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Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station - $499 + Free Shipping @ Panmi


Lowest price ever on this popular vacuum. The S9 UV is a slightly upgraded model from the standard S9 and includes well, as the name suggests, UV Sterilisation Technology. Other features and specs are the same.

  • Auto-Dumping 2.0
  • 2700Pa Strong Suction
  • 5200mAH Large Capacity
  • 950W Strong Dust Collection
  • 381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
  • 5 Floor Map Storage

Comes with 12 month local warranty - further details here. For those who are not aware, Panmi is the Australian distributor of Xiaomi and many other brands. Retailers such as JB, Amazon, etc source Xiaomi products from Panmi.

Apply coupon code: WEEKEND for further $100 off and free shipping.

Package Contents

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Automatic Suction Station
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush
10 x Single-use mop
1 x Mop (Reusable)
3 x Dust Bag


RRP $999.00
Navigation LDS + SLAM
Suction Power 2700Pa
Battery 5200mAh
Max working time (Min) 100-270
Climbing  2cm
Dusty Box (ml) 300ml
Water tank(ml) 250ml
Electric Water volume control YES
Cleaning Area 320 m2
Motor 950W
Filter HEPA
Noise <70 db
Size Ø350*98mm
Sweep YES
Vacuum YES
Wet Mopping YES
App control Mijia App
Smart control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Mapping / Path planning  YES
Automatically Docks and Recharges YES
UV Sterilisation Technology YES

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  • I ripped into this deal. Bought one. I need to stop checking OZB.

  • +5

    For those wondering if whether UV works, it'll depend on several factors, quite nicely explored here by FDA: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-covid-19-and...

    Considering that the type of UV isn't specified and doubting it can exert a sufficient and the short contact time it'll be in contact with the surface. It feels more of a gimmick than a useful feature.

  • Ok so I'm assuming a few things here. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

    Moping pads are changed for each mop? The vac bags every 30 days? And the docking station bag doesn't need replacing unless damaged?

    A quick search of mop pads I found 10 for $20. 16 vac bags for $38. Are these ballpark figures and how do they relate to other machines and their bag replacements? Cheers.

    • +1

      I've had S9 for a few months and haven't replaced the bag yet and have three young kids and a big dog. Mop pad is best replaced after each use, so I purchased a few spare to cycle through the wash.

      • Oh cheers. Where did you get them from and how much?

        • +3

          I just got them from AliExpress for close to $30aud. Only took a couple of weeks. The pads are identical to the ones that came with it, even though in the images they appear slightly different.


    • Mop pad is washable, no idea why it comes with disposable ones as well.

      Can buy spare parts on aliexpress super cheap.

      In the manual it says wash the HEPA filter every few weeks, I would suggest blowing it out with an air gun instead, washing mine ruined the suction had to replace it, which was cheap anyway but something to note.

  • Anyone that have the Viomi S9 can confirm that it doesn't have the lift up mop like the Roborock S7?

    • It doesn't, but the vacuum head does move about like the s7.

    • No, you just remove it after mopping.

  • Wish there was a deal on a good stick, my Trouver and Dyson both died.

  • I have a small transition step up into my kitchen (tiles over timber floor, so a curved ~1cm lip. Is this likely to go up that into my kitchen?

    • +1

      Have a quick look at Google for reviews. I don't want to misinform you but I think it handled things like this with no worries.

  • This or the Ecovacs Deebot 920 from Aldi https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648442? I bought the Aldi one but thinking to return if this is better?

  • I bought the regular S9 earlier this year. Kept getting stuck/confused, maps were difficult to find edit. Ended up returning it, waiting for a refund

    • Was it from this seller and easy to deal with?

      • I got it from mi-store. They were very helpful

    • +1

      Stuck on what? the key to any robot vacuum is to use the virtual walls to block off problem areas, then you can run them daily without any issues.

      You also need to keep your house tidy, floors clear, all good once you get in the habit.

      • It damaged itself a couple times by getting under the tv cabinet and not being able to get out. Then it would get confused on the legs of the couch and manage to get stuck under there. If it ran over a mat (like the bathroom mats) it'd crumple them up and get stuck. It had a habit of closing the door when cleaning and getting stuck in a room. Every time I put up a virtual wall, it'd find somewhere else to get stuck.

        It also doesn't give you a notification when the water tank is empty, so need to keep an eye on that.

        Using the software was a nightmare to edit the map.

        • No robot vacuum can handle things like cords or lose floor mats very well.

          Regardless of the brand If you block off problem areas with virtual walls and keep the floor uncluttered, doors open or closed you wont have those issues.

          Just fill the water tank each time you mop, not seeing the issue here.

          Did you get a different vacuum or did you give up on the idea?

          • @noise36: Still looking. The evovac t8 looks promising, but pricey.

            I had one of the older Xiaomi ones prior to this which worked heaps better, but seems to have lost its touch the last couple years.

  • Reading the website I'm unsure if this is a group buy deal without stock secure or in stock or ready to go?

    • it’s in stock and ready to ship


      Current Stock: In stock
      Stock Location: Sydney
      Expected Dispatch Lead Time: 3-4 business days
      Expected Delivery Lead Time: 2-8 business days after dispatching. Please note delivery time may vary case by case.

      • Ordered thanks.

  • Thanks OP got one for the office :) and A9 for home!

  • Please stop spamming comments.

    • +4

      Thank you!

  • I planned on getting one of these when they did their first group buy to replace my S6 MaxV, but I decided not to. I'm glad I held out now, thanks OP!

    • How was S6 maxv? Do you think S9 UV is better compared to S6 maxv? Or may be even the new S7?

      • +1

        I've had the MaxV for almost 12 months and I love it. I use it every day in the living and dining room (carpet) and kitchen (tiles). The bedrooms (carpet) get done every 2-3 days. In that time it has run for 264 hours, covered 6924 sq m and had 559 cycles. And while I haven't tested it, I haven't seen a noticeable drop in battery capacity.

        Like all of these robovacs, the software can at times be glitchy after a bugged update or it sometimes (but rarely) gets confused and doesn't know where it is, so it starts to roam the place like a mouse droid. But for the most part, I would say it has functioned exactly as intended about 99% of the time?

        The main reason I bought the S9 was because of the emptying bin and higher suction power. Plus the S9 has had a few really good reviews.

        Worse case scenario: it doesn't function as intended and I go back to using the MaxV.
        Best case scenario: it's better than the MaxV and I sell it to recoup some $. The suction is stronger on the S9 so I am hoping it's as good as the reviews make it out to be.

        • Thanks, this helps. Although, s7 also grabbed my attention but no bargain on it momentarily.

          S7 selling at around $1200 and when I compared s9 uv with s7, didn't look like s7 is worth the ~$700 difference.

          • +1

            @Zapwap: You're welcome. Yeah, as much as I really like the S6, the price increase to the S7 (plus the price of the auto empty dock) is completely unjustifiable for me. When you can get two S9's for the price of one S7, I'd actually prefer the two (if I had a large enough house to justify having them both). For a 2 b/r apartment though, two would be overkill.

            • +1

              @KangaDrew: exactly, I'll let my parents try out the s9 uv and there's 60 days MBG if they don't like it.

              • @Zapwap: Hi there, sorry to ask but where did you find the info that this unit will offer a 60 days MBG? I was browsing through Panmi's website and found this clause "8.4. Panmi will also clearly display a “Money-Back Guarantee” logo on the Group Buy Project Page of any Product which is covered under the CMMBG."
                But I couldn't find this logo on the product page of this unit, tbh this is somewhat confusing.

                • @moneytomyway: I found it here

                  Also op mentioned in his comment

                  I guess panmi provides mbg on all their products under their guarantee.

                  Although what I am not sure is the one you're referring to doesn't say anything about shipping costs. Looks like CMMBG covers it. The one I linked says excludes shipping.

                  May be there won't be any shipping cost if you change your mind, as we did get the product shipped in 499.

                  Need to confirm with thier support though.

                  • @Zapwap: Thanks for your reply.
                    Thats why I found the website confusing, on their "guarantee" and its "terms" it doesn't say anything about the CMMBG logo but on the "return policy" they are saying there will be a logo on the product page.
                    Guess I will bite the bullet and see how that goes.

  • Thanks OP, bought one for my parents with a cat and a dog!

    Can anyone direct me to any videos I can send my parents on how to reuse the bags? I could see from the comments that buying bags could be an exercise.

  • Not sure how good it is on thick rugs for large areas about 200 sqm. can anyone help? thanks :)

  • +1

    OP, could you please let me know from where did you get info on the package contains? I can't seem to find it on the Panmi's website.

    Package Contents
    1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    1 x Automatic Suction Station
    1 x Water Tank
    2 x Side Brush
    10 x Single-use mop
    1 x Mop (Reusable)
    3 x Dust Bag

    • +2

      from external site - I’ve confirmed the package contents with Mi Store

      there’s also an instruction video from Panmi, which shows a brief unboxing and setting up of the vacuum - youtube link

      • Thanks mate, appreciate it 👍

  • This one don't look much better comparing with S7.
    Comparison: https://robot-vacuums.com/compare-viomi-viomi-s9-vs-roborock...

    • S7 is $1200 everywhere at the moment though.

  • Would this work over two levels? I'd need to physically move it between two areas in my home, can the mapping handle that? I assume I'd have to move the base station as well.

    • This was asked in a previous deal, apparently you dont have to move the base station like was initially thought. You could always buy one for each level given the price.

  • +1

    Mine is saying 599 even though it says the code is applied ? What the hell guys ?

    • It's also showing as $599 and discount applied for me. Anyone know how to get the price to $499?

  • Probably a stupid question because floors but can this kill or minimise covid

    • No, you have an immune system for that.

  • Pulled the trigger on one for $499 which is what I paid for our Roborock S5 that barely works any more due to a charging issue. Hoping for a black one. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Hi OP, any chance of ordering one in white?

  • +1

    Is it me or the whole bag things some counter intuitive? I've still got the old Xiaomi white version 1/2 and it's fantastic and emptying the plastic container is hardly an issue. Paying for and dealing with bags is a PITA.. Same with that dock. Looks massive!

  • Comment unpublished. (Pointless)

    I didn't think this was a posting rule and provide jv as my one and only piece of evidence. I rest my case.

  • Really torn on whether to grab this or wait for the Roborock brand!

    • I forgot to mention Panmi offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied. Both vacuums are really good - though Viomi offers a really handy auto empty station (competitor models with this dock cost at least $800+ when on sale)

      • Hi there, sorry to ask but where did you find the info that this unit will offer a 60 days MBG? I was browsing through Panmi's website and found this clause "8.4. Panmi will also clearly display a “Money-Back Guarantee” logo on the Group Buy Project Page of any Product which is covered under the CMMBG."
        But I couldn't find this logo on the product page of this unit, tbh this is somewhat confusing.

        • I have confirmed with Panmi that the S9 UV is eligible for money back guarantee. The guarantee covers all products on Panmi, excluding scooters and bikes

  • Until you find out how much their disposable bags cost.

    • Just get accessories off aliexpress.

      • Links?

        • Just search for them, I haven't ordered any yet because it already comes with some spares. I have tiles and no pets, so the bag will last a long long time.

          • @bxpressiv: It says my first bag is full after vacuuming less than half my house.

        • Someone posted some links early on in the comments - but you might want to read their comments as well as it sounds like there is a small mod that you need ot make?

          Also someone else posted how to get extra rewashable mop heads

          • +1

            @ozbreaker: I saw that too, there's not too much feedback on the products so its hard to say if some are better than others and they all have the size issue or not.

            • @bxpressiv: forums.whirlpool.net.au might be a good place to go check as they are all normally pretty on it and technical - or search previous deals for this vac too?

  • On the fence, does the mopping automatically detect carpet?

    Do you have to use the geofencing for this to work?

    • you have to set no mop zones and manually attach the mop each time you want to mop. Most people dont mop very often it at all, I use it ever 2-4 weeks.

  • Not entirely confident in the S9 plenty of mixed reviews and experience decided to pull the trigger on the S5 max (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649962) instead hope its a right choice..

    • Enjoy your S6 pure

  • +1

    Shame there isn't a vacuum wars video on this.

    • +1

      Agree. He needs to be releasing a video a day to keep up with all the vacuums being released these days!

  • So tempting… Have the S5 and still love it… Kicking on and working fine still. Just can't justify another… yet…
    Damn you OP and this OzB community!

  • +5

    congrats to the 450 people (so far) who have scored a bargain after months of negotiation with Panmi 🥳

    for future reference, here is a useful instruction video that guides you through the app setup process - YouTube link

    • Thanks Always wanted a robot -vacuum this will be my first can't afford Astro just yet.

    • thank you for you effort! really appreciate it. Can't wait to get it delivered

    • Thank you! Looking forward to it.

  • Anyone know how this would compare to the Ultenic T10? Supposedly more sucking power…

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? My tracking number has been pretty stagnant.

    • +2

      No, only got the tracking number yesterday and since then nothing has moved.

    • Same boat

    • Same. Tracking but hasn't moved.

    • +1

      Got an update just now that the package is now im transit

      • Same here. I think it’s AusPost is holding things up.

      • Mine's still "Ready for processing" since Wednesday.

    • +1

      It was ready to go on the Tuesday after the ordering weekend but it's just been sitting with Auspost since then and no update since the Wednesday.

      It's annoying but Auspost is completely smashed right now.

    • Have you received yours yet? I got mine around a month ago, but my mate in melb hasn't got theirs yet.

  • +1


  • +2

    So mine arrived a little while ago, pretty unit. Definitely quieter than the roborock i have, more so a different pitch?. Just trying to figure out where to cut the emptying bag to reuse. Like it so far :)

    • Wow that was quick. My tracking still hasn't updated. Excited to get mine.

    • +1

      Mine arrived 9 am today, so far impressed- did vacuum 80sq meters on 75% charge! Did better job than cleaner who comes in once a week.
      Thinking of cutting bottom of bag and clipping to reuse? Hoping to get google to voice operate, not sure how to yet.
      found some tutorials too. https://www.viomi.com/robot-vacuumsEj5?page=2

      • +1

        I'm sure you've already worked it out, but for others, add it as a service in the Home app- but you need to use the 'Viomi MiHome' service as it doesn't come up under the Xiaomi MiHome service, even though the S9 runs through that app.

  • I'm having trouble connecting my vacuum. Which app are you guys using?

    • The Xiaomi Home app from the Play store (not the questionable apk from their website)

  • Ordered on 1st of Oct, arrived on Monday 11th :) easy set up and ok for what I have expected. Will see how it goes.. happy so far. Would buy again if price drops :)

  • Got mine yesterday. Best 500 bucks spent this year I think.

  • Ordered on the 2nd and mine arrived today, but I’m not home until Sunday. Can’t wait to set up and try it out

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