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PNY RTX 3070 8GB GPU Triple Fan $1299 + Delivery @ SaveOnIt


Sorry to everyone who couldn't grab my last deal. Hopefully, this one makes it up for you guys. Seems like a decent deal once again, not as good as the last deal but its good for people looking to game.

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  • $22 shipping to me, seems like a decent deal considering the TechSlow one is at close to 1.4k. Would be good if you can't wait and can mine off it a bit to offset the inflated cost.

    • Anyone know if this card is LHR?

      • Yes, its LHR

        • Guess still okay with the unlock, cheers celery…

          • @terrence123: why does everyone ask if not LHR, doesn't that just out you as a miner?

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              @dbmitch: Honestly, if you are not mining when not gaming you are crazy. Not all miners run warehouses full of GPUs

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              @dbmitch: plenty of people aren't miners but when the cards are this expensive it is kinda nice to have some payback while you are not gaming. I bought my 6800 at Xmas for gaming, the mining was an afterthought, it has paid for itself 2 fold since purchase.

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                @gromit: When people says mining paid for the GPU, do they earn crypto-currency from mining right? And how can you use those crypto-currency to pay for GPU? Any retailers that accept crypto-currency as a form of payment?

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                  @edfoo: sir, it takes 5 minutes to create an account on exchange and another 5 minutes to get the $AUD transferred to your bank account. If you manage to do your tax return at least once you surely find no problems to cash out crypto. Crypto trading is legal in Australia.

                  • @OITHE: Thanks for the info. Good to know even if I'm not interested in mining.

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                  @edfoo: The crypto mined usually goes directly to a crypto wallet. There are many forms of crypto wallets but the most accessible one is an exchange platform where you can buy or sell crypto such as ‘CoinSpot, luno etc’

                  Direct the mined crypto to your exchange wallet and you can sell them for fiat and transfer it to your bank account.

                • @edfoo: You sell the Crypto Currency for cold hard cash.

          • @terrence123: can you link me to celery's unlock?

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        It's LHR, says so in the item title

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          Not that I can see.

          PNY RTX 3070 8GB GPU Triple Fan $1299 + Delivery @ SaveOnIt

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            @tonydav: Maybe make some effort and click the link? It's in the title of the product.

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              @kimlo: Less effort to click the link and read the specs, or cut paste the card model into Google than to type the question here, but that's just the mentality of people these days

              • +4

                @bejahi: Still, prefer to have specs, etc listed in the description. That way, if for example I'm doing some product research on historic prices in a few months time, I would know that this price is for a LHR listing rather than a non-LHR listing.

  • Nice find OP… Might get one

  • I cancelled my 3080 order with PLE and ordered with these guys a few weeks after launch. They were fantastic to deal with and only took three weeks for me to get my card. High recommend.

    • Hey matictac,

      Any info on what courier they use and where it is shipped from?? Keen to purchase…

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        I bought my 3080 from them with express shipping and they used Star Track. Don't remember where but fairly sure it was Sydney.

        • Cheers for that mate.

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            @terrence123: Ah yep just saw OPs reply. It probably was Brisbane than Sydney then. I just remember it was one of the eastern states since I'm in Perth so didn't matter to me which city it was from. But I can definitely confirm my order used Star Track with express shipping.

      • +1

        Unfortunately can't find mention of which Courier in my email trails, though I know it wasn't AusPost/StarTrack because I remember being disappointed when the StarTrack van pulled up and it was a different parcel haha. Can confirm it shipped from Brisbane though. Edit: Just saw other comment mention StarTrack, I could be misremembering. Definitely Brisbane though because I'm in Bris and I asked if I could just pick it up but they said it was already on its way out the door.

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    Is it me or is this gpu sexy as fark

    • +80
      • when you get almost more likes than the original post 😂

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      Doesn't matter to me. It's going to be facing down behind a solid black panel.

      • You can remove that metal thing FYI

        • wAt metal thing?

          • @Orico: That "ugly" metal frame thing on the fan shroud

    • Step GPU?

  • Thanks mate, picked up 25 as stocking stuffers.

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      Holds out a stocking….. 😊

  • +10

    Thank you, China.

    • Well they sure as hell ain't gonna buy them now lol

  • And 2% extra for paypal (so an extra $26).

  • Can confirm that this is a decent card. Picked the same card up a little while ago when PCCG had them listed for a touch less. Does everything one could expect from a 3070 (assuming you're just running games of course).

    • Thanks for the confirmation. How's the noise levels on the fans when under load?

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        I've got it sitting in an NZXT H1 with a vented front panel and a pair of Arctic P14s strapped to the rear. So, as breezy as that case can get. In those conditions, under full load in game, it is very quiet. Haven't tried any benchmarks or serious stress tests, though.

        • Thanks for that, appreciate the info.

  • Seems they also have some (8) fual fan 3060ti for 1199. If anyone misses the 3070.

    Oddly listed under 3080..

  • +1

    Good seller, have bought stuff off them for many years.

  • Good deal? Looks like it's almost the "correct" price, but I'm saying that because it's the lowest I've seen (so far)

    • Seems like the market is getting better. I was lucky enough to grab one of the EVGA XC3 last week. But its all getting better :)

  • +3

    got one. thanks!

    • +3

      Glad I could help you out

  • +1

    Decided to grab one so I can sell my RTX 2070 now while the used market is still good. Would have preferred an EVGA FTW3 but dont know when it will be available.

  • +1

    Have a look at Dec 2012 and people complaining about scalping prices of $929.


    Wish I got one then.

    • -1

      so do most of the hodl flogs LOL

    • +9

      They had 3070's in 2012???? 😱

      • +2

        Don't you time travel bro!?

        • +1

          I've miss placed my Tardis 😔… Old age sucks

    • Back then we didn't know the low supply would cause prices from retailers to be pushed up. It's like how, for now at least, we don't expect retailers to push up the prices of PS5s of XBOX Series Xs above their MSRPs.

      • or anything at this point that has a microchip in it really…

  • +1

    Availability: Pre-order - any idea on ETA?
    Was it "in-stock" earlier?

    • that means it sold out, they will tell you how many they have in stock if it's in stock

    • I didnt look at availability when I made placed the order - had assume it was in stock - will check with them tomorrow.

  • Hold!!!!!

  • -2

    anybody recommend the cheapest price RTX 3090.

    Thanks you

  • Ozgamers

  • what is this brand?

    • Err… PNY?

      • yeah as in, who are they. never heard of them

        • PNY has been around for many years. They have graphics card, SSD, RAM, flash drives under that brand name.

  • Price is $1529 on the website? Deal expired?

  • Oi peeps,

    Was this a pre-order or were those in stock?
    I bought a card but didn't really check for it as I was pressed for time.

    • +1

      I also didnt check when I placed the order but I now have a StarTrack tracking number so it was in stock yesterday for a bit. You can check your order status if you were signed in when you ordered.

      • Ah beautiful, got that too, thanks for that.
        Have a good one

  • cheers, mine arrived today

    • Fast! Is the back plate plastic or aluminium?

  • plastic