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AmEx Statement Credits: Spend $400 & Get $400 Back (Explorer) / Spend $200 & Get $200 (Platinum) @ Harvey Norman or AmEx Travel


Some in the replies below claim their travel credit disappeared after saving this offer.

It doesn’t seem to affect your travel credit if the expiry is next year.

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend online or in-store at Harvey Norman or online at travel.americanexpress.com.au by 31/12/2021 to receive your purchase amounts back as a credit, up to $400 credit per Card. Exclusions apply.

For reference, these are the terms and conditions.

Harvey Norman:
Offer valid for payments in-store at Harvey Norman or online at harveynorman.com.au. Offer valid at Australian locations and website only.
Excludes all payments made at Harvey Norman Big Buys, Harvey Norman Commercial Division, Harvey Norman Insurance Replacement Division, Harvey Norman Security and Domayne locations.
Excludes payments made online at Harvey Norman Photo Centre.
Excludes payments made for Miele products.
COVID-19 restrictions may affect the availability of in-store locations. Please check stores.harveynorman.com.au for more information.

American Express Travel Online:
Offer valid for payments made online at travel.americanexpress.com.au.
Excludes purchases of Bundles.
Excludes payments made via phone (including, but not limited to, payments made via Platinum Travel Service or Centurion Travel Service).
Payment can be made with a combination of your American Express Card and Membership Rewards points, Travel Credit or discounts. However, only the amount charged to your Card is eligible for the offer.
Excludes bookings where payment is made directly to the supplier (such as FINE HOTELS & RESORTS or The Hotel Collection).

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (5)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (21)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +8


    I guess this makes up for the annual fee when travel credit ain't much chop

  • +1

    I'm guessing this is targeted

    • +1

      Seems so as offer is not on my Platinum card :(

  • +1

    Got it! Thanks

    • Same card or different?

      • Explorer card.

  • +1

    Got the offer. Thanks OP.

    My understanding is the HN offer is an alternative for the Travel Credit. AmEx is giving you an opportunity to use your travel credit amount with HN.

    • +4

      Bit weird they are finally doing this now, when everything is set to open back up within the next 2-3 months 🤷‍♂️

      • +2

        Probably open in 2 months, closed again by the third. Some states already have ramping at their hospitals now, let alone what the situation will be with open borders.

    • I think that's the reason, but after we use the HN offer, assuming our travel credit is still available in AMEX travel?

      • +1

        i don't think so…..i saved the offer andmy travel credit already disappeared.

        • +2

          My explorer travel credit has been removed after offer saved, was due to expire in November. But my Edge travel credit is still there (expiry in Sep2022)as well as the offer. Interesting.

    • +1

      I saved this to my card and I still have my travel credits

      • +3

        Am on chat with AmEx and below are the comments

        "The travel credit is voided when the offer is added to the card"

        "So if you have saved the offer, the travel credit will be unavailable for use now"

        • Hmm interesting. Which card? Thanks!

        • +7

          While it's reasonable, AMEX should have highlighted it in T/C.
          Theoretically travel credit is seperate to these offers, unless they put conditions for the offer.

          • @Mandalorians: thats weird online chat said i can still buy via amex travel site and they will still credit the $400

        • +4

          Wtf? It definitely does not say that this deal is related to your travel credit anywhere.

  • +5

    Explorer card… Didn't get it 😔.

    Thanks anyway OP.

    • +1

      think the offer only comes up on cards where the travel credit is expiring before 31-12-21.

      • +1

        My Explorer card travel credits expire next month and I havent received the offer.

        • This is what i was going to ask. If these offers come at a set timeframe before expiry.

          My expiry is 4 Nov and no offers have been sent as of yet.

          What was everyone else's expiry date?

      • I got it and my travel credit expires 2022 and it didn't disappear.

    • +1

      Explorer, same. I'd rather HN than Travel credit!

  • +3

    Got $200 on my platinum edge

    • Yeah same here. Thanks OP.

    • Same here also.

    • I used my travel credit from Platinum Edge few weeks ago for a future booking in 2022 I should have waited

      • I did the same although a couple of months ago, couldn’t have known I guess

  • Well.. I only got offer of "spend$200 get$200 back"

  • Got $200 on my platinum edge

    • Same here

  • Anyone get this on platinum charge?

    • I got it on the reserve card

      Thanks OP

      • Does your Reserve card have the travel credit grandfathered in?

    • Yes, I got it on my Plat Charge; existing travel credit is set to expire 23rd October this month.

      • Ah cheers, so looks to be only for people with travel credit expiring this year. Makes sense!

        • Sucks. Mine expired in August :(

    • Nope

  • +3

    I got nothing. Platinum card

  • +1

    My travel credit disappeared so i've contacted amex and they said credit has been voided and replace by this offer so explorer only offer who lost their travel credit

    • Weird. Credit was to expire next week but used my credit for a future booking last week, just saved this offer now so what does that mean?

      • +14

        It probably means you've won

      • Oh really? Cause my credit was available 2days ago but then suddenly disappeared last night Nd amex said they replaced by this….

      • Lucky you! Get travel credit and HN credit. Use it before they pick it up!

        • Knowing amex, they could just charge you for that 400 that was supposed to be voided

        • So let’s say my next travel credit due next week doesn’t show, then can assume this deal replaces it, what happen from Jan 1 if I don’t book anything? Another deal or the credit appears?

    • +1

      Can confirm my travel credit has also disappeared after I added this offer to my card (Platinum Edge).

      This offer effectively extends the travel credit to the end of 2021. Besides that, seems quite pointless.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the post. Got it as well.

  • No Plans to travel at this stage so this seems worth it especially $ value compared to their travel platform.

    What's good to get at HN?

    • +6

      Jobkeeper is great value

    • Maybe the new Nintendo Switch (OLED)?

  • Thanks Putin, 200 on plat edge.

    Apple Watch 7 preorder sorted for tomorrow.
    Also good on Amex. Was still miffed wasted a travel credit last year because nowhere to go/couldn’t go.

    Wonder if this is going to be an ongoing thing every renewal. Membership comes up soon for me.

  • Ok just checked.
    I've got the $400 credit at HN now. On explorer and the travel credit has disappeared.

  • Has anyone received more than one of this HN credit, the restaurant offer and the Qantas offer?

    • +1

      Yeah I have. $300 restaurant and $400 HN

      One on plat charge one on the free reserve

  • Nothing here. No love.

    • Do you have any travel credit? It seems it’s only for those with unused travel credit.

  • Why I got 450 HN credit back, on Amex Platinum and also the 300 restaurants

    • yep how nice!
      $450 at HN
      $300 food/dining

  • You guys are lucky. Express Premium card incentives have little value.

  • +2

    So basically it's a swap your Travel Credit for Harvey Norman Credit which is usually the same as your annual fee. I wish it was JB or TGG, but I Suppose I can get Hardly to price match.

    Oh it expires 31 Dec. Might save it for Boxing Day sales.

    • Ye roughly, received so far this year, 400 supermarket, 450 HN, 300dinner, 200 David Jones…guess I am still losing from my 1450annual fees, hahah

      • You should've got 2x$400 supermarket… i think most platinum card members did.

    • +1

      Actually read the terms says spend at either HN or Amex travel, so still have a choice to use it as a travel credit

      • Ah correct, cheers. interestingly you can mix & match and you don't need to use it in one go.

        from the email

        As well as being able to use your Travel Credit to book travel with American Express Travel Online, you can now also use it to shop online or instore at Harvey Norman until 31st December 2021.*

        To take advantage of the flexibility of this updated benefit, simply click the button below and save to your eligible Card. Once you've saved this to your Card, a credit of up to $200 will be automatically applied when you spend up to $200 in one or more transactions with your Card ending 00000 at either American Express Travel Online and/or Harvey Norman on or before 31st December 2021. You’ll collect a statement credit for each purchase you make, until you reach $200

    • +1

      No, as per Rogue Wolfe above…it's simply add HN as an option. You can still use your credit on Amex travel. However, this dual offer replaces the existing travel credit alone offer.

      Bit cheeky though as many of us would be used to looking up our travel credits in the old spot.

    • just buy a gift card—which i can onl,y see is $200, $500 - so no $400 -__-

      • you can add 2x $200 gift cards.

        • yep confirmed can do

  • +2

    Qantas premium card, got none of these targeted deals, what am I doing wrong?

  • +2

    OP - Change title and body to say "Amex: swap $395 travel credit for $400 Harvey Norman credit"

    Before someone gets butthurt ;p

    • Why?

      My travel credit is still intact with no change.

      • That's not what's happening to others according to the comments. Only a few are getting lucky.

        Mods have fixed it now anyway

      • Looks like you get $200 in statement credit that can be used at Amex Travel and/or HN. So if you spend $50 at Amex Travel & $150 at HN.

  • +2

    My travel credits are still there…. And I also got this offer. Score, hopefully.

    • When are your travel credits set to expire?

      • next year in august… this is for amex reseverse

        • Same here my travel credit didn’t disappear on Explorer.

  • +1

    If this does replace the existing travel credit, it's a bit crap that the expiry is so short. My travel credit isn't due to expire until 09/2022.

    • Did you get the offer and saved it ?

      Mine also expires in 2022 and I saved the offer. My travel credit is still there and didn't disappear.

      • You better use the travel credit now. It might work for double dip.

  • I'm a new customer, only 3m or so in, and I didn't get any credit. Guessing it's a long travel credit expiry situation.

  • with all these deals Im looking to apply for an amex card, can anyone recommend which card to go with? thanks

    • It depends on your situation… how you spend… where you spend… how much you spend… your spending habits… do you travel much? all factors in which card to choose.

  • Discovery card holders miss out again lol

  • +1

    For a minute there I thought Harvey Norman sold travel - that would be a horrifying experience.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Brilliant. Sonos Beam 2 for $295 and will sell the old Playbar.

  • I've still got my $400 + $450 credits on my platinum + reserve cards
    no option to swap for HN credits though…is it hidden somewhere?

    • +3

      It seems that travel credit expiring by end of this year has been converted to the offer. I have credits expiring next year not affected.

      • +1

        Same here.

  • +1

    I still have travel credit exp may next year and got 200 travel in the offer now. But gosh, I’d swap all of this travel crap for even half of it for HN…

  • +1

    Anyone else didn't get it? I only have a Amex Platnum and Qantas card?

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