This was posted 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$421.45-$522.26 iPad 2, 3, 4, 5 Trade-in Value When Purchasing Selected Microsoft Surface Devices @ Microsoft via CEXchange


Eligible old iPads to trade-in;
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad 5

Eligible surface devices;

Surface Go 2 from $629
Surface Laptop Go - from $879
Surface Pro 7 - from $1149
Surface Pro X - from $1699
Surface Book 3 - from $2399
Surface Laptop 3 - from $1599
Credit to @gtrain

Trade-In Process:

  1. Purchase a surface device from above at the Microsoft Store
  2. Get an online valuation of your old device to trade in
  3. Upload surface purchase details
  4. Send your old device in
  5. Receive the valuation amount back into your bank account
  6. Receive your new surface device

iPads 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a high valuation compared to most other devices for some reason, I think it has to do with purchasing these specific surface devices because purchasing anything else drops the value significantly.

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    • Yes I can see this payment section too. But only via mobile and not desktop…weird.
      Needed a swift code.

      My iPad has been delivered (sent Tuesday) but like others, it prob is ages away from acknowledgement/appraisal/payment

      • Yes I can see this payment section too.

        Still pending receipt for me on mobile

        • ditto

  • -2

    Read this guys

    "You can cancel your trade-in by simply not shipping your used device to CExchange. If you send in your device lather than 15 days from the time you complete the online trade-in process, CExchange will email you a new appraisal value. You can choose to accept the new offer and ship your device to CExchange at that time or you can choose to reject it. If CExchange doesn’t hear from you within 7 days after issuing the new offer, CExchange will continue with the trade-in and either issue the new amount to your payment method."

    You can bet they are waiting for that 15 days to be over then send you a new trade in value issuing a MUCH lower offer

    • Relax. The "send in your device later than 15 days" refers to the item actually being sent, if your parcel has been postmarked by Auspost earlier than the 15 day mark - there's no provision in here that'll void the original appraisal value. There's also a line in the email that tells you the ipad needs to be postmarked by the 15 mark to retain its original appraisal value.

      • They can claim you sent in later than 15 days, doesn't matter if Auspost says delivered. Because they didn't "receive" or "acknowledge" within 15 days. They can blame covid all they want. Fact is clear its sitting at their address, nothing being done

        One day left and we will see the truth. I doubt anything will happen or get an update at all.

        Here's an email I got from MS Support Chat [email protected]

        Good luck

        • You're not reading. The 15 day mark is referring to the time the item's been sent. Tracking from Auspost will be able to tell the time the item's been lodged before the 15 day mark. Plenty of evidence to show that the 15 day rule has been fulfilled on our end.

          • @redwood: Evidence is one thing, processing your Trade-in is another. I highly doubt this deal will complete. I already logged a case with MS support escalating this matter. They offer a trade-in program with CExchange that isn't responsive to anything nor bother process any trade ins. They are partly at fault to be honest

            • @neonlight: Relax. There is a grey color banner with the CEXchange webpages:

              "Due to COVID restrictions to New South Wales at the moment there might be a delay in processing your order."

              • @Al123: Yeah but if it's close 60 days might as well just send back and keep the money? Your call

  • My only issue is getting the money within the MS 60 day return window as I dont want the surface device if there is no trade in.

    • Likely to be close to that or over that with the way CExchange is processing. Your call. Keep or return

      That's why I'm saying if they can't process and give you the funds within 60 days. It's not a deal and Microsoft should be liable for setting up such honey pot practice that can't deliver

      • We still don't know whether it was a "price error" or legit?

        I missed out as I was waiting for a "sale" and the cheaper models were sold out. Still got my iPad 2 doing nothing :P

        2011 was "the year of the iPad 2".

        • Don't really know because that's only one person got an email back on receipt. No one else here. It's been more than 7 working days since it was delivered for me no updates

          Covid is not to be blamed. I will give them another week

  • +2

    what a pain in the ass

  • CExchange website is so weird. If I log-in to it directly, it shows "Payment Options" but I couldn't see my orders. If I login to Microsoft store then go to CExchange, I can see my order but none about "Payment Options". Anybody has the same experience?

    PS. How to tag users??

  • -2

    Any follow up on the saga? I want to see some end results.

    • It's the weekend atm.

      No updates for me, post confirmation of receipt.

      • +1

        post confirmation of receipt.

        You are the only one that have the confirmation of receipt.

        • I told you so, counting on one individual doesn't mean much. Perhaps his one was the first one in, then a sudden influx of these packages rings the bell, and they put a stop to it.

          That is exactly what i speculate.

  • +2

    Like most of here, I'm also distressed about the item not being marked as received in their order history although tracking says it is. Just found this in there faq section:
    This means we should contact them through [email protected] if we didn't receive anything from them after 5 business days of item being delivered by Austpost. Regardless of what their order history says in status. I'm going to do that on 6th business day and if I don't get a response within 24hours. I'm going to complain to consumer affairs.

    I sent in my used device but I haven’t heard anything yet. What should I do?

    You should receive a tracking number from your selected carrier to track your used device back to CExchange. Once CExchange receives your used device, it can take up to 5 business days to finalize all testing reports and process your claim.

    If you still haven’t received any updates from CExchange after this time period, you can reach CExchange Customer Service:

    E-mail: [email protected]
    • +1

      Today is the 5th business day for me. Will reach out to customer service tomorrow if still no movement.

      • +1

        7th Business day for me no updates

    • +1

      yeah i already know that and posted it before, and nobody seems to think of the same, something dodgy is going on here

      • +1

        Oh I see.. I fully agree with you. For me 5 business days will be tomorrow will contact them then.

        • +1

          Cool good to know some people would think of the same

    • I emailed them but I expect no answers or replies

  • +1

    My popcorn is running out.

  • +3

    My order was marked as received on its website this morning.
    (delivered on 7th last Thursday).

    And got a confirmation email:
    We have received the package containing transaction *****. Our evaluation team will process the items and send you an email update within 15 days.

    • Mine still said Pending Receipt, I chat with Microsoft they created a case for me and they will contact CExchange directly for me.

      auspost delivered on 30Sept.

    • +1

      Same. I received the same email this morning. Let’s hope that it is not 15 days and is sooner. Feel better that they have it and acknowledged it. Let’s keep fingers crossed they honour the price :)

    • Did you include the appraisal receipt out side the package or inside ?

      I wonder if the delay for marking as received is due to including it inside the package.

      • I'm wondering of the same, perhaps they just scan the package outside and considered received, but if you have it inside they actually don't open the packages therefore can't update the database

        • I posted iPad on 27 September
          Auspost tracking showed it was received on 28 September
          Email acknowledgment from CEX on 30 September
          Shows as item received in my portal

          Appraisal receipt was inside.

          • @Poombear: My one received 29th Sep, appraisal inside no updates no email

    • Mine is still pending receipt too. It was delivered 1/10/2021. Appraisal receipt inside.

  • Anyone returned their Surface? I can't see any link or button in the order history page to request a return?

    • You have 60 days no need to do it now.

  • Sent on 27th Sep
    Appraisal inside
    It arrived 2 days later and I received the email on the 1st Oct that mentions an email update within 15 days

    I’ll see what happens by next week but I reckon it should be fine, they just probably received a large amount

  • Hi guys I got a problem, when i try to return the surface pad. I can not do it because on the history page, there is no return button! Please help.

    • You'll need to call Microsoft support.

  • +2

    My order had been marked received at CExchange finally.

    Sent on 27th Sep
    Marked received on Aus Post tracking 1st Oct
    Marked received on CExchange 15th Oct

    • same here, after 2 weeks..

    • Mine too, hope if they could do the evaluation sooner. Hope 15days is not business days.

    • Still Pending Receipt

      Sent on 27 Sept

      • I sent on 27th too, austpost delivered it on the 4th of Oct.

  • AusPost tracking says it arrived on 5th Oct.
    CEX still "Pending Receipt"
    I am starting to get a little worried now.

    • Seem like they are doing it in random order, not really first in first out

      • +1

        Random claw machine from the pile. Wouldn’t be surprised if they need to insert coins for each attempt.

    • Since 5th Oct? That's nothing my one arrived 29th Sep still nothing

  • +2

    Got a confirmation email from them recently. My ipad is being appraising. I'm in NSW.
    Sent 28th Sept
    Marked received by Auspost 1st Oct
    Marked received on CExchange 15th Oct
    Appraisal inside

    • Still got nothing marked as received on 29th Sep Auspost

      • Nothing back for me as well. Microsoft aren't even getting an answer from CEXchange either. They'll let me know when they do.

  • Has anyone got their $$$?

  • +3

    I have received a response from Cexchange about the lack of movement with my trade in as it was still pending receipt for a good 15days after i have sent it in and marked received by them.

    Message as below:

    Thank you for your email and participation in our program. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience. We have been informed of some delays at the warehouse for receiving and processing. Packages are currently in holding. We appreciate your patience during this time. You will receive another automated status update once the item is able to complete evaluation.

    • When did you email them? I emailed them as well but still no response.

      • +1

        i emailed them on the 14th Oct. My ipad status change to received on the 15th Oct.

        I received the above message this morning (19th Oct)

        • I emailed them on the 12th Oct. Having no luck with them at all.

    • This sounds like the received message few of us got recently is just an automated message.

      • I received the same email at 1.51am after asking about the being over 15 days. Hopefully it is resolved soon enough or they have one person in the ipad 2 division

    • +1

      I got this today, I hope its not a generic one at least they acknowledge issues at warehouse

      • awesome! been following your comments for a while, glad you finally got it.

  • +6

    Got an email saying Trade-in pending payment, approved payment for $421.45

    • nice, wish this deal was still around

    • Good to know. Fingers crossed for those who still got pending receipt on their ones

    • Still waiting receipt confirmation :(

      Chat online said their supervisor working on my case and said "I guarantee that the appraisal for your iPad will be paid."

      • Which online chat is this with ? Don't think there's a chat function for CEX

        • Microsoft store.

          • @superforever: Thanks - mine was marked received on the 30th Sept and still no updates since then

  • +2

    Got a Pending Payment update from CExchange today:

    Microsoft Store Trade-In order number XXXXXXXXXXXX has been approved for payment for $511.97 and will be sent to you via PayPal within the next week.

    Again, my timeline was:

    Ipad 5 Sent 28th Sept
    Marked received by Auspost at CExchange 1st Oct
    Marked received on CExchange 15th Oct
    Appraisal inside
    Pending Payment email from CExchange 20th Oct

    • Nice to see some are going through :D

  • How will they pay me if i purchase the device not with my PayPal email?

    • +1

      If you log into the other non-Australian CExchange website, you'll be able to add your PayPal details (but you won't see your order details).

      • Though not sure if that links back to the Australian account / payment details

  • +1

    Finally received email

    "We have received the package containing transaction xxxxxxxxx. Our evaluation team will process the items and send you an email update within 15 days"

    Sent on 27Sept, delivered on 30Sept

    • Same here got that email.

      • +1

        Good system first in last out 🙄

    • Also received email just now.

      Sent 30 Sep, delivered 1 Oct, received 21 Oct… Let's hope evaluation doesn't take the full 15 days.

      • Don't get your hopes up then can have less expectations

        • Oh I'm hopful, but I have no expectations at all..

        • +1

          Unbelievable! They managed to make assessment same day. Just received an update,

          Microsoft Store Trade-In order number xxxxxxxxxx has been approved for payment for $454.34 and will be sent to you via PayPal within the next week.

          • +1

            @iChopstick: Nice, seems like people are back to work after lockdown and restrictions?

            $777 - 454.34 = 322.66 for Surface Laptop GO.

            There's no way you can beat that for any laptops you buy ever on Ozbargain for that specs.

            • +3

              @neonlight: $454.34 for an almost 9 year old iPad 4.

              IIRC, I bought the iPad for $499 and claimed TRS, so effectively $453.64 out of pocket. Made 70c profit!

              • @iChopstick: I bought my Ipad 4 $397 in 2013. So I already got a profit of $57.34

                • @neonlight:

                  I bought my Ipad 4 $397 in 2013. So I already got a profit of $57.34

                  I bought my iPad 3 4G from TGG with discount giftcard from auspost I think, couldn't remember end up how much.

            • @neonlight:

              $777 - 454.34 = 322.66 for Surface Laptop GO.

              After I claim GST (from the original amount) and tax return next year for expense, it is almost free.

              • @superforever: Ah I see you had plans to travel. And you can use the original 1099 invoice instead for GST haha

                • @neonlight: With the $777 invoice I can still get $70 GST (business a/c GST claim) not from the amount after trade up $322 + office expense and tax return almost = zero.

          • @iChopstick:

            Unbelievable! They managed to make assessment same day. Just received an update,

            Did they ask you for paypal account? Or just assume your email is the paypal account?

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