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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points ($2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year)


180,000 bonus Reward
When you spend $2,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

$0 annual fee in the first year
With your new ANZ Rewards Black card.

Redeem ANZ Reward Points
Redeem ANZ Reward Points for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points, Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles.

Features and trade-offs
Earn 2 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period
A higher Reward Points earn rate compared to other ANZ Rewards cards
Uncapped ANZ Reward Points
7 complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
A higher interest rate on purchases compared to the ANZ Low Rate card
A higher annual fee compared to the ANZ First card and the highest annual fee of all the ANZ Rewards cards
Overseas transaction fees apply
Plus, you'll enjoy all this
Take advantage of complimentary shopping and travel insurance.
Enjoy peace of mind with ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee.
Pay easily using your digital wallet and contactless tap and pay.
Sign up to get personalised deals on music, sport, fashion, food, film and more with Visa Offers + Perks.

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  • I signed up for ANZ rewards platinum in March, can I be eligible for this one?

    • Nope. I think it's frquest flyer that's different and U can sneak through.

      I got the same in March - the platinum deal.

    • +2

      The "rewards" program unfortunately is the same as this card.

      So the short answer is no

      You can take out a qantas frequent flyer black though

      • Hi - I've got a ANZ Qantas FF Black - would I be eligible for this?

        • Yep

          • @Drakesy: awesome, aside from the fact i have to put in another application and deal with their nightmare CC team

  • Good deal, be ready with the CSR may ask you millions of silly questions to drag you mad.

    • Apparently if you don't answer after a while they just approve you. Happen to a work colleague and a few mention of it in AFF.

      • Would have saved me many many calls and document uploads if Iโ€™d known this!

        • Yeah me too. Was shocked when he told me and to have it confirm by AFF as well. But yeah they asked me shiteloads of question also.

      • +3

        It's all changed now. ANZ have changed / outsourced their credit card application process.

        Both myself and my partner submitted seperate applications, and gave them all documents they requested (and it was a lot), and was waiting for them to get back to us. After receiving another email requesting the same stuff just submitted. I ended up going into a branch, and they couldn't help me as all their usual contact phone numbers had been disconnected (they didn't even know they had been disconnected). So submitted all the docs again, cc'd in with the branch managers email.

        In just over a week I got the same email info request again and I noticed they did another credit check for the same application. Then sent the card to my old address (which wasn't even on my application), but I had a Black card a few years back at that address. Branch manager confirmed in an email to their complaints team, ANZ have totally stuffed this up and sort it out. Followed it up for me twice a day. Got a call from someone higher up. Two days after that phone call…which I made very clear they will be removing the credit check…

        Got a new card sent correctly, got my credit check reversed off my credit file.

        My partner couldn't be assed and just left hers and see what happens… We received a letter around 5 weeks later saying they have cancelled her application because they hadn't heard from her.

        My advice would be to go into a branch and get all the key email addresses (cards team, complaints and their email address).

        I wouldn't simply leave it anymore. Used to work, doesn't now.

        • I've had similar issues with ANZ card services. Have twice tried to apply for a credit card and both times they stuffed up with communications, emails, delays etc. The second application I did in branch. I just can't be bothered with their process anymore. Costs me more in my time than the benefit of the deal

          • @freesteakknives: Branches can't even do applications anymore. All processed by the new offshore team. So a crap shoot if you get an experienced person, or a complete pleb..

      • +7

        Sorry, what is AFF and CSR?

        • +10

          AFF would be Australian Frequent Flyer.
          CSR would be Customer Service Representative.

          • +6

            @Tony-Abbott: far out, do we just start making initialism out of the blue now?

            I was happy when chat just had simple staff like LOL, LMFAO, ROFLMAO.

            • +5

              @Homr: @Homr CSR is a pretty standard acronym used by various industries. Especially when referring to telephone support staff.

              AFF is also quite commonly used by people online who frequent that website.

              So not made up by @Gilby15 but itโ€™s fair that not everyone would be aware of these acronyms.

    • +1

      Applied for the card less than month ago. They just automatically requested my payslips. After a day or less, my card was approved and they requested an ID check (I'm a new customer).

      • Sounds like ANZ wont like the Royal Commission MKII when getting grilled as to why all their cc customers are earning 500k+ and the anz cc caused hardship

      • I got the Amex ultimate Qantas just last week. They never even checked my payslips.. .

      • This was the same experience I had when applying a few months ago. This was my second credit card, very easy to apply and get approved.

  • +1

    If Iโ€™m looking to get out of Australia using these points, whatโ€™s their worth? (Say with Singapore?)

    • +3

      28k Krsiflyer miles for one-way Mel-Sin in economy
      62k Krsiflyer miles for one-way Mel-Sin in biz
      With this card you're getting a return trip in Economy.

    • You will need to spend about AU$ 150 for PCR test before your flight here
      (I think it's 48 - 72 hours before flying)

      In .SG , you'll probably have to do another test on arrival too.

      Then, you will need a test before boarding the flight, back to .AU

      If any of the tests are 'negative', you are probably not getting on the flight.

      • +8

        If any of the tests are 'negative'

        So they only allow positive cases? That is a world first.

        • haha… sorry, i meant, if you test "positive".

    • +1

      Yeah, I was wondering, isn't this a duplicate of that one??

  • I think this is same as this what about $800 gift card.

    • +3

      They saying the points are wroth 800 ๐Ÿ‘

  • Looks pretty good. I've got the ANZ frequent flyer card, but I think can still get points for this according to t&c:

    Offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Rewards Black credit card account. This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card. Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Rewards, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures or ANZ Rewards Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Reward Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Rewards credit cards within the previous 12 months.

    • Yes you can. Still waiting for a good deal on the ANZ FF Black.

  • +2

    Don't forget having any credit card goes against you if you go an try get a loan

    • +14

      So close em

    • +4

      I nearly didn't get my loan because my CC had a limit of 15k. Lowered it to 6k and it all went through fine.

      • +4

        Same happened to me, the Bank told me to lower the cc limit I had with another banks cc to get the loan approved. On settlement, guess what the bank did? They sent me a new CC with a $15k limit on it with them, the cheeky buggers.

        • That made me laugh more than it should have - cheeky indeed.

      • Yup. I was refinancing, so reduced/cancelled some cards, once the refinancing goes through you can just apply for new cards.

        Stupid system, but hey, works for me.

    • It's not the only consideration, but in any case, just close them if you're that worried.

      They do count as a potential debt but can also build up your credit score.

    • +3

      Apply for it after loan is approved.

  • Applied for this a week ago and still waiting for it :( Got an email that it was approved the same day. Much sooner and better than an declined application 6 months ago after being with them for 12 years!

  • +1

    No idea why I always get rejected for these ANZ Rewards credit card deals. 100k+ salary with no existing credit card and no home loan (at the time).

    • +1

      Yeah probably because they can't milk any money out of you.

    • Credit rating?

    • +3

      I'm the same. No big loss, ANZ is such a half rate bank.

    • +1

      No credit = no history of regular payments.

      You might need a new limit no fee credit card and pay off monthly in full to show history of regular repayments.

      I know people with no home loan and on prepaid mobiles. Therefore doesn't have records on credit reporting agencies.

      • +3

        Credit history in Australia is meaningless, unlike in Land of Free you don't need "build credit" to get lower mortgage or loan rates. Not yet at least.

        • I wouldn't say useless… If you've been consistently late on repayments or rejected, it will affect your future credit applications.

    • -1

      Probably because they know they wonโ€™t make money out of you

      • +8

        Sentimental value with a bank? What have we come to!

        • Stockholm syndrome

        • Haha I know ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ There is more to the story and donโ€™t wanna go into it lollll

          • @Ohreally: It's not really that funny. Quite sad that you have such an attachment to a bank though….

  • Just don't use it for cash advance or cash equivalent things, they don't count toward the $2k min spend.

    • They never have

    • What about like an Amazon gift card?

      • -2

        Gift cards are explicitly called out as an exclusion in the T&Cs. These things make sense, otherwise you'd just get $2000 in vouchers, use them over a period of time, and you're sweet.

        • How do they know what you buy at amazon or woolies? They won't and it should count towads spend.

          • @d14a028c2a3a2bc9: they don't
            I guess if you bought a giftcard from the woolies giftcard portal , that actually appears as as woolies giftcard on the statement… but yeah.

          • @d14a028c2a3a2bc9: Correct, they have no idea what was purchased, only which vendor. Even in cases where the vendor is obviously a gift card provider, that doesn't necessarily mean their system will detect that.

        • -1

          Lol not sure why I got downvoted for literally saying it's in the T&Cs.

          I'm not sure how they work it out, but the fact that the T&Cs explicitly state that gift cards are treated as cash equivalent then they must be able to work it out? Unless a physical gift card purchased through woolies doesn't get treated as such but that seems like a loophole.

          • +1

            @Sprinter99: Here is the T&C

            You will not earn Rewards Points on interest charges, premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance (ANZ Credit Card Insurance not available for new customers from March 17th, 2018), government charges, bank fees, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office or other taxation payments or duties, card account adjustments resulting from disputed transactions or otherwise, balance transfers or cash advances (as defined in the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use) or transactions which are identified to ANZ by the relevant merchant or any intermediary financial institution as falling into one of these categories. Bonus Reward Points will not be earned in the Bonus Points Mall on the purchase of gift cards, GST or delivery and shipping charges.

            So gift cards should count as long as you don't buy from the Bonus Points Mall.

            • @Aureus: Government charges mean vehicle registration, land rates?

          • +1


            the fact that the T&Cs explicitly state that gift cards are treated as cash equivalent then they must be able to work it out?

            Even if it was in the T&Cs, that assumption is incorrect. As previously stated, they have no visibility of what was purchased, only the vendor.

  • What is the wage requirement ?

    • Apart from that high wage requirement have heard a lot of people getting rejected for their applications so they only ever end up getting a downgraded credit score that's all

    • Believe it is 65k

    • I got mine on 60K/Yr + Super and was offered a 55K limit.
      This was about 3 years ago though.
      I churn this credit card every 12 Months but no earn 100K/yr

      • +2

        I was rejected with perfect credit history and 140k salary. The offshore processing was awful, they struggled to understand simple concepts like pre-tax super contributions. Pot luck depending on who is reviewing I suppose but they wasted a ton of my time.

        • Similar story for myself. The guy who called me knew nothing really. Told me after going through the process that the system is recommending a "downgraded" card, the Platinum card. Told him I wasn't interested in that and asked what the reason/s are for the downgrade because I'm confident I fulfil the requirements, his answer: system says no… Ok thanks for nothing dude. ๐Ÿ˜’

  • Question - if I cancel my current Westpac Altitude Platinum with $6k limit before applying for this card, how long before I can say I have "no other credit cards" when applying - like a week?

    • They will ask for the closure letter.

    • My total credit limit now is about 1.2 times of my yearly income and I still got two credit cards only last week. So I don't think 6K would make any difference.

      And speaking of credit score, bizarrely it only went up after that.

    • I would say immediately. I believe it is an honest answer.

      • +1

        They'll automatically compare what is on file of credit agency and your answers and most probable outcome is that you get refused without any option to provide additional answers.

  • +1

    Can you cancel the card as soon as you get the points?

    • +5

      yep, that's the play

      • Can someone please enlighten me on this?
        Closing the card after getting the points?

        I'm usually with QFF but got this cause of the gift card exchange

        What if I close this and apply for the ANZ QFF card? Another hit to my credit score and lower chance of getting it approved?

  • Need to cancel my Westpac card this week. Normally transfer points to Velocity/ KF (and actually use them for flights…good ole days) but not confident in the security of Velocity at the moment and KF points expire.

    What are people doing with their points? Looks like gift cards are the best return on the Westpac card.

    • KF points, you will have 3 years to use them, so if you do want to fly, it should be enough time. When I cancel my westpac this week, I will move my points to KF.

      My KF points from AMEX 18 months ago expire in April 2022, so unless singapore extends them for free, I will have to pay $100 or about 12% of each 10,000 miles, to get another six months extension. Will get another AMEX soon, but this time, I learnt my lesson, and will keep them as amex points for 11 months until I am ready to leave AMEX again.

  • +1

    This is a long running offer.. been around since April?

  • Just cancelled ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures. I think I'm eligible for this, can anyone confirm?

    • -2

      Yes you are.

    • +2

      Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Rewards, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures or ANZ Rewards Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Reward Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Rewards credit cards within the previous 12 months.

      • +1

        Shite didn't know the rules have changed. Used to be a separate rewards program on it's own.

        • Yep, used to. I ran the gauntlet last year though and they didn't enforce it. I wouldn't risk it again though.

    • Apart from wanting this deal, what made you want to close the rewards Travel Adventure card?

      I still have mine, and I like the no fee for international transaction, for when I buy online. Their exchange rate is good to as it follows VISA. Other than the PA fee that increased because they removed the Virgin Lounge passes, don't know what else would make me to cancel the card.

      • Haven't used it in over 6 months. Missed using a travel credit during covid restrictions and got a 'bad luck nothing we can do' so I've been bitter ever since so wanted to get bonus points on another offer

  • +1
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