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85GB 365 Day Plan Unlimited Talk & Text $89 (Was $120) @ Catch Connect


This popular deal is back.

What you get

  • 60GB standard data allowance + 25GB bonus, 85GB total data. (Bonus data offer ends: 10/11/21). Charged per KB. Your data of 85GB will be all available from day one.
  • Unlimited standard national talk & text
  • Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.
  • Plan Expiry: 365 days

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  • +6

    Ordered on 1st of this month and in 13 days my order is not even processed.

    • I am in the same boat… I have raised a query but I'm not optimistic that it will make a difference.

      • Same when I contacted, they always say we are escalating the issue to relevant team lol

    • i ordered on the 4th, its dispatched today.

  • +1

    can you stack these with current catch plans, mine due to auto recharge soon would rather buy this and add it on

    • New customers only

    • @badabook I was targeted for a 25% off renew, auto renew turned off before

  • +1

    Ported my number on Sunday from the 120GB deal, and still haven't had my sim activated, 3 days to get a service started doesn't look good for future CS.

    • This happened to me once, it got held up because I'd typoed my date of birth on the port form and the existing provider blocked the port out. Still, they should contact you when this happens.

    • I ported on Friday and still havent got it started.. Followed up on Sat just in case, and they said it was on Pause due to error, they unpaused and escalated it.. Still heard nothing.

    • +2

      I ported early last week and it went through but there is an error somewhere and my number is now coming up as expired. Nightmare with customer support so far. Might have to waste my time and lodge a complaint with the TIO. Couldn't pay me to use Catch Connect again.

    • I also bought the 120gb deal. The number ported out (from Boost) in an hour.

    • Purchased the previous deal. Massive regrets - the old service got disconnected, 2 days already, and still waiting for Catch to connect me. Live chat just told me to wait for another 1 to 2 days.

    • I also got the 120GB deal. Ported from vodafone postpaid last night (request lodged 10pm) when I woke up this morning new Catch service all up and running with 243GB data.

  • Does this available to existing customers?
    Mine with Catch is ending this month, and they are giving 25% off if I renew, which means $90 for the same package but without that 25GB bonus

    • +6

      It 'does' not available.

      • Sorry :-) can I edit my post?

    • Mine with Catch is ending this month, and they are giving 25% off if I renew

      When did they offer this? I'm up for renewal in december.

      • I think 30 days before your package's expire date.

  • +1

    Please don't get Catch, I bought 1 during the previous deal. It took them 3 full days to activate the service and the reception is terrible.

    • Who are you with now?

    • +1

      It took them 3 full days to activate the service and the reception is terrible.

      That's…. the catch? Lol

    • +2

      No issue for me. Was ported in 10 minutes from Amaysim. View my comment in the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11117804/redir

    • +1

      'the reception is terrible'

      Is it any worst than normal Optus?

      • I have this and the service speed is terrible, especially when in the city where things are more congested.

        • +1

          Worse than normal Optus reception?

      • +1

        Using Optus prepaid atm, signal is great. 200/15 Mbps D/U (4G). 3-4 bars. So it depends on your location.

      • +1

        i've used Optus and my experience was great.

      • Never had optus but I can't get reception with Catchconnect most of the time <5km from melbourne cbd

  • Cant use the 10% student discount anymore ?

  • Decent if 85GB is all you need. But pales in comparison — in terms of value — to this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653050

  • +1

    Not sure if coincidence or not but as soon as I posted to these guys I now get heaps of spam SmS and calls.

  • Catchconnect??? Cue all the people who can't get reception in the outback, and think the CCP will invade if you don't sign up to Telstra.

  • +1

    I ordered this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653050 two weeks ago and received my sim and ported last friday. The reception is so poor where I live <5km from Melbourne CBD. I could count on one hand the amount of times I have had 4G in a week. As I write this it is sitting on one bar of H data. I also don't like that international calls are extra; I use the phone for work and often have to call NZ. The reception is the killer though. Also, as others have noted I have noticed an upswing in spam messages since getting the service.

    • Check your Optus tower locations and APN settings: https://catchconnect.com.au/home/page/service-issue
      Also check your phone has all the Optus 4G bands (many imports don't)

      • I'm also getting 3G network only. I'm living in Sydney city, and am using a iPhone 13

        • Just ported over from vodafone on the 120GB deal. Was on 4G with vodafone and am also 4G with Catch. It might be my imagination but it actually feels slightly faster than when I was on vodafone's network.

          • @wavesgreen: Not my imagination, I just checked and the nearest Optus tower is located almost half the distance and with less obstruction compared to the vodafone one. Win for me I guess.

  • Can this stack with the Latitude pay deal?

  • This is back to $120 now

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