This was posted 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$421.45-$522.26 iPad 2, 3, 4, 5 Trade-in Value When Purchasing Selected Microsoft Surface Devices @ Microsoft via CEXchange


Eligible old iPads to trade-in;
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad 5

Eligible surface devices;

Surface Go 2 from $629
Surface Laptop Go - from $879
Surface Pro 7 - from $1149
Surface Pro X - from $1699
Surface Book 3 - from $2399
Surface Laptop 3 - from $1599
Credit to @gtrain

Trade-In Process:

  1. Purchase a surface device from above at the Microsoft Store
  2. Get an online valuation of your old device to trade in
  3. Upload surface purchase details
  4. Send your old device in
  5. Receive the valuation amount back into your bank account
  6. Receive your new surface device

iPads 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a high valuation compared to most other devices for some reason, I think it has to do with purchasing these specific surface devices because purchasing anything else drops the value significantly.

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                        @neonlight: Just click on the online chat with MS from the product page


                        I would recommend to do it ASAP because $777 promo may only last a few days and may sold out, you can still keep it unopen in case needs to return.

                        • @superforever: is it? I'm not sure about if its lasting that long didn;t know its a promote

                        • @superforever: Can't seem to find the online chat button ?

                        • @superforever: Thanks mate, wouldn't have seen this special without you posting it! Organising a refund now.

                        • @superforever: I see I also confirmed that its not just this time, but if the price is lower than $777 within the 60 days period from that day you purchased you can claim the difference again.

                          So best to do it now as you suggested and if it gets lower, then ask again.

                          I saved that chat in case.

                          Never the less see what happens with CExchange…..did you @superforever get your email they have received your parcel? My Auspost tracking shows delivered but nothing from CExchange

                          • @neonlight:

                            I see I also confirmed that its not just this time, but if the price is lower than $777 within the 60 days period from that day you purchased

                            Good to know.

                            .did you @superforever get your email they have received your parcel?

                            Not yet from CExchange but auspost said delivered yesterday. I think they will need sometime to process.

              • @superforever: Where is the online chat function? Can't find it at all, only a phone number

                • @chillipaste: you can find that popup under product support there's no link, the talk to the expert one i think

                • @chillipaste: I couldn't find the online chat function either, so I just gave them a call and they did the refund for me straight away.

                  I'd do the price match now because apparently they only do it if they have the exact item in stock.

              • @superforever: I think we should wait until Cexhange credit us and if not no need to do any surface promise price difference refund just return the whole unit. I would wait til 50th day or see if the price drop more

        • Keep in mind the surface go 3 is released next Tuesday so they may remove the go 2 from their website

          • @turk182: Yeah Surface Laptop Go also dropped.

            • @superforever: I have the laptop go, tempted to price match as is, seems like they don’t want to go to HN levels unfortunately

              • @newsat:

                Seems like they don’t want to go to HN levels unfortunately

                I don't understand, MS just want us to return it and buy from HN?

                • +1

                  @superforever: The are now listing the Surface laptop go 128 GB as $777 on their website if anyone wants to price promise match. Good value!

                  • @newsat: Yeah I knew Microsoft will price match them, may be because I online chat with them yesterday.

                    Hope price match won't affect the trade in, I will keep it unopen until I received the money.

                    Done they accepted refund the difference.

                    • @superforever: yep, worth matching and waiting. I nearly did the $938 match last night but glad I waited. Very good price. Cexchange have my ipad and mention letting me know within 15 days so will wait till then until I am completely happy :)

                      • @newsat: Since Applause confirmed with them the $4xx is correct so should be fine if your iPad is fine.

                        I am wondering whether because I asked them yesterday regarding HN $777 price match

              • @newsat: As of today the price has dropped to $777 do the price match now

            • @superforever: That's really bad. How to get them refund the difference??

        • Thanks @Applause for the deal and the reminder only 1 price promise per order and just matched $777 from their own store.

          • @superforever: you said it yourself, 1 per order.

            • @fomal: But I read somewhere, somebody confirmed that wasn't the case but I couldn't find it may be from another Surface's post.

                • +1

                  @fomal: From T&C, seem only limited period and max of one price adjustment per device.

                  [1] Offer valid on purchases of Surface devices made at Microsoft Store online in select markets from Dec 2, 2020 to October 31, 2021 (“Offer Period”). Excludes Surface Hub. Offer not valid on purchases made at third party retailers. Customer is eligible for price adjustment only if 1) Customer purchases a Surface device during the Offer Period, (2) the price of that Surface is reduced during the Offer Period, and 3) Customer requests a price adjustment while the Surface price is reduced and in-stock for purchase. Customer must contact Microsoft Store Sales and Support to request price adjustment with order number and any other information requested by the Microsoft Store Sales representative. Credit will be provided to Customer in same method of payment (credit card use will be credited to original card). Offer limited to 5 devices per eligible customer in total during the Offer Period and a maximum of one price adjustment per device. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue offers at any time. Other exclusions and limitations may apply

                  • @superforever: Though it says that when a couple of us asked them in chat while we were matching they said they could do multiple.

  • My order history on CEXchange has now changed to being empty. Has that happened to anyone else?

    • I can still see it when I click on recent orders. But mine isn't received by them yet. Didn't you get any correspondence from them yet since they received yours yesterday?

      • Nope nothing.

        But I did the trade in order when they were giving $1002.67. They later confirmed it was an error and supposed to be $421.45. But they said they would send it back and asked me to do a new trade in order of the “correct valuation” but it is now at around $40 so I’ve contacted Microsoft to see if they can help.

        • Oh, that's awful, them having to send it back just to get the correct evaluation sounds very fishy and evasive. Hope you get a favourable response from MS.

        • Oh they can't just do $421 for you ?

          • @superforever: Not if they have already sent it back and are expecting me to do a new trade in of $40. I’m emailed CEX if they can accept the $421.45 valuation without cancelling the order but no response.

      • Auspost delivered for me but no email from them confirmed it's received, can see under order history on cexchange.

    • @Applause - my order history is also empty, but they received mine yesterday. So will wait and see.

      • Can I ask did you include the appraisal label outside the package or inside? I've included mine inside and auspost delivered but not marked as received by them on the order

        • I included it on the inside. I don’t recall their instructions saying whether to put on the inside or outside.

          • @HoneyB: yeah ok did you receive an email from CExchange? i did not eventhough they got the parcel

            • +1

              @neonlight: No email either

              • +1

                @HoneyB: Mine was received by Australia Post on Wednesday. I received an email this morning advising it had been received. My order status now shows as 'received'. Waiting 15 days for the appraisal now.

                • @Dobby33: Right ok so its meant to be received status on the order CExchange then you need to wait for another 15 days, thanks for that info

                  • @neonlight: @neonlight so can you actually see your device in your order history? Because my order history is empty.

                    • +1

                      @HoneyB: on CExchange yes i can see it as pending

                      STATUS: Pending Receipt
                      TOTAL: $454.34

                      You need logon to your account login with the one you created during trade-in

                      Look for order history button

                      • +1

                        @neonlight: Thank you so much! Yes I found it now, mine is also showing pending receipt.

                        I agree with your comment below, I’m also thinking now I should’ve included the appraisal slip on the outside.

                        Oh well we just gotta wait and see.

                • @Dobby33: @Dobby33 that’s good to hear.

                  Did you include the appraisal label on the outside of the package or inside? And was your order history empty until they received it?

                  • +2

                    @HoneyB: I provided the label inside the package. My order history had my actual order in there when I checked yesterday.

                  • @HoneyB: I'm starting to think i should have included outside, because that way they would scan it immediately no need to open

                • @Dobby33: Did they actually said 15 days in the email? Did you ask you for paypal or bank account?

                  • @superforever: Yeah they said 15 days in the email. I haven't had an option to ask for payment so not actually sure how I will be receiving it.

                    • @Dobby33: Thanks, as I understand from people that did it before, they only offer paypal not bank account.

                      Did they confirm the trade value in the email?

                      • @superforever: No there wasn't any mention of the trade value. I assume that will come once they've done their appraisal.

  • -3

    Initiated return with MS.
    unfortunately, its been a big waste

  • If anyone purchased the surface 2 the ms website is showing for $477. A good price drop for them to match. I wonder if it will become even cheaper?

    • 60 days to find out.. though $477 could expire any time, since they are probably price matching someone else.

      • I got the promo email says pricing valid until 4th Oct 11:59pm.

        • Hmm, might not make it then. Their call centre is closed on the weekend and Monday 4th Oct is a public holiday. Would they honor it on Tue if price is adjusted back to normal…

          Nvm, managed to get the difference refunded through Live Chat.


    Surface Go 2 8GB 128GB $636 now, they matched HN, 4GB 64GB $477

    Remember to ask MS to match it if you bought this version.

  • I’m expecting to see a returns option for a surface in the order history/detail but can’t seem to see it under the delivery detail - anyone else have this issue or know how to start a request?

    • Does the product need to be opened and signed in so that it appears under my devices, in order for the returns option to appear?

    • +1

      Someone mentioned previously that they made a return request via support chat before the option appears in the account.

  • Anyone got their items delivered according to tracking and got a correspondence from cexchange ?
    Mine is delivered already but nothing from cexchange yet.

    • +1

      Same delivered Wed. Got no email nothing

      I think something is dodgy there.

      As in they will wait til appraisal date is over which is 6 days. And said never received it before that date. Although auspost tracking shows delivered

      Since past 10th October they will not honour that money to you

      • +1

        Postmarked by 10 October, not received by 10 October

        • +1

          Who knows. They can claim they didn't receive in time? Anything can happen until they assess and pay you until last min your trade is not confirmed

    • +1

      Yes, somebody received confirmation email, give them sometime to process a large amount of orders, also long weekend in Sydney.

      • yes but he/she might have gotten in earlier before the influx of parcels came in for over $400 trade in value.

        There's high chance someone put stop there

  • Sent the iPad 2 to the local post office (metro Vic) by lunch time on 27th Sep.

    Now on 5th Oct, the Auspost tracking still shows "processed at Dandenong South on 30th September."

    • +1

      Mine sent on 27Sept and received on 30Sept but Sydney to Sydney here.

      • +1

        Has nothing to do with my one, already arrived Auspost. Whether they will open and process package is up to Cexchange.

        Still showing:-

        STATUS: Pending Receipt
        TOTAL: $454.34

        Gut feeling they pretend it never arrived.

        • +1

          I will give them a bit more time since they should have a lot of package arrive for them to open.

          Because the parcel sent to Grays online, not sure whether they are in the same office, may not the same people receive it and email out.

          Also today is only the first day back from long weekend.

          Just like I did Samsung phone trade in, it did take sometime.

          • @superforever: Thanks for the info.
            Suppose the trade-in physical processing is outsourced to Grays online. Won't be surprised if CEXchange has no staff in Australia.

            • +1


              if CEXchange has no staff in Australia.

              No idea

              I think just like the Samsung trade in deal if the manufacturer support the deal no reason why they don't honour it.

              Of course CExchange or Grays online will not pay $4xx for old iPad, may be MS will pay them $400, so why not?

              • @superforever: The ultimate question is does MS honour those $ out of the bucket they had. Maybe they didn't expect such huge surge of people doing this until this post here. And if CExchange will proceed with the trade in. Right now it's all speculation until someone here got the trade in value and marked as received and processed fully

                • +1

                  @neonlight: Don't believe MS would take the risk to lose these customers & partial of its reputation permanently.

                  This special Trade-in program is believed more a targeted marketing, for MS to pinch some of loyal Apple customers.

                  Otherwise the MS store 60-day refund policy, could only help it get more Surface product returns (including $777 Laptop Go), and help Apple to sell more new iPads & Macbooks.

            • @Al123: Funny though if they got no staff then how they validate or assess these trade in packages

          • +1

            @superforever: Let's hope so my one arrived last Wednesday and that's 3 working days already, marking it as received its not hard. If it keeps staying pending rest of this week probably not a good sign.

            Since auspost confirmed delivered there's no way they haven't got it

            Make me wonder who can you contact if they declare as never received when I have proof fr Auspost tracking is there

  • Anyone have any movement on their trade ins?

    • None nothing all silent. If you how to chase them let us know

  • My iPad arrived last week on Friday, still awaiting updates…

    • Heh my one arrived last Wed heard nothing

      Still pending receipt. No chance I reckon this deal is real. They have taken us for a ride.

      High chance too many people sent their iPads and now they dunno what to do asking headquarters or MS for funds or make a final decision on this trade in

      Hence everything appraisal is in pending from X day. Those who got in quick probably got it processed. After that cut off they probably stopped

  • So after having an order status of pending, I have now realised my order history is now empty. So not really sure what's going on at the moment.

    • Actually ignore that. I have noticed the order shows up on Safari but not on my desktop browser.

  • I checked my auspost tracking and it was delivered to Sydney yesterday. I went into cexchange website and logged in. I clicked on my orders and it showed nothing. There was a new section called payments and I never saw that before. I clicked on it and I was able to enter my bsb and account number. Hope this means that something maybe happening.

    • I checked my auspost tracking and it was delivered to Sydney yesterday.

      Mine delivered on 30Sept still said pending receipt.

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