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Big Man Tyrone Video US$10 (~A$13.59, 90% off, Was US$100) @ Big Man Tyrone


Welcome to our Halloween Special offer. Back again by popular demand! Grab a $100 Big Man Tyrone video for $10. That's 90% off. Use it for anything. YouTube channel trailer, birthday, wedding, business promotion or just to send a fun message to a friend. I am ready to film your video.

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Big Man Tyrone
Big Man Tyrone


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    haha reminded me to rewatch this

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      Haha don't know how the editing was done. Pure genius! That haircut though!

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      How have I only seen this now! its great!

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        I should give credit to foobat who shared it last deal when he kinda destroyed jv with this:

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          Lmfao! 381 likes and no dislikes. Everytime JV comments, we should reply with this vid.

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          10/10 thank you for the repost - I had missed this!

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      Fkn legendary ahahaha

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      Don't forget to turn on the closed captions.

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        nice find!
        Its like unlocking an easter egg!

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      Its part of Big Man Tyrone's post now. It's obligatory to post this each time there's a Big Man Tyrone's post

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    Amazing hahha

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    Can we get some more details in the deal? Length of video , ETA etc

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      I dont think it will be long enough to make a jre podcast

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    It’s 30 words and you can add more words for an extra fee.

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    Here's the latest OzBargain themed video in the series from the last deal. I'll take ideas for another.

    And here are all the others from previous deals.


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      Look forward to the next episode. Lol

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        If I can think of something

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    When ordering to send your scripts later, please send to [email protected]. We usually reply within 1 hour.

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    Did this last time, great service from BMT himself.

    • +3

      Thanks for your kind words :)

  • cheeky scrub

  • Ten dollar Tyrone!

  • Haha I love the name!

  • +3

    I've always wanted something like this but there's too much pressure to write a good script.

  • Share your notes and we can come up with something. [email protected]

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    Tyrone, how much damn money do you make on these things? years of popularity you're probably making a killing. Good on ya.

    • +20

      To be honest enough to stay self-employed. I am actually getting a course ready to show people how they can become spokespersons on Fiverr. It's easier than most people think and I make far less money than some "normal" folks on Fiverr.

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        Is the guy on the videos really you?

        • +6

          Yes it is really me :)

  • Thanks Tyrone. A great opportunity for a special gift for someone.

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    For all those simpsons and tyrone fans, they need to see this masterpiece

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      I didn't even realize i needed this, thanks!

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      That's fantastic

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    I want to send one for a work colleague for their birthday, but not feeling very creative. Anyone got any good examples for inspiration? I’ve seen the JV one which did make my day tbf.

    • +3

      Im a big fan of obvious statements;

      Like his video of "every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes".

      Work with something like that; but birthdays.

      Or write him an acrostic using the letters of his name.

      • Cheers. Good start.

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    Great timing! Every so often I get one of these videos made for my graduates and they love them. Thanks!

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      That's because you have not purchased my fully priced video or purchased from other spokespersons on Fiverr or any other platforms, so you cannot understand how this is a heavily discounted offer. If you purchase the items I have offered free here from my website or my normal order form, the cost will be $110 (https://imgur.com/YFh5Ebh). The offer of $10 is actually more than 90%. To better understand, complete the full form here: https://form.jotformeu.com/dignity14/TyroneVideos and get the tally WITHOUT the discount. Then complete the same items here: https://bit.ly/halloweenvideopromo with the discount. Don't forget that there are PERMANENT bargains on this platform, so even if I published my offer every 30 days, it is still within the rules and it helps my buyers a great deal as they can attest. I hope this helps clarify it for you but I am open to answer any further questions you may have. Stay safe. Big Man Tyrone.

      • I didn't realise the $10 offer came with free extras when I submitted. Is it too late to get them? I uploaded an image anyway just in case. It's a play on the "every 60 seconds in Africa" video.

        • It's not late at all. Just email my admin people at [email protected] and ask them to add the extras. Best wishes and thanks for ordering.

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    Thank you Tyrone, just put an order through. My friends will hopefully get a kick out of it!

    Much love

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      Definitely :)

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    Definitely much more than zero value.

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    Love your work BMT. Stay golden.

    • +2

      Thank you :)

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    This will be my third video! BMT does a great job and everyone found the videos hilarious!

  • hmm still havent gotten mine from the previous offer :/

    • Yes, the previous offers will be prioritized ahead of this new offer. Give it a couple of days. What is your email? Or email [email protected]

      • PM'd

  • Where is Big Man Tyrone based out of interest?

    • +1

      Answered my own question… UK

      In April 2013, Australian-based Fiverr[1] user Roger Stockburger created a page advertising his $5 testimonial video service, in which customers can send a 30 second script to be read in front of their choice of seven different background images (shown below, left). In September, United Kingdom-based Fiverr[2] user Gordon Hurd created a page for another $5 testimonial service (shown below, right).


    • I am based in the UK, in Leeds

  • Isn't the normal price for "Basic 30-Word Video - No Image on monitor " $35, not $100?


    EDIT: didn't see this promo comes with free extras

    • It is $35 when you are purchasing with the normal form but then you have to pay extras such as HD $10, Suit $25, Laugh $15 etc etc. The promo lumps all those into one offer for $10 with all those extras. Anything that is marked free is yours for the taking. If you picked the "Basic video" on the normal form for $35 you would have to pay for all the extras, so the promo really does give great value. Hope I managed to explain it well?

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    So I make a video ridiculing another Ozbargainer, it's"bullying", "against community standards" and I'll be "banned for life" but if I pay someone to do it, it's cool? ;-)

    • +1

      Depends on who the other is…

      I do wonder who made that video though LOL

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      Is this a comment for people to downvote?

  • Hey BMT! Love you work and really loved your video you made. I am wondering if this deal is still on, as propo code is no longer working

  • The biggest, and still very muchso "the man".

  • Damn I missed out. Script had to be a text file, rather than text field in the form. Waited until the weekend to do it, now the code has expired. Sorry wifey, just flowers for your birthday this year!

  • Just received the video I ordered for my daughter's birthday - sensational! Love your work Tyrone

  • Love your work Tyrone for the jugglers, thank you :)