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$50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys $10 off $50 JB Hi-Fi, Catch, Cotton on | $25 off $75 Spend: Kogan @ LatitudePay



On October 14 to 16, choose LatitudePay and get $50 off your $150+ purchase.

To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment schedule. Single use only. Offer available on LatitudePay smaller buys only. Available Online Only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $150. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 16/10/2021

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        I agree with you. I’m in the same boat. My credit score/history is as clean as it can be but still declined. What a waste of time. After pay is much easier, no credit checks

    • You are lucky! I only got 600pts. And after giving out all my personal details including the driver license, said they could not verify my ID, maybe because I didn't tick that "let the 3rd party got your details…"

      Giving the last try, if they still can't verify my driver license and tell me to allow my details to be shared to the 3rd party, then no deal!

  • Can this be stacked with a price match? eg Airpods?

    • Want to know this too

  • -1

    Sigh not for existing only for new customers

    • +8

      "Offer available to new and existing customers"

      • I see in the description above it is for new and existing but cannot find that anywhere on the T & C's?

  • I need to buy a kitchen appliance. It's going to cost 1k. I have 800 avail on LP. So no go?

    I see LP+ but has $10 a month account fee.

    • What’s the 800 available or credit people talk about on LP? If I signed up, is there a limit they give me?

      • I signed but never used. It says on my login page.

    • +1

      You just have to pay the difference (200) up front ad well as your standard first payment.

  • +1

    I might be able to get the MX Master 3


    Can anyone recommend anything useful I can buy to get me over $150?

  • +2

    Can you part pay with a gift voucher and still use latitude pay?

    • +1

      Yep I’ve done that before as long as the remaining balance after gift card is deducted, is minimum $150.

  • can u buy gift cards with this in im thinking of buying a $20 gift card fron kogan as my item is $68

  • Is Catch Connect excluded?

  • +1

    Is it a good deal to buy the Apple Pencil 2?
    Tks OP

  • Does anyone know if the offer can be used multiple times.

    For example $50 off at Jbhifi, and $50 off again HN?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • +4

      Can be used once at every store. Each store will have a different discount amount

  • Signed up, that was easy. Wish I had done it sooner to get the previous discounts too.

  • Good timing to get a freezer. Any recommendations?

    • We have a GVA one from the good guys a couple of years ago. No complaints.

  • I'm on the hunt for new portable drives. Based on previous years, is this worth signing up for or better waiting for Black Friday deals?

  • -1

    I can't see the full T&Cs without signing up. Can I buy a $40 product and get about 1/3 off on Catch, etc?

    • Not sure what you mean, spend $40?
      You have to spend $75 minimum to get any discount

  • Can you spend $150 at each of the stores? And get $50 per store? Good guys / Harvey Norman etc? Or only redeemable once?

  • Does latitude pay has a different app -> called Latitude and you have to create another login to access latitude pay ?

    • That’s for USA

    • I’m stuck here too…. Do I create another login ?

    • I've been using Latitude Pay for about 6 months, and an App did not exist when I signed up. I haven't checked in the last month, but I believe one still doesn't exist. Would be incredibly useful, but I'm happy to use their website for the ocassional discounts (like this) they offer.

  • Does anyone know if I can pay with latitude pay if i use a gift card to pay some parts at catch.com.au? (I know it doesn't work at TGG)

    • It definitely doesn’t work with TGG? I’ve read some comments saying you can

      • Not online, but you can in-store (that is what I was told by a staff member at TGG)

  • So latitude pay has no app??

  • can we buy a gift card from harvey norman of 150$ and then later on use it

  • Any reason all I'm seeing on Latitude Pay website about the FOMO PROMO is 35% of 1000s of brands? Can't seem to see anything about spend $150 and get $50 off deals?

  • If I buy 2 items to make it $150, but return 1 item later which isn't required, will I still have $50 discount or will it be revoked

  • Thinking of using to grab the 2021 Apple TV and sell on my 2017 model…

  • Sydney eased lockdown restrictions, JB free shipping offer ended.

  • Oh boy, here I go - buying board games - again.

  • Can anyone suggest me an NBN-ready Modem Router from this deal?

  • +1

    I'm thinking of signing up for both my wife and I to purchase the new Nintendo Switch (OLED). Will we be able to split the payments across both Lattitude accounts?

    EDIT: Just realised that the deal finishes after a few days and I'm in Victoria (lockdown) so not likely to do this as it will be online (and probably no stock).

    Lol. I just tried to apply but was rejected.

    "Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we're unable to approve your application because it fell outside our acceptance guidelines.
    Usually, there's no single factor that causes an application to be declined. Often, it's a combination of factors relating to:

    • Information contained in your application

    • How you have maintained current and or previous accounts with Latitude Financial Services and

    • Information contained in your credit file which may disclose the frequency of credit applications, previous defaults, court actions, previous bankruptcies and/or unsatisfactory repayment information.

    We do, however, recognise that these factors might change in the future and would happily receive another application if they do.

    Please note, during our assessment, we requested information from Experian, our credit reporting provider. Although our decision to decline your application was not based on the information we received from Experian, you have the right to obtain a free credit report within the next 90 days by going to www.experian.com.au."

    The rejection was incredibly fast though so not even sure if the server request was even made with Experion. It was pretty muck click submit and immediately got rejected.

  • +3

    It was not stated that if you spend $150 you get $50 back. It is only showing 35% off on 1000s of products.

    • I'm also seeing this. What are we missing?

  • Does anyone know if this will work with online price matching at JB HiFi?

    • We'll find out tomorrow, I'm thinking of buying something at JB after price matching.

  • +4

    It actually seems like there's a few tiers for this promo as seen in the promotion layouts here (stores not yet known):

    • $10 off $50 Spend
    • $25 off $75 Spend
    • $35 off $100 Spend
    • $50 off $150 Spend

    The 35% off is calculated off the $35 off $100 spend offer as the max % back available.

    • +4

      Some small stores will be doing promos such as $10 off $50. For example

      $10 off $50+ Spend:



      $25 off $75+ Spend:


      $50 off $150+ Spend:



    • +1

      Keep seeing "single use only", does it mean once you got the $50 off deal with JB, you can't get the do the same with Harvey Norman?

      • Single use / store

        • Do you have a link to T&C that confirms that?

          • -1

            @gadgetguy: No such thing mentioned in T&C. I know from previous posts

            • -1

              @Pricebeat: Hmm, risky then. May let someone else confirm after purchasing.

  • Anyone know if I can use in store at JB?

  • Is $50 off on $150 applicable on Kogan too?

    • $25 off $75 Spend: Catch, Cotton on, Kogan

  • +18

    If you are shopping at JB Hifi and need a cheap item to get you to the next threshold, here are some options:
    * $1 camera accessories (Sony wrist strap, Canon camera jacket, Removu cradle): https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/cameras?page=1&hitsPer...
    * Various phone accessories from $1 (screen protector, covers): https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/mobile-phones?page=1&h...
    * $1.99 DVDs: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/all-products-on-sale?p...
    * $1 FitBit strap: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/fitbit-ionic-leather-band...

  • Can I use my debit card with latitude pay or is it only credit? It won’t accept my card lol

    • No problems when I have used VISA debit previously

  • First time using this type of deal - should I be seeing the discount applied to the payment schedule in the checkout, before I hit pay, or does the discount get applied to the account after the payment has gone through?

    • After choosing LatitudePay it will take you to the LatitudePay login page. Then you'll see your payment schedule and the details of the amounts to be paid and discount.

  • Does HN charge pre-order on purchase?

  • Can anyone confirm the following can work for an ipad mini 6?

    First call JB to pricematch edu price to $669

    Pay $150 with latitude pay to get $50 back
    Pay the remaining $519 with discounted JB gift card

    • JB price match checkout doesnt allow for latitude. Unless they changed something in the last 48hrs

      • if without price match, will it work with $150 lattitude to get $50 and the rest with gift card??

        • A trick you can use is spend $150 (on a preorder) and do latitude pay and then ask for your money to be returned in jb giftcards

  • +1

    Site down on mobile verification?

  • +10

    JB is $10 off $50, rather than $50 off $150?
    what a fizzler!

    • +1

      Having the same issue!

      • how did you find out?

    • +1


    • Upsetting, had everything read. To get some cheap PSN Giftcards

      • Harvey Norman looks to be working for gift cards.

        • Damn it didnt work last time so I bought something else

        • Not for me, refuses to allow lattitude pay.

        • I've got Xbox Game Pass vouchers in my cart and there's no LP option for me. :/

          Edit: Removed them and LP option appeared. Damn you HN.

    • +1

      Rip thought I would get a new mouse tonight… time for bed!

    • -8

      what a joke
      negging the op for falsely getting hopes up

      • -4

        It was added by mods.

        • +1

          Ban the mods!

      • That's not how that works

      • LatPay did say $50 off JB when the deal went up. It changed to $10 when it went live 😥

  • if I make pay my LatitudePay using my 28 Degrees credit card, can I still claim for price protection in case price drops?

    • The real questions, would be worth to ask CS but logically, no?

  • Is it possible to open mutiple accounts with Latitude Pay?

    • +1

      Lattitudepay checks your credit file so I doubt it.

  • Not working on Good Guys, trying to nab a Switch and the $50 isn't coming off

    • It comes off after latitude pay login

      • I've gone to the point of clicking accept on Latitude Pay and it's still the full amount

        Edit: seems I didn't go far enough (I was worried about it going through and charging me the wrong price), it is working!

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