This was posted 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$421.45-$522.26 iPad 2, 3, 4, 5 Trade-in Value When Purchasing Selected Microsoft Surface Devices @ Microsoft via CEXchange


Eligible old iPads to trade-in;
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad 5

Eligible surface devices;

Surface Go 2 from $629
Surface Laptop Go - from $879
Surface Pro 7 - from $1149
Surface Pro X - from $1699
Surface Book 3 - from $2399
Surface Laptop 3 - from $1599
Credit to @gtrain

Trade-In Process:

  1. Purchase a surface device from above at the Microsoft Store
  2. Get an online valuation of your old device to trade in
  3. Upload surface purchase details
  4. Send your old device in
  5. Receive the valuation amount back into your bank account
  6. Receive your new surface device

iPads 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a high valuation compared to most other devices for some reason, I think it has to do with purchasing these specific surface devices because purchasing anything else drops the value significantly.

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    • Anyone else having issues uploading the PDF receipt?

      I found out that I have to print the PDF from MS account order history not the one from email.

      Printed the return label to "Grays Online"

  • +1

    The valuation seems bizarre as if they put the decimal on the wrong place for iPad 2-5

  • Can you do multiple trade ins in the one purchase?

  • Have a iPad2 64gb GSM and a iPad 2 16gb… 16gb has a crack.

    trying to work out what the catch is

    • The catch is, they will email you in 2 days saying that the trade in value should be $45.40 instead of $454.00

      • Take a screenshot beforehand

        • They will say "take it for leave it".

      • Trade in value printed on return label to Grays online.

  • Which Surface laptop is good as daily driver not for gaming.

    This deal sounds really good for a 7 year old iPad 4 trade in $454!

    There must be something good about those iPads, Maybe Microsoft wants to reverse engineer or reuse the touch screen components.

    There has been talks about the material which interacts with your fingers for touchscreen, that material is getting rare and running out

  • +2

    Screwed by my decision to get my 64GB iPad3 engraved. Would have got $438.61 without it.

  • +1

    Curious to give this a go but don't wanna get shafted with a bait and switch to $42.14 revaluation haha
    Would greatly appreciate if anyone could keep us posted on how this goes, cheers guys!

    • Value clearly printed on return label

  • Anyone else getting the error "Uploaded PDF was not in expected format" when trying to upload the reciept?

    • Receipt from MS account not email

      • hmm.. Just tried that with the "print order" link, still no go

        • Login to your MS account under order history and print that to PDF save with the default name

        • Sometimes it takes a couple of hours for it to be recognised. Probably takes time to update the order numbers database. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes not.

  • They have been doing this for a very long time.

    I traded in my 2nd gen 16g iPad mini for a surface laptop 4 and got credited for $380.

    • People just don't know why or don't believe why newer iPad trade less XD

      • +2

        There must be something for those specific models because parts in there can be reused perhaps for their hardware

  • Damn I had my name etched on the back of my ipad2 bummer. I will have to cancel my order.

    • etched on the back

      Oh why is that a gift from friend?

  • Anyone know if you only print the eParcel label or you have to print the second portion as with order date and value because I don't think it's a good idea to show how much it's worth

    • +1

      I think that part put inside the parcel.

      • Yeah I will include inside. It doesn't say in the instructions. Also having value on there saying that value on front label high chance it will be lost someone in postal centre will just take it thinking it's ipad.

        Then you will not get your credit if they don't receive it

        • +1

          Yes, that is what I normally do with my Amazon return.

  • A1416 Ipad 3 32G wifi evaluated as $430, not bad…

  • +1

    Does normal tear and wear -screen ideal , metal body no dent/s ,few mini scratches -tiny barely visible count as working or not not working condition for them?
    Please advise

  • Is the ram or SSD upgradable yourself DIY for surface laptop go?

    • It's a 10.5" tablet, I very much doubt it

    • Is the ram or SSD upgradable yourself DIY for surface laptop go?

      I don't think so.

      It's a 10.5" tablet, I very much doubt it

      Surface Laptop Go not Surface Go

  • +8

    This is a great deal but I just cannot find a good reason to buy a Surface….. Of any type, and I have an Ipad 2 lying around.

    • find a good reason to buy a Surface

      Sell it as new unopen on eBay?

    • Yeah same here, given the base specs of the surface go range are all OSS, you might might as well buy an iPad 9th gen

  • Any idea if this works for a pre order of a surface go 3?

    • pre order of a surface go 3?

      Only iPad 2, 3 4 have good trade value to buy the device listed.

    • Hmm if you select "other" it comes up as "Your trade-in value is: $21.45". So gotta buy one of the devices listed..

  • I do not understand why the super old iPads have such good trade in value. Can someone enlighten me?

    • No idea and doesn't seem is error been running for awhile.

      • Yeah I would agree older iPads have moving parts which can possibly be reused much easier than newer models which are not able to.

        indium tin oxide probably or the older iPad screens actually can be reused hence if you crack one worth nothing

  • I just did the appraisal of my ipad 2 after buying the surface and got the confirmation email with label, but I didn't get asked for my bank details during the process. So how do they know where to send me my money once they receive the ipad? Or will I get asked for it later?

    • I asked the same question but I paid by Paypal.

      • I paid by paypal too, and I don't want it to be paid into my paypal account

  • +3

    My wild guess is that they have some stats that people upgrading from older iPads are "converting" to windows ecosystem, whilst people off newer iPads aren't? That's the only explanation I can think of considering that people are saying this has been running for a while and doesn't appear to be a bug?

    • That makes no sense, you'd be better to incentivise the newer users to switch to Surface. Unfortunately, for performance the ipads are actually very good, and are much better than the base spec surface go products.

      • for performance the ipads are actually very good, and are much better than the base spec surface go products.

        Isn't that your answer? Incentivise the people that need to upgrade to a device better than their 7-10 year old one because considering price new Surface can't compare to new iPad

        • I have had 2 ipads since then, I think they should be targetting slightly newer devices a bit more. In any case, there is almost no reason to be paying $420 for these devices unless theres like, that much worth in gold inside.

          • @ATangk: Of course there's no reason to be paying $420 for these. I think it's actually quite a smart promotion though because a lot of people have these old iPads lying around and if you want to get anything worthwhile Surface is a bit overpriced.

            How about when Samsung would offer $400-$500 + trade in value for phones that you wouldn't ever pay that much for? Same thing imho. Overpriced to start with, but a seemingly good deal with the bonus.

  • Also I bought it via cashrewards, anyone know if the cashback will still be eligible if the payment for the trade-in ipad is successful?

    • Also I bought it via cashrewards,

      Totally forgot, oh well only 0.7%

    • Would be a separate transaction i think.

  • +2

    Surface Go 2 64GB already out of stock :O

  • +1

    The Surface pro 7/X/laptop 3/book are all overpriced.
    The only thing not overpriced is the Surface laptop Go.
    If you wait for the sale, you can get them heavily discounted?

  • Hmm my iPad Pro 10.5 with lte 256 is only appraised with $250.. wtf.. the pro has a pro motion display..

    • +3

      It might have pro motion display, but does it have x-year-old finely aged components?

  • +7

    DO NOT USE CEXHANGE is my tip based on my experience!

    I traded in a Surface Pro, got quoted $285, upon receipt, they claimed it wasn't working and offered me $9. They refused to communicate with me, so I went through fair trading, who put me on to BBB to file a complaint. When I logged the complaint, all of a sudden my Surface was perfectly functioning and they accepted to pay me the quoted amount.

    Have a read below for other similar horror stories. This mob is nothing but a bunch of con artists!

    • Wow that bad. Most people wouldn’t waste their time, so I imagine CEX gets away with it most of the time.
      Many horror stories on BBB

  • Looks like a price error to me?
    Otherwise, microsoft is targeting those users who is still using old iPads and bait them to switch to Surface, just like what Samsung did to switch iPhone users.

    • Doesn't look like it is because already running for sometime.

    • +1

      Not a price error. CExchange is paying you the same value for the item. The bonus $400 is added if you have proof of purchase of those specific (and mostly older model) devices. The $400 is basically a subsidy from Microsoft.

  • +2

    All cheap basic models are sold out. Let me wait a bit.

  • Do they restock? Anything worth getting is now sold out :(

    • +1

      Surface laptop go 8GB 128GB still available

  • +1

    Can you trade two iPads for 1 device?

    • Sounds like its a 1:1 ratio

      From MS website.

      How many times can I participate in this promotion?

      You can trade in one eligible used device for each qualifying device you purchase at Microsoft Store. For example, if you purchase three qualifying devices from Microsoft Store, you can trade in up to three eligible used devices.

      • How many times can I participate in this promotion?

        Only ask you to create account after uploaded receipt, in that case I think you can use a difference email address to register but not should about the account that you bought the device.

  • +5

    does it work with education pricing? unidays 10% off

  • Say i get the $879 version. Will cost me $460. Then Can sell it for $750. Then get the iPad 9 for $500. $250 for ipad 2 which is like $60 in ebay. $190 extra for all the work. not bad i guess.

    • +1

      Or u can just return it to MS for get full refund

  • +1

    Hi, my question is my IPAD was purchased in China, and does it count? should I wipe everything and clear password so they can unlock my iPad ?

    • should I wipe everything and clear password so they can unlock my iPad ?

      That is why they said in the email, you have to reset it first.

    • I doubt it as the model number is different it seems to accept US and AU models

  • Can anyone recommend a USB-C hub for connecting to HDMI to monitor for the surface laptop go

    • -1

      Microsoft Surface USB-C Travel Hub

    • +1

      A lot from Amazon, I have a USB-C to HDMI cable so far no problem, even tried USB C to C.

      BTW, I have Surface Pro 7.

      • How about this one with USB-PD charge hub

        I should be able to charge the laptop whilst using a HDMI connected external monitor?

        Can you recommend a USB-C to HDMI adapter?

        • Actually mine is Tersely USB C to display port but I think their USB C to HDMI should be similar.

          I have never try USB PD hub

  • Dammit I have cracks on my 2 iPad 2’s :( I’ll check sometime to see if it’s on the actual iPad and not the screen protector etc but otherwise rip

  • I got stuck debating and most cheap options got redeemed. Do you guys think that Microsoft would accept returns lol? If they restock.

  • Where do you find the eligibility list to buy from?

    • The trade in link in this deal

  • Just not getting how a freaking iPad Pro 12.9" with 512gb is $120~ and a crappy iPad 2 wifi 16gb is $400+. Something is screwed there…

    • I would give you $400 for it if you like 🤣🤣🤣

    • Apple has been locking components together ie. screen and MOBO. Earlier models didn't have any of this beside fingerprint.

      • Why Apple!!
        Stop soldering everything together :(

    • +2

      The trade in value that CExchange apply to the old iPad is only $20 to $30. Then the $400 is added if you can show proof of purchase of one of those specific Microsoft devices. The $400 is a bonus/promotional amount most likely from Microsoft directly. So CExchange is still only forking out $20 for your old iPad.

      As to why Microsoft are only offering the bonus trade in value for those older iPads and not newer ones, that’s a mystery.

        1. Stock clearance - that's why not all surface models included, especially the newer models.
        2. Lure some fickle customers to Surface products with $400 credit. - offering $100 or $200 won't be that powerful.
        3. Marketing for Surface brand.
      • I got $426 for a surface pro 4 i5 4Gb/128GB

        • It said the same price for my surface pro 4 m3 but it has screen flickering issue when overheating but I don't think they will see it if just turn on to check.

          Because of this issue MS offered me discount on my current Surface Pro 7 but I still have the 4 with me.

          They even offer over $100 for xbox 360 or nintendo 2DS XL to trade for Xbox Series S

  • is this a long-running program where they update the eligible models for purchase? Maybe its worth waiting since theres already a new surface pro 8, surface go 3, laptop 4.

    • It is a long running program but $4xx for iPad 2 3 4 trade in value not sure.

  • Surface Go cheaper models are sold out

    • Only m3 model left now.

  • No all the go 2 out of stock. Came to late to the party

    • I just bought Surface Surface Go 2 for $597

      • How you get that for $597?

        • Seems like that got the $1199 model and a $522 cashback (IPad 2).

          • @Sheng: Hmm … I reckon $1199 is overpriced for a m3 Surface Go 2.

        • I am not sure. In my account it showed up as $597.55 with some discount. I am no student or anything.

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