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GOOLOO Upgraded 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter $99.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Direct via Amazon AU


Back on sale again for $1 more than the last deal. Worth grabbing at this price for peace of mind and to save having to call road service if you have a flat battery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have this product having upgraded from there 1500A one. I like that the other one fitted inside my centre console. but i like this one for being able to supply my phone with 2 days charge while I'm away camping while still holding enough juice to jumpstart my 4x4. Extremely easy to use too, Attach - Turn on device - Turn key. Job done.

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  • Had 2 less powerful ones from this brand and didn’t start Ford Falcon 4.0 in Emergencies. Please don’t rely just on this device if travelling to Whoop whoop…

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      I have this one, jumped a triton no issue.

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        I have a less powerful one, jump started a commodore.

      • i have a 3.2l diesel, which triton do you have? thinking of buying this.

        I guess more cylinders and more compression = harder to start?

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      Have you had any that do start a Falcon?
      I like the concept of these but do need one that starts Falcons.
      I note your comments got deleted last time, not sure why.
      I appreciate the honest feedback.

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        Only a commercial one from our SES shed. I’m a First responder…

      • Next door neighbour uses a Shumacher to jump start his v8 Maloo. Looks like a decent unit for v8's and high compression engines.

      • I like the concept of these but do need one that starts Falcons.

        I have this unit and it comfortably starts my Territory when the battery is so flat the starter just clicks.

        I had a less powerful unit that also started my Territory without issue.

        • Your problem may be that the battery is too low to enable a jump start. If you can find a Fantik T8 then you wont go wrong, it can start a V12 Lambo with a dead flat battery no problem, it has an ability to supply full battery power to take the place of the battery rather than just supplying boost.
          Other than that one of the higher Amp Noco's or an Antigravity unit.
          But if this unit can't start your Falcon, then I'd say you have an underlying battery issue.
          There are also some eccentricities of lithium batteries to take into account, they do not behave well wen very cold, you are better to hook it up in jump mode then walk away for 5 minutes before you try to start, the time allows the cells to ramp up to better discharge rate.

    • Did you press the Boost button on the jump cables?

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      Can confirm this one starts my 4l falcon/territory

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        I had trouble with that. Better spend a bit more and get something better.

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      Ye, I think it may depend on how bad your battery is, cause we tried two of these before on a Golf and didn't start it, battery was dead and hadn't been started in a while.

  • Anyone used this unit? Any good for 4wd's or diesel utes?

    • Yes yes yes yes. Had it for a few years. Works on any massive engine in a commercial vehicle. Charge it every 2-3 months and you're sweet.

      No problem with Ford Rangers and my hiluxes at work.

    • Read some previous deals ;) I've also had these for a few years, bought plenty for others. These will start most any road going vehicles. As other comments- charge every few months, read instructions, try 3 or 4 cranks, giving 10secs or so between goes…

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    This saved my bacon during lockdowns when my battery died from lack of driving

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    we should be getting a discount on Rego since we are not on the roads as much, I might chase it up with the local councillor

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      we should be getting a discount on Rego

      We should stop using toll roads to send a message to those scum bags at TransUrban and whoever else owns WestConnex.

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        We should stop privatising public infrastructure.

    • Absolutely, insurance as well.. but fat chance of it happening with this money hungry government

    • State government. Not local.

    • Someone downvote so they must like paying a lot of govt fees

  • What is the minimum one should get for standard cars 700-800A?

    • I just bought this, if I run across anyone with a flat battery I can help em.

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        Good luck!

        • By just I mean before tax. It's jumped 1 work mate and 2 strangers 🤷‍♂️ not sure why I'm now seeing so many people need it lol

  • I will get this if it comes with the 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor, it is really too expensive for $16 more.

    • Even though it is stated on the product description that the 12V adaptor is not included, it was included when I bought mine in the previous deal. However message the seller to confirm.

      • When I bought mine it didn’t include it, that was probably 12 months ago.

    • Not having a 12v cig adapter peeved me off a bit as well, but then I decided to buy a dual USB-a/USB-c adapter that had a nice voltage display on it as well.

      Still a bit tight not to include one.

      • I think the socket they’re referring to is the female socket that allows you to plug accessories into the jump starter?

    • +1

      I just bought this from Amazon, arrived today. A Female 12V Cigarette Socket Adapter is included (this will power other accessories but not recharge the unit). It also comes with a USB PD charger, a USB-A -> USB-C Cable, and a USB-C -> USB-C Cable, and a carry case.

      I see that everyone speaks of the "Boost" button - it's a tiny little button located on the jumper cable adapter. Took me a while to find it!

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    I have this also.. Doesn't have enough juice to start my 3.0L Diesel… Engine doesn't even crank..

    Yes, I did press the boost button…

    • thanks for the info. probably should pass this.
      3 litre diesel like the engine on a toyota hilux or prado before 2015?

      • Have used it on a 2.5ltr Diesel and it had no difficulty starting it even without boost. Really don't think a 3ltr would be that much different

        • Not sure, the car does have a lot of electronics. The battery in the car is a 900CCA 92AH battery..

          When I try it on a flat battery, it doesnt even crank a tiny bit

      • On a 3L BMW Diesel.

  • I would highly recommend to buy this if your life might depend on this. If you live further away from cities I always use the Projecta 12V Intelli-Start Jumpstarter P/No. IS1500 which is also used by the state emergency services in SA for all their vehicles in my area.

  • The Gooloo GP80 800A one which doesn't seem to be sold any more and which I got for $60 on an Amazon deal 8 months ago has started my 3.2L V6 Merc fine every time

  • Everyone is using this for the car but is it actually useful as a powerful fast charging powerbank?
    This isn't something that people will just leave in the car and forget?

    • I use mine as power bank because it’s useless as jump starter for my Falcon.

      • -1

        You must have a very special Falcon!

  • This or 1500a? Got a compact sedan 2litres

    • +1

      1500 would be enough, I have one but it’s also a model with 60W USB C charging. Issue with certain cars with hidden batteries is their pos and Neg can be further apart than the leads.

  • Is it safe to leave this in the boot on hot days?

    • Put it under the liner where the spare tyre sits. Keep it away from direct heat and sunlight.,

    • Just got one thanks op. Had same question about dangers of storing in car during Sydney's summer

  • It must be over as I no coupon is available and only 3 left..

    Is another one on offer guys.. thanks

  • May sound like a silly question, but is this safe to use on a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid on the hybrid battery? Or with all the electronics, will it do crazy things to it? (Just got a new car and a little protective of it!)

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