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Telstra Day: $240 off Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular 40mm $509, 44mm $559 Delivered) & More @ Telstra (Telstra ID Req.)


It's that time of the month again: Telstra Day. It's starting Thursday 7 October, and we're leading with $240 off the Apple Watch Series 6 range.

We've also got handset deals ready to launch, but I can't tell you about them until Thursday. I'll add the full list of deals the second I'm able to.

This is the third time we've done this, and folks internally at Telstra love that y'all get on board for a bargain. I've spoken to the team with a few of the questions you keep asking me, and got some answers ahead of the sale in the post itself (https://exchange.telstra.com.au/telstra-day-october-2021/).

Sale kicks off at 1am AEDT (store takes about an hour to roll over this many new deals!) on Thursday morning, and goes all day.

Mod Note: Based on Telstra's Apple Watch Series 6 Product Page

Update: Full List of Deals

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Grey) (In-store only) $429 $357 $72
JBL Tune 125TWS $149 $101 $48
Jabra Elite 75t (Black) $219 $171 $48
Jabra Elite Active 75t (Navy) $249 $201 $48
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1699 $1349 $350
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB $1848 $1348 $500
iPad Air 4 64GB $1099 $999 $100

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    • Apple will stop selling Series 6 though, so in few weeks it will depend on if there are still have stock, color and material you want. Personally I’d pull the trigger with $240 discount

    • Interesting.. what’s better from 6 to 7? Wonder if $500 is worth it

    • Is it worth 240 more ?

      • From what I read, S7 has bigger screen, brighter always on display indoors, more durable glass and quicker charging, and colors.

        Other than that, they basically have the same chip (even though the new one is named S7), and same health sensors, battery life, etc…

        So it’s up to you to decide if the differences are worth $240. Not to me.

        • You can get the Wi-Fi version series 7 for that price. Not 240$ extra because it would be priced around 599$

    • you might find there just isn’t that much old stock having around.

      and who knows, maybe apple takes them back.

    • This will probably be it, series 6 are not being produced as of 2 weeks ago.

      What ever is left will be it.

  • +2

    iphone SE 2020 please

  • +1

    iPhone 13 mini please (maybe 11 months from now)

  • +1

    How many people actually received their phones within normal timeframe from the last deal?

    • +3

      I was one of the lucky customers who received the phone within 48 hours of purchase. Really sorry to hear that other customers were less fortunate.

    • i got it within 5 days after backoder

    • +2

      Mine still not. Talked to a girl on phone and she said at least another 3 weeks they will get and then will send it to my address. I asked her to give it in writing and she couldnot do it. So suspecion is, it may take longer than 3 weeks she was saying about.

    • Mine did ship within 24 hours… but I was one of many people that had the unit number missing off the delivery address despite it being one of those fields where you type your address and it "matches" to the correct format. So failed delivery with no unit number, phone went back to Telstra and nearly 6 weeks later I still don't have a phone.

    • Ordered 2. Received one in 2 days, the other took 3 weeks.
      Both metro melb ordered 5 mins apart.

  • Can we please get a deal on the Iphone Pro Max?

  • iPhone SE 2020, as it seems that making requests that will fall on deaf ears is a thing to do in this thread…

    • you really should go the mini (12 or 13) over the SE2. for the extra bit of dosh you get a covid caseload more features and performance in a lighter, larger screen phone which is actually smaller.
      the only reason for the SE2 to be a consideration is if you absolutely have to have touchID.

      • Due to the ppe I wear at work touchID is kind of important. I’ve heard they’re working on Face ID that works with masks but I often wear full face masks that cover my eyes so I’m not sure it would work.

  • Does office works price match Telstra day?

    • No, I think lots peeps tried it before on the last Telstra day deals without success.

    • +1

      Optus do price match. Talked on online chat and the guy said even though its not done online but if gone to store, they will do it.

  • -1

    Is there a way to get Apple Watch 6 to work with Android (Samsung Fold 2)?

    • just get a galaxy watch.
      it might not be quite on par overall, but at least it works with your phone.

  • Where can I get $2 Pre paid sim gang? Seems OOS at Woolies

  • Anyway to get a sim for boost?

  • What about GPS only models?

  • +2

    Not worth the hassle.

  • +4

    If you want anything that you paid(mobile device, smart watch or anything) on deals like this from telstra, please remember the word "Patience" because you are going to need it in tons and tons.

    Bought 2 S21 from previous deals and according to them, it will take at least another 3 weeks for them to get the stock and thats also they cant guarantee or give it in writing. So good luck guys.

    So a Big NO for me this time and ever.

    • says three days on the website. perhaps it is an issue fo the S21 only?

    • +3

      that's terrible, being a Samsung by the time you receive it you won't be receiving more software updates as they will no longer support it.

      • What more they do have stock as if you want to get an S21 on a plan they can deliver it overnight. I think they have a quota of handsets that they discount and once they are gone they wait till the next quota.

  • +7

    They tried 6 times to deliver a sim starter kit to my house and each time they sent it out without the unit number on it so it constantly got returned. Each time they said they would put the unit number on it but never did. It was pure luck I saw the courier out the front and flagged him down on the last attempt. And it still had no unit number on it but showed him my ID. I am not going through all that again.

  • +1

    Does this includes purchase with telstra points?

    • +1

      Worked for my S21 purchase last telstra day to get it even cheaper

  • It's already been a year since the last Telstra day?

  • +8

    Only frustration and disappointment was ever delivered in the previous deal.

    Seemingly little focus is being placed on improving sales execution and customer experience.

    • Gotta agree. I'm a Telstra customer and kinda wish I never heard of Telstra Day. My opinion of Telstra has taken a hit due to this debacle.

  • +7

    Not worth the hassle with Telstra. Save your energy.

  • +9

    New deals have been listed as part of Telstra Day:

    • iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - $1349 ($350 Off)
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - $1348 ($500 Off)
    • iPad Air (4th gen).- $999 ($100 Off)
    • +2

      Meh…. Do you know how much storage the Ultra has? 128 GB was $1200 in the education store until yesterday.

      • Assuming it 128GB because 1848 - 500 off is 1348 on Telstra day. Education store is cheaper. Unless they magically lower their own RRP.

    • +1

      So basically the 'discount' the iPhone will be (or lower) everywhere now the 13s are announced, but they'll keep your money for a few weeks while waiting for stock?

    • Oof, hope I didn't just spend $2 on a Telstra Prepaid sim just for that.

      Hoping to see the Galaxy S21 256GB for $672 (or less), or a deal on iPhone 12 128GB..

    • With the 'phones, they've updated the site to show you need to "add an Upfront Mobile Plan". Not quite so tasty…

    • iPhone 12 Pro 256GB was $1427 during eBay's last sale.

  • +12

    Still waiting for my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB from the last Telstra Day. Their customer support is horrible.

  • +1

    Yet no Xbox series X deal in there 🤣 clearly sums up this show.

    Closes curtains.

    P,s if your paying off a mortgage avoid this deal, you got enough problems.

  • I bought my iPhone 12 mini during their previous Telstra Day & the phone arrived within 3 days.

  • +9

    When things go wrong on the day expect Luke to go quiet. Yelling off roof one minute, nowhere next

    • +3

      Looks like he is off today

  • Anyone know if the IPhone 12 Mini will be listen with discount?

    • +1

      Probably not. Someone bought one during the previous Telstra day and still hasn't received it.

  • +1

    I’ve spent ages trying to buy iPhone deal on previous Telstra day deals.

    I’ve got a Telstra account that has no active service and my in laws Telstra account with active service. It always comes with verification error and try again later. Such a pathetic lack of detail of what’s wrong and consistent issue.

    And reading some comments I should be glad I can’t get their website to work because it seems like they can’t even post the stuff they sell.

    Stay away from Telstra

  • +4

    Should also mention this deal may not be attainable by everyone - for reference see this post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649000#comment-11152934
    Not sure if there is any particular reason .. but Telstra picks the wrong delivery address and I have been told they do not have a process to correct the address and resend the order.

  • +8

    Please clear the backlog of previous deal before running new one. I am still waiting for my s21 and s21 plus.
    No one can give me ETA. Just a weekly email saying it a priority order.
    Pretty frustrated.

  • +11

    First Thursday of every month Luke kindly reminds us how incompetent Telstra is

    I would only buy from this deal if absolutely desperate, and expect OP Luke to disappear as soon as the usual order issues, no deliveries, wrong addresses and lack of back end support posts start dropping in

  • is there any way for an international without Australian driver license or passport to get this deal?

    • In store maybe. Online never

      • I have an issue with online though I have a post paid account and telstra id. I was told i need to be on 6 months postpaid with them before i can complete the id check which i have failed last month…

      • Tried that last month, but no luck, they said driver license or passport is mandatory

      1. Get prepaid sim. $2 (but I got starter pack of $10 as someone said that @2 sim didn't work for him)
      2. Activate - That gives option to use passport
      3. You have a Telstra ID !!
  • +12

    Hi Luke, Is Telstra going to come clean and provide explanation about the address Fuk up they did in last month's deal? Its not a coincidence that it happened to so many people, surely a dodgy practice!

  • +5

    Hi fellow OzBargainers

    Just got off the phone with the Telstra store and got told only the Red and Blue apple watches will be on discount according to their system.

  • +1

    Better to go through Samsung education store if you can

    • +1

      What? Samsung sells Apple products?

      • +4

        You've probably got a better chance of getting your Apple products through Samsung than through Telstra

  • What am I missing here? I can buy an Apple 6 watch for $599 from Apple. Where does the $749 price come from?

    • You’re looking at not cellular version
      Cellular is $749
      Check again

    • +1

      GPS + Cellular is $749, GPS only is $599. Telstra day offer is the GPS + Cellular :)

      • Thanks for the polite reply. Someone downvoted me lol.

  • +2

    Wasted 2 hours of my time last Telstra day with all the hassles but probably saved me $650 by stopping me from an impulse buy.

  • Is the delivery issue that everyone is mentioning applicable to just the most recent Telstra day, or all of them?

    • Can’t comment on the one from august but the September one was a mess.

      • Same address issue with Aug Telstra Day. I cannot understand how a so called big tech company have the shi—-est low tech back end that can’t even transfer a correct address from the order form to the dispatch label. Not to mention the incompetent support team that kept giving the wrong info/advice. They just made up anything to get you off the call…

    • +2

      Not just for Telstra day but it also affected iPhone 13 preorders a few weeks ago as well. Got a delivery address that was completely random in another state (double checked that it was correct before submitting the order) and was a nightmare to deal with to get it resolved. Staying clear until they sort out their crappy system. Highly likely there'll be delivery issues again this time.

  • +1

    I received my S21 256G yesterday for the September sale. Only took a little over a month lol.

    But at least not as bad as the Bonds outlet sale, I ordered on 6/09/2021, they still havent shipped it. Cant get through to them via phone either, goes straight to a voice recording saying… "due to the recent success of our online sale, we are experiencing very long delays, our staff are currently working on processing them as fast as they can", then just hangs up on me.

  • Are we expecting apple watch S6 gps version on sale from JB Hifi?

    • maybe, but there seems to be no stock in any store, plus production stopped a few weeks back for the series 6

    • BigW has stock on GPS model but still dearer than this deal.

  • +8

    Should be renamed 'Telstra Day of Pain'

    • -2

      Telstra menstruation day

  • -2

    Just bought a $2 SIM kit but cant activate :(

  • +2

    Sounds like they should rename it to Telstra Delay.

  • Does anyone know if JB Hifi or other retailers will be able to price match on the day?

  • Anyone know if they sell out fast ? I.e. do i have to stay up till 1?

    • Most likely, i couldnt get a sim so im out of the competition.

      • You can buy a $2 SIM kit at supermarket

        • Went to two woolies and a 7 eleven they all sold out.

  • 44mm, only red colour is available. Will Telstra update its stocks tonight?

  • Can we buy the ip12 pro outright? On the website it says u have to add to an Upfront Mobile plan.

    • Yeah, I'm not quite understand this one as well. Can someone help?

    • +1

      Like last two Telstra days, just skip it and pay for the outright. No need to add a plan.

  • +8

    None of you are going to get answers to your questions.. this was obviously a pump and dump advert….

    Good luck with the address issue, it's still happening when you try and change your address in the profile section of My Telstra.

    It removes my unit number. Chat support said they have updated it but that can take 24-48 hours……

  • +4

    Apple Watch offer is live on the Plus Rewards store:

    • 1,800 Points + $504 for the 40mm or:
    • 2,500 + $552 for the 44mm.
    • Red and Blue colours only it seems (offer not applying to 44mm Blue however).

    S21 Ultra is 1,400 Points + $1440.

    iPad Air 4th Gen 64GB Cellular 5,400 Points + $984

    Might work out better if you don't want to deal with the Telstra store and have some points available to use (e.g the vaccination deal).

    • +1

      Yep only red for 44mm, which is ugly AF

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