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Kettle Chilli Potato Chips, 12x 175g $27.84 ($25.06 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
Crunchy delicious potato chips
With the rich flavor of Chilean jalapenos
Cooked in sunflower oil and are 100 percent natural
Created from a blend of exotic peppers
Seasoned with chillies for a bit of zing
Flavor name: Chili

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  • +14

    25 / 12 = $2.08

    on special its $2.32 at colesworth

    • yeah, not worth it for me.

  • +17

    I had diarrhoea after finished my 12th packet.

    • +16

      I used to get diarrhoea after my first packet, I still.do but I used to as well

      • +1

        Classic hedberg

    • +4

      Did it burn on the way out?

      • +4

        Yes. Burns on the way in too considering these tear up the roof of your mouth if you have enough in one sitting.

        • these tear up the roof of your mouth

          The reason i switched to Red Rock, so much better. Must be slightly thinner i think. The Balsamic & Sea Salt are the bomb..

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Matching woolies 1/2 price sale. Sea Salt is the same price $25.06 S&S - Got this instead.

  • Yeah copped, thanks op!

  • +5

    will go nicely with my 72 sparkling water

  • +18

    I miss the OG 1999 Kettle Chilli chips before they were nerfed for the mainstream.

    They actually used to be unbearably spicy.

    • +2

      already unbearably spicy for me lol, i have to settle for the sweet chilli or else…

      • Try Aldi Blackstone chilli chips, they are a bit milder than Kettle.

    • +4

      Have you had wasabi Doritos

      • Yes loved the wasabi ones

    • +1

      Eat the Chilli Cheese Shapes, they will torch your mouth.

    • +4

      I miss when large chip bags were 200g

    • +3

      Been buying these since 25 years ago

      I would buy these in a heartbeat if it was the 1990 rich flavouring with the 200gram that was $2.

      Last 10 i bought was not even spicy hot or rich in flavour.

      So now i dont buy em anymore and shed some weight.

      • +1

        I'd buy a house in a heartbeat if they were still at 1990 prices.

    • +3

      They used to be real chili powder, now it is a paprika blend. I remember them, soooo much better. Prefer the old packaging design too.

      • +3

        I remember when they stopped selling these then brought them back after people complained on FB or something. Those were dark times. Sadly they brought back the watered down version.

    • +3

      Just add a half teaspoon of chilli powder to the bag and shake. The supermarket chilli powder is identical to whatever kettle are using

    • +4

      Same here. I hate how all things spicy made by mainstream companies are watered down to cater for white Australia. Same with Hot & Spicy chicken.

  • +4

    Makes you fat

    • +4

      As long as not sad

      • +7

        Chili isn't actually a flavour, it's a sensation of pain caused by capsaicin. So your body releases endorphins as a response to the pain
        You won't be sad :)

        • Chili isn't actually a flavour

          Que? Tastes like chili to me.

        • +1


          I prefer Chilli flavour.

          • +1

            @SF3: Did not know that chili is a specific dish

            Learn something new everyday

          • +2

            @SF3: I'm more of a Chillli guy

  • +2

    Can you do S&S and just cancel after the first delivery?

    • +3

      Yes, that's the way to do it.

    • +1

      You mean to say someone has actually ever taken up the subscribe and save future delivery? I must have cancelled 100.

    • Ppl set the longest duration then cancel when it arrives.

  • +1

    Hmm, 3500KJ x 12=42000KJ….You need roughly 20 hours jogging to work them off lol

    • +6

      I rather keep the energy stored in case I've to run like six marathons back to back

    • +1

      That's why I only ever eat these WHILST simultaneously jogging. You drop a few chips but the ladies love your multitasking abilities.

    • What about heart attacks?

  • +1

    Snagged me some salt & vinegar which is also the same price. Thanks OP. 👍

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

  • -1

    Fake food

  • +3

    GOAT crisps. Elite.

  • +1

    Good time to eat these chips given gladwraps gone.

  • -1

    One pack is enough. Won't go 12 for the savings not worth it for health

  • +2

    once you go Boulder Canyon, you never go back…. although the Boulder pricing is offensive.

    • +1

      Where can you buy Boulder Canyon from in oz?

      • Woolworths

      • woolies, amazon are probably the majors however my local milk bar also sells — love the hickory bbq. they're about $5.5-6/bag, sadly they're certainly not cheap

    • that crunch/texture is on another level

  • -1

    super unhealthy but super delicious, ordered

  • +1

    Not seeing S&S option

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