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Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery 55D23L $149 (Was $199) and 75D23L $179 (Was $239) C&C @ Autobarn


I've just purchased new battery as my one had failed on me. Currently on sale @ Autobarn. Cheaper than SupercheapAuto atm.

55D23L $149 (Was $199)

75D23L $179 (Was $239)

I like that these batteries are made in Australia.

Check to see if it fits your car here: Battery finder from Century

Century's Car batteries are built tough to provide the ultimate in battery performance and reliability. Featuring internal components which are designed from the ground up to suit Australian conditions, unique design features and industry leading technologies to combat the causes of battery failure, Century Ultra Hi Performance and Hi Performance batteries deliver reliability, longer life and superior performance.

Manufactured with Calcium battery plates, advanced grid designs, optimised paste formulation and our own revolutionary maintenance free lid technology, Century Car batteries deliver superior starting power, exceptional corrosion resistance, longer life and the performance to handle the demands of today’s modern vehicles.


Suitable for both old and new vehicles with high power demands
Designed & built for Australian conditions
Maximum service life with a sealed maintenance free design for reduced water loss

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  • +17

    How does this compare to eneloops?

  • -1

    Battery finder is inconsistent.
    E.g. My car is not listed correctly.

    • Possibly these batteries won't fit your car?

      • The finder shows at least one of them will.
        The CCA and the Ah are much too low, haven't looked at the dimensions etc yet - wouldn't bother.
        That's the problem with a little amount of knowledge.
        Just saying that other people need to be careful placing too much trust in these online finders.

  • +1

    Maybe $10 cheaper than other places. Who pays RRP? Not really worth a post. Those $79 Hyundai batteries a while back were good!

    • +3

      I think those hyundai batteries were old stock - mine already starting to die so either looking to replace it or get a jump starter or nrma will be getting calls alot more

      • Fluid levels ok inside?

        • The green eye shows level of one cell not really the best when the end cells suffer the most from heat

    • +3

      I applaud Century Yuasa for manufacturing batteries in Australia when all other brands have offshored.

      However, for the budget conscious, a better option would be the equivalent Exide Advantage from Costco for around $115 (made in the Philippines).

      • +1

        Not sure but read here on ozb that many Century batteries are also made over seas ( think in Phillipines )

        and have their final touches and labels done here in Australia so the can say "made/assembled in Australia."

      • costoc sell battery from tyre place or just in the main store area?

        • At the tyre counter.

      • Not the same quality
        The conscious frugal pays twice

  • Dis good?

    • +1

      SupercheapAuto listed dis as one of the best sellers.

      • +3

        best seller != good

    • I purchased one of these for my previous car and it was pretty good. Never had any trouble with it.

  • Bought a 55D23L 2 a few days ago at supercheap, not mounted yet, may I get $10 back?

    • +1

      You can always go back and ask them? They may allow it:)

    • +1

      If they drop the price to match it them you’ll get club credit.

    • +1

      Just say it didnt fit

    • +1

      If you Mount your battery you may have a baby battery

  • I have one, it's a Great battery.

  • which one will fit which model

  • +3

    If you miss out on the sale don't worry just head to Bunnings as they have this


    Compared to the Autobarn on special below it's 5 dollars more, but that it's standard price. It has more cold cranking amps and 6 months extra warranty. That being said, it's not made in Australia if that's a major thing for you.


  • +1

    I'm surprised! I just used the referenced Battery Finder…and it shows both these listed batteries as the recommended fitment for a 3.4 Lt. 2000 V6 Prado [and I would think most Prados esp. V6 models…and similar vehicles…] do your own research but…

  • +2

    Great batteries and aussie made.
    I got mine fitted from supercheap auto and they add an additional 6 months warranty on top

  • After lockdown is lifted, I will be trying to start a old Hilux that hasn't been started for a few months. If it doesn't start, should I try buying a battery charger (the car doesn't have a road service subscription), or a new battery?

    I see Autobarn has a few half price battery chargers - https://autobarn.com.au/ab/Autobarn-Category/Batteries%2C-Gl... but I have no idea what to look for.

    • +1

      How old is the battery?

      • I'll have to check - replaced maybe late last year?

    • +3

      Depend on how low the voltage is. Either you need to charge it back like a noco/ctek or you just need to jump start it with another car/battery pack

    • +1

      Check the fluid levels in each cell (should be level with the little plastic fingers - enough to submerse the plates fully). Top of with distilled water if needed. Trickle charge with a 'CTEK' charger over 24hrs. Recheck levels. Should be good to go since it has been dormant over winter.

      Summer is worse for dormant batteries as warmer temps means faster chemical reactions. If the car is dormant over summer, give it a top up charge every 3 weeks.

      • Thanks for the info, I'll look at that brand.

    • +4

      Get yourself a Gooloo

    • +1

      SCA offers free battery recharge service. Just did it today and they didn't ask for any proof of purchase.

    • +1

      It also depends on the CCA left on your old battery. CCA is more important than voltage. You could recharge your battery back to 12v, but if the CCA value is only 20% of original then it should be replaced.

      • Thanks for that. How do you determine that?

        • +1

          Google Car battery load tester, you should have a few hits. The digital ones are easier to read.

    • +1

      Is there any reaaon you can't start it now?

      If you can, go start it and take it for a drive.

      If it doesn't start:

      Buy a charger ~$50 and charge it. This would likely solve the issue and get the battery back to a decent state.

      The battery may be toast if it has been discharged deeply or discharged for a long period of time, but with a relatively young battery I would bet that it will start up even after sitting a few months, or get back to a decent health with a 48h charge.

      Also look up tips on car storage and what to check after prolonged periods of sitting.

      • I can't visit until next week due to lockdown travel restrictions. But I will give it a go next week and fingers crossed it's OK. Thanks for the tips.

  • Had one of these used in 3 different cars for 14 years now. Plates still look good. Keep the fluid levels up, maintain the charge and this should get you through until the mainstream EV era.

    • It’s a sealed battery.

      • The blue cap on top clips off with a screw driver, then you have access to each cell (use a 5 or 10c piece to unscrew caps).

        I actually bought mine for $15 from a wrecker 14 years ago, so the design may have changed. But the picture looks the same.

        All batteries will need to be topped up at some stage to get 10yrs + out of them..

        • The new ones are really sealed apparently.

          • @SamR: I'll have a look next time i'm in a store.

            If its almost dead, you got nothing to lose. Drill a small hole into the plastic from the top down and inject a few ml of water into each cell.

  • +1

    oops, just bought from SCA for $190… but with 10% gift card and 2.1% cashrewards make it 167, so I am not complaining

  • I have one

    • +1

      I have one two

  • +1

    Supercharge is better.. Wish I bought the supercharge at 25% last time..

    • +1

      I concur, Supercharger batteries are better. Especially the sealed batteries. Centuries leak and dries out which requires regular top up.

    • +1

      I'd disagree. Bought one about 18 months ago (if that) and it's carked it. Bought one of these Century batteries this week @ Autobarn to replace it.
      Supercharge battery was showing a red indicator so it was cactus.
      Considered doing the warranty replacement on it, then I read the terms. It's a joke. Their own site states that flat/dead battery doesn't constitute a fault and that they would require the battery to be returned for it to be tested. How freaking pointless. So what am I supposed to do for the week or 3 it will take them to suss out a "possible" replacement justification?

      • I guess it depends where you are but I took my battery straight to Supercharge in Welshpool, WA. They kept it overnight and told me a cell had died and to come get a new battery - had 5 days left in warranty and only cost me $105 18 months prior.

  • Btw, I got a battery for a camry last month for about $110 if I am not mistaken, not sure about its quality but it comes with 2 years replacement warranty.

  • Would something like this work for powering a camping fridge?

    • +3

      Yes, but it's far from ideal, these are designed to provide a lot of power, for a short time. Deep cycles are better at providing a small amount of power for a long time.

  • Supercheap also have a sale. eg, Century Q85 battery at Supercheap is $280 compared to $470 at Autobarn

  • +1

    Costco batteries are cheap

    Exide batteries 30 month warranty

    Paid $85 for the wifes corolla last week

    • Not sure why you need to spend $$$ on Century Ultra Hi Performance Car Battery
      when Exide batteries 30 month warranty doing the same job.
      My first Exide battery lasted like 4 years without any issue.
      Not that Century batteries gonna lasted x2 longer.

    • What's the battery number/spec?

  • I grabbed a Century 55D23L when Autobarn had them for $149 a few months back, the old Century battery in my 2003 V6 Hilux lasted 6 years so I am hoping this new one lasts as well. The new one is maintenance free (55D23LMF) and sealed whereas the old one could be topped up, rumour has it that the new ones don't last as long but only time will tell.

    • The problem is they dry out
      Maintenance free is great but they still dry out from engine bay heat

      • Yeah these sealed batteries are a scam.

        They are supposed to cater to young people now who don’t know anything about cars so are maintenance free but then they fail in half the time due to drying out because you can’t add water,

        You can’t seem to buy the old type anymore.

    • +1

      "Maintenance free" should be banned. Accelerated failure / landfill.

      Batteries need fluid to be added. No exceptions. Engine bay heat + H2 production when charging. Gas is given off, you are losing Something.

      The good news is, I have never met a battery I couldn't pry open. Century you normally pry off the blue back cap and can then access the cells.

      I have another brand (can't remember right now, brain fade). That was 100% glued shut. Real mongrel to open up. But topped it up, siliconed cap back on. It's 10yrs+ now, but I will never buy that brand again…

      Even worse is the RAA/ NRMA batteries. Glued shut, super thin plates. Sister got 2 years out of one. When I opened it up it was half dry, plates collapsed .. 2 years.. absolute rubbish. Put a thing on their Facebook page showing pictures of their made to fail product.

      • Century batteries are now fully sealed, your good ideas have all been swept aside by design efficiency.

        Efficiency in getting money from motorists that is.

  • What is the difference between 55d and 75d?

    • I looked at getting the larger capacity 75D23L and even rang Century to ask if it would make any difference, the staff member was very helpful and said the larger one wouldn't be necessary unless I was living in an extremely cold climate. My Toyota doesn't need much prompting to start anyway and the 55D23L had served me well since 2015 without any issues. Note: The 75D23L is larger in CCA capacity and had a longer warranty but they were the same size dimensionally.

      • I disagree

        If you can fit a larger battery then i would

        When your battery starts getting older or even if you dont use it for a while then the battery will still be above the minimum requirements

    • As MS1000 says, they are dimensionally the same with slightly more lead and a slightly more concentrated battery acid to get the CCA rating up.

      You won't gain any advantage from the 75 if your vehicle specifies the 55 as its standard battery.

  • what about the exide and supercharge battery ,about the same price?

  • Are they able to install for me?

    • Installing a battery is not rocket science, but I'm sure they will do if you want.

  • +1

    Great timing, my brother's battery started getting really sluggish today and I was able to click and collect and have it fitted.

    Glad to not have to have paid full price. Got the higher CCA in the 75 one.

  • Looks like these batteries are not suitable for vehicles with stop-start technology. Need EFB battery for those.
    P.S I'm convinced that tech is pretty much a lose-lose for car owners… annoying, minimal petrol savings, and additional costs due to wear and tear on starter motor and battery, plus more expensive batteries needed.

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