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Free US$1000 Credit @ Notion


UPDATE 2: Credits removed from accounts.

It appears they will bill you the amounts before the subscription renews, if you don’t have a workspace balance. You can check this by going to the billing section and at the top, select View upcoming invoice. Be sure to downgrade to the Free plan or delete your account otherwise your card may be charged.

If you wish to delete your account:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members (on left side panel)
  3. Go to My Account
  4. Scroll down and click Delete my account
  5. Type your email address to confirm

UPDATE: Coupon - STARTUP1000P666 expired. Replaced with working coupon - STARTUP1000P453.

Original Post:

Found another coupon code for Notion - this one gives US$1000 credit, and is stackable with the US$500 and US$250 offer

If you haven't selected a plan yet:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members
  3. Go to Plans
  4. Select Upgrade on your desired plan
  5. Enter the coupon STARTUP1000P453 and your card details

If you are already on a plan:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members
  3. Go to Billing
  4. Apply coupon STARTUP1000P453 (you can also apply other codes here)

Redeem first, ask later….

What is Notion?

Notion is an application that provides components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, among others.

More about Notion

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  • +12

    It just keeps getting better doesn’t it!


    • +3

      Next minute “found code for $2000 coupon”

      • -3

        Use Code DEEPTHROAT 🙃

  • +60

    can i cash out?

    • +2

      Printer Error, Call Attendant.

  • -1

    (profanity) legend!

  • +5

    i got a feeling my account will get blocked tomorrow..

    • +3

      Same. I'm waiting for a "Yeah, we're gonna have to go ahead and downgrade your account" email.

      • -2

        Then they can say goodbye to me as a potential customer 😂

        • +1

          If they somehow honour it, I think I’ll be dead before that even becomes a issue.

    • They probably won't block their users but reverse the coupons. You may have important work you're working on.

  • -1

    thanks… super easy.

    Got $1000 credit but not $250… says code invalid.

    • +1

      Check other comments - Upgrade, Redeem, Downgrade.

    • or just apply ADALOVELACE separately without any plan changes

    • I cannot upgrade.

      When I am clicking on "Have a Coupon" its opening another tab and it's giving me it has beenclosed

      "Hey :)
      This form is now closed
      It would have been awesome as it was made with Typeform. What’s that?"

  • +3

    Where are these codes coming from? Lol

  • +3

    should be enough for a lifetime. cheers.

  • +1

    Looks like $250 one is expired since I can't get it to work. Thanks for the free $1000 though :)

    • +2
      • -1

        Legend! Thanks for the help mate :)

      • That's work for me too! Cheers!
        Upgrade -> apply coupon code -> get the credit -> Downgrade -> DONE!

        • Downgrade to what?

        • Apply coupon code - when I try this afte clicking on "Have a Coupon code" on the right side it take me to another tab and there it says this has been closed. Is this still working?

  • +3

    Done all three codes…for happy hour coupon, upgrade account to enterprise , apply coupon and then downgrade to personal pro.

  • +15

    30 years of free notion personal pro! I guess this is my note taking app till I go to the grave!

  • +5

    Wait, what does notion do?

    • +5

      Note taking app on steroids

      • So it is an information storage platform? Will they sell your data at some point?

        • +9

          Let me get my crystal ball.

          • +4

            @askbargain: I've waited 13 minutes.

            Your username isn't very convincing - but have you found your crystal ball?

        • +1

          you might be interested in anytype

        • How much do you think my to do list is worth? I'll sell it to you.

  • +3

    Credit for what? What can it be used on?

    • Your monthly fee for a Personal Pro subscription

      For the next 20 years

      • Calculations show 30 years

        • $1000 / $4 month / 12 months a year = check it again

          • @GrueHunter: I think we did both codes.

            This + the other is approx 35 years

        • +5

          now I have 1700 USD in my account. $48 per year. I doubt the company won't last before I used all my credit

  • I concur that you are a legend!

  • -1

    Magic. Pulling the rabbits of the hat (aka Notion)

  • +1

    red panty night

  • Cant apply the coupon, says its invalid - tried to upgrade plan beofre applying

    ANy tips

    • If you copied and pasted check there isn't a space before the code

  • +3

    Why does this seem like a scam?

  • -2

    use dispoaalsble email - apply credit - sell to people

  • +5

    Got this and the $500

    I have no idea why, but I did

    Thanks OP

  • -1

    Mortal Kombat voice: "Finish him!"

  • +2

    What is this? What is the product I'm subscribing to? Can I subscribe to the free tier and get these cashbacks/credits & what can I use them for? Sorry I've never heard of them until this exact second.

  • +3

    Now I have $1755 Workplace balance…

    Needs a creative way to cash out lol.

    • -1

      Reckon you'd be able to get their customer service to refund to your payment method?

      • +8

        Haha no way they would. Otherwise this would be the greatest ozbargain deal of the century

        • I would get on a chat/call with them right away, but I don't want to risk alerting them of their (possible) error and ruining it for everyone.

      • Let me know if someone cashes out haha

    • All you need to do is brainstorm with Scotty and his crew to create a unicorn :)

  • Can't for the life of my find the settings and members section on Android. Any hints?

    • Use desktop.

    • Desktop only.

    • Or use desktop view on your phone/tab if you don't have a desktop/laptop handy maybe?

    • +1

      desktop mode in mobile browser did the trick for me

  • why does my macquarie bank card always get declined even tho theres enough money in there? actually really want this offer

    • Macquarie tho

      • yeah idk its a problem with notion, my up card gets declined too :(

        • nvm found my adblock was declining the card somehow :/

    • I had my ING card temporarily disabled because of the 0.00USD charge being 'suspicious'. It worked fine on my Up Bank card. Now I just need to unlock my ING card >_<

  • +3

    I now have 35 years worth of subscription. But what I need is cash for the next property.

    • Hahaha sameeee

    • -3

      If you keep wasting your money on things like this, you'll never have enough

  • Don't see any need of upgrading it to pro, no disrespect to OP or the Pro version but the free tool itself is so neat and beautiful that I thought I have actually been using the premium subscription all this time.

    Besides the fact that now I need to provide my card details for that.

    • +1

      can get 35years of free pro plan, doesn't hurt lol

      • how are you calculating 35 years for me its 20 odd year, 1000/$48 py!!

        • +3

          the other deal gave like $500 but I somehow ended up with $1700.

          I have $1700 + 1yr paid already so it's actually 36 lmao

          • @bisaya: There was a $250 one too. So $1750 in total.

    • +1

      can always use on of those pre-paid mastercards with $0.01

      • How do I always forget that!!

  • There is no Settings and Members option anywhere

    • +1

      I think its there when open in the desktop browser.

  • +1

    $250 no longer working but I know have $1500 credit (1x$1000 + 1x $500)
    Thanks OP

  • +13

    (In 3 hours time)
    $1,000,000 credit

    • The fine print - credit is in Zimbabwean dollars, when it runs out we charge you in US dollars

      • they have a Somalian tld so not far off haha

  • +1

    35 years of Pro.. Don't mind if I do!

  • been using it but didn't know notion is actually that popular..

    • +1

      It just got popular.

  • thanks OP!

  • +1

    If a 50 year old person create a new account and add these credits today
    He might not even have enough life to spend all of those (in a monthly plan) LOL

    • +5

      year 2022: Microsoft buys Notion. it's now an option for new tab in Microsoft Teams
      year 2023: Microsoft runs Notion into the ground

  • I'll stick with my $500 and hope I don't get downgraded.

  • Just signed up. what does it do btw?

    • +2

      note taking, like onenote/evernote/notepad but way more powerful on browser/desktop.
      Android app is a bit shit

  • Still not sure what I just signed up to, but thanks OP!

  • +5

    Heads-up to any other ING cardholders - I tried to upgrade my plan after entering my billing details, but they blocked the transaction and placed a hold on my card.

    Whether the 10 minute wait on the phone queue is a worthy trade for this.. I'll leave that up to you :)

    • Ha, same thing happened to me just now. They said they had a few calls about the same thing tonight.

    • mm strange used my ING card a couple of hours ago and it worked out okay. Got lucky I guess

    • Tell em you have an OzB license so all good

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