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20% off Bose Products + Shipping @ The Qantas Store (e.g. QC45 - 69,420pts)


Was 86,780 PTS
Now 69,420 PTS Or 2,000 PTS + $460.3

Save 17,360 points

Shipping is 2,250 PTS or $15.00

Product Description:
You feel it the minute you put them on. The perfect balance of quiet, comfort, and sound. The original noise cancelling headphones are back, with world-class quiet, shockingly light materials, and proprietary technology for deep, clear sound. QuietComfort® 45 headphones. It’s an icon reborn. Proprietary Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ technology produces the true quiet you need to hear every detail of your music in high fidelity. Or choose Aware Mode to hear your music and your environment at the same time. TriPort acoustic architecture and Bose innovations like Volume-optimised Active EQ add depth and clarity to your music, while maintaining balance at any volume. And materials such as synthetic leather and glass-filled nylon were meticulously selected for comfort and durability. The headphones give you 24 hours of listening time*, and charge via the included USB-C® cable. Bluetooth® 5.1 maintains a strong connection to your device, and the Bose Music app guides you through setup, lets you personalise settings, and keeps your headphones’ software up to date.

World-class noise cancelling
High-fidelity audio
Quiet & Aware Modes
All-day comfort
Lightweight yet durable
24 hour battery life*
Charge via USB-C® or wirelessly
Strong, reliable wireless connection with Bluetooth® 5.1
* Battery testing was conducted by Bose with active noise cancelling on and in continuous audio playback at 50% volume. Battery runtime is based on a typical use and may vary based on usage.

Product dimensions: W 15.7cm, H 19.5cm, D 8cm, Weight 0.44kg
Retail Package dimensions: W 15.57cm, H 24.77cm, D 6.6cm, Weight 0.68kg

Model number:

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  • +4

    For those wondering, only difference from qc35 seems to be usbc, better mics and earpads similar to 700s

    • +6

      Although I'd prefer the USB-C, that alone doesn't justify an upgrade, 35's running great!

    • Though those 'only…better mics' are a great improvement, according to the few reviews I've read.

      • +1

        sure, but the primary use of headphones is listening and the sound quality/anc is unchanged here so most people wont find it a significant upgrade as the qc35 mics are just fine.

        • sure, but the primary use of noise-canceling headphones is to improve sound quality by cancelling external noise, which the 45s, apparently, do better with improved mics.

  • +3

    Just an FYI to anyone shopping. The 700s are nuts.

    I own the xm4 earbuds and headphones along with the 700 headphones.

    And while they are all wonderful - the 700's are an amazing alternative over the 45/35 for WFH due to the microphone and they go for less than $400.

    • +2

      700s are on sale too but only in silver.

      83,330 points

    • +2

      is the 700 better than sony ?

      • +5

        Popular opinion seems to be that the Sony is better for listening to music and for noise cancellation, but the Bose 700 are much, much better than anything else on the market when it comes to call quality.

        Some complain about the touch controls on the 700, as well as the clamping force.

        • +2

          Yes, completely agree with the comments. I end up choosing the 700 as I work from home and need a pair that cancels background noise when I am on calls.

    • +1

      I've seen reviews that the 700 are not as comfortable as the 35s
      What is your experience ?
      My use for 35s were for long periods (mostly flights)

      • +1

        I would use earbuds for flights because I need to nap/lay my head on pillow often.

      • +2

        I own both the qc35 and bose 700. Whilst initial usage of the 700 felt that the clamping force was a bit strong. After learning on reddit, it helps a lot to stretch the 700 over its box for 1-2 days and the clamping force is substantially reduced. Now I find the 700 more comfortable than the qc 35. Also, the qc 35 heat up a lot more for me than the 700, the new ones I can wear for many hours without taking them off.

      • I do this too! I've used them with just ANC turned to high and with no music playing because they silence aircraft engine noise.

    • Owned both 700 and 35s. Returned the 700s as did not find them anywhere near as comfortable vs. 35s. YMMV

  • +8

    Try this URL instead, it links to all available Bose products rather than a single product…


  • +2

    i got the QC35 from 2017, worth the upgrade?

    • +2

      No, if it still works, keep using it

    • +1

      Same boat as you. I have QC35 generation 1 and they're still holding a charge really well despite me using them constantly WFH. I almost want to reward Bose with more business because they've performed so well.

      • i only change the ear pad once… but other than that, working perfectly fine.

        Just finding and excuse for me to get something NEW! lol!!

  • +22

    Now 69,420 PTS Or 2,000 PTS + $460.3

    They knew

    • +3

      Had to scroll too far for this

    • +1


    • +4

      69 - nice
      420 - niiiiccceee
      69,420 - insert Vince McMahon meme

  • How is this compares to Bose sales from retailers? Is Qantas still expensive?

    • depends what you value points at

      • so what's the currency value at the moment

  • I called Amex a month ago to cancel my card, they offered me 80k points to stick around, credited last week, thanks OP, will use it to upgrade my QC35 which has been a phenomenal purchase and still going strong.

    • What card? Platinum? Green?

      • +3

        Na just the normal Qantas one lol, i was so suprised, only had a 5k limit but I was a heavy user pre covid, used it on the business and would spend 2-3k a month and just repay it.

        • what annual cost is that card per year

  • QC25 going strong for me.

    • +2


  • -3

    Coles just dropped the Bose headphone price from 79 to 69. Anybody out here done a comparison?

    • +2

      Coles? what

    • +3

      "Are these $70 headphones the same as those other $400 ones?!?"

      Cmon mate, use your head.

      • I had top of range Sennheissers, AKG and Bose. Everything eventually died. Ah forgot them numbers of Sony's who died the fastest.
        Now flying with a pair of Aldi noise reduction I bought in Europe for under $30. They still work and I spend the extra money on airlines that fly the Dreamliner or the A350!

        • +1

          I have only ever owned two pairs of the Bose QC 35 IIs and they have been exceptional even after years of use. I have tried 'cheap' headphones in the past and have found the quality to be extremely lacking, but if you've found a diamond in the rough, then kudos to Aldi. But that is far from the normal experience of cheap headphones.

          • -1

            @Smol Cat: Ok I upgrade to business class where they provide the use of Bose headphones. Lets me have better food and service too!

          • @Smol Cat: I got mine in 2018, used almost every day since then, have been overseas with me a few times and they're still going strong. I've only had to replace the foam earcups (which were available on ebay for ~$20)

  • How much 70000 pts worth?

  • Does anyone know Qantas's return policy on earphones? I'm considering getting the Sleepbuds II but I know that if you buy direct from Bose then they give a decent trial period.

    • I bought the sleepbuds first series at the airport duty free and the returned within the trial period via Bose themselves

      • So I can return to Bose regardless of where I bought from?

        • +1

          I’m very certain you can, when you buy it it would come with a 90 day risk free pamphlet and instructions on how to return. I’m just a person on ozbargain, ring up Bose to double check

  • Does Qantas FF still have birthday discount code ?

  • Have got points acruing quikcer than I think I'll be able to spend on travel in the next few years so took the plunge on the SoundLink Revolve+ II.

    my Gen 1 UE Megaboom died recently and heard my friends SoundLink Revolve+ II and there's definitely a noticeable step up in sound and looks!

  • Now 69,420 PTS Or 2,000 PTS + $460.3

    Am I missing something with this QC45 Qantas deal? This pre-order deal is $465 with express post, or $445 free shipping, whereas Qantas is more expensive and needs points.

    Or are all the votes more for purchases using only points, or the other products?

    • I guess it's really a good call out for those that have this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655475#comment-11158722

      I took the plunge and ordered the headphones - I currently don't have a set of over ear ones.

      • Fair enough. That offer didn't show up in my Amex app :(

        I would have done the same as well if I had it. Hope it works out with your cashback!

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