • So which is the better card - GB or Palit?

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    Cheers OP! Just ordered from Mighty Ape. Looking forward to not browsing OzBargain anymore for deals and playing games! Wish everyone all the best on their quest in securing a GPU!

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      I paid $1100 and got out with a 3060TI a month ago. It's not the best price but it feels great to finally have that "pressure" off my shoulders. Crazy times we live in. Good luck everyone indeed!

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        I am with you on that. I bought the 3060Ti from this deal. At least the mark up for this card is not as crazy as its siblings and it's more than enough power for decent gaming :)

  • I just placed order for gigabyte rtx 3060 ti from techfast last friday 24/9/21. when i want check out and fill up payment information and proceed, there are error occurred and i retry and an error happen again. Then i go check my bank account and saw transaction is successful but i do check again my order in my account at techfast there is no order history or transaction or information happen in the record. I try many times send enquiry but still no replys. Anyone knows how to contact techfast to fix this issues.