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POCO F3 5G, 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED, SD870, 6GB/128GB US$309 (~A$425.47) HK Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Good price for a great phone, currently cheapest at Banggood.

Specs: gsmarena

  • 6.67" 120Hz E4 AMOLED FHD+ Display
  • Snapdragon 870
  • Android 11 MIUI 12
  • 6GB + 128GB or 8GB + 256GB
  • 4,520 mAh Battery with quick charge 33W (Charger included)
  • Rear Camera: 48MP+8MP+5MP AI Triple Camera. Front Camera: 20MP
  • NFC
  • Dual SIM Dual Standby
  • 4G: LTE FDD: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, 66
  • 5G: n1, n3, n5, n7, n8, n20, n28, n38, n41, n77, n78

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Also on sale 8GB + 256GB

POCO F3 5G 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED, SD870, 8GB/256GB US$350.14 (~A$482.12) Delivered HK Stock

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  • This or the POCO X3 Pro?

    • +7


      • -1

        is it really that different?

        edit: https://nanoreview.net/en/soc-compare/qualcomm-snapdragon-87...

        hmmmm, I'd actually say it is from a performance perspective, but not battery life

        • +1

          the Snapdragon 860 and 870 are basically just slightly overclocked 855, and 865 respectively.
          So the 2019 and 2020 flagship chips recycled.
          Most people won't notice the difference though, they are both great.
          The bigger difference is in the screen (and maybe cameras, but I'm not too sure)

    • +3

      I need microSD support. So I prefer X3 Pro.

      • usb c to micro sd reader?

        • A pick tail on the phone is not desirable. Unless there is an 180 degree USB-C OTG micro sd reader with fast charging passthrough. e.g. micro sd can be plugged at the back of the phone via an OTG reader that swing the microsd to the back of the phone, and it is compatible to all its casing, and it can support the USB-C fast charging protocol.

    • +6

      Personally would pick F3 because of the OLED screen, a shame they gave the X3 Pro an LCD panel. Would have beat the F3 in terms of value for money.

    • +1

      If you can afford either*, this.
      If you can't, X3 Pro.

  • +2

    I wish this had an alert slider like the OP phones… legit alert slider is the only thing keeping me with that brand…Anyone have the phone can speak to the screen dimming issue?

    • I used to care about the alert slider and thought I wouldn't be able to move to a phone without one. However I've gotten really used to just hitting dnd from the notification shade. I know it's not the same but it's not life changing to lose the slider. At least in my experience.

      • +2

        I go from vibrate, no ring and ring alot… its not just dnd… :(

        • Might be able to use Tasker to assign a button to change profiles.

        • You can have a vibrate button next to dnd. Press the vibrate to have no ring but vibrate.
          Press the dnd to have total silence.

          • @Zylam Marex: but to me dnd means not accepting calls.

            • @Mintee: Do you mean the call is not displayed on screen by that? I think we maybe misunderstanding each other. If you would like to lay out what modes you use and what happens in terms of the screen displaying the call, vibration and ringer status, then I'll see if I can let you know how to achieve those things via toggles in seconds.

              • @Zylam Marex: Ring, Phone/Notifications vibrates and rings
                Vibrate, Phone/Notifications vibrates only, no sound
                No sound, Phone/Notifications light up, but does not vibrate or sound
                DND, no sounds, no notifications except via exception

                • @Mintee: Very nice.

                  1. Ring, Phone/Notifications vibrates and rings - So this would be with no toggle activated.
                  2. Vibrate, Phone/Notifications vibrates only, no sound - This would be with Silent mode on and the Vibrate toggle activated.
                  3. No sound, Phone/Notifications light up, but does not vibrate or sound - This will be with Silent mode on and the Vibrate toggle deactivated.
                  4. DND - The DND toggle on. You can configure it to how you would like it to act in terms of screen turning on and the exceptions.

                  It is a bit of a hassle vs just toggling a physical switch but it is possible to have toggles setup in your notification shade to achieve what you like.

                  Note: This is how MiUi 12.5 toggles work, I'm not sure how other oem skins and stock Android would handle the above toggles. Also I do hope I have understood your settings, please do not purchase a Xiaomi device without having a test of the above setup first to see if it is indeed working out for you. I would hate for you to not have it to your liking based on what I have understood.

    • what if its patented or something. surprising how little phones on the market have feature similar to that

      • A slider has more chances of going bad compared to button. In cheap phones where profit is less, companies can't risk getting frequent warranty repairs.

  • +2

    Awesome phone. The best value for money out there, I'd say. It's on my radar should I need to replace my Mi 9T Pro.

  • This or iPhone 13 pro ?

  • How's the camera compared to a oneplus phone?

    • +1

      Depends on which model; I would probably say the OnePlus, they're generally better quality overall (and more expensive) compared to Xiaomi devices.

  • Camera any good? Coming from a mi 9 not sure if worth the upgrade

    • i got a mi11lite 5g for my dad, i thought my mi9 took the same if not slightly better pics (more reactive)

    • Not the best but at this price point there's not much to complain about especially with the other great specs under the hood

      • -1

        Your nail needs a finer cut ;)

        • Pretty good I thought for something I did with my teeth?

  • Just bought the 8/256gb version last night for $530

    • +1

      You can cancel your order (if it hasn't already shipped) via BG live chat. Then reorder with coupon.

      • I paid with zip so id have to wait a few days for it to be refunded.

        Might contact support and see if they can refund the difference

        • Good luck with that.

          • +1

            @Bretttick: Yeah support offered me points and 6% coupon of next purchase. But don’t plan on buying from there again.

            Might just take up with PayPal and say coupon didn’t apply and try to get the $21 refund

            • @HeyPapito: Yeah, they want to play games to not compensate. You might as well play there game to get discount 👍

  • Crapppp I brought mine 3 days ago 😢 already shipping…

  • Feel like a sucker getting my X3 NFC late last year, absolutely crazy value here!

    • +2

      still a great value phone, theres always something better coming.
      how much did you pay for your x3?

      • Yeah you're right, it's been serving me well, no issues (aside from the MIUI bugs).

        I think I paid around $330? It was from Amazon so it came with 2 years warranty which is nice.

        • I paid AU$ 366.61 after GST from Aliexpress (official xiaomi store) on 2020/09/08 (shortly after release sale) and it arrived the month after.

          I don't think the warranty will be as good as Amazon, but so far no problems with mine.
          I've even flashed Pixel Experience+.

          • @MagicTsukai: Yeah AliExpress warranty is basically non-existent, but still especially with custom ROMs I don't expect these phones to break down so easily.

            How are you finding pixel experience? Smoother than MIUI?

            • @mangobango: it is smoother, i like PE+ more with free unlimited photo uploads.

              MIUI is decent too though.

              • @MagicTsukai: Oh free unlimited photos is a big plus!

                What's the camera like? Can you use all the lenses or do you need to download a Gcam mod?

    • +1

      Poco X3 NFC has a 64MP primary and 13MP ultra wide camera as opposed to 48MP and 8MP on F3 and X3 NFC Pro. I also wouldn't buy a phone without and SD card slot and a plastic frame.

      SD732 is plenty fast especially if you run a custom ROM like me. I bought mine for $350 via Amazon UK and at the time it was the best value for money phone on OZB.

      • That's true, didn't realise the camera was a bit worse on these ones! Much better CPU but I guess they had to cut corners elsewhere to keep the price down.

        Which custom rom do you use? I'm using the xiaomi.eu rom which is not bad, almost wanted to install ArrowOS but heard the camera app was horrible quality.

        • +1

          crDroid. Everything works and I use gCam. Fantastic quality in this price range.
          You can get it from this thread

          • @vrsac: I'll have to check it out, thanks!
            Can you still use stuff like wide angle and macro lenses with this gcam?

            • @mangobango: Like I said, everything works, including NFC payments

              • @vrsac: I'll have to check it out then, thanks! I tried installing Gcam but couldn't get wide angle or macro to work (no options for them). I'll tinker around properly later and work it out.

                • @mangobango: You need to load XML file!

                  • @vrsac: Actually, just tried the UltraCVM from your link (before I went to the first page of your link and grabbed an APK from there), seems like this one works with the lenses!

                    I'm not a fan of the macro smoothing though, looks very weird (even with the XML file).

                    I'll play around with it, thanks for that :)

  • Have this phone and it's performance is epic for the price. Waiting for MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition though, which is supposed to fix the 120fps issues the phone has been having. 80% of the time it's ok and it doesn't drop frames, but at times it goes down to 90/100fps and you can notice the jank when scrolling.

    • Would recommend installing arrowos if you can. Much cleaner with less bloat

      • +1

        too old for custom ROM's, been doing it for years and can't be bothered anymore. Not even Xiaomi.eu ROMs. will wait and see what MIUI 13 also brings.

  • Will Google Play work fine here with this?

  • Woow, nice price. I still refuse to support phones without headphone jack though. Nonetheless, fantastic price.

    • it does come with adapter in the box which would technically be a headphone jack

      • +1

        Please don't use those, just move to Bluetooth. The usb-C ports is not designed to be tugged like 3.5mm jack does.

    • What's wrong with Bluetooth headphones?

      • nothing, i've got a pair of galaxy buds so there is no problem. but just saying there is an adapter in the box

      • Lag when watching TV

      • +1

        Nothing, but we can have Bluetooth with a 3.5mm jack. They aren't mutually exclusive, and 3.5 isn't going anywhere, it's the universal standard for audio equipments. You can walk into an old bar and plug your phone into that hifi system, but you can't do that with Bluetooth.

  • Temped but will I see an improvement from OnePlus 5T?, it's still running strong with 8G ram and runs all games fine.

    • chipset, screen size and battery is a lot better. if you play genshin or any other high graphics games on max graphics you should see a big difference

  • Got one from the previous deal, very poor battery life, the charge does not last even for a day of continues browsing.
    On the other hand included fast charger charges the phone to 100% in 30 to 35 minutes.

    • disable 5g and reduce hertz

  • Anyone knows about warranty for these Xiaomi phones from Banggood? Any bad/good experiences? Thanks

    • +3

      Warranty are you serious

  • F3 or Poco pro?

  • Just wanna add to the sentiment, having an absolute blast with this as my main daily.

    Incredible user experience and performance. Coming from note 8 - S20+(Exynos) - poco f3, this phone really hits the mark in terms of a high-end experience. Much smoother than my S20+ When gaming and just general browsing.

    Really not much to complain about except the camera is probably a 'mid-range' tier and is priced at that. Really weak in low light and zooming pass 2x.

  • +1

    Bought the F3 8gb 256g for just under $500 shipped. Took just under 2 weeks to arrive in Melbourne. Unlocking bootloader takes 7 days, I stuffed it so it took 14. Going to load pixel or lineage rom to remove all the Chinese bloatware which sends data home. Great phone for $500. Recommend getting the 8gb/256g version for the extra few dollars. Dual Sim works great for Optus/telstra

    • Is VoLTE working with Telstra? I had this phone but I could not get VoLTE to work with boost mobile. I think vowifi worked.

    • Ordered mine from bangood about three weeks ago for the 256gb model.

      There seems to be a delay of 14 days according to bangood. So it's not expected to arrive till half way through October im guessing.

      What did you do to unlock the bootloader ?

  • Bruh.. Got charged $442
    Did I need to change to AUD on the website?

    • What payment method did you use? Might be crappy rates from your bank?

      • ANZ card

  • This or Redmi note 10 pro?

    • +1

      F3 for performance. Unless you need a micro sd, headphone jack, better camera than the latter.

    • Have the note 10 Pro for two weeks coming from Samsung note 9. The pro is so much more snappier and was $378 deliver

  • +1

    Undoubtedly the most bang for buck phone in 2021.

  • I'm confused how to get $425.47. I followed the instructions but it shows $438.72 with shipping insurance. Can someone help?

    • +2

      You don't need shipping insurance if paying with PayPal.

      • without shipping insurance, I only get 430.37

        • Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

      • Thanks!

    • I got it for $427.58 by paying with PayPal so I didn't have to pay shipping insurance.

  • no sd card slot?

  • I bought the F3 and am upgrading from to Poco F1 which I've had for 3 years, the battery drains pretty quickly now and I think I could sell the F1 for $100 on gumtree or something. Excellent phone though. I'm looking forward to the F3, best value for money phone.

  • I'm also looking for a wallet case for the F3 if anyone has any recommendations?

  • This or a Samsung S10 for $350 (second hand)?

  • The "travel adaptor" that comes with this is turd as. I had to prop the actual charger up on some cat food tins or it would have fallen out.

    And I cant find a decent Aussie plug 33w fast charger that doesn't look like it would burst into flames… (Awesome phone though)

    • +1

      Agree have the same issue with the redmi Note 10 Pro. Adaptor sux ass