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Ubiquiti UniFi 24-port Managed Gigabit Switch with SFP (US-24-AU) $255 Delivered @ PCByte


Seems to be a pretty good price, no PoE.
Bought one to replace my 8 port unifi switch.

  • 24X Gigabit RJ45 Ports

  • 2X SFP Ports

  • 1X Serial Console Port

  • Non-Blocking Throughput: 26 Gbps

  • Switching Capacity: 52 Gbps

  • Forwarding Rate: 38.69 Mpps

  • Maximum Power Consumption: 25W

  • Rack-Mountable

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  • +4

    Good price!

    I am hanging out for another deal on UDM-Pro and USW-24-POE switch.

    • +2

      There's a 10% off @ wireless 1 to get a UDM-pro for 566. So not as good as some of the historical deals, but decent all the same…

      • Yeah I did see that but I have seen them sub-$500 so I'm ideally waiting for that. Our new home build is due to be finished early-mid November so hopefully a deal pops up in the next 4-6wks.

  • +1

    Please tell me why I don't need this.

    • +14

      It doesn't have PoE, you can't provision other switches or access points from the Unifi range without using a PoE injector or mains power which means extra cables dangling from your devices, also a Gen 1 Switch.

      • Yep that's why. All my switches at home are POE šŸ˜

      • +1

        Phew, thanks. You just saved me.

  • $329.00 on amazon. I need to calm down, not worth buying to save $74…

    • +7

      don't buy at all and save $255?

      • +1

        that's my point

    • Well it is worth buying to save $74ā€¦.if you actually need it, otherwise your post is pretty irrelevant :)

  • Besides cameras what do people use POE for at home?

    • +6

      Other POE switches and wifi access points

      • +4

        And IP cameras.

        • security cameras too

    • +1

      VoIP Phones

      • At home? Whatyearisit.png

        • +2

          2021, the year of WFH. Work gave me one over a year ago and PoE is a godsend.

          • @Tacooo: Oh yeah I've got a VoIP client on my laptop but he sounded like he's got multiple

            • @ozbargainer88: Not uncommon now for people that run a business from home or even just still have a home phone via VoIP.

        • I still use my Cisco 7940, still going strong after almost 15 years.

        • Having a voip phone at home is great. Using a gigaset E630A plus crazytels package means you can literally have a home phone for free using SIP.

          In addition I have an older cisco phone setup to SIP. quality is fantastic.

            • @futaris: devicedeal

              can also use a A540 or similar.

              I looked into a lot of systems and if the gigaset is still too pricey for you, can always use one of the chinese brand VOIP handsets.

              The reason i chose the gigaset is, the phone itself is DECT which means you get great range etc without relying on the actual wifi network.

    • +2

      I have POE lights from ubiquiti.

      • +1

        The unifi POE lights look like the best implementation so far but I'll have to wait for a spectacular discount before they're affordable for me.

      • Holy heck they're amazing. Now they just need one with selectable temperature.

    • +2

      It's turtles and POE all the way down.

    • +1

      UniFi wifi access points of course

      Iā€™m also waiting for a good POE doorbell to hit the market.

      • Good point forgot about those

        Im waiting for POE mini computers like those elitedesk minis

      • Is the Unifi G4 Protect Doorbell not good?

        • +1

          G4 doorbell is Wi-Fi only and not PoE.

          • +1

            @Twix: Oh heck, so it is. I swear I'd seen in the marketing blurb it was PoE, but no it is not. Hmph.

          • +1

            @Twix: Also powered by AC power. The G4 doorbell is designed to be retrofitted to an existing wired doorbell which are super common in the USA but not so much here,

      • +2

        Check out the Doorbird 101

        • It is far too expensive for what it is. Especially once you add in the chime and and video indoor station.

          I would be happy to buy the Ring elite but refuse to pay a monthly subscription fee to have a doorbell, it is ridiculous.

          I already have a Ubiquiti eco-system, I'm going to hold out and hope for an updated POE G4 Protect version.

        • I have a doorbird and I wouldn't buy one again. Video quality is average. The servers are still in Germany, though they have said that a local Australian server is coming soon. I wont hold my breath.
          The integration is pretty poor as well, ie no homekit/alexa/etc

    • +3

      Besides cameras what do people use POE for at home?

      You can also get 12V and 5V PoE power splitters like this. I've attached one to my Arlo receiver and Rasperry Pi and power them off PoE. That removes at least two power adaptors and makes wiring neater.

      • "Data Rate: 100/100Mbps"
        RIP Pi4's 1Gbps

        • +2

          If you need gigabit speeds, you can get a gigabit version like this or this or this.

          If the Pi is running Home Assistant and all you do is control lights, even 10Mbps would technically suffice.

          • @eug: I mix & match similar POE adapters as required. Gigabit units for my Fingbox & RPI 4s and 10/100 units for the RPI zeros. Add a POE powered switch and 2 access points, and most of my ports are using POE.

      • I also use these to power my ceiling mounted google home minis. More versatile than dragging over a dedicated low voltage power cable. Gives you the unmatched freedom to plug in your laptop while in the roof space lol.

        • Gives you the unmatched freedom to plug in your laptop while in the roof space lol.

          Let me introduce you to this revolutionary technology called WiFi…. ;)

  • can't connnect my iphone tto itt

    • +1

      yeah so is anything though.

  • +1

    Thanks just got one to go with my other Ubiquity gear. Now I need a rack, what's a good depth rack to get 450mm or 600mm?

  • Is this really worth the $100+ premium over other managed switch like TL-SG1024DE?

    • Yes these TP-Link and most other switches get no real software updates for security flaws.

      • I do wonder if this has been fixed, or if the flaw was present in their other models.

        • No and will not get fixed.

      • These devices are not exposed to the internet, so the security update argument doesn't hold up. ESPECIALLY for a home user.

        Waste of money imo. You're not wrong these will get more ongoing support / sw updates but they're really going to provide a tangible benefit to a home user.

        • -1

          These devices are not exposed to the internet, so the security update argument doesn't hold up.

          There are multiple attack vectors on a network, not just straight in through the router. If someone's computer gets infected, the computer is already on the internal network.

          ESPECIALLY for a home user.

          These devices are not always used at home. As you say, few home users use VLANs.

          • @eug: yeah but the likelihood is low enough a home user wouldn't care.

            You need to get infected and have a local device exploited. It's just very unlikely.

            You'd be more concerned with the plethora of IOT shit on most networks imo lol.

            • @knk:

              You'd be more concerned with the plethora of IOT shit on most networks imo lol.

              That's for sure. Should probably also include routers too.

              • @eug: yup, consumer grade routers grind my gears.

                Just don't see how you can take something decent (openwrt usually) and butcher it so badly.

  • If only the SFP ports were SFP+ on this switch.

  • Just curious what sort of houses people own that would need 24 ports let alone have a place to be able to rack it in?

    • +1

      I have at least 6 cameras, 4 for solar inverters/battery/power mgmt, 3 wifi access points, a few sonos hardwired. All need ethernet. That's just off the top of my head. Then there's the VoIP system for phones, the camera monitor etc the list goes on.

      I currently have 48 ports of which about 3/4 are occupied. And my house isn't that big.

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