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bundll Exclusive: Bonus $30 Uber Eats Promo Code on Any $10+ Gift Card Purchased with bundll @ ShopBack via App Challenge


Hey everyone,

I'm super excited to announce our partnership offer sponsored by bundll!
Any ShopBacker who purchases a Gift Card valued over $10 with a bundll Digital Mastercard will receive a Bonus $30 Uber Eats Promo Code!

Simply Opt-In to the challenge on our ShopBack app, make an eligible purchase with your bundll card & enjoy the bonus!

For those of you who are not bundll members, it's 100% free to join and only takes a few minutes to sign up.


Cashback Info

Offer: Bonus $30 Uber Eats Promo on Gift Card Order $10+ with your bundll Digital Mastercard
Min. Spend: $10
Dates: 29th September - 6th October 11:59pm AEST 2021
Challenge Cap: First 3,000 Users to Opt-In


  • This offer is for a AUD $30 Uber Eats Promo Code (Promo Code) when you spend AUD $10 or more in a single transaction via the gift card portal in the ShopBack app using a bundll card (AUD $10 or more must be charged to your bundll card to qualify) between 12am AEST on 29th September 2021 and 11:59pm AEDT on 6th October 2021 (Offer).
  • Only purchases made after you ‘Start’ this challenge will qualify for the bonus $30 Uber Eats Promo Code.
  • Offer is available to new and existing ShopBack and bundll customers.
  • You may redeem this offer once only.
  • Only available to the first 3000 customers to redeem the Offer.
  • To redeem the Promo Code, you must apply the Promo Code to your Uber Eats account prior to placing an order and use your bundll card to make payment for your order.
  • The Promo Code is in addition to the regular cashback you’ll receive for buying a gift card via the ShopBack app. The Promo Code will be added to your Earn More > Rewards section (in the ShopBack app) within 72 hours after completing the transaction to redeem this Offer.
  • Cashback and Promo Code will be forfeited if any fraudulent activity is detected (or there is reasonable suspicion of such activity) on, or arising out of, your ShopBack account, or if your order is cancelled.
  • The bundll product is provided by humm Cards Pty Ltd ABN 31 099 651 877. Fees, terms and conditions apply.
  • You must have an Uber Eats account and comply with all terms and conditions of use of the Uber Eats app in order to use the Promo Code.
  • Once applied, you may redeem the Promo Code on any order placed via the Uber Eats app (including any Delivery Fees, Services Fees or other fees) using your bundll card until the Promo Code expires or is exhausted.
  • Promo Code will be exhausted when the AUD $30 is used up (including any Delivery Fees, Services Fees or other fees).
  • This Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Uber Eats offer or promotion.
  • A Promo Code is only valid only in Australia where the Uber Eats app is available.
  • Promo Code expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30th September 2022, unless exhausted earlier.

Have a question/issue? Send an email to [email protected] or DM me directly and we'll help sort it out.

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Referral: random (4029)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +3

    bundll didn't want me and wouldn't tell me why (the only thing I can think is they don't integrate with my bank so the bank account I used at sign up was a savings account with a 6 figure balance but without regular payments in)

    • I have been using it since a year ago. The initial limit was the minimum $180 and now only got increased to $250. There is no way to increase it other than getting invited.

      • Is their credit checks I'm guessing ?

        • I think there is no credit check. It only verifies your ID and activities with one of your exsiting bank accounts. In other words, you need to provide bank login. If you do not feel comfortable about it, do not sign up bundll.

          • @Neoika: Is that normal to ask for bank login via a third party app?? I don't have Afterpay or any buy-no-pay-later accounts so not sure how these companies normally verifies, but I hope they don't ask for bank login….

            • +2

              @Alinnia: They do ask for your bank login.

              Should have used some one time token system instead. I'm sure we're breaking some T&C with our own bank by handing over access to our bank account.

              • +5

                @thangcuoi: Offering random companies free access to your bank log-in details is completely insane and against even basic common sense.
                It leaves you very exposed. And if they get hacked? And they day they find have a rogue employee?
                Just try telling your bank how you handed out your log-in details after you get your account emptied.

            • +2

              @Alinnia: Afterpay and Zippay dont ask for bank logins to verify. They just ask you to input your bank card details as a payment method to them.

              For this, I suppose you could use a bank account which you rarely use and have a 0 balance most of the time?

              • +2

                @ilovefullprice: They retrieve your statements for proof of income in order to determine eligibility, so using a dead account is likely to get you knocked back.

                • @whichtyler: Yeah appears that’s the case. Was just reading comments in the previous deal (below) and there are people saying Bundll appear to check regular income in-flows and people using savings accounts with large sums in it but no regular inflow got rejected.


                • +2

                  @whichtyler: That sounds absolutely fraught with potential problems.
                  I will never do this

        • +1

          When applying you have to provide consent for them to check your credit (although it states that this will not affect your score).

  • +6

    Why we need Bundll ?

    • +3

      Obviously, it is a marketing campaign to get customers for both parties.

    • +4

      If you have to pay the ATO, you can use this as a funnel through. Because ATO spend doesn't earn points usually but Bundll repayments do.

      So basically I pay the ATO (this counts as a mastercard debit) then pay Bundll using a rewards card.

      • +1

        Yup, I actually go one step further and put $1.5k of the spend through Zip for a $2.50 fee (cheaper than 0.2% that Gov will charge you - didn't know it was flagged as debit), then get 30-55 days interest free through Zip, and pay off with Bundll grabbing Velocity points + points on my normal CC

        • Sorry I stand corrected, just looked up the BIN range. This one is still coming up as a credit but weirdly the ATO fee was only 0.20


          humm Cards Australia Pty Ltd 19304 5290020000 5290029999 MPL MPL - Platinum MasterCard MCC AUS

          If anyone is ever curious about what a card is (debit/credit etc) Mastercard/Visa issue BIN lists to help you differentiate. They basically have large ranges allocated to each issuer and you can tell exactly where a card comes from based on the number.

          Here's the link to the master card one

        • Holy cow that is genius. Does it work with bpay as well?

          • @nightelves: Sorry I should've said, the Zip $2.50 charge is because of the fee they charge for BPay :)

        • Can you please explain if I paid $1500 on zip, how do I pay Zip if my credit limit on Bundll is only $1000?

          • @Lochydc: Pay $1k off from Bundll and use other card to pay off $500.

            • +1

              @Neoika: Pay off 500 thru Bundll, pay the 500 off bundll with another card (get velocity points), then $1k thru bubdll

      • For all those using this method to gain more points/interest free period, what's the dispute resolution process if the retailer does not provide the service or does not send the goods etc?

        I don't see any way to contact bundll over phone while I can contact my CC company and dispute any transaction

        edit: I found out that you need to fill out a form etc. and send it, not sure how easy it would be and how they would rule…

  • +10

    Good God, these buy-now-pay-later schemes are the absolute scourge.

    • +1


      • How? What makes you think that way? Care to explain? For me, just another option, and potentially get free credit for extended time, what is the problem?

        • +2

          I agree. Nothing like using someone elses money for an even longer period of time.

          I think the problem applies to people actually using this as some sort of service and falling behind rather than gaming it.

          But! I will say that this is 1 million times better than a payday loan if you were in a pinch. Like I said above I just use it to pay ATO fees for my BAS and then get reward points on that. Another poster collects velocity points from bundll and then on top of that pays bundll with a rewards card. What a deal!

  • +1

    Whats the catch

    • +3

      It probably fleeces retailers like other BNPL

      • Does this mean this deal is fleecing ShopBack? :)

      • Nope it's a standard Mastercard

    • +2

      Eventually inflated prices for goods and services at retailers that have to cover the fees charged by these BNPL companies

  • +4

    Just be aware guys the $30 voucher doen't include fees (delivery fees, service fees) so you'll need to pay extra no matter what. Still a good deal if you were planning on buying a bunch of food anyway though & need a gift card.

    • +6

      Order pick up, no delivery fees or service fees

    • I always use the free shared delivery. Been doing that for all my orders with the $15 off code. Most orders end up ~$10 (give or take a few $) with enough food for two people

      • what $15 code and what is free shared delivery?

        • +1

          Free shared delivery is I'm assuming $0 Delivery Fee Countdown that refreshes with new restaurants every 15 mins with those likely to "share a delivery partner"
          (NB: you can kinda game this to almost any restaurant by faking an order if you have another account)

          $15 code was likely the targeted deal for X amount of orders a while back.

        • Targeted codes, search Ozbargain for the post.

          Shared delivery means someone elses order will be delivered on the same route. You get free delivery. Look for it in the UE app, it has a 15 minute countdown and the available restaurants always change.

  • -1

    I'm guessing there's a credit check involved. Probably should be disclosed as part of a promo.

    Taking a hit on your credit file affects people differently, so I would suggest you consider your personal circumstances before jumping on board.

    • +1

      I was wondering about this. When I googled Bundll, the below came up:
      "Will bundll affect my credit score?
      That’s a no. Bundll doesn’t check your credit file, so rest assured that signing up and using the app responsibly won’t leave a mark next to your name.
      However, your credit score could get affected if you’ve linked a credit card as your payment source and then forget to pay off that plastic."
      Source: https://mozo.com.au/fintech/meet-bundll-the-new-buy-now-pay-...

      • Yep, I read that on Mozo before applying, but the Bundll application form asks for consent to check your credit file - I assume Mozo is out of date info?

        • Weird, because Bundll's own FAQ says "Setting up bundll does not require a ‘credit check’ and no enquiry footprint left on your credit file."

          But based yours and others' comments, Bundll does do a credit check. So it would seem that both Bundll and Mozo webpages are outdated then.

          • @Alinnia: It’s a soft credit check that isn’t visible to other credit providers.

  • +1

    $30 Uber Eats Promo Code

    SO it's not a 30$ gift card?

    • +1

      No I can confirm it’s not a GC. Has to be applied in Vouchers section.

      • Minimum order?

        • No minimum order.

          Amount of up to $30 will be applied as a promotion at checkout.
          $30 off does not apply to fees. Delivery/service fees still apply.

  • +1

    They want me to enter my bank account login into their app? They need a better way to perform a credit check.

  • +3

    Just started the challenge and bought an Uber Eats GC. Shopback already showing the Challenge Completed. So far so good.

    Edit: Uber Eats voucher is available immediately too. Expires 22nd Oct.

    That was very smooth process.

    • Is the UE voucher a gift card? Or some type of promo code?

      • It's a promo code for $30 not a voucher, took me a few minutes to realise when I couldn't get it to accept it as a voucher.

    • +1

      not showing as challenge complete for me after 15min. did you purchase exactly a $10 uber eats GC?

      • +1

        Same, purchased a $10 uber eats voucher and challenge still pending.

  • Still this offer available. so if anysignup can use this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648743 to get points ?

  • +2

    declined, weird

    • +2

      same here

      • -4

        they must be focussing on people with poor credit scores and the unemployed

        • Rich people shouldn't need to sign up to a new financial service and provide their bank logins just for a $30 Uber Eats promo code lol

        • was joking…because annoyed, lighten up

  • +6

    my bank logins… umm that information values weigh more than $30. pass

    • Burner bank account + change login straight afterwards

      • the problem is you take extra effort to do that, plus, as someone mentioned above, the request might be declined if it is not an account with regular inflow.

      • +1

        Does not seem to be worth the trouble considering that a few people already reported their applications rejected.

    • +1

      Agreed! I saw the same screen and passed up on it!

  • I did this with the Amazon offer (if you buy a $30 amazon gift card get a $3 bonus). Got the amazon bonus, the uber promo code and done.

  • +11

    FWIW I'm a fairly long term Bundll user - mainly out of interest and not necessity and love it —> should be a part of every ozbargainer's toolkit (particularly if using Zip/Afterpay for deals or interest free)

    Basically the flow I use at the moment is:
    1. Pay off Zip with Bundll (Zip promo or otherwise)
    2. Pay off Bundll with points earning card (earn Velocity points through Bundll)

    So I get additional interest free period, extra velocity points and still my standard CC points.

    There's also 0 FX fees, and so acts as my defacto USD transaction card.

    No ethical concerns about screwing retailers as it's a standard Mastercard. No credit checks as far as I'm aware unless you 'superbundll"

    Unless you use price protection or insurance, or get bonus points from a retailer, it's a no brainer as a proxy for Visa/MC transactions

    • Couldn't do the same with other services WITHOUT handing over your bank login?

      • Please tell me another service that's like Bundll?

        I'm happy to give my bank details up, I just change them after Bundll does the check (via Yodlee or whoever which a whole host of financial companies user), doesn't need to be permalinked…

    • +1

      You've legit sold me on this. Signing up now!

      • @humm slide into my dms for attracting the kind of users you don't want ;)

      • +1

        1st roadblock hit… verification message isn't coming through. Oh well, c'est la vie.

    • Wish my new bundll account had a limit greater than $500..but looks like you can pay off bundll as you incur expenses to it so you can keep replenishing back up to your limit.

    • For all those using this method to gain more points/interest free period, if you don't use Zip and directly use bundll with a retailer, what's the dispute resolution process if the retailer does not provide the service or does not send the goods etc?

      I don't see any way to contact bundll over phone while I can contact my CC company and dispute any transaction

    • This got me thinking, what if you and your partner both got bundll andd you both set your account to pay with each other bundll virtual credit card?

      Will the two accounts just pay each other out indefinitely until it reaches it's limit on each other bundll's account?

      Unless they have a way to dectect it's a bundll virtual credit card.

      Just a thought.

      • +2

        Presume they detect, the same way you can't pay off with a prepaid card or Zip

    • Thank you for your great advice, would you happen to know if I can link Bundll to Paypal as a default payment option? I linked it and Paypal deducted $2 from my Bundle card and ask for the 4 digit verification code, but there's no code in the transaction reference so now I still have $2 taken from Paypal and do not know how to get it back.

      • It'll be a pre-auth so PayPal will reverse it in a few days.

        Unfortunately I don't have any experience with not receiving codes though (perhaps Bundll support can help)

        • Thanks, had a chat with the support and the issue was resolved.

  • +1

    Just signed up. Handing over bank info is a bit eh but it's only a once off to get approval. Used the link to get the 5000 bonus velocity points too, so a pretty good deal overall and worth the 15 minute sign up.

    • Can I ask did you use a bank account which has regular inflows?

    • What is the link to get 5000 bonus velocity points?

      • You don’t need the link. I forgot to sign up to use it but if you put your velocity no. while doing so you will receive an email a few days later that they are giving you 5000 points.

    • how did you use bundle as a payment? as an app ?

  • +1

    Time value of money vs multiple hoops vs Uber Eats fees

  • No hoops to jump if you already got bundll :)

  • Bought $10 Amazon GC. Challenge complete 2 minutes later and $30 Uber Eats promo code applied to account.

  • -3

    requires bank info so yeah pass. reported but as usual no action taken. must be secret handshake deal or something

    • +1

      Reported for what? It’s a AFSL licenced company offering a legitimate and legal service.

      Go back to dobbing in your neighbours or whatever you class of people do for a hobby,

  • My wife's registration needs to link to her bank account but mine didn't ask for that, interesting.

    • Maybe it’s cause your credit score is above a certain threshold and it’s higher than your wife’s.

  • My bundll credit/debit card is added as a payment method in Shopback. I used that to purchase a $10 Amazon gift card about 10 minutes ago but challenge hasn't been marked as completed. Did I do something wrong? Do I just pay for it on the bundll credit/debit card or is there some other way?

    • Hey @adam, can you send me a DM with your account info so I can check that for you?

    • Did you accidentally use some of your ShopBack cashback credit for the purchase?

    • same happened to me, except i ordered a $15 ubereats card

  • +1

    I would not go with bundll. I don't like the parent company on the ASX.

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